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Authentic Berks County Recipes - Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking - Collection of Pennsylvania Dutch family recipes, with message board.

Authentic Hawaiian Luau - Recipes to cook a full Hawaiian luau menu, with instructions to make your own imu pit.

Authentic Indian Recipes - Includes simple recipes for kids on how to make Rasgulla, Gulaab Jamun, and other authentic Indian dishes. Site in both Hindi and English.

Authentic Indian Vegetarian Recipes - A collection of meat-free recipes in Hindi and English.

Authentic Mexican Recipes by - Large collection of recipes, including fiesta dishes, salsas and desserts.

Authentic Mexican Recipes from El Monterey - A large collection of recipes using branded food products. Recipes are organized by ingredient, meal type, or by product.

Authentic Portuguese Family Recipes - Small collection of recipes for soups and baked goodies.

Authentic Recipes of the Bahamas - Directory of traditional recipes from the islands.

Authentic Thai Recipes - Ninety recipes, in seven categories from

Automatic Bread Machine Recipes - White bread, oatmeal, and pumpernickel recipes. A number of bread machine recipes are offered.

Automatische Mailfilterung mit Procmail - œbersichtliche Webseite für das Programm Procmail. Folgende Themen werden angesprochen: Arbeiten mit Procmail, Schnelleinstieg für Procmail-Experten, Procmail Beispiele ('recipes'), Unix Man-Pages zu Procmail

Avalon Arts Recipes - Recipes for cookless play dough, flubber, pretend snow, and goop.

AviewofAmerica Recipes - Recipes classified by course or main ingredient, including many international recipes. User recipes accepted.

Avocado Leaves by Gourmetsleuth - Discusses uses for "hojas de aguacate" and links to several recipes.

Avocado Recipes - From a California grower, two recipes: Avocado Ice Cream, and Jim And Mendy's Easy Guacamole.

Avocados - An article about avocados discussing the varieties, how to use them, nutrition, and a handful of recipes.

Avonmore - Product information, health articles and recipes.

Awers Inc. - Distributor of red caviar produced in Alaska through Russian traditions and recipes.

Awesome Australia - Recipes for the barbecue: sauces, rubs, glazes and marinades.

Awesome Chef Recipes - Recipes from chef Brian Johnson, classified by course, main ingredient, or country. Also includes discussion forum and articles on ingredients.

Ayurvedwebline - An exhaustive and in-depth study of Ayurveda. Includes sections on yoga, health recipes, herbal cosmetics, and other areas.

AzerOnline Entertainment: Cuisine - Large collection of traditional recipes taken from the book "Azerbaijan Cookery" by Huseynzade and Amiraslanov.

Azerbaijan Cookery - Collection of recipes, such as shashlyks, pilaffs, dolma, and sherbet.

Azerbaijan Cuisine - Fifteen recipes for soup, meat and fish dishes, and desserts.

Azteca Recipes for Kids - Recipes using flour tortillas, party ideas, and coloring sheets.

Azteca Foods - Mexican food products. Information about products and services, and recipes using Azteca products.

B & R Farms Apricot Recipes - Collection includes sections for main dishes, desserts, salads, and appetizers.

B&G Foods, Inc. - Manufacturers of fine wine vinegars. Product and contact details. Recipes.

B&W Quality Growers - Suppliers of watercress and arugula in a variety of packages. Offers product information, nutritional facts, and recipes.

B's Cucumber Pages - Includes recipes, nutritional analysis, and other tips and information.

B.R. Cohn Olive Oil Recipes - Recipes include basic vinaigrette and Blackberry Olive Oil Cake.

BBC Apple Recipes - Recipes for Bramley and Cinnamon Burnt Cream, Apple Crumble Tart, and Apple Sorbet.

BBC Orange Recipes - Small collection of recipes including a salad and cake.

BBC - Lettuce Recipes - Includes Lettuce and Lovage Soup, Grilled Lettuce with Goats Cheese, and Lettuce Risotto.

BBC - Vegetarian Pastas - A large selection of meatless pasta recipes from BBC chefs.

BBC Food - Global Cooking - Cook your way around the world with a range of unusual recipes from five continents.

BBC Online Recipes - Searchable recipe finder.

BBC Online: Tasters - Selection of assorted small food treat recipes.

BBQ Buddy Barbeque Sauce Recipes - Both tomato based and non-tomato based sauces are featured.

BBQ Guide - Recipes for Texas oven brisket, and rack of lamb tips. Sauces include beer beef marinade and Army style sauce. Also dry rubs, tips for spit roasting and how to cook a big steak.

BBQ Recipes from - Broad range of recipes including pizza on the grill, Grecian pork tenderloin, Tandoori chicken, smoked turkey, chicken and beef kabobs. Visitors' rating system for recipe results.

BBQ Sauce Recipes - A variety of barbeque sauce recipes.

BBQ Sauce Recipes from Cuisine Magazine - Presents recipes for red sauce, mustard sauce, and vinegar sauce.

BBQHQ - Cooking tips and recipes. Includes filet of beef with horseradish sauce, porterhouse steak with peppercorn bourbon sauce, also pork, poultry, fish, and vegetable recipes.

BHG Healthy Recipes - A collection that includes a tortilla and black bean casserole and baked breakfast apples. Also offers many other types of recipes.

BHG Recipe Center - A collection of tasty sounding recipes. Also offers links for a food calorie chart, and holiday ideas.

BHG Recipe center - Offers selections from appetizers through desserts. Also includes links to other diabetic recipes.

BIGG Superstore Amish Recipes - Includes dishes for desserts, breakfast meals and breads.

BIGG Superstore: Duck Recipes - Assortment of recipes including Duck and White Beans and Wild Duck Casserole.

Babs' Kitschy Cocktail Party - Recipes for cocktails and alcoholic beverages.

Babushka's Kitchen - Russian recipes from a coastal Alaskan community.

Baby Corn Recipes - Four recipes using baby corn from the Washington State University Cooperative Extension Service.

Baby Food Recipes - Information to get you started cooking food for your baby. Easy and interesting recipes.

Baby Food Recipes from - Recipes for various kinds of purees, main dishes, and egg recipes, plus one for Zwieback crackers.

Baby Foods - A collaboration with the Homecooking Guide to discuss pesticides, labeling, starting solids, recipes and preparation for homemade baby food.

Baby Kiwi - Handful of kiwi fruit recipes, including kabobs.

Baby Recipes - Recipes for young children: baby food, smoothies, breakfast, lunch and dinner, teething crackers and cookies, snacks and treats.

Baby Recipes from Recipe Goldmine - Recipes, baby food tips, safety guidelines.

BabyBag's Recipes - Collection of recipes mostly appropriate for toddler-aged children, including one teething biscuit recipe.

Babyfood Recipes - Includes Indian cereal and rice preparations. Also provides information on breastfeeding and bottle feeding, vitamin deficiency, and feeding the fussy child.

Babykakes - Cake decorating pans, utensils, supplies and novelties. Includes baking tips and recipes. Ships in USA.

Bacalao Recipes - Selection of recipes for cooking salt cod including Mama Rosa's Bacalhau, Baccalao   la Vizcaina, and Baccal  con Sedano.

Back to Basics Products - Provides information about housewares as well as ideas and recipes for healthy food preparation.

Back to Nature Central - Includes characters, animals, crops, items, recipes, and secrets.

Back to Nature Hangout - Includes animals, story, recipes, characters, tools, items, secrets, fan fiction, and fan art.

Back to School Recipe Ideas from Allrecipes - Recipes and ideas for children's meals. Duck Recipes - Collection includes recipes for Drunk Duck, Chicken Fried Duck, and Duck with Apple Dressing.

Bacon Recipes from Recipezaar - Browse a list of recipes which feature bacon.

Bacon Spectator: Bacon Recipes - Offers two recipes for bacon.

Bad Cats Cafe - Healthy vegetarian cooking/baking recipes and resources.

Baden Soellingen Remembered: Recipes - Small collection of recipes such as Graff Dracula, Spaetzle, and Wurstsalat.

Baer, Lynne - Lair of the Baer - Includes a biography, a journal, a resume, a portfolio, a x-files section, recipes and pictures of friends.

Bah Humbug! I Hate Christmas! Nyah! - Includes parodies of popular Christmas songs, humourous recipes, and a list of things to do over the holidays. Recipes - Small directory of recipes.

Bahamian Recipes - Directory of recipes plus information about island cuisine.

Baileys recipes and cocktails - Collection of Baileys recipes and cocktails.

Baisakhi Delights - Offers wide range of festival recipes from

Bakarbessy-Brower, Marga - Poetry, pictures and recipes.

BakePacker - Manufactures and sells a "Water-Oven" cook-pot accessory. Offers product information, instructions, recipes and a shopping cart.

Baked Apples - A recipe provided by Bob Corey's Produce Corner. Provides recipes for other cooking methods, and basic cooking information.

Baked Casseroles and Dishes from Hugs's Homeheart - Recipes for broccoli lasagna, cheese pie, souffles, quiches, stratas, turnovers, and oven omelet.

Baked Ginger Snap Crusted Chilean Sea Bass - Includes recipes for ginger snaps and Kiwi Lime Sauce.

Baked Goods - Recipes for cakes, cookies, pastries, and pies.

Baked Plum Pudding - BBC - Food Recipes - By Gary Rhodes from Cookery Year.

Baker Boulanger - A recipe and advice site edited by professional baker and author Marcy Goldman. The site features hundreds of recipes for baked good and savory dishes.

Baker's Dozen - Brunch and breakfast recipes from That's My Home.

Bakery and Catering Recipes by the Ole Baker - Advice and recipes; email for details.

Bakery owner accused of stealing recipes - [CNN]

Baking Powder Recipes - A variety of baking recipes such as cookies, muffins, or breads, using Clabber Girl and Rumford baking powders.

Baking Pro - Collection of recipes, examples and tips from a professional baker.

Baking and Dessert Recipes - Recipes and baking tips from Hershey's kitchens.

Baking with Anna - Browse cake, cookie, and dessert recipes, and tips.

Baking with Kookie's Home Page - Recipes for cookies, bars, brownies, pies, cakes. Microwave tips and recipes for baked goods. - Provides baking tips for all skill levels, recipes, advice on the use of ingredients, special event cookery, storage, techniques, substitutions.

BakingBits - A baker's resource with recipes, coobook and product reviews, articles, message boards, and a calendar of food events around the nation.

Baku Pages: National Cuisine - Azerbaijani recipes for Plov, Dovga, Dolma, and Kabab.

Baku Vision: National Cookery - Azerbaijani recipes for main and side dishes, as well as sherbets, sweets, and jams.

Balderson Cheese Company - Offers cheese for sale, recipes, tips, and wine suggestions. Located in Ontario, Canada

Balinese and Indonesian Recipes - Small collection of recipes provided by Bali Online.

Ballis, Stacey - The official site for Chicago chick-lit author Stacey Ballis and her debut novel: Inappropriate Men. Recipes, book club information, shopping and Chicago attractions are featured herein.

Balsamic Recipes - Recipes covering many categories using balsamic vinegar.

Balsamic Vinegar - Information about Balsamic vinegar and two recipes.

Balsamic Vinegar - Recipes - Praising Balsamic Vinegar - How it's Made, Recipes, Sources

Balsamic Vinegar Information And Recipes - Information on balsamic vinegar, as well as a few chosen recipes using it as an ingredient.

Balsamic Vinegar Recipes from Recipezaar - A variety of delicious recipes featuring balsamic vinegar from the Recipezaar collection. Each includes full nutritional analysis.

Baltic Cook Book - Recipes for Cepelinai (stuffed dumplings), Saltibarsciai (beet soup), and Kringel.

Baltic Cuisine - Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian recipes from the Russia in US website.

Banana Bread from Just Fruit Recipes - A collection of about 80 different recipes.

Banana Group - Includes recipes, health and nutrition data, history and facts.

Banana Recipes - 104 things to do with a banana, recipes and banana information.

Banana Recipes from Recipezaar - Collection of recipes with complete nutritional information.

Bangalorenet: Tastes of India - About fifty popular recipes including authentic deserts.

Bangkok Cuisine - Small collection of recipes offered by award winning restaurant.

Bangladesh - Recipes for bread, meat dishes, rice dishes, and sweets.

Bangladesh Cuisine - Recipes, articles, and links, from

Bangladeshi Food - Thirteen vegetable recipes from Farah's website (other links not yet available).

Banning - Robert and Marie from Willowdale, Toronto. Provides family history, hobbies, photos, and recipes.

Bar Cookie Recipes from Allrecipes - A collection of recipes for chocolate, fruit, no-bake, nuts, and oat bar cookies.

Bar Cookie Recipes from - A small collection of traditional bar cookie recipes including wafers, lady fingers, peanut strips, and nut squares.

Bar Cookie Recipes from RecipeSource - Over 700 various recipes for bars.

Bar Cookie from - A collection of bar cookie recipes listed by category.

Bar-None Drink Recipes Collection - Recipes for alcoholic, and non-alcoholic drinks in a database, drinking games, user forums, and mixing tips. - Online Bar and Drink Recipes - Large searchable collection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail recipes and drinks rated by users. Encyclopeadia and history of liqueurs, mixed drinks, glasses, and bartending information.

BarSim - Bartending simulation software that allows the user to make drinks behind a virtual bar. Learn recipes to music.

Barbados Recipes - Small collection of recipes from Barbados including Anfaani's Rum Punch, Corn Pie, and Peanut Punch.

Barbara Pratt's Children Recipes - Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Offers a list of snack ideas from A to Z.

Barbecue & Grilling Sauces - Many sauce recipes to choose from with varrying degrees of heat. From Culinary Café.

Barbecue Country Recipes - Smoked corn on the cob, beer steak, Cajun chicken, baby back ribs recipes. Instructions for cooking recipes on a gas grill.

Barbecue Online - BBQ Recipes - Lamb, beef, pork, seafood and vegetable recipes, plus appetizers and desserts. Expansive discussion of herbs and spices.

Barbecue Recipes - Recipes including barbecue for meats, fish and vegetables, plus sauces and marinades.

Barbecue Recipes from Angie - Hamburger surprise, salmon steaks with green ginger sauce, cornish hens and barbecued chili onions.

Barbecue Recipes from Mega-Zine - From Afghan chicken to zesty basil burgers, almost 400 recipes with particular emphasis on North Carolina style BBQ

Barbecue Sauce Collection - A number of recipes for various types of barbeque sauces.

Barbecue Sauce Recipes - Barbecue Sauce Recipes from Recipe Gal's Archives.

Barbecue Sauce Recipes - All About Food - A large collection of assorted barbeque sauce recipes, including Citrus Barbeque Sauce and North Carolina Sauce.

Barbecue Sauce and Marinade Recipes - Sauces with vinegar, bourbon, chilis, molasses and coffee. Marinades with lemon and pepper for fish and foul.

Barbecue Sauces & Rubs - Collection of barbecue sauce and dry rub mix recipes from

Barbecue Tools - Features various tools, recipes, and gift sets. Includes sections for affiliate sign up, business policies, and contact information.

Barbecues and Grilling from Top Tastes - Recipes, hints and tips from Top Tastes Magazine. Rubs, marinades, sauces, glazes and salads to serve with BBQ.

Barbeque - BBQ resource site. Low calorie, low carb family favorites. Photo tutorials, "Daily Dish" newsletter. Submit recipes.

Barbeque Sauce Recipes - Over 30 assorted sauces and marinades for grilling.

Barbeques Galore - Barbecuing grills, parts and accessories, retail store locator, recipes and company history.

Barcillo's Food Zone - Introduction to Ecuadorian cuisine with recipes for food and drinks, as well as section for hangover food.

Bare Ingredients - Recipes from traditional to modern, covering all styles of cooking from around the world, vegetarian, curries and seafood.

Barilla - Manufacturer's corporate web site. Pasta, sauces, Italian food and wines, original recipes, Italian cooking information, gastronomy and mediterranean diet.

Barista Coffee Sdn Bhd. - Supplying the Malaysian catering industry with coffee products, equipment and parts. FAQ, recipes and maintenance tips.

Barley Recipes - Nutritional analysis for barley and a small selection of barley recipes.

Barley Recipes at Recipezaar - A small selection of barley recipes, including Barley Stuffed Green Peppers.

Barley Recipes from RecipeSource - Recipes including Barley Bread, Fried Barley, and Portabella Barley Risotto.

Barley Soup Recipes - Barley soup recipes in MealMaster format. Includes Deer and Barley and Sherried Barley Soup.

Barley Soup Recipes at Recipezaar - Several barley soup recipes, each with complete nutritional analysis and ability to scale ingredients to make as many servings and you want.

Barley, Oat, and Rye Recipes - A small selection of barley, oat, and rye recipes.

Barnaby, Karen - Executive chef in Vancouver, British Columbia, shares inspiration and recipes.

Barry, Michael - Official site of United States Postal Service team rider. Includes news, journal, schedule, biography, photos, favorite recipes, and related links.

Bars and Squares from CDKitchen - Collection of over 75 recipes including lemon bars, crispy treats, butterscotch squares, and a selection of chocolate and fruit bars as well.

Bars and Squares from - Over 100 recipes plus request board where recipes can be exchanged or requested.

Bartender's Friend - Appliction features 150 recipes, bartending tips, powerful and easy to use search tools. Allows users to add a comment to each recipe and create a list of favorite recipes.

Bartending In One Day - Bartending manual with drink recipes and bartending techniques. - General bartending site with links to schools, recipes and bar products. Online bartender forum with questions and answers.

Bartlett family - Dedicated the Bartlett family and all of its descendants. Includes reunion information, history of the family, books written by family members, family news, family recipes, and family contacts. Bartlett history back to John Bartlett (1760-1820) of Buncombe County, NC.

Barton Family - Ancestral database, favourite links and recipes including an assortment of old fashioned Southern dishes.

Bartv Cocktail Resource - Resource for cocktail recipes, bartending tricks, tips and techniques.

Basden, Alastair - Includes recipes, wedding photos, information on physics and christianity.

Basic American Foods - Specializes in prepared potatoes, chili, and beans for the foodservice industry. Product information and rebates, recipes, company profile, and related links.

Basic Cooking Stocks by GourmetSleuth - A description of stocks and recipes including meat, chicken, vegetable, fish and emergency fish stock as well as storage tips.

Basic Lobster Cooking - The basics of cooking lobsters with recipes.

Basics of Cooking Lessons - Features articles for beginners by Linda Larsen. Topics include information on following recipes, baking, food safety, meal planning and nutrition.

Basil Recipes at Recipezaar - Recipes featuring basil.

Basilisk's Trinidad Punch Recipes - Two hard hitting recipes made with rum, and various liqueurs and fruit juices.

Basque Recipes - Traditional and modern recipes from the La Fraugh Name website.

Basque Recipes from - Ten recipes.

Bass On The Grill - Two recipes for grilling bass, and a handful of recipes for cajun, southern, stuffed bass.

Bass Recipes - Includes recipes for sauteed smallmouthed bass and bass hash.

Bastille Day at Web Holidays - Provides an overview of the holiday, French recipes, and craft ideas.

Bawarchi: Saroj's Cookbook: Sandwiches - Some tips and a small selection of recipes.

Bawarchi: Saroj's Cookbook: Diwali Specials - Includes recipes for festive sweet dishes and facts about the celebration.

Bawarchi: Saroj's Cookbook: Lentils & Dals - A small selection of Indian lentil recipes, including Doodhi Dal.

Bawarchi: Your Indian Cook - Recipes, cooking tips and feature articles.

Bay Area Bug Eating Society (BABES) - San Francisco Entomophagists. Recipes, nutrition information, FAQs, and pictures.

Bayhon's Friendship Page - Kathy's personal collection of recipes. Also includes her email address to sign up for her monthly recipe mail, and an entrance to her recipe message board.

Bays English Muffins - Manufacturer of English muffins. Site includes recipes, party planner, cooking contests, store locations, and company history.

Bays English Muffins: Sandwiches and Melts - An assortment of recipes.

Bayshore Recipes - Site presents recipes and chat.

Bea's Kitchen - French cooking recipes and food presentation ideas

Beach Cliff - Produces branded United States produced sardines. Company profile, product, and nutritional information. Also offers recipes and contact details.

Beaches, Boats, Bars, and Ballads - Artist fan site includes recipes and sound files.

Bean Bible - Information and help for all things to do with beans. Bean recipes, baked beans, bean soup, and bean facts.

Bean Lovers on Suite 101 - An annotated guide to all the important sites on the Web concerning beans, including recipes. Also features humorous articles on bean lore.

Bean Recipes - Includes Three Bean Chili, Smoky Mountain Coal Sove Beans, and Beans and Barley.

Bean Recipes from - Over 25 recipes, including White Beans with Asparagus.

Bean Salad Recipes - Over 50 recipes for low fat vegetarian bean salads.

Bean Soup Recipes - - The Bean Lovers site's listing of bean soup recipes on the Web.

Bean Soup Recipes from Recipezaar - Collection of bean soup recipes, each with full nutritional information.

Bean and Legume Soups - Another view of the bean soup recipes at All Recipes.

Beans and Grains Recipes - Index of recipes for beans, rice, and other grains.

Beans and Grains Recipes at iChef - Large collection of beans and grains recipes, alphabetically indexed.

Beans and Lentil Recipes from Hugs's Homehearth - Lentils with garlic and rosemary, lima beans, baked beans, refried beans, and sweet and sour lentils.

Beans and Lentils - Preparation and storage tips, nutritional information, and recipes.

Bears in the Kitchen - Collection of recipes, tricks of the trade, Book of the Month, and questions and answers.

Bears in the Kitchen: Salads - Salads and dressings recipes including Curried Apple Orzo Salad and Champagne Salad Dressing.

Beauregard, Patricia- Pattycakes' Home Page - Includes personal information, cross stitching, recipes, game walkthroughs, and links of interest.

Beauty Magnets - Magnetic, natural face-lift products, includes recipes and testimonials.

Becky's Cookbook - Presents more than 400 family-tasted and tested recipes. Classified mainly by course, with cooking method and holiday categories in addition. Updated frequently.

Becky's Recipe Pages - Personal collection and recipes submitted by visitors.

Becoming a Vegetarian - Offers menu suggestions, restaurant tips and recipes.

Becsinalt Fogolyleves (Quail Soup) - Recipe for a meat stock-based soup containing quail and mushroom caps, at Just Game Recipes.

Bed & Breakfast Beef Recipes - Elegant beef recipe collection from beds and breakfasts.

Bed & Breakfast Inns Cookie Recipes - Wide selection of recipes used in some of the inns across the United States.

Bed & Breakfast Inns Online - Recipes from bed and breakfasts who have joined BBOnline. Lots of selections for breakfast recipes.

Bed & Breakfast: Chicken and Poultry Recipes - A collection of various chicken recipes.

Bed and Breakfast Pork Recipes - Virginia Ham Tarts and Marinated Pork Tenderloinin Orange Sauce. Especially exotic are Pilotas, a Catalan recipe of Arabic origin.

Bed and Breakfast Quiche Recipes - A large index of quiche recipes.

Bed and Breakfast Recipe Collection - Selection of recipes from innkeepers.

Beef Entree Recipes - Collection of beef entree recipes listed by category.

Beef Jerky and Chicken MilkBone recipes for dogs - How to make Italian flavor beef jerky treats and chicken milk bones for your dog (economical).

Beef Recipe at All Recipes - Hundred of beef recipes, as well as the opportunity to submit or request recipes, and read helpful cooking tips.

Beef Soup Recipes - Browse 80+ soup recipes featuring beef, filter by cuisine or use search to find something in particular, each with complete nutritional information.

Beef Stew Recipes - Browse over a dozen different beef stew recipes here including "Mother Lizar's" recipe, "Son of a Gun Beef Stew" and "Irish Beef Stew with Guiness," each includes complete nutritional facts.

Beef and Lamb Recipes - Iron-rich recipes for babies and toddlers, from the New Zealand Beef and Lamb Marketing Bureau. Beef Recipes - A variety of beef recipes for all cooking skills. - An index of beef recipes, food safety information, low-fat cooking tips, beef cooking hints, and even veal recipes. Veal Recipes - Categories include steaks, roasts, chops, one-dish meals, and grill-off recipes.

Beekman Wine: Veal Recipes - Includes Heavenly Veal, Osso Buco in Citrus Sauce with Fettuccine, and Veal Wallets Stuffed with Porcini. - House and Home - Offers articles on organizing and cleaning, checklists and recipes. Includes a forum and instructions for submitting articles.

Beer At Home - Complete line of winemaking and homebrewing supplies, grape concentrate, chemicals, recipes, books and a wide range of equipment. Order online.

Beer Cheese Soup - Two full; fast recipes.

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