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10-Minute Shrimp Soup
RecipeSource: 10-Minute Shrimp Soup

7 Changes Import Export
offers caviar - Russian, Iranian and American: beluga, sevruga, osetra

90's Style Tuna Casserole

A Pocket Guide to Care and Handling of Fish from Stream to Table
Proper handling of fish from the time you catch them until you get them to the table: care on the water, care in cleaning and storage, care in preparation and preservation.

Abalone Chowder
recipes from friends has wonderful soup and chowder recipes, including our abalone chowder recipe.

Abalone Chowder
50+ Friends Club Cookbook -- Soups and Sandwiches -- Abalone Chowder

Abalone Recipes

Absolute Recipes: Seafood Recipes
Absolute Recipes: Seafood Recipes

Absolute Seafoods

Acadian Crawdad Cakes

Ace of Baits
The best crab and prawn trap hauler in the Pacific Northwest

Active Angler's Cook's Corner
Over 150 delicious recipes for seafood and fish..

Adelphia Seafood
Offering fresh and frozen fish, shellfish and seafood. Check out weekly store specials and download free fish, shellfish and seafood recipes.

Adelphia Seafood
Our customers' favorite recipes for appetizers, chowder, entrees and more seafood and fish dishes.

Al's Seafood Bisque
RecipeSource: Al's Seafood Bisque - From Al's Soup Kitchen, Nyc

Alaska Fisherman's Journal
Alaska Fisherman's JOURNAL features commercial fishing news, a searchable marine directory, classified ads, current issue highlights and online resources for fishermen.

Alaska Octopus Gumbo
RecipeSource: Alaska Octopus Gumbo

Alaska Salmon Chowder
RecipeSource: Alaska Salmon Chowder

Alaska Seafoods Direct
Alaska Seafoods Direct® - Fresh Alaskan Seafood, Seafood Processing, Wild Game Processing, Wild Alaskan Salmon, Wild Alaskan Halibut, Smoked Salmon, King Crab

Alaskan Gourmet Seafoods
Alaskan Gourmet Seafoods

Alaskan Harvest
Fresh Alaskan Seafood delivered to your door. Salmon, Halibut, King Crab, Dungeness Crab, Shrimp and Rockfish.

Alaskan Heritage
Delicacies from Alaska's crystal waters,we offer the succulent and rare 'White King' smoked salmon to halibut lox, Alaskabits, Sport Chew and more.

Alfredo Shrimp Tilapia
Recipezaar: The World's Smartest Cookbook. Recipes cooking & nutritional information for every food & drink posted & rated by real people like you.

Alimentos Congelados Froxa, SA
Froxa - Alimentos congelados - Frozen food and seafood

All About Caviar
All about American Caviar and how to use it

Allana's Zesty Red Clam Chowder
A rich red clam chowder with a spicy kick and plenty of vegetables.

Alliance Seafoods, Inc.
Alliance Seafoods is a rapidly growing company in seafood importing and distributing. Our major import include basa, tilapia, frog legs, milk fish, king fish, pollock, dace fish, grouper fillets and more.

Almond Coated Sole with Shrimp Sauce
Almond Coated Sole with Shrimp Sauce

Almond Fish Balls

Almond Sole
Almond Sole [microwave]

Almond Trout
Almond Trouts [simplified version]

Almond Tuna Oriental-Style

Almost Lobster Tail
Extensive collection of unique seafood/fish recipes. Each recipe has an ingredient listing, preparation instructions and a printer-friendly version. This recipe collection consists of recipes.

Altera Pacific
AlteraPacific, Premium New Zealand Seafood.

Always Fresh
Delivering the freshest fish right to your door! Shrimp, Lobster Tails, Crabmeat, and other Seafood also available!

AM Seafoods
Sea food supplier specialising in fresh processed king scallops, queen scallops, whelks, crabmeat and canaidan lobster, wholesale and export

Amaltal Fishing Company
Amaltal Fishing Company Ltd specialise in frozen at sea fish and fish products. They are leading in commercial fishing technology.

American Mussel Harvesters Inc.
American Mussel Harvesters, Inc. - Shellfish Supplier

American Pride Seafoods
American Pride Seafoods, Southern Pride Catfish, and Frionor are leaders in the seafood industry, providing the finest fresh and frozen, breaded, battered and marinated, cod, pollock, farm-raised salmon, U.S. farm raised catfish, and scallops to it's cust

Anastassakis Seafood
Fresh and Frozen seafood

Andy Race Fish Merchants
Scottish peat smoked salmon, shellfish and fresh scottish seafood including mussels, haddock, kippers and prawns, available to order online from Andy Race fish merchants in Mallaig. Fish suppliers to some of the best restaurants in Scotland.

Angela's Squid Spaghetti
RecipeSource: Angela's Squid Spaghetti

Antares Caviar
Antares Caviar - Fish-processing factories and caviar cannery are equipped for sturgeon processing. We ship the finest Beluga, Osetra, Sevruga caviar directly to your home or office. So shop, indulge, and enjoy some excellent freshest Russian Caviar from

Applesmoke Salmon
Applesmoke Salmon, made from sea fresh organic salmon.

Aqua Fish Farms
Aqua Fish Farms - Hybrid Fish Farming

Aquaculture Supplies
Suppliers of Specialized Live Food Cultures including Marine Micro Algae and Rotifers Captive breeders of a variety of marine animals including two species of Cleaner Shrimps Propagators of a number of soft corals Help us to ease the pressure on Coral Reefs

AquaLife Web Portal
Marine Eco Farm - Marine Aquaculture Project, under closed environmental water circulation management - the first of it's kind - for the production of Kuruma-ebi King Prawns

Aquatic Research Organisms Inc
Supplier of quality test aquatic organisms to the environmental industry and biomedical research.

Aqua Trade International, a professionally managed Seafood exporting firm. Established since 1990

Página oficial de ARAMAR: Aramendi & Marín, S.A. Empresa dedicada a la fabricación de productos congelados y precocinados.

Arbee Fishoils
Fish oil India, Squalene

Arctic Fisheries Ltd.
Arctic Fisheries Ltd. bringing you the finest seafood from places around the world, such as Iceland, Norway and Canada. Choose from our Manaberg Frozen at Sea, Iceland Harvest, Ocean Trawlers, OP, Yagry Brand or X-Sea-Lnt - you won't be disappointed.

Arctic Seas
seafood importer and wholesale distributor of high quality frozen fish fillets from around the world. Your best source for Pollock, Seafood, alaskan cod,Sole, Ground Fish,crab, all HACCP approved.

Aromatic Fish Steamed in Coconut Milk and Baked In Banana
Extensive collection of unique seafood/fish recipes. Each recipe has an ingredient listing, preparation instructions and a printer-friendly version. This recipe collection consists of recipes.

Arpeggio's Premium Smoked Salmon Caviar

Artichoke and Mussel Bisque
Fresh artichokes are simmered in heavy cream with onion and fennel bulb and then pureed to create the base for this soup which is garnished with fresh mussels cooked in white wine and butter.

Artichoke Oyster Soup
RecipeSource: Artichoke Oyster Soup

Asia Oceanic Industries Inc.
Asia Oceanic Industries Inc. is a manufacturer of equipment used for fishing, fishing net, fishing bait wholesale.

Atlanfish is a leading processor of Irish seafood products based in Ireland. Atlanfish supplies crab, mackerel, oysters and mussels to both local and foreign European markets.

Atlantic Shellfish Inc.
Atlantic Shellfish Inc: a grower and shipper of Malpeque oysters, South Lake oysters, mussels and bay scallops from Prince Edward Island, Canada

Audry's Shrimp Stew
This is a recipe taught to my by my mother-in-law, Audry Falgout. It has a great flavor and for being a South Louisiana recipe in well seasoned but not overly seasoned. The darker you cook your roux, the deeper the flavor.

Australia Bay Seafoods
Australia Bay Seafoods is setting a new standard in quality for sea processed, exotic tropical fin fish from sustainable sources.

australian hiramasa
Australian Hiramasa farms and sells quality fin fish

Australian Seafood Recipes
Australian seafood recipe resource, brought to you by Fresh fish, shellfish, Grilled Shrimp, Crab Cakes, fish Chowder, barramundi, Trout, snapper, lobster...

Australian Southern Seafood Group of Companies
Australian Southern Seafood group of Companies
Supplier of wholesale, fresh, frozen and discount seafood to the Australian and global markets.

Australian barramundi, a premium table fish for chefs and diners who want an elegant, healthy and authentic Australian culinary experience.

Authentic Maryland Crab Soup
RecipeSource: Authentic Maryland Crab Soup

Authentic New England Fish Chowder
RecipeSource: Authentic New England Fish Chowder

Avocado and Mussel Soup

Avocado Shrimp Bisque

Awers Inc.
Awers Inc. brings you the freshest, highest quality red caviar. Order red caviar and black caviar online directly from one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of Red Caviar in the United States

B. M. Enterprise Inc.
Exporter of frozen seafood, especially shrimp, seabob and prawns

Baby Shark Fry
Thousands of great free recipes and cooking information. Search by keyword & ingredient. Add recipes. Create cookbooks and recipe web sites.

Bacon Stuffed Flounder
Flounder rolled and stuffed with a bacon stuffing. Stuffed flounder recipe with bacon and grapes and other ingredients.

Baier Commercial Marine Hatches offers a complete line of flush deck hatches and manholes, including aluminum hatches, steel hatches, and coaming hatches.

Bailey's Bouillabaisse (Fish Stew)
RecipeSource: Bailey's Bouillabaisse (Fish Stew)

Baja Fish Tacos
If you travel to Mexico's Baja region or to sunny San Diego, you will find hundreds of restaurants and food stands offering fish tacos! Once you try this tasty recipe for yourself, you'll understand what the craze is about. Top these tacos with your choic

Baked Bluefish
Hugs's Homehearth-Food List Kitchen Recipe

Baked Bluefish
Bluefish recipe with bacon and lemon. Baked bluefish recipe.

Baked Bluefish
A baked Bluefish recipe which surrounds the pallet with bluefish flavor but not the fat or typically strong bluefish odor. This fish tastes delicious served over cooked rice, egg noodles or on a tossed salad.

Baked Catfish Fillets with Horseradish Sauce
RecipeSource: Baked catfish fillets with horseradish sauce

Baked Cod Fillet
Cod is King, for centuries Cod from Newfoundland waters have been feeding the world. Raw and Manufactured Cod products are available from Newfoundland Companies. Check out my Baked Cod Fillet Recipe.

Baked Cod with Stuffing
RecipeSource: Baked Cod with Stuffing

Baked Crab and Broccoli
Prepare these individual casseroles one night, then serve them the next in just 20 minutes.

Baked Crabmeat with Cheese Topping

Baked Fish Relleno
Try our delicious recipes for holidays and every day cooking!

Baked Flounder Barataria
Baked Flounder Barataria is one of hundreds of fish recipes found at Land Big Fish. We also provide helpful articles for preparing fish and cooking fish.

Baked Fresh Sardines
Baked Fresh Sardines

Baked Ginger Snap Crusted Chilean Sea Bass
Vermont Bed and Breakfast, elegant luxury country inn. Perfect for romantic getaways, honeymoons and relaxing escapes. Repeatedly voted a TOP TEN INN in America.

Baked Haddock with Mushroom Sauce
A sprinkle of lemon-pepper seasoning enhances the delicate flavor of haddock in this simple dish.

Baked Haddock With Mustard-Tarragon Marinade
Baked Haddock With Mustard-Tarragon Marinade

Baked Milk Fish
Cod filets baked in milk infused with lemon pepper, lemon juice and onion.

Baked Monkfish and Spices

Baked Monkfish with Mushrooms and Potatoes
Recipe Baked Monkfish with Mushrooms and Potatoes

Baked Oyster Dish

Baked Potato Stuffed with Fish

Baked Salmon, Papaya Cucumber Sauce
Baked Salmon, Papaya Cucumber Sauce [microwave + regular oven]

Baked Striped Bass
Baked Striped Bass recipe from The Martha's Vineyard Cookbook

Baked Whole Red Snapper
Extensive collection of unique seafood/fish recipes. Each recipe has an ingredient listing, preparation instructions and a printer-friendly version. This recipe collection consists of recipes.

Bama Sea Products, Inc.
Bama Sea Products is a major producer of domestic shrimp, fish, and shellfish shipping in excess of one million pounds of fresh fish each month.

Barbecue Chilli Lobster
Barbecue Chilli Lobster recipes australian seafood

Barbecued Lobster Tails
Barbecued Lobster Tails [barbecue]

Barbecued Salmon Fillets
Barbecued Salmon Fillets [barbecue]

Barbecued Salmon Steaks
Barbecued Salmon Steaks [barbecue]

Barbecued Shrimp with Corn Salad
A cast-iron grill pan imparts real barbecue flavor to this zesty shrimp dish, and the corn salad, made with a jalapeno chile, adds an extra blast of heat. Look for fresh or frozen ready-to-cook shelled and deveined shrimp.

Barbecued Squid
RecipeSource: Barbecued Squid

Barbecued Trout Wrap
Barbecued Trout Wrap [barbecue]

Barbecued Wrapped Fish
Barbecued Wrapped Fish [barbecue]
All about fishing in Barents Sea at one place

Barnstable Seafarms
Oysters and clams shipped fresh from Cape Cod Bay to your door by Barnstable Seafarms

Basic Lobster Cooking
Selecting and cooking lobsters

Basil Baked Tilapia
Recipezaar: The World's Smartest Cookbook. Recipes cooking & nutritional information for every food & drink posted & rated by real people like you.

Basil Barbecued Salmon
Basil Barbecued Salmon [barbecue]

Basil Marinated Catfish With Pickled Peaches
RecipeSource: Basil Marinated Catfish With Pickled Peaches(Gc)

Bass On The Grill
Bass On The Grill 2 - Bass Recipes

Bass Recipes
Great old fashioned bass recipe

Bay Country Crab Soup
RecipeSource: Bay Country Crab Soup

Bay Scallop Chowder
In this seafood chowder, scallops and mushrooms are sauteed in white wine and butter before adding them to a creamy chicken broth and vegetable soup base seasoned with parsley and thyme.

Bay Scallop Stew
RecipeSource: Bay Scallop Stew

Bayley's Lobster Pound
Fresh Maine Lobster from Bayley's Lobster Pound. Maine Lobster and other seafood shipped overnight to you. We have the finest quality seafood in Maine including, lobsters, lobster tails, Maine Shrimp, scallops, Gulf Shrimp, steamer clams, lobster stew etc

Bayou Catfish Balls
Extensive collection of unique seafood/fish recipes. Each recipe has an ingredient listing, preparation instructions and a printer-friendly version. This recipe collection consists of recipes.

Bayou Crawfish, Inc.
Order fresh lobsters and blue crabs today. They will be deliveredto your front door tomorrow. Offering live, steamed or boiled lobsters and blue crabs from the icecold waters of the Atlantic Ocean is all we do therefore we can guarantee you the BEST QUALITY

BBQ Peppered Salmon Rice

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