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Vernalisa's Christmas 2000 - Complete menu with recipes for your celebrations.

Wigley - Jessica and Jay of Colorado. Photos, information, links, guestbook, and recipes.

Wild About Meat - Rural women recipes from the cux-land north German cuisine and home cooking.

Wild About Rice - Brief information and recipes presented.

Wild Blue Magic Recipes - Collection of recipes for muffins, also crisp, sauce, pie, chutney, chicken breasts, and smoothie, from the Wild Blueberry Association of North America.

Wild Blue Yonder - Shaken over ice and poured straight up, a blend of vodka, schnapps and Blue Curacao. From Dewey's Recipes.

Wild Canyon Ostrich - Ranger, TX - Offers fertile ostrich eggs, ostrich yearlings, ostrich leather hides, ostrich eggshells. Ostrich recipes available on our web site.

Wild Goose Lodge Recipes - Features a small number of ways to cook Canada Geese.

Wild Harvest Videos - Videos on field care and cooking of deer, venison, wild game, game birds, fish, and seafood. Includes simple recipes by a certified master chef.

Wild Hog's VA Rednecks - Outdoor barbecue and slow cooking recipes.

Wild Mushroom Recipes - Offers information, pictures and recipes for gourmet delicacies harvested from the wild.

Wild Plum Recipes - Small collection of recipes that can be used with domestic plums also.

Wild Rice Recipes - Provided by Manitoba food manufacturer Far North Wild Rice.

Wild Rooster Sauces - Offers BBQ sauces and barbecue grilling rubs made from the finest Southern recipes.

Wilderness Dining - Sells freeze dried and dehydrated camping food, utensils, pots, pans and ovens for backcountry cooking. Also offers free recipes and ideas for gourmet backpacking meals.

Wilderness Family Naturals - Vendor of bulk herbs. Certified organic and wild. Herbal information and recipes, grain grinders, juicers, soy milk makers.

Williams - Ron, Cheryl of Galion, Ohio. Photos, information, children's artwork, recipes, and links.

Williams Sausage Company - Producers of quality sausage and sausage based products. Company profile, product details, recipes, and contact information.

Williams, Lori - Pictures of family, games, greeting cards, Christmas stories and recipes.

Williams, Peter - Brief autobiography. Delphi and Kylix source code. Pages dedicated to Piffle the Cat. Poetry. Cooking recipes.

Williamson - Kent and Mary of Hesperia, Michigan. Photos, scrapbook, poetry, recipes, and links.

Willow Brook Abbey - Includes members' stories, recipes, weekly quiz, and a message board.

Willyard-Smith - Steve and Cathy and family, includes information, interests, photos, recipes and links.

Wilton Industries Recipes and Projects - Recipes using Wilton's products for desserts. Recipes - General and regional recipes, as well as diet recipes.

Winding Creek Ostrich Ranch - Ostrich breeder in the Midwest. Located in Mahomet, IL, USA. Offering breeding stock, ostrich meat, nutritional facts, and ostrich recipes.

Windows on Haiti: Recipes - Traditional recipes from the Culinary Arts Institute, such as Bannann Pese and Ti-Malice Sauce.

Windsor Ukrainian Canadian Web Site - Info on organizations and life of the Ukrainian Canadian community in Windsor, Ontario. Collections of links to Ukrainian recipes, Easter Eggs, & English language books on Ukrainian topics.

Windsor-Hill Inc. - Unique low carbohydrate foods and sugar-free recipes/candy from a diabetic professional chef on Dr. Atkins diet.

Wine & Cuisine from DolceVita - Recipes, food dictionaries, accessories for cooking Italian style, chef profiles, and seasonal menus.

Wine And Cakes - An open list for Pagans and other heathens who share a passion for cooking, brewing, feasting, and the social joys that can only be expressed over broken bread. Here they share recipes, ideas, suggestions, resources, and other anecdotes.

Wine Jelly Recipes - Selection of recipes using wine jelly, including Sonoma Wine Jelly Top Cookies, Mendocino Easy Gourmet Wine Jelly Roll, and Lodi Gourmet Wine Jelly Meatballs.

Wine Television - Recipes and events.

Wing Hing Fresh Noodles - Manufacturers of noodles. Step inside and discover a whole new world of recipes that can be used with fresh noodles.

Wing of St. Mawes - Recipes with photographs for bass, salmon, kippers, lobster, mussels, haddock, cod, scallops and Dover sole.

Winged Bean - Recipes showing the varied use of pods, leaves, seeds and tubers of the winged bean in Sri Lanka diets [PDF].

Winger - Offers photos, poetry, recipes.

Wining and Dining Recipes at Glen's Place - Personal recipe collection classified by course and main ingredient.

Winning with Wendy - Motivation and support for Weight Watchers members. Includes Winning Points recipes, tips, and links.

Winter Fish Wrap - Fish wrapped with lemon in cabbage leaves and steamed. Includes recipes for Black-eyed Peas and Red Cabbage Slaw.

Winter Greens - Thirteen edible greens from argula to turnip greens are described briefly, with recipes included.

Wired Java Fanatic - A decent collection of recipes, many submitted by visitors.

Wisconsin Apple Growers - Four dessert recipes featuring apples.

Wisconsin State Recipes - About twenty recipes featuring cranberries, from Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers. Duck Recipes - Handful of recipes including Duck Jerky, Duck Poppers, and Grilled Duck with Red Currant Sauce.

Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen - A book of a daughter's tribute; 150 recipes accompanied by the personal memories of the philosophy and superstitions behind culinary traditions that have been passed down.

Wish-Bone - Producers of branded salad dressings and vinaigrettes. Company history, product details, recipes, and contact information.

Wish-Bone Salad Dressing - Lots of recipes, a complete salad glossary and a grilling guide.

Witchbone Company - Offers hammergarlic from the Czech Republic. Product information, recipes, and contact details.

Witches' Anthology - A publication dedicated to the celebration of Witchcraft through art, poetry, short-stories, and recipes.

Without Eggs And Stress - Information on a book of recipes which are entirely milk and egg free.

Wok With Me - Wok-and-Roll Chinese recipes to satisfy all Chinese food lovers, including Dim Sum section.

Wolf Brand Chili - Offers a variety of prepared chili products. Company profile, recipes, and product and contact information.

Wolfgang Puck's Thanksgiving Recipes - Famed chef Wolfgang Puck shares several recipes for Thanksgiving dishes.

Women Fitness - A source of low fat recipes for soups, appetizers, juices and snacks. Includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, and desserts. Also offers information on joining.

Women Living Smarter - Women's community dedicated to redefining Superwoman. Newsletter, articles, and recipes.

Women for Aryan Unity - Organization that promotes the advancement of 'White Aryan women.' Includes scene reports, recipes, music, and other white power links.

Women's Network in Scotland - Local circuit and church links, devotions, Easter offering, events, newsletter, domestic violence study, recipes, Scottish structure and committee, events, external women's groups, overseas links also Methodist Connexional information about Network including aims, history and magazine.

Woo's Wonder World - Contains illustrated biographies of characters, poems, recipes, themes, graphics, and Pooh's Kids Korner of games.

Wood Oaks Farm - Goat raising with information about the dairy breeds, goat driving, recipes, links and photographs.

Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company - Offering whole bean arabica and special blends made using the wood-fire roasting process. Also gives coffee recipes.

Woodlouse Recipes - Part of a page developed as a resource for Y13 Biology students. Recipes with pictures of each completed dish.

Workday Gourmet Recipes for Busy People - Recipes for chicken, beef, pasta, seafood, shrimp, salads, and homemade desserts from chocolate pies to cakes, breads.

Working Moms' Internet Refuge - A collection of quick, easy, and healthy recipes for busy parents.

World Carrot Museum - History, nutrition, cultivation, recipes, trivia and interesting facts of this important vegetable.

World Famous Recipes - Request or contribute recipes, includes recipe collection.

World Harbor's Crockpot Recipes - A collection of recipes featuring World Harbor sauces and marinades.

World Recipes - International recipes collected from around the world, with glossary of cooking terms and ingredients.

World Recipes: Costa Rica - Costa Rican - Small collection of four recipes from Costa Rica.

World Recipes: Mexico - Mexican - Offers a small variety of well-known mexican recipes such as guacamole, chiles rellenos, carne asada, enchiladas and tres leches cake.

World Recipes: Nepal - Small collection of Nepalese recipes.

World Vegan Day Recipes - A selection of delicious vegan recipes to celebrate World Vegan Day Nov. 1.

World Wide Recipes - Weekday emails where The Chef offers a different weekly menu. Also offers members submitted recipes, request board, kitchen tips, and a daily dose of humor.

World Wide Recipes: Sample Recipes - A variety of menus with recipes, from past editions of the eZine.

World of Recipes - Has a directory of cooking resouces taken from the ODP, powered by ODP++.

World-Wide Curries - Large number of recipes as well as translation to Malayalam. Mediterranean Recipes - Innovative Italian, Greek and Moroccan recipes.

Worlds' Greatest Recipes - Links to recipe sites sorted by their ethnic origin.

Wraps and Roll-Ups from All Recipes - Ideas for taco, crepe, tortilla, sushi, pita, and naan wraps and roll-ups using leftovers or special fillings.

Wright, Timothy & Shelly - Family photos, recipes, and Christian clip art with verses. [Java]

Wuthering Bites - Discriminating book reviews for book clubs plus literary-inspired recipes and menus. International Recipes - Recipes from world cuisines from Algeria to Vietnam.

Wylde Woman - Created by women, for women. Featuring fiction, poetry, dreams, recipes and humour.

X-Files Fanfic Cookbook - Recipes based on fan fiction stories and/or episodes.

Xenia - Greek producer, wholesaler, and exporter of organic extra virgin olive oil, olives, olive pate, capers, pickled vegetables. Private labels available. Site includes recipes.

Xinjiang-Style Cuisine - Description of the cuisine and small collection of recipes, such as Sanzi (dumplings). - Deca, D-bol and other anabolic profiles, as well as dieting, recipes, women fitness. Articles on many different topics with off-topic forums as well.

YAKAR Jewish Shul/Community and Study Centre, in London, UK - The website of YAKAR (uk), a modern orthodox Jewish Community Centre which welcomes all in a spirit of tolerance and dialogue. The site offers poetry, humour, music, listings of events, recipes for cholent, articles, discussion forum, Jewish links and times of the Sabbath in the UK.

YUM! - Cooking club where people can share recipes and tips on the bulletin boards. Recipes available for holidays, dinners, desserts, and kid's meals and snacks.

YUM! Kid Stuff - Small collection of recipes for breakfasts, dinners, snacks, sweets, and a couple beverages.

Ya Gotta Have It! American Indian Recipes Index - Large number of recipes from Seminole Acorn Stew to Zuni Summer Succotash.

Yahoo! Groups : Taste of the Islands - Devoted to the exchanging of recipes from the Caribbean islands as well as South Florida and the Florida Keys.

Yahoo! Groups : diabetes_recipes - Open membership; Unmoderated; All members may post; Public archives; Email attachments are permitted. Exchange recipes with carbohydrate/nutritional infos.

Yahoo! Groups African-American Recipe Exchange - E-mail group for exchanging soul food and heritage recipes.

Yahoo! Groups Pressure Cooker Recipes - A group for exchange of recipes and pressure cooker chats. Must join group in order to participate.

Yak Recipes - Substitutes yak meat for beef in several recipes.

Yale Beets - Recipes includes brown sugar and orange juice. Uses fresh or canned beets.

Yamasa Corporation USA - Manufacturer of soy sauce since 1645. Soy sauce history, product information, recipes, press releases, and contact details.

Yams - A group of yam recipes including baked, butterscotch yams, yam falafels, yams and apples.

Yan Can Cook - Asian cuisine, as an integral part of local cultures, with Chef Martin Yan. Site includes schedule of public appearances, sample recipes, and cooking tips.

Yankee Gardener - Online shopping for seeds, crafts, gifts and books, plus recipes, virtual postcards and gardeners' resources.

Yankee Gardener Recipes - A collection of recipes using garden vegetables.

Yassa - Recipe for poultry dish from Senegal from Margarita's Favorite Recipes.

Yasuko-san's Home Cooking - Large collection of traditional recipes of Toyama Prefecture in eastern Japan.

Yeast Bread Recipes - A collection from the folks at, including Cinnabon clones, Indian naan, apple pie bread, and soft pretzels.

Yeast Breads and Rolls Recipes - A little over 40 recipes including pizza dough, pita breads, foccacia, beignets, sourdough starters, and hot cross buns.

Yellow Onion Recipes - Browse 30+ recipes featuring yellow onions, each with complete nutritional information; use search to find something in particular.

Yelostar's World - I have recipes, poetry, stress reduction info, family pictures, gardening, yard art, rock painting, Texas Lingo, Fishing Terms, Windows help, great links with much more to come.

Yeshua Connection - Messianic site with articles about Yeshua the Jewish Messiah plus fun stuff, a free page, humor, travel, recipes, Jewish holidays, and more serious topics like anti-Semitism and the Holocaust.

Yin and Yang, The Macrobiotic Way - Explanation of the diet plus a handful of recipes.

Yoder's - Small collection of assorted recipes.

Yoghurt Smoothie Recipes from France's Kitchenette - A large collection of recipes shared by subscribers of the World Wide Recipes eZine.

Yogurt Recipes - International yogurt recipes and how to make yogurt at home. - Sells a range of yogurt makers and offers recipes.

Yoko's Hakka Cooking Page - Introduction and eight Hakka recipes.

Yolly's Free Recipes - Filipino recipes for meat, noodle, rice, and veggie dishes, desserts, and a food glossary.

Yom Kippur - Soup before the fast and a menu with recipes for a break-the-fast buffet

Yom Kippur and Vegetarians - A discussion about food choices, but no recipes specific to breaking the Yom Kippur fast.

Yorkshire Cheese Recipes - Four recipes using cheese: Yorkshire Feta Stuffed Aubergine (eggplant) Shells; Watercress and Yorkshire Blue soup; Farmhouse Savoury and Cheddar cheesecake.

Yorkshire Recipes - A comprehensive and delightful collection.

You Can Make a Dinosaur And Eat It Too - Details of this book of "no-cook" recipes.

You'll Love Venison - Video and cookbook offers tips on butchering and cooking venison, with over 30 recipes.

You're The Chef - From the Pennsylvania public television show, an archive of their best recipes.

YouGrill - Porterhouse, New York strip, top sirloin, and filet mignon steaks that are aged and shipped fresh. Includes recipes and grilling tips.

Young - JD and Heidi, and children Cassidy and Jamaica, from Maple Valley, Washington, United States. News, events, photos and favourite recipes, and JD's resume.

Young Writer's Club Cookbook - List of recipes submitted by visitors.

Your Favorite Coffee and Tea Recipes - Uncommon selection of recipes involving coffees, iced and hot teas, hot cocoa and hot chocolate.

Your Guide to Christmas - Holiday articles, recipes, activities, links, and forums from

Your Health and Nutrition News - Health & nutrition related articles, healthy recipes, contests and freebies on the internet.

Your Invisible Chef - Professional chef offers recipes and techniques, French cooking. Meals that can be accomplished in minutes. See samples. Format:CD. Cookbook - Large number of submitted Cypriot recipes.

Yoyo Club - Includes information about dieting, diet plans, recipes, message board and women-issues.

Yugoslavia: Recipes - Four recipes from Balkanweb.

Yugoslavian Recipes - Two Yugoslavian side dishes.

Yule - This Pagan celebration is explained with correspondances and recipes. Vegetarian Recipes - Includes a diabetic diet section.

YumYum Cookie Recipes - Hundreds of cookie recipes to choose from on this large recipe database.

YumYum.Com - Over 20,000 free recipes, cooking advice, and a searchable recipe index. - Scroll about halfway down for two very simple appetizer recipes for a superbowl party.

Yummi Sushi - History, recipes and links about sushi

Yummi-Cocktails - A small collection of recipes, history, and bar equipment definitions.

Yummy Cake Recipes. - Dessert recipes, including cakes, puddings, sweets and treats.

Yummy Caribbean - Small collection of recipes such as Pigeon Peas and Rice, Curry Chicken, Griots, and Stewed Oxtails.

Yummy for Dogs: Vegan Recipes - Dozens of biscuit and entree recipes for dogs and other pets.

YummyTaste.Com - Recipes, guides, tips, and articles focussing on Thai and Chinese cuisines.

Yutopian's Cooking Page - Brief history of Chinese cooking, famous banquets and recipes.

Yves Veggie Cuisine - Offers cholesterol-free alternatives to traditional hamburgers, hot dogs, deli slices and other meat-based favorites and soy-based cheese substitutes. Company profile, product information, recipes, and contact details.

Z'Tejas - New American cuisine. Includes recipes, menu, a list of locations, and reviews.

Z's Touch - Homemade jam, jelly, and syrup using Grandma's recipes. There is also a page for gardener tips.

ZEUS Quantity Recipes - A collection of soup recipes. Each recipe makes five gallons of soup.

ZPL - An array programming language. Sample code, papers, recipes, reference manual, and source code.

Zaccardi - Joseph and Melody, from Hudson Valley, United States. Art, audio, photos, links, and recipes for gluten-free living.

Zambia - About twenty recipes for traditional dishes from Zambia, from the FAO cookbook.

Zane - Figurative drawings. Designs. Recipes and information on birds.

Zanzibar: Menus and Recipes from Africa - A Zanzibari menu with recipes and suggestions for presentation from the Africa Cookbook

Zanzibari Cuisine - Ten Zanzibari recipes by Emerson House

Zatarain's - A producer of New Orleans-style (Cajun) food products. Includes recipes. Ships in contiguous USA.

Zeea Imports Limited - Toronto importer of Greek olives and olive oil. Company history, contact form, and recipes.

Zemi's Ginger Smoothies from RecipeSource - Three different recipes using ginger.

Zen Sheep Farm Recipes - Collection of organic lamb recipes including: Middle Eastern marinade, Soy marinade, Kaftas Lebanese Style, Lamb in a pot, Lamb Curry, Lemon Yogurt Grilled Leg of Lamb, as well as approximate cooking times. - Recipes using Mima's Zeppole Mix

Zespri - Producer of kiwifruit. Recipes, history, and retailer and food service information.

Zespri New Zealand Kiwifruit - Recipes including drinks, snacks, desserts, and main dishes. Also provides pictures, information about diet, nutrition and calories in kiwi fruit.

Zeven's Home - In-character homepage for an elven fighter/cleric with a knack for cooking. Includes recipes.

Zimbabwe - Three traditional recipes using peanuts.

Zirlott Seafood - Selection of easy recipes for cooking crab, oysters, and shrimp.

Ziyad Brothers Importing - Middle Eastern foods and recipes from importer and distributor of halal meats, hummus, olives, rice and stuffed grape leaves for the retail and foodservice markets.

Zoe's Garden - Recipes, crafts, and home remedies.

Zonta Club of Cape Girardeau - District 7. Made up of professional women, who are committed to advance the status of women world wide through community service projects and contributions. Offers community service projects, recipes, newsletters, and membership information.

Zonya Foco, RD- Zonya Health International - Professional speaker and nutrition expert. Sample free healthy recipes from Zonya's cookbook "Lickety-Split Meals," view Zonya's schedule, healthy top 10 lists, or browse her speaking topics by category.

Zoobar Recipes - More than twenty recipes posted by various brewers with an option to add your own.

Zoon's Kitchen - Recipes for several Persian stews (Koreshe), and for Halva.

Zope Labs: A Zope Cookbook - A cookbook style approach taken to learning the Zope application. Hundreds of recipes. Ability to request a recipe.

Zorba's Heart Healthy Recipes - A half dozen sample recipes designed to promote a recipe book.

Zoria Farms Apricot Recipes - Favorite recipes using dried apricots.

Zucchini Cakes - About 30 recipes to chose from, including some for chocolate zucchini cakes; from

Zucchini Recipes - Browse 40+ recipes featuring zucchini, and links to recipes which call for different types of zucchini as an ingredient, each with complete nutritional information.

Zuppa Toscana - Nine soup recipes from Tuscany, with ingredient glossary and cooking tips.

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