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California Rice Oil Company - Producers of rice bran cooking and salad oil, sold in groceries in the western United States. Site includes nutritional information, recipes. Wholesale inquiries welcome.

California Strawberry Commission - Resources include recipes, nutritional information, consumer and grower news, celebrity chef interviews, farm tours, contests and trade information.

California Table Grape Commission - A guide to fresh table grapes, including recipes, cooking tips, nutritional information, and free lesson plans for teachers.

California Tomato Commission - Offers nutritional information, news, tips and recipes including three that serve 24 or more people.

California Wine and Food Magazine - On-line magazine about California food and wine, restaurant recipes, seasonal chef menus, wine reviews, culinary events, and food facts, for hospitality and the foodservice industry

California-Arizona Watermelon Association - Offers consumer information on watermelons, including nutrition, recipes and food safety. Also includes resources for members and retailers.

Call It Spicy - Bloody Mary mix. Great taste, convenient, consistent and economical. Adds great flavor to your favorite recipes.

Callicoat - Ancestral history compiled by Deanna and Ellis Callicoat. Includes family recipes, photographs and related information.

Calling All Cooks - Chefs Curtis Aikens, Erica Miller, and Ceci Carmichael, as well as Cathy Ballou and Eric Boardman present family recipes and the stories behind them; on Food Network.

Calorie Control Council - Information on cutting calories and fat in the diet, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, plus favorite low calorie reduced fat recipes.

CaloriesCount - An online weight management, dieting and healthy lifestyle program, featuring tools such as calorie calculators, meal plans, recipes, and chat groups.

Calvet French wine - Exports a selection of classified grand crus. Information on tasting and storing of wines by wine-makers; cooking recipes.

Cambodian Recipes - Links to Cambodian recipes across the net.

Cambodian Recipes of All Varieties - Aioan Chua Noeung Phset Kretni (stir fried chicken with mushrooms) and spicy lime sauce.

Cameron's Smoke Recipes - A small collection of smoking recipes.

Cameroon - About thirty recipes for traditional dishes from Cameroon, from the FAO cookbook.

Camp Recipes - Online resource for campers. Includes tips, articles and instructions for preparing a variety of foods, submitted by readers.

Campbell Soup Company - Includes financial and other company information, recipes, fun, and an on-line shop for gifts and collectibles.

Campbell's Community - The Campbell Soup Company offers many recipes using their soups. Includes an online recipe box to store recipes.

Campbell's Kitchen - Campbell's brand recipe information, recipes and ideas.

Campbell's Soup Canada - Crockpot, chicken, soup and low fat recipes. Includes nutritional information for the company's soups and healthy eating resources.

Campbells Soup'sTasty Tuesday - Presents recipes organized by course, as well as a printable shopping list based on the recipes.

Campfire Cafe - Campfire Cafe is a television show hosted by Johnny Nix where all the cooking is done outdoors. Includes show schedule and recipes.

Camping Recipes by Category: Around the Campfire, Breakfast, Dessert, Fish, Meat, Poultry, On the Trail, Vegetables - A variety of camping recipes by category: meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, breakfast, dessert, on the trail, around the campfire, and Dutch ovens.

Can't Boil Water - Recipes organized by difficulty, food type, and region.

Canada Dry - Corporate web site. Offers product information, product ingredients, company history, recipes, and game ideas.

Canada Egg Recipes - Collection of recipes using eggs, including quiche, sandwiches, casseroles, and desserts.

Canadansk - Some recipes for soups, salads, and sauces, along with a pork dish.

Canadian Chick's Health and Fun - A fun site to promote health and wellness, with a diet club, diet journal, exercises and recipes.

Canadian Content Recipes - Collection of recipes for dinner and dessert, new Canadiana recipes added bi-weekly.

Canadian Egg Marketing Agency - Provides egg information including nutrition, recipes, questions.

Canadian Health Centre - Provides natural health services and classes including the International Association of Infant Massage Instructor Certification. On-line newsletters include wellness -related articles, web links and recipes.

Canadian Living Television - Archived recipes and shows.

Canadian Parents Online - Recipes for babies.

Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch - Ranch producing high quality buffalo, elk and reindeer products for consumers and restaurants in the Calgary area. Information about breeding stock, recipes, order information and photo galleries is included. (Calgary, Alberta)

Canal Zone & Panama Recipes - Small selection of recipes for foods and drinks, including several variants of Johnny Mazetti and Tropical Itch.

Candida Connection - Forums for Candida sufferers with links and book reviews, recipes, testimonies and the possibility to ask questions, or post information and recipes.

Candida Recipes - Recipe page and its links are assembled specifically for those who have candida infections or autoimmune disorders.

Candy Bar Hot Chocolate - Includes nutritional information. Also offers other recipes, plus links for news and forums. From Detroit

Candy Cane's Christmas Village - Includes an advent calendar, virtual pets, naughty or nice ratings, recipes, crafts, and stories.

Candy Recipes - Recipes that use candy and chocolate.

Candy Recipes & More - A collection of candy recipes and tips on cooking with various ingredients.

Candy Recipes at - A collection of candy recipes listed by category.

Candy Recipes at Fits My Budget - Simple and easy to follow candy and chocolate recipes for cooking on a budget.

Candy Recipes at iChef - Large collection of candy recipes, alphabetically indexed.

Candy Recipes from BizzyBee - An assortment of candy recipes.

Candy Recipes from - Old-fashioned recipes for nougatines, butterscotch, bonbons, pralines, fondants, turkish paste, toffee, taffee, caramels, fudge, brittle, and junket.

Candy Recipes from Hugs's Homeheart - Recipes for chocolate coconut candy, chocolate coconut cherry fudge, nut bark, truffles, and rum raisin fudge.

Candy Recipes from RecipeSource - Over 1000 recipes from 14 Minute Maple Candy to yogurt-praline, including fudge, brittle, meringues, peanut butter carob balls, truffles, caramel, and marzipan.

Candy Recipes from Recipezaar - Over 100 candy recipes submitted and rated by users, each with complete nutritional information.

Candy Yim's Food Plaza - Recipes for chinese dishes, seafood, dessert, dumplings, soup, vegetarian dishes, and fruit juice.

Candy for Christmas - Includes recipes for Mexican orange candy, peanut balls, candied pecans, three kinds of fudge, as well as others.

Candy from Allrecipes - Recipes for candy bars, seafoam, divinity, sweets with or without nuts, chewy, hard, fruit, popcorn, potato, and pretzel candies, and party mixes, fudge, and chocolate.

Candy's Country Cooking - Easy to follow candy recipes from chocolate covered cherries to candy mints, English Toffee, and Fiddle Faddle.

Candy's Favorite Recipes - A collection of recipes by Candy Prosser, her friends, and her site visitors, classified by course.

Caneman2's Cajun Links - A list compiled by a fan, covering cajun music, acadian creole genealogy, food recipes, jazz, blues, zydeco and French music, and Louisiana.

Canine Cookies - Offering canine treats. Includes specialty recipes for special health/nutritional requirements.

Canine Cuisine Cookbook - Recipes include meat dishes, biscuits and treats.

Cannabis Green Cook Book - Recipes for medical marijuana users so they don't have to smoke. Online family book promotion and ordering. Love those Vegetables - Provides educational materials, articles, recipes, and facts about canned vegetables.

Canning Food - Canning and preserving recipes and information on preparing, cooking and processing fruits and vegetables.

Canning Recipes - Browse 70+ canning recipes by ingredient, cuisine, and more; or use search to find something in particular. Each recipe includes complete nutritional information.

Canning Tomatoes - All tomato recipes.

CanningUSA.COM - Step-by-step instructions for canning fresh, high quality products to save time and money including simple recipes for easy-to-make weekday meals.

Cannoli Enterprises - Cannoli recipes, plus background information on the cannoli.

Canoeing Ontario with Al and Karen - Includes trip logs, tips, photos, recipes and menus, and related links.

Cantaloupe and Honeydew Recipes - Salsas, cantaloupe cheesecake, melon chiffon cake.

Cantonese Recipes - Small collection of recipes.

Cap Ranch Gourmet Meats - Texas style sausage on a stick, smokehouse meats, smoked turkeys, hams, bacon and chickens. Site also provides recipes.

Cape Shark Recipes - A handful of recipes for cooking this small shark; includes nutritional information.

Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm List of Recipes - Includes a range of recipes using tropical fruit including Breadfruit Chowder, Stuffed Jackfruit, Durian Cakes, and Soursop Cheesecake.

Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm: Tropical Fruit - Provides a list of more than 60 different exotic fruit, and each is linked to another page providing detail on how to recognise each fruit, grow them, eat them, and some recipes

Cape Verdean Foods - Excerpts from the 1995 festival of American Folklife cookbook, containing eleven recipes from Cabo Verde, at the site of the University of Massachusetts.

Capeverdean Cooking - Recipes for Cachupa Rica, Canja de Galhina, and Caldo de Peixe.

Capilano Honey Limited - Australian company has capacity to process and pack over 25,000 tonnes of honey per year. Educational information, recipes, and games on this corporate web site.

Capricorn Crayfish Farmers Association - Promotes farmers of redclaw crayfish. Technical information, recipes and members' contact list.

Captain Cook's Fish and Seafood Recipes - A collection of fish and seafood recipes, grilling, smoking tips, preferred cooking methods of types of fish, and nutritional information.

Captain Gorple's Norwegian Cuisine - Recipes for curing and pickling meat and fish, and stories about red herrings.

Caputo, Flora - Personal health tips, cooking recipes, tips on dealing with Croh's disease, family trees and links.

Carambola - Recipes for a salad and a sweet relish from University of Florida Extension Services.

Carambola Recipes, Fairchild Tropical Garden - Four recipes, including Carambola Bread, and how to dry the fruit.

Caramel Sauce from RecipeSource - A Vietnamese recipe which can be used as a marinade for strips of beef, chicken or pork, or used in Satay recipes. Made with sugar, Nuoc mam (Vietnamese fish sauce), shallots, and freshly ground pepper.

Caramel Sin and Cranberry Fool - Versatile caramel toppings in 3 flavors and an all-natural cranberry sauce. Recipes.

Caramel from - Small selection of old-fashioned recipes including maple, vanilla, walnut, coffee nut, and Mexican caramel.

Caravelle Wine Selections - A U.S. marketer of wines from wine-growing regions worldwide. Site includes wine list, descriptions and regional recipes.

Carb-Lite - A wide sampling of recipes. Provides links to cookbook resources, a recipe search, and a discussion forum.

CarbHealth - Support community for consumers on low carb dieting. Has forums, articles, recipes, and product reviews.

Carbohydrate Counter - For easily working out the carbohydrate content of recipes.

Carbon's Golden Malted Waffle & Pancake Flour - A sampling of some of Carbon's favorite recipes.

Cardamom - Brief introduction as well as some Scandinavian recipes using cardamom.

Cardboard Oven Bread Recipes - A collection of unusual bread recipes.

Cardfile - Program to store and retrieve notes, memos, text copied from the Internet, recipes and any other type of information.

Care Food Industries Sdn Bhd - Offers a wide variety of Asian sauces. Company profile, product details, recipes, and contact information.

Care and Feeding of the Vegetarian Teen - Article provides tips and recipes to help ensure that teenagers who don't eat meat still eat well-balanced and varied meals.

Cariadoc and Elizabeth's Recipes - Medieval European and Near Eastern recipes worked out from period or almost-period sources.

CaribSeek Recipes - Directory of recipes from the Caribbean islands. - A dozen Caribbean recipes such as Rundown, and Pepper Pot Soup.

Caribbean Air Support - Shipper of produce items from Dominica. Product information and prices, company profile, recipes, and contact details.

Caribbean Dutch Cookbook - Features recipes from the Caribbean, Holland, Germany, France, China, and Indonesia.

Caribbean Dutch Sinterklaas - Dutch pastry recipes for Christmas.

Caribbean Favorite Recipes - From The California Antilles Trade Association. Recipes for Caribbean favorites.

Caribbean Food Emporium Recipes - Collection of recipes from around the region.

Caribbean Jamaican Cuisine - Recipes for tasty and popular dishes updated weekly.

Caribbean Recipe Forums - Message boards for sharing recipes from the islands.

Caribbean Recipes - Variety of recipes such as Conch Salad, Conch Fritters, Jerk Seasoning, and Escoveitched Fish.

Caribbean and West Indian Recipes - Including Rastafarian/Ital recipes, as well as snacks, drinks, punches and ice creams.

Carlton Farms - Producers of premium pork products, aged beef, lamb, and a variety of sausages and smoked meats. Company profile, recipes, and contact information.

Carlyle Lake Fish Recipes - Recipes for bluegill, catfish, and crappie.

Carman's Muesli Recipes - Recipes for Maggie's Bircher Muesli, Crunchy Apple Crumble and Muesli and Pear Muffins.

Carmelita's Authentic Italian Cookery: The Cooking of Sicily - BBC article includes introduction to Sicilian cooking, as well as recipes.

Carmine's Table - Recipes from the WNYT-TV television show for appetizers, desserts, entrees, stocks and sauces.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Resource Guide: Recipes - Web resources in food and cooking, including recipes by ethnicity and holiday.

Carolina Treet Bbq Sauce - Barbeque and jerk sauces, tea and sweet tea concentrates. Includes recipes using the sauces.

Carolyn Cooks - Presents free recipes by several women, in PDF or HTML format. Classified by course, with notes on the contributors.

Carpatho-Russian Recipes - Includes many obscure or forgotten dishes from Baniki to Zaprashka.

Carpigiani - Manufacturer of ice cream machines and equipment. Company profile, products and recipes.

Carrot Recipes from Hugs's Homehearth - Recipe for glazed baby carrots or to serve them with cumin and mint, and stewed carrots.

Carrot Recipes - Browse over 50 recipes featuring carrots or click links to view all the recipes which call for particular kinds of carrots in this collection.

Carrots - How to buy, how to store them, measuring them, nutritional value, and three carrot recipes: green pasta with spicy carrots, flourless carrot torte, curried carrot soup.

Carsten Schmidtke's Northern German Recipes - Recipes that tend to be overlooked by German cookbooks made in America.

Cartwright's Bonanza Jerky - Beef steak strips are prepared in the 'old west' tradition and are made from select cuts of lean beef, marinated in our own secret recipes, and dried to perfection. Chanukah - Emphasizes the unusual and multicultural alongside the traditional, info on prayers, blessings, games and stories, Mid-Eastern/African recipes for potato latkes, Jewish/Hanukkah graphics and clip art. Chanukah Recipes - Ethnic choices of potato latkes and toppings to spice up the holiday traditions. Generally Middle-Eastern influenced.

Casa Valdez - A small collection of recipes using Mexican tortillas.

Cascade Mycological Society - Created by a collective effort of people who share a common interest in fungi. Contains newsletter, list of meetings and forays, research projects, discussion board, recipes, and related links.

Cascadian Farm - Grower, manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of organic products, from frozen fruit to breakfast cereal. Company profile, product details, recipes, and contact information.

Case's Agworld: Ethnic Lamb - Lamb recipes from several countries.

Case, Christine E. - Detailed resume, pictures, cooking recipes, interests and links.

Casserole Recipes - A small collection from Allrecipes.

Casserole Recipes Index - Recipes for side dish and main dish casseroles.

Casserole Recipes at iChef - Large collection of casserole recipes, alphabetically indexed.

Casserole Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens - Includes recipes for green bean, spinach, tuna, and breakfast dishes.

Casserole Recipes from - A collection of recipes for cassoulets, meat and tuna, meatless, and Mexican casseroles.

Casserole Recipes from - Browse various recipes, including chicken, tuna, and other one dish meals.

Casserole recipes from - A searchable collection of casserole recipes.

Casseroles - A collection of recipes including Rice Casserole, Grits Casserole, and Zucchini Layered Casserole.

Castleberry Food Company - Offers canned clams, clam chowder, and beef based products including beef stew. Company history and profile, recipes, and product and contact details.

Cat-Tea Corner Recipe Collection - Over 200 vegan recipes for appetizers through desserts. A new recipe added every week. Search recipes by ingredients. Recipe exchange message board and email list.

Catalot Indonesian Recipes - Five recipes from several islands.

Catelli Pasta and Sauce - Offers product and nutritional information, recipes and cooking tips for its wide range of pastas and sauces.

Cates Family Farm - Lean, all-natural range-fed black Angus beef. Includes recipes and cooking suggestions.

Catfish Are Jumpin' - Article about catfish includes recipes and descriptions on making fried catfish, blackened catfish, as well as baked and smoked.

Catfish Institute - Comprehensive information about catfish includes basics, tips and techniques, and family and food service recipes.

Catfish and Hush Puppy Recipes - Southern catfish and hush puppies recipes from

Catfishing Recipes Baits and Secrets - Catfishing secrets, baits and recipes.

Cath's Recipe Page - Small collection of Celtic recipes.

Catherine Kekoa Enomoto - Breadfruit - Preparation information and three recipes.

Cathi-Anne's Ring of Recipes - Ring of recipe sites emphasizing healthy cooking, international cuisine, homemade gifts from the kitchen, favorite family recipes, and kitchen tips.

Cathy Anderson's Apple Page - A small collection of apple recipes, including one for chutney.

Cathy Cooks - Small selection of recipes for appetizers, main courses, side dishes, salads, and desserts.

Caviar - A collection of assorted recipes.

Caviar Recipes - A collection of recipes and method, from epicurious.

Cayman Islands Restaurants Guide Recipes - Directory of recipes.

Cayobo's Authentic Caribbean Recipes - Dishes from all over the region, such as Mango Tomatillo Salsa and Creole Crab Callaloo.

Cayobo's Reggae Lounge - Caribbean recipes set in tropical backgrounds with Island MIDI music on each page.

Cazminio's Homemade Recipes - Fresh homemade pasta, Italian takeaways and online pasta orders.

Cdazzle's Recipes - Assorted recipes and you may share yours.

Cee Dub's Dutch Oven and Camp Cooking - Sells dutch ovens and related outdoor cooking products. Offers recipes, tips, classes, links and a newsletter.

Ceeby: Cooking - Indian recipes with large dessert section (icecream and pies).

Celebrate Hanukkah with the Kids - Read the online story of HanuKat and the DreiDells. Includes kids activities, Hanukkah cards to download, award-winning recipes, a Hanukkah song, and an educator's page.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day Online - Includes history, myths and legends, children's page, recipes, cocktails, and listing of celebrations around the world.

Celebrating Labor Day - Labor Day recipes for the long weekend including treats to take on the road when visiting, to a ballgame, or camping.

Celebration Recipes - Recipes for cakes, cookies, and muffins from Pillsbury.

Celery Recipes from Hugs's Homehearth - Two recipes for stewed celery, one with herbs.

Celestial Seasonings - A searchable index of recipes featuring Celestial Seasonings.

Celiac Bread Recipes - A few recipes intended for those with celiac disease.

Celiac Recipes - Lists recipes that do not contain wheat or gluten ingredients.

Celtic Treasures - Offers breweriana from Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Also offers flags and recipes.

Central African Republic - Recipes for Spinach Stew and Fufu.

Central Asian Recipes - Non (onion flatbread) recipe.

Central Bean Co: Great Dry Bean Recipes - Categories include breakfasts and baked goods, soups, salads, side dishes and appetizers, casseroles, main courses, and desserts.

Central Bean Company - Offers company overview with online ordering, and features recipes, storage and preparation tips, and health information.

Central Beekeepers Alliance, New Brunswick, Canada - Apiculture information, news, events, forum, photographs, recipes.

Central California Restaurant Recipes - Ten recipes from several restaurants in Central California.

Central Market Signature Recipes - Large collection of recipes from the grocery chain.

Ceramics Databases - Ceramics databases offers glaze recipes and information for the recreational crafter.

Cereal Recipes from Hugs's Homehearth - Recipes for crunchy breakfast cereal, homemade grape nuts, mixed grain and wild rice cereal, and muesli. - Rosh Hashanah - Contains information about services, study, stories and recipes. Includes Kids section. Features Find-a-Service and E-Shanah Tovah cards. Also covers Ten Days of Repentance.'s Passover megasite - How to celebrate, say, pray, learn and eat on Passover; plus printable haggadah text, multi-level study, recipes, games, audio songs, stories, find-a-seder, and sell-your-chametz.'s Virtual Chanukah - How to celebrate, pray, light, listen and learn Chanukah; plus multi-level study, games, audio and video, how-to guide, stories, and recipes. Searchable worldwide public menorah lighting events.'s Virtual Purim Megasite - Complete Purim website featuring Purim story, costume contest, games, how-to, Megillah text and commentary, multimedia, kids section, recipes and beginner and advanced study.

Chai Tea Recipes - Traditional Chai, and other quick and easy variations of spiced tea.

Chai USA - Headlines, news, weather, book reviews, kids pages, 6000+ Jewish links, live forum, recipes, kids crafts, games and resources.

Challenge Dairy Products - Specialists in butter production. Company history, news, photos, products and recipes.

Chamorro Recipes - Island recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts.

Chance-Rainwater, Susan - Life with a Hyphenated Last Name - Personal information, recipes, photographic essays, and vacation travelogues.

Chang's Chinese Recipes - Selection of Chinese (Taiwanese) and international recipes. Jewish Festival of Lights - Everything for and about the holiday.: recipes, history, dreidel games, and send a postcard.

Chanukah On the Net - Stories, crafts, recipes, kid stuff, books, music, information, and games.

Chanukah at Web Holidays - Learn the origins of this holiday; recipes and crafts ideas. Spin the virtual dreidel.

Charoset Recipes - Recipes from around the world for Passover.

CheatingPlanet: Diablo II Cheats - Offers some tips and Horadric Cube recipes.

Cheemo Recipes - Recipes for dishes using Cheemo frozen perogies.

Cheese Cake Recipes - Cheesecake recipes from low-fat recipes to decadent New York cheesecakes.

Cheese Dips and Spreads from - Recipes for cheese balls, cold or hot dips, cold or hot spreads, fondue, fruit or vegetable dips, and nacho and taco dips.

Cheese Fondue from RecipeSource - Around fifty fondue recipes, using various types of cheese.

Cheese Recipes - Features several cheese soup recipes, but has other recipes as well.

Cheese Recipes at iChef - Large collection of cheese recipes, alphabetically indexed.

Cheese Recipes from Hugs's Homehearth - Cheese souffle, salad, fried goat cheese cigars, and rarebits with beer.

Cheese Recipes from Recipezaar - From "Velveeta Cheese Fudge" to "Leek, Tomato and Goat Cheese Pizza" browse 170+ cheese recipes, each with complete nutritional information. Use search to find something in particular.

Cheese Sauces and Fondue Recipes - 1st Traveler's Choice Internet Cookbook offers a small index of cheese sauces, fondues, and dips.

Cheese Soup - Site dedicated to cheese soup. Includes a collection of sixteen recipes with ratings, organized alphabetically, the option to add a cheese soup recipe of your own, and a link to a site on cheese.

Cheese and Green Chili Soup - From Traditional Navajo Recipes. For best results, allow to cool overnight and serve the next day.

Cheesecake - Online database for cheesecake recipes.

Cheesecake Recipes - A collection of cheesecake recipes developed by the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen.

Cheesecake Recipes at - A collection of cheesecake recipes.

Cheesecake Recipes at Our Daily Bread - Collection of over 30 recipes.

Cheesecake Recipes at iChef - Large collection of cheesecake recipes, alphabetically indexed.

Cheesecake World - Easy to make, low fat, great tasting cheesecake recipes.

Cheesecakes - Over 1,200 recipes to choose from at

Cheesecakes Recipes at Recipezaar - Over 100 cheesecake recipes from around the world, each with complete nutritional information.

Cheez-It - Official web site for this cheese flavored cracker. Site includes product information, recipes and games.

Chef Andy's Jell-O pages - Collection of recipes including Rainbow Cake, Christmas Cranberry Salad, and Jell-O Jelly.

Chef Ben's Web Site - Offers recipes, a glossary, and a journal about working in a restaurant kitchen.

Chef Bill's Kitchen Chatter - E-zine with recipes, articles, kitchen tips, and cooking advice, as well as recipes from readers.

Chef Bob's Bourbon Street Bistro - Cajun, Creole and regional recipes with cooking tips and information about being a chef.

Chef Brad's Olde Time Cooking and Nostalgia - 1940s and 1950s recipes and nostalgia, with a spice archive and cooking tips.

Chef Clinic - Cooking, Healthy Eating and Fitness - The clinical site of physician and professionally trained chef John La Puma, M.D. Offering his food as medicine expertise, and includes recipes.

Chef De Cuisine: Potato Recipes - Includes basic information and a collection of recipes.

Chef Don's Kitchen - Recipes offered by chef Don Curtiss of Prego Ristorante in Seattle, Washington.

Chef Frank's Lite Cuisine - Includes many recipes made for Weight Watchers 123 system, but suitable for anyone. Offers cooking tips, and a recipe web ring.

Chef Heaven - Comprehensive guide to recipes, food, cooking, shopping, health and nutrition, and all things related to food.

Chef Jaime's Soul Food Collection - Recipes include Crazy Meatloaf, Fried Catfish, Peach cobbler and Collards.

Chef Jim Muse - Barbeque and catering service. Includes recipes, online ordering, and photos.

Chef John Folse & Company - Vast collection of recipes from appetizers to stocks and sauces from noted New Orleans chef.

Chef Ken's Family Recipes - A collection of recipes that I've collected from family members living in various states.

Chef Lloyd's Kitchen - Fresh recipes, food questions answered, private lessons and fun links.

Chef Mila's Recipes and Tips - Offers recipes and cooking tips, including main courses, soups, salads, entrees, vinaigrettes and dressings.

Chef Mom's Slow Cooker Recipes - A variety of recipes including main dishes, breakfast foods, soups, and stews.

Chef Nouveau - Presents recipes and kitchen small appliances from firms like Cuisinart, DeLonghi, Oster, and Sunbeam.

Chef Paolo Monti's Cucina Italiana - Recipes for antipasti through dolci from this Italian chef, hotelier and cooking teacher.

Chef Paul Prudhomme - Featuring Chef Paul's Magic Seasonings recipes.

Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Recipes: Turducken - A holiday main course recipe combing duck and turkey ("Turducken")and using Chef Prudhomme's line of seasonings.

Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Blends - Includes cooking tips, recipes, and online shopping.

Chef Paul's Place - Includes personal information, recipes, photography, poetry, and information about wine.

Chef Point - An online cookbook, with quick easy recipes, a menu planning wizard, and thousands of recipes. Membership required.

Chef Point Low Fat Recipes - A wide selection, including cinnamon raspberry muffins, pumpkin spice cake, and chocolate orange roll.

Chef Rick's Cajun and Creole Cooking - Features information on traditional New Orleans style cooking, including recipes for Grillades, Jezebel Sauce, Hurricane Punch and King Cake.

Chef Rick's Southern Cooking - Cajun, Creole, soul food and SC Low Country cooking with traditional recipes, how-to articles, humor, and food trivia by chef and food writer.

Chef Robert Robinson - Motivational speaker and gourmet chef. Offers cooking demonstrations while teaching children about the dangers of gangs and drugs. Includes recipes, news articles, photos, and booking information.

Chef Talk - Culinary page with recipes and information.

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