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Johnston-Keay Laboratories - Manufacturer of vitamins, minerals, nutritional and herbal supplements, and meal replacement products.

Judy's Organic Herbs - Dried herbs, oils, teas, tinctures, and supplements.

Juice Plus - Healthy, all-natural whole food supplements in a capsule, providing one with the equivilent of 17 servings of fresh raw fruit and vegetables.

Julie's Bits and Pieces - Offering equine supplies for show and trail horses including grooming and fly control, halters, polo wraps, mane sleazys, breyer, and dac supplements.

Junnarkar Ayurvedic Health Club - Offers ayurvedic herbal dietary supplements to improve your quality of life.

Just4Pooches - Offers human grade food, natural supplements and holistic remedies.

K & D Exotic Pets - Sugar Glider and Chinchilla from a USDA-licensed, certified breeder. Dietary supplements, cages, toys, pouches and advice.

KMS Trading - KMS Trading offers several top name Brand Health and Nutritional Supplements such as Met-Rx, EAS, Worldwide Sports.

Kalausan Exotic Pet Food and Vitamins - Sells natural and organic health and nutrition supplements. Provides products and information.

Karen's Health Foods - With all the latest in vitamins and herbal supplements, health foods and homeopathic medicines for a healthy life style.

Kasdorf - Milk Company, was founded at the birth of the century, offers infant milk formulas, enteral formulas and drinking supplements.

Kate's Village Pantry and Gifts - Giftware, bulk foods, spices, health supplements, and Sears outlet.

Katie's Health Food Center - Health foods store offering organic foods, nutritional supplements and more. Located in Mobile.

Kawin Enterprises - GNLD products including vitamin and herbal supplements made from organic whole food concentrates.

Kaye's Pharmacy - Meriden's real neighborhood drugstore since 1963, Kaye's offers pharmaceutical and home health care products and services in a professional setting, including custom prescription compounding and nutritional supplements and consultation.

Kelp Products of Florida, Inc. - Focusing on vegetarian, granular, and vitamin supplements and flea repellants.

Kennedy Brokerage - Individual and group health insurance, medical savings accounts, and medicare supplements for seven Midwestern states.

Kennedy's Pharmacy - Pharmacy in Rasharkin, UK offers nutritional supplements, prescription pick-up and delivery, and photographic services.

Kens Power Shack - Sports supplements, vitamins, minerals, and herbals. Also offers industry news, discussion board, and newsletter.

Key Pharmacy - Professional compounding pharmacy helping doctors and patients with custom prescription medications, natural hormone replacement, wellness products and nutritional supplements. - Offers a variety sports nutrition supplements at wholesale prices.

KiloSports - Supplement company selling large quantities of supplements such as creatine, glutamine, and protein.

Kimberly Health Products - Jewelry, discs, supplements, insoles, and pet products.

King's Fitness - Fitness equipment, accessories and bodybuilding supplements. Shipping world wide.

KingsWay - Network marketing company offering nutritional and health supplements.

Kirkman Labs - Nutritional supplements for autism. - Offers natural Kosher certified vitamins and minerals supplements at discounted prices.

Kroscen Herbal Products - Supplements and topical treatments from Nova Scotia.

LAVitamin - Offers vitamins, herbs, natural food and supplements. Shopping pages are presented in 2 languages - Chinese and English.

LB Healing Products - Specialising in grain mills, juicers, survival products,nutritional supplements and books. located in Australia.

LHS Laboratory - Pharmaceutical and cosmetics contract manufacturer under GMP specialized in: freeze grinding herbal powder capsules and herbal liquid extracts (encapsulating in hard gelatin or vegetable capsules), diet and sport meal replacements, health food supplements.

LK Naturals - Herbal supplements and soaps, as well as articles and links.

LNT - Manufacturer of nutritional block supplements for livestock. Company profile, products and guides, quality statement, and contact details.

Labrada Nutrition - Sells nutritional supplements and is owned by a former professional bodybuilder. Offers online ordering, coaching club, and testimonials.

Lane Leslie Cobb, Personal Trainer - A certified personal trainer and life coach provides health and fitness programs, nutrition supplements, wellness and workout programs, message therapy.

Lark's Herbs & Oils - Organic essential and massage oils, supplements, teas, soaps, and candles.

Learn about Osteoporosis - Details about its impact on women's health and nutrition, and research on calcium absorption, vitamins, aerobic exercises, and treatments such as calcium supplements are discussed.

Licker License - Specializing in melted liquor bottles personalized with photographs. Also sells nutritional supplements, treats, jewelry, gift baskets, books, ornaments, and calendars. Offers free e-cards.

Life Balances International - Dr. Lendon Smith MD, speaks out about health and nutrition through individual blood chemistry. Balanced smart health supplements and electrolytes without the guesswork

Life Data Labs - Makers of Farrier's Formula nutritional supplement. Other supplements and healthcare products available.

Life Enhancement Products - Wide variety of nutritional supplements including blood sugar maintenance, thyroid support, weight control, sexual enhancement, gastrointestinal support, and life extension.

Life Quest Nutrients - Develops and markets natural food supplements primarily derived from Velvet Elk Antler. Provides company details, ranch photo gallery and information on quality control.

Life Service Supplements Robert Crayhon interview - The Paleolithic Diet and Its Modern Implications - An interview with Loren Cordain, PhD by Robert Crayhon, MS, nutritionist. Slightly technical, and argues against legumes and cereals in the PaleoDiet.

Life Tree - Offering herbal supplements that address parasites and the causes of health challenges and diseases.

Life and Sport Canada - Canadian site offering unique health gadgets, nutritional supplements, nutrition articles, and abstracts available for consumer information.

Life's Vigor Health and Beauty - Selection of vitamins, supplements, and herbs, as well as antioxidants, homeopathic medicines and remedies, natural cosmetics, and sports supplements.

Life-Flo Group - Skin treatments, supplements, and women's specific products from herbal extracts and botanic minerals. - Anti-aging information and products, including growth hormone products, diet supplements, and nutrition supplements.

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company - Provides life insurance for final expense, as well as Medicare Supplements and other senior insurance products. Part of The Londen Companies in Phoenix, AZ.

Liquid Health - Manufacturer of liquid and capsule form vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements.

Living Earth Herbs - Bath and body care products, teas, bulk herbs, incense, and supplements.

Living and Hoping Beyond Affliction - One woman's personal journey through fibromyalgia, CFIDS, and immune related illnesses. Alternative therapies, supplements, choices, energy tips, and resources.

Lock Haven Fitness Unlimited - Cardio and strength training, aerobics, personal training, supplements, full locker facilities and free orientations.

Long Creek Herb Farm - Supplements, dream pillows, specialty formulas. Also offers books and pet products.

Longevity Labs, Inc. - Offers supplements for anti-aging, nutrition, and weight loss.

Longevity Medicine - Orange County chiropractor providing massage therapy, acupuncture, and nutritional supplements.

Longhorn's Tack and Apparel - Tack, western and show apparel, saddles, grooming supplies, nutritional supplements, and veterinary supplies. Specials listed.

Loresaofrece - Teas, cooking spices, sweet treats, and herbal supplements.

Lori's Natural Foods Center - Sells organic pet foods, produce, vitamins and supplements, bulk foods. Newsletter and recipes.

Lose Weight by Learning - Provides articles and reviews of popular diets, supplements and other weight loss methods. - Offers books, videos, exercise equipment, workout accessories, home gyms, nutritional supplements, and information to help you lose weight.

Louisiana Quarter Horse Breeders Association - State recognized for breeding and racing accredited Louisiana bred Quarter Horses. Provides breeder awards, stallion awards, purse supplements, yearling sales, futurities and derbys, and three $100,000 LA Champions Day Races.

Lowering Cholesterol Naturally - Independent information about safely lowering cholesterol levels through diet and supplements, including causes and symptoms of high cholesterol, and cholesterol medications and their side effects on your health.

Lubrication Engineers, Inc. - Lubrication oils, greases, transmission fluids, synthetic fuels and oil supplements products.

Lucas Life Forms - Topical pain spray, ionic minerals, supplements, stabilized oxygen, and ozone purifiers for air and water.

Lucky Charm Herbs - Herbal and nutritional supplements, teas, digestive aids, specialty formulas, and other dietary aids. Also offers vitamins and minerals.

Lucy Sim, Massage Therapy - Offering Swedish massage, rain drop therapy, aroma therapy and nutritional supplements.

M & L Insurance - Offering life, health, and long term care insurance, as well as Medicare supplements.

M Factor Fitness Inc. - Personal training, newsletter, and nutrition supplements.

MJ Health and Beauty - Online discounter of vitamins, supplements, cosmetics, aromatherapy essential oils and blood pressure monitors.

MMS Pro Professional Products - Offers herbal supplements, vitamins, and phytomedicines. Product information and distributer links.

Ma Huang In Diet Supplements - Any Harm - Focuses on the widespread use of the nutritional herb Ma huang and its possible dangers and side effects.

Maat Nutritionals - Formulater of vitamins, dietary supplements, and cosmetics.

Maggie's Herb Basket - Essential oils and aromatherapy products, bulk herbs, and herbal supplements. Also offers natural bodycare products.

Magna Graphics (India) Ltd. - Prints calendars, magazines, books, annual reports, colour supplements, and commercial work.

Mahaiwe Chiropractic & Holistic Services - Utilizing traditional chiropractic techniques, as well as acupressure, nutritional supplements, BioSET, kinesiology, and homeopathy to aid in restoring health. Located in Great Barrington, MA.

Maharaj Agro Tech - Manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera products, nutritional supplements, skin care, and healthcare products.

Main Street News - Articles, news, real estate transactions, newcomer's directory and subscription information for Hometown Supplements for Chester, Clinton, Deep River, Essex, Lyme, Old Lyme, Old Saybrook and Westbrook.

Maitake - Offers food supplements and vitamins.

Mannatech, Incorporated - Develops and sells through network marketing system, proprietary nutritional supplements and topical products. (Nasdaq: MTEX).

Mapleton Veterinary Clinic - Manufacturer of nutritional supplements for canines, bovines, equines, alpacas and llamas.

Marigot Ireland - Produces food and dietary supplements from calcified seaweed. Examples of these supplements included Aquacal and Aquamin.

Marilyn Farms - Supplements, vitamins, cleansing kits, and herbal household cleaners. - Products range from lighting systems, skimmers, heaters, pumps and filters to books, food and supplements.

Martek Biosciences Corporation - Develops products derived from microalgae, including nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical research and development tools and diagnostic products. (Nasdaq: MATK).

Matrix Nutrition - Offers bodybuilding supplements such as creatine, androstene, ionic whey protein, vitamins, diet, and nutritional products.

Matrix Vet Pharma Pvt Ltd - Manufacturers of aquaculture feed additives, supplements, sanitizers and minerals for shrimp and prawn culturing. Located in India.

Mattock Lane Pharmacy - Offers a health screening clinic, provides a full range of vitamins and herbal supplements, and dispenses prescriptions. Visitors can find address information and telephone numbers.

Max Performance Training - One-on-one and group personal training with John Sullivan in Eagan, Minnesota including Sports Specific Training. Max Muscle supplements and sports nutrition products also available.

Max-Rx - Offers daily hormonal and weight loss supplements for men and women.

Maxi Health Reaserch Inc. - Online ordering of strictly kosher vitamins and health supplements, and listing of store locations that carry the product.

Maximum International - Selling vitamins, minerals, supplements, hormone enhancers, and exercise equipment.

Maximuscle Ireland - Online supplier of Maximuscle Sports supplements in Ireland.

McDermott's Consultancy Services - Formulators of vitamins and anti-oxidant supplements.

Med Five, Inc. - Vitamin and mineral based supplements packaged together as a complete health system.

Med Specialties - A professional compounding pharmacy focused on improving patient care through pain management, nutritional supplements, and natural hormone replacement.

MedicalClub - Provides interactive free health information on Womens, Childrens and Family health concerns. The site also includes extensive information on herbal medicines, supplements and First Aid. Bilingual, English/Spanish.

Mega Kelp Supplements - Sales and information of kelp products.

Megapet - Supplying dry formulas, meat rolls and supplements for cats and dogs. Includes poems, articles and FAQ.

Meniere's Disease - Waldo Jaquith's information site on treating this disease through magnesium supplements.

Meniere's Disease Foundation - Patient's site about this condition and about nutritional supplements and other treatments that he and other sufferers have used to alleviate symptoms.

Menopause and Hormonal Change - Provides information on health, supplements, nutrition and well-being related to the menopause and other natural hormonal changes that occur in a woman's life.

Meritech Pharmaceuticals - Offers bodybuilding supplements, weight loss and general health products to help achieve health and fitness goals.

MetaCollege - A resource whereby college professors, high school teachers, and students can post courses and supplements, take examinations, and form study groups.

Metabolic Maintenance - Superior Quality Nutritional Supplements for Health Professionals - Offers products including liporopics, fat blockers and diet supplements to increase metabolism.

Metafoods - Bovine colostrum and other nutritional supplements at steep discounts with personalized service.

Metagenics - Vitamen, mineral, herbal, ayurvedic and dietary nutritional supplements. Product information, order form, and corporate profile.

Metagenics South - A health-sciences company providing nutritional supplements and medical foods.

Miada Sports Nutrition NZ - Sports supplements, clothing, and specials. Information on supplements, training, athletes, news, events and retailers.

Michael: DiabeTips - Based on personal experiences: pointers for improving health for diabetics - spices, herbs, supplements, vitamins. Better glucose, cholesterol levels without side effects; books to consult; sweeteners summary. Encouragement to research further.

Micro Diet - Weight control programs that include bars, shakes and dinner entrees as well as supplements.

MicroMed Research Centers, Inc. - Antioxidant, enzyme, and probiotic supplements.

Midwest Sports Supplements - You will find the best name brand manufacturers products like whey protein, creatine, androstenedione, and androdiol.

Mike Mearls's Homepage - The homepage of game designer Mike Mearls, author of dozens of d20 supplements and material for Unknown Armies, Feng Shui, Vampire, Hunter, and other games. This site features material for Call of Cthulhu d20 and other d20 games.

Mile End Equestrian - Sells a selection of wormers, supplements, keratin products, clippers, Chinese herbal treatments, veterinary and first aid products.

Milk Specialties Company - Offering milk replacers, ration supplements, health products, technical advice and contact information.

Millennium Fitness - Bodybuilding supplements at discount prices.

Millennium Health Resources, Inc. - Nutritional supplements to promote health and treat candidiasis, heart, cholesterol, prostate, menopause, and anti-aging.

Millennium Leisure - Local health and fitness centre catering for all ages. Supplements, sauna and solariums also available.

Mission Pharmacal - Provides Citracal, calcium supplements for osteoporosis prevention and Urocit-K for kidney stone prevention and kidney stone disease. Also menopause relief, impotence cures, and erectile dysfunction.

Mister GreenGenes Online Nutrition Center - A place where you can securely order supplements that work at discount online or toll free by phone.

Mix Industries, Inc - Teas and supplements specializing in colon cleansing formulas.

Modern Manna - Single and blended herb supplements, detoxification kits, skin and body care products, and books on related topics. Also offers in-residence detox programs.

Monster Muscle - Inzer bench shirts, squat suits, wrist and knee wraps, ammonia caps, chalk, and supplements,

Morely, Tom - Information on training, supplements. Includes chemical descriptions of pro-hormones and testosterone..

Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd. - Provides seamless capsule technology and information, for dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals; unique delivery system invented by this Japanese traditional health food company.

Morningside Buying Club - Cooperative buying club supplying natural and organic foods, herbs and spices, natural vitamins and supplements, cruelty-free body care products, and homeopathic remedies in Middle Tennessee. Offers an online catalog and news updates., Inc. - Operates online retail store and offers information source for vitamins, supplements, minerals and other natural and healthy living products.

Mountain Dog Enterprises, Inc. - Producers of chicken-based or vegetarian raw food diets for dogs. Includes product analysis, recommended supplements and general nutritional advice. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. - Offers Aangamik DMG, Natural Estrogen, Prenatal Vitamins, Carbohydrate Blockers, Sleep Aids, and other supplements.

MrProtein.Com - Brand name provider of bodybuilding, weight loss,weight gain and nutritional supplements.

Mudgee Health Foods - Details of a health food shop in Mudgee, offering organic natural health foods, health supplements and natural body care products.

Muscle Building Weight Loss Programs, LLC - Articles, research and dietary supplements for anyone looking to lose weight and build muscle.

Muscle Chemistry - Information on bodybuilding shows, nutrition, training, and supplements.

Muscle Direct - Sports supplements and fitness equipment.

Muscle Science - Suppliers of supplements to the bodybuilding and fitness community.

Muscle dAWG Sports Supplements - Online store with companies like EAS, Met-RX, Champion Nutrition, Twinlab, Eclipse, SportPharma, and Worldwide.

Muscle-Link - Supplements and editorial reviews for fat loss, muscle-building, staying lean and fit for life.

Muscle-Universe - Ein Forum zu Fitness, Bodybuilding und allgemein Kraftsport mit Brettern zu Training, Ernährung, Supplements und Doping. Zudem findet sich eine ausführliche Wissensdatenbasis. - Link index to sites about bodybuilding, fitness, training information, workout equipment and supplements. - Online sales of national brand vitamins and supplements.

MuscleNOW - Learn how to gain muscle mass without supplements or drugs.

MuscleTalk - Active forum covering steroids, training supplements and nutrition. New articles are added regularly.

MuscleTech - Manufacturer offers the complete MuscleTech line of bodybuilding supplements.

Musclehead Shop - Offers popular bodybuilding, weight loss, and energy supplements.

Musclemart - Bodybuilding supplements at discounted prices.

Musclenut Nutrition - Bodybuilding supplements including creatine, andro, protein, whey protein, adrostendione, AST, EAS, Cytodyne, and Muscletech. - Worldwide discount supplier of specialty health products and supplements. - Learn how to use sport nutrition products like protein supplements, weight loss products, and vitamin supplements. Find information on glutamine, creatine facts and other popular bodybuilding supplements.

N'zymes Antioxidant Treats - Natural vitamin enriched supplements for dogs and cats that help pets of all ages.

N.H. Nutrition - Provides expert advice on health, fitness, diet, nutrition and supplements.

N101 - Provides a vast selection of sports supplements, vitamins, proteins, bars, health and nutritional products from the leading industry brands.

N2 Natural Health, Inc. - Offers herbal remedies, skin care, and nutritional supplements.

NASC - National Animal Supplement Council - Organization of animal supplement manufacturers dedicated to enhancing animals' quality of life through safe, high-quality dietary supplements. Consumers are quickly coming to look to NASC member companies for quality they can trust.

NBTY, Inc. - Manufactures, sells and distributes vitamins and food supplements. (Nasdaq: NBTY).

NDS Nutrition - Offers vitamins, body building, weight loss and other nutritional supplements including the Release Program.

NHK Laboratories, Inc. - Custom manufacturer of dietary and nutritional supplements, functional foods, and vitamins.

NIH Office of Science Education - Includes curriculum supplements, news, programs, conferences, and exhibits

NTUC HealthMart - Sells health supplements and beauty and slimming products. Includes product catalog, promotion news and online ordering.

NVS Pharmacy - Supplies health care products including nutritional supplements, alternative remedies, medical, surgical and disabled equipment , babycare and oralcare. Lists the locations in England and offers online shopping.

Naka Sales, Ltd. - All natural herbal supplements and health products, with product list and ailment remedies.

Nashai Biotech, LLC. - Research, development of novel ingredients to be converted into dietary supplements, over-the-counter medicines and pharmaceutical ingredients, such as theaflavins. Manufacturer based in Shanghai, China, with headquarters in Nashville, TN.

Nashville Personal Training - Personal fitness training in Nashville, Tennessee. Also features online training, nutritional supplements and clothing.

Naso and Gola - Products of various regions including honey and bee products, ham, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, mushrooms, and herbal supplements. Ships in Europe.

National Enzyme Company - Suppliers of enzymes in dietary supplements and enzyme based dietary supplements.

National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) Marketplace Convention Review -'s field agent Dan Dreifort infiltrates the NNFA convention, revealing scandalous industry secrets on juicers, natural foods, and nutritional supplements.

National Products Expo Europe - Summer conference and exposition focused on organic foods, natural products and food supplements. Information for exhibitors and visitors.

Natrol, Inc. - Manufactures and markets branded, high quality dietary supplements, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, specialty formulations, weight control products and hormones. (Nasdaq: NTOL).

Natural Alternatives International, Inc. - Formulates and produces encapsulated vitamins and related nutritional supplements. (Nasdaq: NAII).

Natural Balance - Manufacturer of nutritional supplements and formulas for weight loss, energy, and sports nutrition.

Natural Blend Holistic - Dog food containing all-natural proteins, grains, fruits and vegetables, herbal supplements and antioxidant vitamins that may help reduce the occurrence of common canine health problems.

Natural Bodybuilding Inc. - Organizers of natural bodybuilding contests, sellers of supplements, owners of a fitness center on Beekman Avenue. Schedule of events, pricelist for supplements, description and rates for gym.

Natural Energies - Healthy snacks and supplements, information on common disorders, monthly specials, healthy living tips and contact information.

Natural Essentials - Natural food supplements and health promoting equipment.

Natural Health - Supplys vitamins, minerals, supplements, and herbs.

Natural Health & Wellness - Dr. Rick Cooper, licensed physician, practices in Fairfield county, Connecticut. He offers homeopathy, botanical medicine, lifestyle modifications, dietary supplements, nutrition, naturopathic manipulation, and counseling.

Natural High - Brand name sports supplements from AST, and EAS. Books on weight lifting, diet, and nutrition available.

Natural Pet Food and Supplies - Distributor of canned and dry dog and cat food, plus grooming products and supplements. Serves Riverside County, the Inland Empire and surrounding cities in California.

Natural Pet Market - All natural food, treats, supplements and assorted supplies.

Natural Pet Products - Retailing natural products for dogs, cats and ferrets, including food, treats, grooming supplies and supplements.

Natural Pet Wellness Center - Holistic pet foods, treats and supplements.

Natural Source International - Dietary supplements which help regulate the biological systems in order to maintain a general equilibrium, formulated from natural extracts of tropical plants.

Natural Ways To Health - Nutritional supplements, Chinese medicine sales and information.

Natural Woman, Ltd. - An assortment of products just for women including health supplements, pelvic toner, childbirthing products, feminie hygiene, and books.

Natural and Health Nutritional Supplements - Offers osteoporosis treatment, colon cleansing, prostate health, arthritis, pain relief, hgh and dietary sports supplements

Natural health. - Offering health and nutrition advice, with information on alternative medicines, herbal supplements, natural remedies and low fat recipes.

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