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Chef Walter Potenza - Terracotta, Jewish, and Italian recipes, cooking techniques, and Italian food glossary. Also includes seminars, school class schedule, and Providence, Rhode Island restaurants' hours and location.

Chef - Recipes from chef Jim White's self invented concept of Progressive Regional Cuisine.

Chef de Cuisine: Apples - Includes recipes and information on the different varieties.

Chef de Cuisine: Asparagus Tips and Recipes - A collection of asparagus recipes, information, and tips.

Chef for the Night - Personal chef providing dinners, buffets or weekly meals in clients' homes. Offers Mexican, Italian or American cuisine. Serves North Jersey and LBI. Includes sample menus, chef profile, and recipes.

Chef2Chef Culinary Portal - A chef's portal with food recipes, restaurant information, news and tools. - Cutting Edge News Every Cook Can Use - Culinary newsletter from a company which specializes in cookbook and food publicity. Includes archives and recipes. - Links to recipe sites, including recipes for special diets.

ChefMaster Recipes - Recipes from appetizers to drinks and desserts. Includes breakfast menu and tips.

ChefMom's Recipe Box - A collection of recipes that includes Chicken, Broccoli and Stuffing Casserole, Enchilada Casserole, and Green Bean Casserole.

ChefMom's Recipe Box: Recipes for Kids - Finger food, snacks and meals suited for children.

ChefMom's Recipe Box: Recipes for Salads - A collection of recipes listed alphabetically.'s Thanksgiving - Thankgiving recipes, meal planning, menu ideas, and cooking tips. - Specialty foods, recipes, weekly food articles, serving suggestions. - Site for recipes by chefs and recipe notecards. Blueberry - Collection of assorted recipes including blueberry pancakes and blueberry flan. Cranberry Recipes - Presents assorted recipes. Salads - Selection of assorted different recipes. Strawberry Recipes - Presents an assortment of recipes.

Chefdecuisine: Cabbage - Includes recipes for soup, salad and slaw.

Chefdecuisine: Broccoli - A collection of recipes.

Chefdecuisine: Carrots - A collection of recipes featuring carrots.

Chefdoctor - Recipes classified by country, with a glossary, tips, and a newsletter.

Cheftell - Small collection of different soup recipes.

Cheftell's Caribbean Cooking Recipes - A dozen recipes such as Grouper Parisienne, Curried Goat, and Red Snapper Caprice.

Chennai Online - Indian Recipes - Portal site offering vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes from India.

Cheri's Country Cooking - Old World and International recipes, cookbooks and online e-books.

Cherie's Realm - A collection of stories, poems, recipes, awards, essays, humor, personal commentary, graphics, art, music and a biography.

Cherimoya - All about the exotic cherimoya fruit from growing to eating, including recipes.

Cherimoya Recipes - A small collection of recipes for this rare fruit.

Cherokees of California Cookbook - Eight traditional recipes contributed by the Cherokees of California.

Cherry Marketing Institute (CMI) Recipes - Includes categories for desserts, main dishes, side dishes, soup and salads, and a section of large quantity recipes.

Cherry Recipes - Recipes using fresh, dried, preserved and canned cherries. From

Cherry Recipes from The Detroit Free Press - Recipes include almond poppy seed cherry scones, roasted turkey salad, cherry sunflower salad, no-bake cherry cheese squares, and cherry veggies dip.

Cherry Republic - Recipes using dried cherries.

Chesapeake Bay Cooking - Maryland's seafood recipes plus a variety of cooking tables in addition to kitchen tips.

Chestnut - Recipes for soup and pudding from a book published in 1931.

Chestnut Desserts - Recipes include Chestnut Log, Chestnut Creams, and Tortes.

Chestnut Recipes - Recipes for cakes, pastry, making chestnut flour, scones, Greek rice, and stuffing.

Chestnut recipes from - Recipes for baked, broiled, roasted or stewed chestnuts.

Chestnuts Online - Southwest Washington chestnut farm offering chestnuts for sale commencing in October. Recipes, tips and a forum serves as a resource for consumers and growers.

Chet's Amazing Cookie Recipes - Recipes from Health and Beyond, also offers a weekly cookies and snackbars recipe newsletter.

Chevon Recipes - Three recipes with information about goat meat.

Chevy's Garlic Mashed Potatoes - From Top Secret Recipes. Made from baked potatoes.

Chez Eric - Quick recipes, tips, and tricks.

Chez Shinene's Recipes and Such - Creole, Southern and holiday recipes.

Chez Vous Fragrance Oils & Incense - Blends and recipes for skin care using essential oils.

Chi-Chi's - Provides consumers with company history, product information, retail product locator, coupons, events, recipes, a food glossary, and product knowledge.

Chicken Of The Sea - Chicken of the Sea and Van De Camps seafood recipes and meal plans.

Chicken Recipes - Collection of recipes including Chicken A La King and Chicken Saltimbocca.

Chicken Recipes To-Go - A collection including roast, grilled, casseroled, and braised chicken dishes.

Chicken Rocket - Cast iron accessory for cooking drunken chickens. Provides information, recipes, and retail store locator. Also features gift sets containing the Chicken Rocket and marinades.

Chicken Soups - A collection of chicken soup recipes.

Chicken Stock and Chicken Broth - Traditional Italian cooking recipes, techniques, and methods for chicken broth.

Chicken-Fried Steak : Texas Highways Recipes - Version from the Threadgill's Cookbook.

Chickpea Recipes - Selection of chickpea recipes, including Chickpea Vindaloo. From

Child Care Nutrition Resource System - Includes news, resources, menus and recipes for day care providers participating in the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

Child Fun's Valentine Pages - Crafts for kids, recipes, printable coloring pages, fingerplays, songs, preschool and schoolage activities for Valentine's day.

ChildFun Christmas - Provides craft projects, recipes, ornaments, and homemade gift ideas. All activities designed for young children to do with adult help.

ChildFun's Craft Recipes - Make your own playdough, clay, sidewalk chalk, and other craft recipes.

Children With Diabetes - Many recipes for children, or anyone, who must curtail sugar consumption. Other diabetic information links are included.

Children's Party Games - Selection of games to play at gatherings or birthdays and tips for a successful game leader. Also features party food recipes and other tips for the security and well-being of all involved.

Children's Recipes - Easy to understand recipes are fun to make but they can also be used to introduce children to basic math skills, reading and comprehension.

Children's Stories, Facts, and Recipes - Interesting facts, stories, pictures, jokes, and recipes.

Childs Blueberries Recipes - Small selection of recipes using blueberries.

Childs Blueberries Recipes to Rave About - Blueberry recipes collected and used since 1994.

Chile Today - Offers chile recipes, chile facts and trivia, and cooking tips.

Chile Today Hot Tamale - The source for chile pepper products. Delicious recipes, chile facts, cooking tips, chile trivia, links to other great sites, unique chile products to sell online.

ChileMasters: Satay Recipes - A handful of satay recipes.

Chilean Fresh Fruit Association - A collection of fresh fruit recipes featuring Chilean fruits.

Chilean Fresh Fruit Recipes - Variety of gourmet recipes using fresh Chilean fruit.

Chilean Recipes - Collection of recipes that are common in Chile.

Chili - Personal collection of recipes using various types of peppers such as chipotle, poblano, green chiles, New Mexico chiles, arbol, finger-hots, pequins, or tai peppers. Includes a bison chili.

Chili Appreciation Society International - Selection of yearly contest winner's recipes, since 1988.

Chili Around the World - Links to recipes and events.

Chili Connection - A collection of information, including lore, ingredients, books, and unusual recipes.

Chili Peppers Recipes - Recipes featuring chili peppers.

Chili Recipes - Collection of over 75 recipes made with a variety of meats, beans, and degrees of heat, vegetarian selections are also presented, each with complete nutritional information.

Chili Recipes at Recipezaar - Recipes featuring chili

Chili Recipes at iChef - Large collection of chili recipes, alphabetically indexed.

Chili Recipes from Mega-Zine - Con or without carne, hot or a little less, extensive directory of recipes and related links.

Chili and Hot Sauces - Provides recipes using chili peppers and spices, from mild to extremely spicy.

Chili at - Selection of recipes and history of the dish.

Chili, Chili Con Carne - History of the chili including famous quotes, trivia, and recipes.

Chililoco - Personal selection of recipes, and related information.

Chilli Peppers Restaurant - A small collection of BBQ, hot sauce and chile pepper recipes. All About Drink - Offers rules and tips for a selection of drinking games. Includes cocktail recipes, beer reviews, and hangover tips.

China Cookbook - Information on Chinese food and tea culture, with small collection of recipes. Chinese cuisine - Introducing Chinese cuisine, including cooking techniques, and recipes sorted by ingredient and regional style.

Chinablue - Recipes using Chinese gourmet sauces, oils, and glazes from Chinablue.

Chinatown Online: Chinese New Year -- Food - Provides traditional recipes for deep fried puffs and sesame cookies.

Chinese Cooking - Recipes and information on Chinese culture by David Fong.

Chinese Cuisine - Recipes, articles and links, from

Chinese Herb Garden - A variety of articles, including an outline, scientific principles, secret recipes, products, and pharmaceutic factors of traditional chinese medicine or sinomedicine.

Chinese Lunar New Year Recipes - A handful of recipes selected with the health-conscious in mind.

Chinese New Year - Non-traditional recipes with an Oriental flare.

Chinese New Year Recipes - Favorite main course recipes from Chinese restaurants.

Chinese New Year at - Provides links to dozens of sites that offer Chinese recipes.

Chinese New Year: Recipes from Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen - Recipes for New Year's cake (Neen Gow, turnip cake(Law Bock Gow), and tarot root cake(Woo Tul Gow).

Chinese New Years 2000 - The Straits Cafe Virtual Restaurant - A well-known restaurant shares its holiday menu and a few of its recipes.

Chinese Recipes - Popular dishes from Barbequed Pork to Year of the Dragon Beef.

Chinese Recipes and Culture - Promoting the Chinese culture and the community. Provides a comprehensive coverage of all things Chinese. Lists recipes, bonsai, feng shui, medicine and your name in Chenese.

Chinese Recipes by David Fong - A selection of starters.

Chinese Recipes from - A good selection of vegetarian recipes with an oriental flavor.

Chinese Soup Recipes - A collection of more than 50 recipes, at RecipeSource.

Chinese Vegetarian Cooking - Recipes and the types of ingredients featured in Chinese vegetarian cooking. From

Chinese and Japanese Recipes - Gathered from

Chinese and Oriental Recipes - Seven recipes like Pork and Shrimp Egg Rolls and Oriental Chicken Salad with Soy-Ginger Dressing.

Chinese at Table - Chinese food writer and consultant Deh-ta Hsiung shares Chinese recipes and essays. - About a hundred healthy Chinese recipes with cooking tips; subcribe to newsletter for more.

Ching's Little Corner - Handful of Malaysian recipes and links to other Asian recipes.

Chipotle Chili Peppers - Includes history, varieties, uses, and recipes. From Gourmet Sleuth.

Chocoholic's Revenge - Find chocolate recipes which use less sugar or fat, to create a healthier dessert.

Chocolate Cake Recipes - Choice recipes include Death By Chocolate and Sachertorte. Brownies too. Features information about cacao and cocoa.

Chocolate Cakes - Recipes from the network. Includes ratings and reviews.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe - Original Toll House - chocolate chip cookie recipe - the classic Toll House recipes and variations, plus baking tips and metric conversion

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes - A big list of chocolate chip cookies from A to Z

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes - North America's favorite - Chocolate chip cookie recipes

Chocolate Chip Cookies from Allrecipes - Recipes include regular chocolate chip cookies, with or without nuts, and also white chocolate.

Chocolate Cuisine - Recipes including entrees, desserts, and beverages.

Chocolate Dessert Recipes - Cakes, brownies, pies, fudge - all sorts of dessert recipes featuring chocolate as a key ingredient. From Abigail's Place.

Chocolate Fondue Recipes - Add chocolate to fruits and desserts.

Chocolate Heaven for Purim - Five recipes for chocolate sweets, exchanged during Purim.

Chocolate Pie Recipes - Lots of chocolate pie recipes for the chocolate lover.

Chocolate Recipes - Biscotti, brownies, and cheesecake, can be found in this collection of reduced fat recipes.

Chocolate Recipes at iChef - Large collection of chocolate recipes, alphabetically indexed.

Chocolate Recipes from Nancy's Kitchen - Easy-to-prepare cakes, pies, candy and other chocolate desserts, including eclairs, chocolate chess pie, and candy bar cake.

Chocolate at GourmetSleuth - General information about chocolate including history, health benefits, and the production process. Includes cocoa flower photograph, links to recipes, and additional information.

Chocolate by Jamieson - Chocolate bars made with cocoa beans from Ghana, site includes history and recipes.

ChocolateMadness - Chocolate recipes, trivia, facts, humor, and quotes.

Chocolates El Rey - Bittersweet, dark, milk, and white chocolate for baking, pastries, candy bars. Includes recipes and list of U.S. distributors.

Choppy's Appetizer Recipes - Several cheese ball recipes, and a few other appetizers.

Choppy's Bread Recipes - Three french breads, a quick bread mix, and a few biscuit recipes.

Choppy's Breakfast - Some basic breakfast recipes.

Choppy's Family Recipes - A recipe site for easy to cook meals.

Chopstix - Contains cooking pot recipes, forum, FAQ, and voting booth.

Chorizo Recipes - A collection of recipes includes Black Bean Chorizo Burritos, Chicken with Chorizo and Butter Beans, and Tomato, Capsicum and Chorizo Soup.

Choronzon - Information on: vampiric magick, chaos magick, black magick, drug abuse, mushcode, mush, and recipes.

Chow Down...Down Under - Real fairdinkum Aussie recipes, many with pictures. Also includes a page with some Australian history.

Chowder Recipes - Recipes for chowders and soups each with complete nutritional information. From

Chowders - A collection of rated, assorted recipes, at All Recipe.

Chowders Recipes - Large collection of almost hunderd chowder recipes in MasterCook format, organized alphabetically, among which are dishes like A-Maize-Ing Chowder, Cashew Curry Chowder, Favorite Green Chile Chowder, Olive Garden Seafood Pasta Chowder and Tangy Tomato Chowder with Noodles, at All About Food.

Chowders for Winter Meals - History and recipes for chowders, by Mary Emma Allen, at Tea Time Traditions.

Choy, Sam - Celebrity chef, cookbook author, TV show host and award-winning restaurateur shares recipes from Hawaii and information about his restaurants and merchandise.

Chris's Cookies - Unique versions of classical American cookie and brownie recipes that can be shipped anywhere. Also offers a monthly club.

Christ Mums - A resource with recipes, tips, and message boards.

Christensen, Bert- Cyberspace Home - A collection of fine art, weird recipes, weird art, fun, and humour.

Christian Family Treasures - For women who are interested in Christian values, parenting, recipes, home life, a home based business opportunity, or daily devotions.

Christian Festivals Celebrations - Christian holidays like Christmas, St, Patrick's day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween. Also provides e-cards, wallpaper and holiday recipes.

Christian Hearts at Home - Offers advice for making the home a haven from the outside world. Includes homemaking tips, recipes and parenting information.

Christian Mirror - Free online magazine for Christian women of all ages sponsored by churches of Christ. Bible study, spiritual health and wellness, motherhood, junior's section, recipes, articles, poetry, writer's corner, and free greeting cards.

Christian Mirror Publications Webzine for the Christian Woman - Free online magazine for Christian Women of all ages sponsored by the Churches of Christ. Bible study, spiritual health and wellness, motherhood, junior's section, recipes, articles, poetry, writer's corner, and free greeting cards.

Christian One Stop - Christian family informational site for spiritual growth, health, parenting issues, education, women's concerns, Christian Merchant Mall and 900 shopping mega mall, safe kids and teen links, recipes, travel and vacation, consumer alerts.

Christian's Danish Recipes - Large collection of recipes, including Smørgåsbord and Smørrebrød. - Articles and resources geared for Christian homemakers. Topics include housekeeping, recipes, entertaining, gardening, family activities, parenting, and marriage.

Christiane's Collection of Cooking Recipes - Favorites from chemists and physicists. In English and German.

Christine Groundwater's Recipes - An Orkney girl's recipes, classified by main ingredient.

Christine O'Keeffe's Halloween - Includes fairy and monster identification list, customs, recipes, games, history, and links to other holiday pages.

Christmas - Dotti's Weight Loss Zone presents a collection of low calorie recipes for Christmas.

Christmas (Rizdvo) Recipes - Twelve meatless recipes traditionally eaten on Ukrainian Christmas eve.

Christmas Candy Recipes from Al & Abigail's Country Place - Candy canes, fudge, rum balls, truffles and several other recipes.

Christmas Carnivals - Offers cards, wallpapers, screensavers, carols, music, chat, message board, recipes, stories, celebrations and recipes.

Christmas Carnivals Recipes - International drinks, snacks, soup and casseroles.

Christmas Cookie Recipes From Pastrywiz - A selection of Christmas recipes, many traditional and European.

Christmas Cookie Recipes - Browse cookie Recipes from around the world, each with complete nutritional information.

Christmas Cookie recipes from Europe - Some of the best traditional Christmas cookies from Switzerland and Germany

Christmas Cookies - Small selection of recipes includes English Lemon-Curd Cookies, Norwegian Spice Cookies and Polish Rum Balls.

Christmas Cookies Recipes - Chocolate Crinkles, Cocoa Bourbon Pecan Balls, Christmas Surprises, Whipped Shortbread, Butter Cookies, Oatmeal Cookies, and Coconut Kisses recipes.

Christmas Cookies and Bars - An index of cookie and bar recipes.

Christmas Corner - Features Christmas holiday traditions, carols, holiday recipes, gift ideas, free ecards, jigsaw puzzles, coloring book, poems, tips, and desktop wallpaper.

Christmas Dreams - Includes information for ornament collectors, jokes and stories, links, recipes, and music.

Christmas Everyday - Features recipes, traditions, craft projects, gift ideas, games and a members area.

Christmas Fun - Includes recipes for cookies, candy, cakes, and printable coloring pages.

Christmas Fun Webring - A kid safe webring for year-round sites that contain things such as recipes, crafts, stories, games, midis, activities, awards to win, adoptions, and graphics.

Christmas Graphics by Lisa - Graphics, recipes, craft ideas, coloring pages, and holiday traditions.

Christmas Ideas - Listing of bargains, recipes, songs, stories, and activities for the holiday season.

Christmas Joy - Christmas greetings for friends and family, along with poems, recipes, and links.

Christmas Mailing List - A discussion relating to anything about Christmas. Topics include crafts, gift ideas, decorations, celebrations, and recipes.

Christmas Moon Holiday Recipes - A collection of recipes including Christmas Dump Cake Chocolate Christmas Wreath, and Stained-Glass Christmas Cookies.

Christmas Point Wild Rice Recipes - A small selection of wild rice recipes, including Cheese and Broccoli Wild Rice Chicken Bake.

Christmas Recipe .com - Offers a large database of recipes and cooking tips. Also allows visitors to submit their own recipes or request recipes.

Christmas Recipes - Christmas casserole, candy, and cookie recipes from Alicia's Country Kitchen.

Christmas Recipes and Crafts For Kids - Index of cookies, candies, homemade gift ideas, and crafts.

Christmas Recipes and Party Planning - Planning and links page from Reader's Digest.

Christmas Recipes from Angie's Realm - Cakes, candies, cookies, desserts and recipes for Christmas dinners.

Christmas Recipes from Reader's Digest - Full list indexed, subdivided by category.

Christmas Recipes from - Archived, searchable Christmas recipes.

Christmas Stockings by Cotton Creations - Personalized felt stockings and handcrafted snowmen. Also offers Christmas legends and cookie recipes.

Christmas Time Recipes - Includes recipes for main meals as well as appetizers and side dishes.

Christmas Time Together - Provides stories, humorous poems, crafts, recipes and games.

Christmas Trees and More - Includes tree trivia, instructions for care, a listing of Christmas tree farms in Indiana, traditions, recipes, family activities, and links.

Christmas Web - Includes origins of Christmas and Santa Claus, recipes, music, and humor.

Christmas Wishes - Features games, song lyrics, parodies of the 12 days of Christmas, recipes, clip art, holiday stories, history of the season and music.

Christmas in Ohio - Provides information on traditions, recipes, and decorating ideas.

Christmas in the Classroom - Includes literature, activities, and recipes for the classroom at Christmas time.

Christmas in the Estonian Way - Recipes for traditional Estonian Christmas dishes with section on Christmas customs.

Christmas on the Net - Features recipes, an animation, music, coloring pages, and articles.

Christmas with Reader's Digest - Offers recipes, crafts and projects, stories, forums, and hints and tips. - Lots of Christmas cookies divided into easy to use categories. The top 10 best recipes are featured. - Worldview, holiday entertainment, music, recipes, and shopping links.

Chuck Wagon - A collection of Texas recipes including Dr. Pepper recipes.

Chucks' Cajun Camp - A small selection of recipes and brief dialog on South Louisiana cuisine.

Chuda's Kitchen - Aleut and Dena'ina recipes.

Chukar Cherries - Online catalog of our dried cherry and berry products including chocolate covered dried fruits, preserves and sauces. Also includes recipes for dried fruits.

Church Hill Herbs - Medicinal and culinary herbs, essential and fragrance oils, potpourri, and herbal accessories. Also offers recipes and a newsletter.

Chutney Recipes from Hugs's Homehearth - Recipe for cranberry chutney.

Chyrel's Kitchen Soup Recipes - Indexed collection of recipes.

Chyrel's Kitchen: Drink Recipes - Assortment of recipes.

Chyrel's Kitchen: Sandwich Recipes - A collection of recipes.

Chyrel's Recipe Box - This site has many different kinds of recipes for food.

Chyrel's Recipes From Friends - Collection of recipes in over 30 different categories. Includes message board.

Ciao Italia - This colorful Italian recipe site contains many well-written recipes, with clear, easy-to-follow directions. It offers a wide variety of dishes from Appetizers to Desserts.

Cibadak Indah Sari Farm - Stock farm specializing in broiler chickens in Indonesia. Also distributors for Ross Breeders products. Recipes, product and company information.

Cicada-licious - University of Maryland Cookbook has recipes for appetizers, main dishes and desserts. Includes an introduction to entomophgy and sample list of insects eaten around the world.

Cilantro from GourmetSleuth - Recipes and an article discussing the history, uses, and nutrition of the leaves of the coriander plant which is also known as Chinese parsley.

Cinco de Mayo - A selection of recipes and short history of Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo: Menus and Recipes - Menu and recipes for a holiday fiesta.

Cinderlane Productions - Sales of Bare Bones Cooking, with simple recipes and tips of the trade. Includes brief biography of the chef.

Cindy Renfrow Favorite Cookie Recipes - Recipes include Grammy Davison's Gingersnaps and Shortbread Cookies.

Cindy's German Recipes - Recipes ranging from Biersuppe through Schnitzels to Apfelstrudel.

Cinfox City Of Cooking - Message board includes archive of Southern, Cajun and creole recipes.

Cinnamon Pecan Waffles - From Recipes Today.

Circle Pacific Ltd - Producer, packer, and exporter of fresh and processed asparagus, squash, apples, and berries from New Zealand. Company profile, product information, recipes, and health benefits.

Circle of Grace Healthy Living Recipe Collection - Easy-to-prepare dishes classified by course. New recipes are added each month.

Citizen of the world - Collection of personal recipes.

Citrus Sunshine - Handful of recipes using orange juice.

Clabber Girl Baking Powder Recipes - A large selection of recipes using this company's products, monthly menus, Kosher recipes, and newsletter. Recipe submissions accepted.

Claire in the Kitchen - Features an index of recipes from around the world, and recipes of the day.

Clam Ball Recipes by Angel - Three recipes for making clam balls. Includes directions for making tartar sauce.

Clam Chowder Recipes - A collection of clam chowder recipes from New England.

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