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Beer Recipes for Homebrewers - Homebrew beer recipes. All-grain, Extract, and Partial Mash Recipes, Forums, and Mailing List

Beer and Poetry - Regional, national, and microbrews. Also includes original and favorite poetry, food recipes, drinking games, forums, contests, quizzes and links to other sites.

Beer links and simple recipes - Several simple recipes that require a minimum of preparation.

Beet Jelly Recipes - Two recipes, both using prepared gelatin mixes.

Beet Recipes from Hugs's Homehearth - Recipes for baby beets with caraway or with ginger, and pickled beets.

Beet Salads - Two Morrocan recipes for marinated beets served in a salad.

Beet Wine Recipes - Two recipes.

Beets - History, selection tips, varieties, nutrition, seasons available, plus recipes for several salads, a soup, and a main dish.

Beets the Other Red Meat - Borscht, beet chili, beet and bacon sandwich, links to other recipes.

Bega Cheese Factory - Includes company profile, products, processes, export information, factory tours, heritage centre, student resources and recipes.

Bei uns in's Pfandl g'schaut - Famous recipes from the Upper Austrian kitchen.

Beit HaChatulim - Vegetarian recipes for Jewish holidays and thanksgiving.

Belarusian cuisine - Online cookbook with traditional and modern recipes, and a special section on potatoes, the "second bread".

Belden - Melinda and Clarence of West Edmeston, Indiana. Journal, pictures, guestbook, personal pages, and family recipes.

Belfonte Ice Cream and Dairy Foods Company - Premium ice cream and other dairy products from Kansas City, including yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, frozen yogurt and sherbet. Company profile, products, recipes, and contact details.

Belgian Blue Beef Recipes - Contains five recipes using Belgian Blue Beef.

Belgian Cooking Recipes - Four recipes cooked with beer.

Belgian Endive - Eight recipes with instructions on how to prepare endive.

Belgian Recipe Page - Family recipes submitted to the Belgian Recipes and Traditions website.

Belgian Recipes - A handful of recipes including mussels, fries, and mayonnaise.

Belgian Recipes from - Three recipes.

Belgian Waffles - Several home-made recipes from Jacques Deseyne.

Belgium Recipes of All Varieties - Six favourite recipes.

Belize - Recipes - Small collection of recipes, gathered from across the net.

Bella's Holiday and Seasonal Recipe Collection - Holiday and seasonal recipes are featured year-round. Cajun and Creole - Cooking articles and recipes, with newsletter, message board, and live chat. Caribbean Food - Offers live chat, feature articles on the cuisine, and recipes organized according to meal course.

Bellahouse - Shopping site for cookware, housewares, and recipes. Canadian site also ships to the United States.

Belle Brook Farms - Offering meat product descriptions and pricing, recipes, FAQs, links, farm information, events, retailer listing and co-operative program description. Located in Texas, USA.

Belly Pleasers - Sample recipes, an ingredient search engine and ordering information.

Belorussian Food - Recipes from salads to sauces from the Bederov family.

Ben and Judy's Favourite Aussie Recipes - Small collection from Pavlova to Anzac biscuits.

Bengali Cuisine - More than 200 authentic Bengali recipes sorted by main ingredient.

Bengali Food on the Web - Thirty recipes for vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, menus and snacks.

Bengali Recipes - Small collection of recipes from West Bengal.

Benihana Ginger Salad Dressing - This version from Top Secret Recipes.

Beninese Food Recipes - Recipes for the most popular foods in Benin, West Africa.

Bennett - Homage to the Belfast Bap, with family pictures and recipes.

Benton Sisters Ministries - Vegetarian recipes created by three young sisters from California. Offering original recipes, cookbooks, videos, and lifestyle improvement health seminars.

Bergeron - Family and holiday pages, recipes for Easter and Mardi Gras.

BerksWeb's Authentic Berks County Recipes - A small collection of simple potato soups.

Bernice: Grandma's Kitchen - Personal collection of recipes.

Berries at Hugs's Homeheart - Jellied cranberries or cranberry sauce, and strawberry almondine are the recipes presented.

Berries of Summer - Article from Better Homes and Gardens about storage and handling, followed by a nice collection of recipes.

Berry Dairy Cooler - Makes three servings using non fat milk, low fat berry yogurt, and a splash of ginger ale or soda. From Dewey's Recipes.

Berry Recipes - Large collection of recipes for blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, boysenberries, loganberries, cranberries, marionberries, gooseberries, and blackberries.

Berta's Tapas recipes - Small collection of Spanish appetizers.

Berta's Venezuelan Recipes - Six recipes, including one for snacks and egg-nogg.

Berta's World - A small index of recipes for appetizers through desserts.

Berta's cooking - Recipes for finger food, low fat, vegetarian, Italian, Spanish, and other dishes, cooking tips, and a cooking newsletter.

Bertolli - Consumer-oriented site for this brand of olive oil and extra virgin olive oil, sold internationally. Includes searchable database of answers to common questions, glossary, recipes. Requires JavaScript and a 4.0 or later browser.

Bertolli Olive Oil - Information and recipes using olive oil from the producers of Bertolli brand olive oil.

Best Breads - A collection of bread baking tips and recipes. Also includes a list of the author's favourite links.

Best Chocolate Recipes - Recipes for cakes, cookies, bars, candies, confections, and special diets. Includes instructions for melting and tempering chocolate.

Best of Broccoli - How to select good broccoli, plus several recipes.

Best of Sicily Food and Wine - Introduction, small collection of recipes, food terms explained and list of restaurants.

Bestfoods Recipes - Recipes featuring this brand's products. Use the index, or search function. - Unbiased information, discussion, recipes, and products concerning low-carb eating and cooking.

Better Homes & Gardens: Christmas - Holiday projects center. Crafts, wreaths, trees, recipes, handemade gifts and family activities..

Better Homes and Garden Food - Serves up a time-honored recipe of food and cooking tips and no-fail recipes.

Better Homes and Gardens - A list of muffin recipes previously published in the Better Homes and Gardens online magazine.

Better Homes and Gardens - Better Grilling Recipes - Comprehensive collection of recipes for burgers, brats, all meats, kabobs, fish, chicken and turkey. Also grilled desserts including techniques for baking fruit crumble on the grill.

Better Homes and Gardens - Cake Recipes - A collection of cake recipes developed by the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen.

Better Homes and Gardens Low Fat Recipes - A small selection that include preparation times. Also offers links to many other food categories, including holiday.

Better Homes and Gardens Microwave Magic - Tasty recipes to make in the microwave in just minutes. Includes links to other recipe categories, plus tips and holiday suggestions.

Better Homes and Gardens Recipe Center - Large collection of recipes from the magazine and contributed by users, tips, menus, and tools.

Better Homes and Gardens: Prime Rib Recipes - Offers three prime rib recipes: Prime Rib with Horseradish Cream, Marinated Prime Rib, and Peppery Holiday Prime Rib of Pork.

Better Homes and Gardens: Beef Stew Recipes - A collection of beef stew recipes developed by the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen.

Better Homes and Gardens: Beef Tenderloin Recipes - Includes Beef Tenderloin Fillets with Horseradish Chili, Herbed Beef Tenderloin, and Beef Tenderloin with Peppercorns.

Better Homes and Gardens: Chicken Recipes - A collection of chicken recipes including Chicken and Rice Stuffed Peppers and Tomato-Mushroom Chicken Pot Pie.

Better Homes and Gardens: Crockery Recipes - Includes soups, sandwiches, beverages, and main dishes.

Better Homes and Gardens: Dessert Recipes - A collection of all-time favorite dessert recipes, including Raspberry Fudgey Brownies and Cherry Trifle Cake.

Better Homes and Gardens: Grilling Recipes - Professionally tested recipes for cheese stuffed brauts, All-American Burgers, peanut ginger chicken, others.

Better Homes and Gardens: Ground Beef Recipes - Recipe collection that includes Marvelous Meatballs and Bacon-Cheeseburger Pizza.

Better Homes and Gardens: Gumbo Recipes - Collection of thirteen gumbo recipes developed by the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen.

Better Homes and Gardens: Halloween - Costume and mask ideas, party planning, recipes, decorations, and craft suggestions.

Better Homes and Gardens: Kwanzaa Recipes - Small selection of recipes including Jollof Rice and Groundnut Stew, from Better Homes and Gardens.

Better Homes and Gardens: Meatloaf Recipes - A collection of meatloaf recipes.

Better Homes and Gardens: Pork Loin Recipes - A selection of pork loin recipes including Grape Stuffed Pork Loin Rolls and Pork Diane.

Better Homes and Gardens: Pork Recipes - A selection of recipes including Peppered Pork with Chive Sauce and Five-Spice Pork Tenderloin.

Better Homes and Gardens: Thanksgiving Family Fun - Features craft and game ideas, recipes, travel tips, and a glimpse into the traditions of various families.

Better Homes and Gardens: Turkey Recipes - Includes salad, turkey medallions and roasted turkey recipes.

Better Homes and Gardens: Vegetable Recipes - Collection of recipes featuring vegetables. Includes nutritional information.

Better Homes and Gardens:Lasagna Recipes - A collection of all-time favorite lasagna recipes developed by the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen.

Better Homes and Gardens:Sandwich Recipes - Find a sandwich your family will enjoy with recipes including a baked puffy cheese sandwich and saucy sloppy joes.

Better With Buttermilk - A feature article including history, culinary attributes, and recipes from buttermilk biscuits to créme fraîche ice cream. - Selection of recipes from the book, such as burritos, fritatta, egg rolls, and cheesecake. All are non-cholesterol.

Betty Crocker - Meal planning, award winning recipes, menu suggestions and special occasion tips.

Betty Crocker - Betty's Recipes - A one week sample kid pleaser menu which you can print as is, print with recipes or use to print your shopping list.

Betty's Recipe Connection - Recipes divided into categories for more convenient browsing. Low fat and low calorie recipes, Sugar Buster Recipes, dips and appetizers, holiday recipes, and food as gifts.

Betty's Tastes of Newfoundland - Various seafood and one-dish recipes.

Between Friends Too - Variety of supplies including soap kits, glitter, and oils. Recipes and printable catalog. Washington, USA.

Between Moms - Moms network and share mom tested ideas on parenting. Includes tips on activities, crafts, organization, and recipes. Also offers articles and a forum for moms.

Bevans Oyster Company - Producers of fresh shucked and in-shell oysters. Company profile, product information, seasonal recipes, and contact links.

Beverage Recipes - Collection of recipes inspired from descriptions in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.

Beverage Recipes at iChef - Alphabetized collection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Beverage Recipes from Michigan Apple Committee - Using juice, cider, and other apple products.

Beverages from the Hillbilly Housewife - Recipes for mixes and drinks.

Beverly's Recipes and More - A recipe exchange and free weekly food and recipe newsletter filled with recipes, helpful kitchen hints and food and kitchen related links.

Bevin, Pete - Includes photographs and recipes.

Beyond Gourmet - Offers gourmet specialty food, gift baskets, and hard to find food recipes plus wine tasting information.

Beyond Weight Loss - Free weight loss support and information including recipes, chat room, on-line discussions and support. Recipes for Young Gourmets - A few fun recipes you can put together with a bit of help from a grown-up. Also a recipe for liquid to make bubbles.

Bharatmail's Holi Page - Includes links, recipes, online greetings, and background information.

Bhawarchi - Small collection of Indian recipes.

Bhooma's Kitchen - South Indian recipes, dishes and flavours for every palate.

Bhutanese Food Site - Overview and handful of recipes from Bhutanese netizens.

Bicycle Fish - Touring information from around the world, but especially Australia, links and even recipes. - Tips on training, diet, and planning, plus road and trail wisdom, survival, recipes for camp, guided tours, and best treks.

Bien Cuisiner (Good Cooking) - Fully illustrated set of traditional recipes and dietary menus.

Big Adoptive Families - A place where parents of large adoptive families or adoptive families of any number can come together and talk, share stories, vent, share recipes and just chat about daily events with having a large family.

Big Boys Curry Book - Curry recipes laid out in a manner that is useful for male cooks.

Big Families Recipes - A recipe mailing list with recipes that big families can enjoy.

Big O's Teen Bodybuilding Site - Advice, opinions and personal workout routines. Includes message boards, chat, high protein recipes and photo galleries.

Big Spur Recipes - Features an index for big game, pheasant, upland and waterfowl.

Big Woods Bison - Bison meat and product sales. Phone in orders only. Includes links to recipes. (Nerstrand, Minnesota)

BigOven Recipe Software [NA] - Create grocery lists, access and import over 100,000 recipes, analyze nutritional content, and recipe ratings.

Bill Wight's Food and Recipe Page - Collection of recipes in Mastercook format for download, indexed by main ingredient and ethnicity. Readable also by any ASCII text reader.

Bill and Margit's Home "Food" Page - Offers recipes and opinions on cooking.

Billy's Christmas Cottage - Crafts, decorating tips, games, graphics, a music shop, links, midi files, recipes, and shopping.

Bilmac Gems - Features humor, tips, recipes, quotations, and links to news headlines. Offers archive of past issues.

Biltong Recipes - How to make South African biltong, a dried meat like jerky, at home.

Biltongmakers.Com - Features products for making Biltong, the South African dried meat delicacy. Provides instructions, recipes and sample spices.

Bippo's Shooters - Recipes, how to drink shots, definitions, and tips and troubleshooting.

BirdBrain Ostrich Ranch Recipes - Collection of recipes using ostrich, including Ostrich Scaloppine with Green Peppercorns, Kentucky Races Ostrich Strips and French/South African Onion Soup.

Birds Eye Recipes from A to Z - Collection of recipes with nutritional information.

Birdseye - Recipes and meal ideas.

Birthday Celebrations Net - Birthday songs, traditions and recipes from around the world.

Birthing Naturally - Nutrition - Discusses the importance of nutrition to a healthy pregnancy. Explains the Brewer diet. Includes tutorial, quizes and recipes.

Biscuit Recipes from Hugs's Homeheart - Recipes include baking powder biscuits, basic recipe with variations, light, potato, protein, and quick corn.

Biscuits and Scones - Small collection of recipes.

Bismarck Seventh-day Adventist Church - Ministering to those around us since 1896. Links to sites concerning Bible prophecy and the popular "Left Behind" series. Online Bible studies of Daniel and Revelation; recipes; quotations from Martin Luther. Bismark, ND

Bison Centre of Excellence - Information on bison and bison ranching in Canada and the United States. Contains articles, news, events, links, bison ranch listings, free classifieds, health, recipes, and cooking tips.

Bitchin' Kitchen - From the author of Cooking FUNdamentals offers fast, funky, and healthy recipes, a message board, and a newsletter.

Bite of Asia - Recipes from India to Japan with pictures.

Bitsy's Kitchen - A selection of recipes, with hints and tips on preparation. Provides a food forum, conversion and substitution charts, and a newsletter.

Bitsy's Kitchen - Dutch Recipes - Small collection of recipes, including Stroopwafels, Pannekoeken, and Speculaas.

Bitsy's Kitchen - Jewish Recipes - Jewish recipes including Kugel, Kishka, and Latkes.

Bitsy's Kitchen Dessert Recipes - Easy-to-print recipes including Cherries Jubilee, Picnic Cake, and Banana Cream Pie.

Bitsy's Kitchen Lowfat Recipes - A collection that includes appetizers, main entrees, and desserts. Offers a large selection of food and related categories.

Bizarre Halloween Recipes - A selection of recipes to include: Eyeball Potion, Halloween Ghosts on Broomsticks, Halloween Black Cat Cookies. From Angie's Realm.

Black African Recipes - A dozen recipes from Wali Wa Samaki (Fish Rice) to Kisamvu Na Karanga (Tapioca Leaves with Peanuts).

Black Currant Berries Recipes - Jelly, wine, cheese recipes.

Black Diamond Cheese - Offering product information and a number of ways to enjoy cheese, including snack ideas, fun food for kids, entertaining tips and recipes.

Black Eyed Pea Recipes - Includes recipes for Pea Salad and Black-eyed Peas Salsa.

Black Eyed Peas - Collection of simple recipes.

Black History Month, Kwanzaa and Martin Luther King Day Resources - Provides the origins of Black History Month, Kwanzaa and Martin Luther King Day, plus links to internet resources including recipes, songs, games and speeches.

Black Walnut Recipes - Recipes include Granny Shaffer`s Black Walnut Fudge Pie, Black Walnut Bars, Black Walnut Praline Pork Chops and Apples, Black Walnut-Encrusted Chicken Breasts with Peach Sauce, and Hoppin John`s Huguenot Torte.

Blackberry Cobblers - Seven different blackberry cobbler dessert recipes.

Blackberry Jelly - Two recipes, one with pectin and one without.

Blackberry Recipes - Collection of blackberry dessert recipes.

Blackberry Recipes - What's Cooking America - A collection of blackberry recipes and handling tips.

Blake and Company - Fragrance and essential oils, wax, soap, and additives. Includes recipes.

Bland Farms - For sweet Vidalia onions, cookbooks, onion blossom kits, casseroles and gourmet desserts. Recipes and company history are also provided.

Blanton Mesquite Wood - Texas mesquite wood for sale in various forms (logs, chunks, chips). Includes general instructions and recipes.

Blast from the Past - 1950's-era recipes are featured, including Crazy Parfaits, Lemon-Coconut Igloo Cake, and Grasshopper Pie.

Blessed Amish - Sample recipes from Darlene's cookbooks with easy and healthy Amish and Mennonite recipes.

Blessed Bee - Ottawa beekeeper shares his perspective on beekeeping; lots of information on bees and the hobby (including recipes for mead). On-line catalogue of honey products and beeswax candles with contact details.

Blessings for Life - Advice pertaining to saving money, dieting and fitness, inspirational stories, and recipes. Includes free ezine.

Blogs that Cook - Ring for blogs that post recipes or cooking tips.

Blood Recipes - For making convincing looking fake blood.

Blue Aspen Originals - Instructions for cold process soap making, rebatching, swirling, and recipes.

Blue Dragon - Sauces found in many of the United Kingdom's supermarkets. Offers a small number of recipes that feature their products.

Blue Moon Botanicals - Yerba Mate tea blends and brewing tools, also offers workshops, recipes, and a message board.

Blue Sky Farm - A virtual tour of our Maine farm, free recipes, information about our culinary herb products.

Blue Sky Farm Recipes - Traditional and vegetarian recipes flavored with herbs, and information on growing and using herbs.

Blueberry Bang Belly Homepage - Four traditional blueberry dessert recipes from New Brunswick, Canada.

Blueberry Recipes - Recipes including muffins, rolls, pancakes, pie and soup.

Blueberry Recipes from Al & Abigail's Country Place - A variety of blueberry recipes for cakes, cobblers, muffins, pies and cookies.

Blueberry Recipes from Angie's Realm - Seven recipes including cobbler, potato salad, and Duck with Blueberry Sauce.

Blueberry and Maple Recipes - Dessert dishes provided by the Town of Oxford in Ontario.

Bluefish Recipes - A small assortment of recipes for cooking bluefish from

Boar's Head - A message board for those of Scottish, Irish, English and Welsh ancestry. Topics include clans and societies, history, recipes and general conversation.

Bob & Angie - Basic Japanese recipes, techniques, and glossary of ingredients and utensils (in English and Japanese).

Bob Allison's Ask Your Neighbor Recipes - Online, free recipes as heard on Bob Allison's Ask Your Neighbor radio program.

Bob and Madison's Superbowl Buffet - Several chili, dip, and cornbread recipes.

Bob's Sugar House - Maine made maple syrup and equipment for maple syrup production sold online. Maple recipes are offered.

Boba - Bubble tea drink products, recipes and information.

Boca Burgers - Producer and distributor of soy-based meatless food products to natural foods and mainstream grocery outlets. Site includes information about the company, products, and recipes.

Body Break Online - Healthy recipes, plus information on speed training, nutrition, exercise, and related products.

Bohonsuik Family Website - A family website containing useful information on cooking, Lebanese recipes, Southern recipes, Desserts, Entertaining ideas, Shi Tzu dog and links to Bibles, Jehovah's Witnesses, Bible references and sheet music.

Boise's New Mexican Kitchen - Introduction to southwestern cooking methods and ingredients, with a collection of kitchen-tested recipes.

Bolivia Web: Traditional Bolivian Cooking - Recipes for main and side dishes, pastries, desserts and drinks (in Spanish and English).

Bolivian Recipes of All Varieties - Recipe for Picante De Gallina (spicy chicken) and Palta Rellenos (stuffed avocados).

Boliviana: Recipes - Offers a collection of Bolivian recipes including chicha, lechon al horno, and ensalada de palmitos. - Alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes searchable by name, ingredient, or garnish, or browsable by drink type, seasons, and holidays.

BolsCocktail Collection - Large collection of recipes searchable by ingredient or category.

Bon Appetit - Pasta recipes from the online archives of the magazine.

Bonfire Bites - Recipes and ideas for a bonfire night feast.

Bonfire Recipes - Seasonal recipes with a short summary of the Gunpowder Plot.

Bonnie's WWW Pages - Recipes and discussion.

Book of Shadows - Small but interesting Book of Shadows with recipes, faerie information, and a home page protection ritual. - Search and browse for reading guides by author or title, read author interviews and excerpts, links to club sites, and recipes for reading group meetings.

Bootcamp Buddies - Weight Watchers diet site features recipes, health articles, and online message boards.

Boozemixer - Bartender's Guide to Drink Recipes - Users can submit, look up, or request new drink recipes.

Borde - Trades in wild mushrooms (dried or canned), truffles, and red berries in syrup. The site also features a guide to wild mushrooms and recipes.

Bordeaux Fare - Three recipes, by Jean-Marie Amat, traditional to the region.

Borle - Shelley, Randy, Nicholas and Matthew of Alberta, Canada. Photos, personal pages, recipes, and links.

Borscht Recipes at Recipezaar - Several borscht recipes, each with complete nutritional information.

Boscoli Foods - Home of the Original Italian Olive Salad. Contact information for wholesale orders of olive varieties, olive oils, pickled vegetables, and other condiments. Recipes.

Bosnia - Herzegovina: Recipes - Small collection of recipes from Balkanweb.

Botanical.Com Index of Recipes - An index of assorted recipes using herbs and other basic food stuffs.

Botanie Handmade Soap - Natural soaps made using all vegetable recipes.

Boulder BellyGrams by Maria - Promotes classes and performances by Maria in Boulder, Colorado. Also a belly dance resource, with product reviews, lists of movies and television shows that feature belly dancers, humor, and recipes.

Boulder Bellygrams By Maria - Recipes, product reviews, humor, lists of television shows and movies that feature belly dancers, and information about Maria, a belly dancer in Boulder, Colorado.

Boulder City Seventh-day Adventist Church - Online bible studies, a list of events and vegetarian recipes. Map and directions to the church. Boulder City, NV

Boundary Garlic Farm Recipes - Recipes using fresh garlic, how to test the flavors of various garlics, testing cooked and raw garlic.

Bowbridge Publishing - A few books for vegan recipes, health and stress management.

Boyack - Offers family reunion information and old family recipes.

Boyd Coffee Company - Coffee, espresso machines and brewing equipment, and recipes.

Bracha - Resources for teachers to introduce students to Jewish tradition. Includes information about Jewish holidays, stories, recipes, songs, and other activities for kids.

Brady's Oysters - A small collection of oyster recipes.

Braised Lettuce Soup - From The Thorough Good Cook; recipes from 1896.

Bramley Apples - A collection of apple recipes including snacks, main dishes, puddings, and a celebrity section.

Brand Name Crockpot Recipes - Alphabetical list of recipes including nutritional information per serving.

Brandal House - Includes photos, recipes, and personal news from this family from the Seattle, WA area.

Branwen's Cauldron of Light - Witchcraft source for the pagan community with a Pagan Library, Witchcraft Forum, Web Directory, Pagan and Occult Bookstore and Wicca Book of Shadows including spells and magickal recipes.

Bratty, Mom & Kristi's Recipes - Recipes include categories for beef, chicken, pork, cheese, appetizers, desserts, salads, and pasta.

Brazil - South American Melting Pot - Recipes and articles on Brazilian cuisine, from GlobalGourmet.

Brazilian Dishes - English Recipes - Easy-to-do Brazilian recipes such as Feijoada (black beans) and Caipirinha (lime drink), adapted to the American kitchen; from

Brazilian Recipes - More than thirty recipes, such as Black Beans and Rice, and Sopa Leao Velloso; from

Brazos Legends Recipes - Several recipes featuring Brazos Legends products.

Bread - From Seed to Sandwich - Bread and muffin recipes with illustrations.

Bread - Contains instructions, how to make flour, recipes for handmade or machine-made, history of bread, on-line store, and bulletin board.

Bread Machine Baking - Information on equipment and ingredients. Includes analysis of sample recipes and suggests.

Bread Machine Home Page - An extensive list of bread machine recipes.

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