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U.S. Steaks - Large selection of steaks. Also offers recipes.

UK Microwave Association - All recipes in this group are supplied by association members. Association news and information is provided.

UK MyCookBook - Search for recipes or compile personal cookbook. Every recipe has a comments forum, recipes and membership is free but not required.

US Diners Recipes - Selection of assorted recipes in searchable format.

US Highbush Blueberry Council - Blueberry association offering frequently asked questions, recipes, press releases, and information on the berry's health benefits.

US Legacies - Preserving Memories, History and Family Traditions, through sharing genealogy information, excerpts from diaries, old photographs and recipes from a bygone era.

US Tuna Foundation - Offers detailed information about tuna, with recipes, mercury comparison in seafood, and contact details.

USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council - Representing growers, processors, and exporters of peas, chickpeas (garbanzos) and lentils. Includes recipes, markets, health information, farm and export news.

USA Pears Healthy Kid Recipes - Recipes for parents to encourage children to eat more fruit.

USA Weekend Thanksgiving - Recipes for a Thanksgiving dinner for eight.

USENET Cookbook - Nonmetric and metric versions. Search or view the complete list of thousands of recipes.

USM Nutritional Recipes - A directory of recipe indexes categorized by region and ethnicity. - Features a large recipe index, tips, and advice. Search for recipes by course, region, prep time, or equipment available.

Udell, Tuesday - Avec Moi - Information on recipes, aromatherapy, nutrition, and photography.

Ugli Fruit - An exotic tangelo hybrid citrus fruit grown in Jamaica. Includes fruit information, importers, and recipes.

Ugly Brothers Barbeque - California-based barbecue champions provide recipes and recount barbecuing adventures.

Ugly Brothers Sauce Recipes - Assorted barbeque sauce recipes.

Uherdme Buffalo Farm - Bison producer offering meat, recipes, and bison facts.(St Libory, Nebraska)

Ukraine - The Breadbasket and the Sugar Bowl - About a dozen recipes, primarily main dishes and desserts.

Ukrainian Christmas Eve Recipes - Recipes for a meat-free, twelve course, traditional Ukrainian Christmas Eve supper.

Ukrainian Dishes - Over a dozen recipes from, some with photographs and reviews.

Ukrainian Easter Food - Traditional Easter recipes, including bread (Babka and Paska), jellied meat, and beet and horseradish relish.

Ukrainian Food - Message board with large number of recipes.

Ukrainian Heritage Festival - Festival menu with authentic, Ukrainian specialties such as Perogies and Chicken Kiev, along with Christmas and Easter recipes.

Ukrainian Recipe Archives - Recipes for the traditional twelve meatless dishes eaten at Christmas.

Ultimate Martha Stewart Collection - Candid Martha Stewart as seldom seen. Includes parody photos, fan pages, Odditorium, Martha Stewart's tribute to Star Trek, hula solo, humorous recipes and home and garden jokes.

Umberto's Kitchen - The Flavours of Tuscany - Recipes from chef Umberto Menghi's cookbooks.

Umeboshi - Pickled Ume - How to make pickled plums, plum liquor, plum jam, and other Japanese plum recipes.

Uncaged Web Vegan Recipes - European-style recipe collection from the UK. Metric measurements.

Uncle Dan's - Salad dressing and vegetable dip mixes. Creative party food ideas and other appetizer recipes.

Uncommonly Fine - Collection of recipes categorized as Appetizers, Beverages, Breads, Side Dishes, Main Dishes and Desserts. Also links to great food sites.

Uncooked Jams and Jellies - Information provided by Ohio State University Extension. Includes recipes.

Underground Homebrewing - Selling a complete line of homebrewing supplies. Everything from beginners kits to ingredients for individual recipes. Order online. - A small collection of recipes.

Union Oyster House Clam Chowder - Recipes calls for salt pork, fresh or fozen clams, and light cream.

Uniquely You - Essential and carrier oils,recipes, diffusers, and other aromatic products.

United Mills - Manufacturer and exporter of herbal and fruit teas. Includes company history and recipes.

United States Freshwater Prawn and Shrimp Growers Association - Provides information on the raising of prawn and shrimp, and also extension and business details, and recipes.

University of Northern Iowa's Russian Club - Small collection of traditional Russian recipes especially useful for poverty-stricken college students.

University of Wisconsin Cystic Fibrosis Center - Provides information on staff, newsletter and CF Cookbook with high calorie recipes.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Lutheran Campus Center - This comprehensive site includes calendar, map, belief statement, staff bios, and recipes.

Unnerstall - Lisa and Dave of Missouri. Photos, news, guestbook, links, and recipes.

UpbeatDietetics - Diabetic Menus/Recipes - Features 21-day menu planner, recipe book for diabetics. This menu planner provides a path to healthy eating habits for everyone.

Urban Fare: a specialty foods experience - a fresh, healthful, supermarket-style, fine-food lover's heaven dedicated to specialty foods. Our site features recipes, in-store menus, home menu suggestions, as well as health and wellness tips for the urban dweller

Urban Fire Company - For outdoor fire places, fire pits and accessories. Includes a few recipes.

Urban Homemaker Recipes - Presents an indexed assortment.

Urban Processing - Supplier of dried cranberries to restaurants and chefs. Products, health benefits, recipes, and contact details.

Urban Programs Resource Network: Watch Your Garden Grow - Features a guide to growing, storing, and preparing different vegetables. Includes varieties, recipes, and nutritional value.

Uruguayan Recipes - Small collection of recipes from the Uruguayan community on the internet; more in the Spanish section.

Use Leeks from the Garden in Dinners and Salads - Four recipes using leeks.

Using Sweet'N Low in the kitchen - Advice on the value and use of sugar substitutes for diabetics and some recipes that are sugar free or have reduced sugar.

Utterly Outrageous Recipes - This site is dedicated to "the weirdest food people actually eat." - Asian grocery offering Asian and Hawai'ian recipes.

Uzbek National Cuisine - Online cookbook with large number of recipes from Pilafs and Kebabs to Non and Choi.

Uzbekistan Cuisine - Handful of Uzbek recipes offered by tour operator Aba Sayyoh.

Uzdessert: Uzbek Cuisine - Uzbek recipes ranging from salads to beverages.

V-Wales - Traditional Welsh Recipes - Over 100 traditional Welsh recipes all between 50 and 250 years old.

VRG Recipes - Recipes, nutrition information, articles and books. The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and the interrelated issues of health, nutrition, ecology, ethics, and world hunger.

VRG: Lentil Mania - Information on cooking lentils and a small selection of lentil recipes from the Vegetarian Resource Group, including Lentils Curried with Rhubarb and Potatoes.

Valentine Recipes - Includes Chocolate Conversation Heart Cakes, Chocolate Pecan Valentine Day Kisses, and Lemon Hearts.

Valentine Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens - Give Chocolate Rum Truffles or Double Chocolate Lava Baby Cakes as valentines this year.

Valentine's Cocktails - Recipes for wonderful cocktails for lovers from Epicurious.

Valentine's Day - Contains the history of Valentine's Day, jokes, quotes, poems, and many recipes.

Valentine's Day - Love is in the Air - Find poetry, history, e-greetings, recipes, jokes.

Valentine's Day - Seeing Red - Menus and almost 200 recipes in red from Epicurious.

Valentine's Day Recipes - Valentine's day recipes including cookies, cake, and an alcoholic drink.

Valentine's Day Seeing Red - Site has chicken, meat, pasta, seafood, vegetarian menus for Valentine's Day meals, plus 190 "recipes in red".

Valentine's Day Themes and Activities - Includes recipes, songs, and craft activities for use with children. - History, legends, customs, quotations, recipes, gift ideas, and love tunes.

Valentines For You.Com - A special site where you can get recipes, coloring for kids, history, and party ideas.

Valentines for Vegetarians and Vegans - Competitions, recipes, ideas, video and lots of information for vegetarians and vegans on Valentines day.

Valerie's Home Base - Some favorite recipes, some computer artwork, and some folk music links.

Valley Fig Growers - Providing a history of the fig, fig facts, recipes, and products for sale.

Valley Sun - Offers premium sun dried tomato products. Company profile, recipes, general product information, and contact details.

Valley View School Grade 3 Project - This Saskatchewan, Canada elementary class provides recipes for Métis bannock and minsapwee.

Vampi the Vegetarian Vampire - Includes recipes, profile, pictures, and movie reviews.

Van Dyck Belgian Specialties - Belgian-style pancake manufacturer from New Zealand. Company profile, recipes and product details.

Van de Coevering - Norbert, Ingrid and Nadya. Offers cooking recipes, cocktails, and pictures of Nadya.

Vanberg & Dewulf's Belgian Kitchen - Large number of recipes cooked with Belgian beers.

Vanberg and Dewulf Importers - Importers of Belgian beers into the United States. Portfolio, recipes and news.

Vanee Foods - Produces a variety of canned food products for the food service industry. Company history, product information, recipes, and contact details.

Vanilla & B-Bob's Jars and Mixes - A large collection of recipes for gifts in jars, including cakes, breads, cookies, and brownies.

Vanilla Pods by Post - Mail order of vanilla pods in packs of 3 or 24, and unique recipes online.

Vanilla Velvet - Recipes for all-natural bath and body products.

Varenyky Recipes - Several perogy recipes posted to a message board.

Vas's Mushroom Recipes - Provides information on storing, cooking, picking and cleaning mushrooms. Includes categorized listing of recipes according to the mushroom species.

Veal Recipes from Hugs's Homehearth - Recipes for croquettes, loaf, and fricassee.

Veal Recipes from CooksRecipes - Recipes include Breaded Veal Cutlets, Osso Buco, Veal Marsala, and Veal Scallopini.

Veal Recipes from Mainbrace - Recipes using beer, wine, or spirits from Mainbrace; also wine matches for each dish.

Veal Recipes from - Includes Crown Rack of Veal, Herbed Veal Chops, and Veal Cutlets Parmesan.

Vedder, Timm - Information on Timm's wedding, his personal recipes, his writing, his dog Sulley, and photos of Timm and his friends.

Vedic Cuisine - Ayurvedic cookbook contains simple and easy to prepare healthy, balancing vegetarian recipes.

Veg Cook Book - A large collection of vegetarian recipes, including sub-indexes for tofu, stews, salads, and burgers.

Veg Talk - Discussion forum about health, ethics, humor and recipes.

Veg Web's Pasta Recipes - Numerous pasta recipes are available on this vegetarian site, including many quick and easy ones.

Veg World - Provides information, advice, recipes and travel guides for vegetarians and vegans. Features a receipe of the month section.

Veg-All - Recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, side dishes, main meals, and desserts that use Veg-All canned goods.

Veg-O-Maniac - Includes vegetarian recipes for salads, soups, desserts, noodles, beans and legumes.

VegFed - Provides recipes and information about New Zealand grown vegetables.

VegPeople Discussion - A community message board of vegetarians and vegans, for exchange of recipes, health, and dietary information.

VegSource - Vegetarian and vegan recipes, discussion boards, articles, information from medical doctors, experts and nutritionists, and a community of people who share an interest in health, diet and the planet.

VegSource® Lenten Recipes - Describes fasting in the Orthodox Church, the fasts of the church year, and provides recipes.

VegaNation: Radical Ecology and Ethics - Contains recipes, and an essay on animal liberation and social revolution.

Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes - Breads, breakfasts, main dishes, desserts. Many featuring native American ingredients.

Vegan Chef - A collection of vegan recipes, from simple to gourmet, from Chef Beverly Bennett.

Vegan Christmas or Yule - Favorite recipes and gift ideas.

Vegan Cooking - Vegan recipes with simple directions and pictures.

Vegan Crockpot Recipes and Resources - A collection of vegetarian recipes for slow cookers.

Vegan Easter - Vegan listings for products available in both the UK and the USA for Easter; also recipes, ideas and photos.

Vegan Food - Organized collection of recipes taken from the newsgroup.

Vegan Foods and Recipes - Recipes from popular vegan cookbooks and authors, along with descriptions of common vegan foods. From Vegan Outreach, an organization working to end animal exploitation through promotion of a vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Holiday Cookies - Provides dozens of cookie recipes for the holidays or any time. From

Vegan Light Vegetable Broth - Freeze in 1- to 2-cup containers for use in recipes calling for vegetable stock or broth, at RecipeSource.

Vegan Mania - Kreeli's Vegan Cookery - Vegan recipes for every meal, including breakfast dishes, beverages, main dishes, and desserts.

Vegan Recipes - Main dishes, desserts, and snack foods.

Vegan Recipes: TVP Sloppy Joes - Easy-to-fix comfort food that can be served over muffins or rice.

Vegan Street - Recipes, cooking guide to grains and beans, tips for stocking a vegan kitchen, and news and reviews of interest to vegans.

Vegan Vegetarian Cooking - All-vegan cookbook for sale: view sample recipes online.

Vegan World Order - Includes suggested ingredients, shopping lists, recipes and restaurant listings in North America. - Large collection of recipes gathered from the newsgroup - Geared toward the aspiring and long-term vegan. Features articles, interviews, product evaluations, and book reviews. Also offers recipes and a large bookstore.

Vegan/Vegetarian Carrots - Sixteen recipes featuring carrots as primary ingredients.

Vegan/Vegetarian Green Beans - Large group of green bean recipes from salads to main dishes and various cuisines.

Veganism for the Meat Eater - Help and suggestions for vegan and non-vegan couples. Recipes, articles and more to help vegans and non-vegans coexist. Games and fun stuff as well.

Veganline - Boots, shoes, belts, and hemp products. Also offers vegan recipes.

Vegcrockpotcooks at Yahoo!Groups - A mailing list to exchange vegetarian recipes made in the crock pot.

VegeUSA, LLC. - Importer of vegetarian food into the United States. Offers meat substitutes, prepared meals, snacks and deserts. Company profile, recipes, product and contact details.

Vegemite - Australian spread made from yeast products. Product details, health information and recipes.

Vegetable Recipes - Recipes by course, cuisine, preparation method; includes complete nutritional analysis.

Vegetable Recipes from Hugs's Homehearth - A variety of dishes from casseroles to roasted vegetables with pesto.

Vegetable Recipes at iChef - Large collection of recipes, alphabetically indexed.

Vegetable Recipes from What's Cooking America - A collection of vegetable recipes. Includes hints and tips of buying, cooking, and serving various vegetables.

Vegetable Recipes: What's Cooking America - A collection of vegetable recipes. Includes hints and tips of buying, cooking, and serving various vegetables.

Vegetable Salad Recipes from Hugs's Homeheart - Recipes include coleslaw, turnip slaw, potato salad, and a few featuring legumes.

Vegetable Soups - Selection of assorted recipes, at lst Travelers' Choice.

Vegetable Sour Soups - A small collection of different recipes.

Vegetables Eggplant - Italian recipes featuring eggplants.

Vegetables: Zucchini Recipes - Recipes using zucchinis as a main ingredient.

Vegetarian 1 - Archive of seasonal recipes, plus much vegetarian information.

Vegetarian Baby and Child - Raising vegetarian and vegan babies through to teens. Recipes, nutrition and health information and veggie articles.

Vegetarian Baby and Toddler E-News - A resource for vegetarian children under the age of three. This e-mail news comes out approximately once a month and lists special offers, updates to the website, recipes, resources for parents and articles of interest.

Vegetarian Cooking - Interactive message board to share vegetarian recipes and cooking tips. From iVillage.

Vegetarian Country - Recipes from the PBS cooking show. Themed menus and recipes.

Vegetarian Country Gourmet - An archive of recipes from the cable tv program.

Vegetarian Cuisine - A large selection of recipes from the recipe library. There is also a link to pressure cooker timetables.

Vegetarian Cuisine - From - Vegetarian pasta recipes, from your Guide

Vegetarian Dried Pasta Collection - This index contains such recipes as Angel Hair Pasta With Herbs, Macaroni With Blue Cheese Sauce, and Grilled Pepper Pasta to name just a few.

Vegetarian Eggplant Recipes - Two simple recipes using the long eggplants that are long and narrow.

Vegetarian Fat-Free Passover Recipes - Soups, main dishes, sides, and desserts.

Vegetarian Food from Vancouver Canada - Small searchable database of recipes; submittals accepted.

Vegetarian Hong Kong - Dedicated to helping people find good, inexpensive vegetarian food in Hong Kong. Restaurant reviews, area information, recipes, and links to related sites.

Vegetarian Lithuanian Recipes - Traditional Lithuanian recipes adapted to be lacto-ovo vegetarian recipes.

Vegetarian Low Fat Pasta Recipes - A large assortment of low fat pasta recipes for the health conscious or those on a vegetarian diet.

Vegetarian Lowcarb - Tips, recipes, product guide, mailing list.

Vegetarian Made Easy - Offers vegetarian recipes, dietary information including protein and nutritional supplements. Provides listings of vegetarian restaurants and natural foods stores. Site articles discuss vegetarianism and switching to a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Vegetarian Nutrition for Teenagers - Vegetarian nutrition information, and recipes by a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism.

Vegetarian Pasta - Pasta Primavera, Pasta With Onion Sauce, as well as a few moew unique recipes can be found in this collection.

Vegetarian Pasta Recipes - Recipezaar - A listing of over 20 international pasta recipes that would be appropriate for a vegetarian diet.

Vegetarian Pesach Recipes - Soups, main course dishes, side dishes, desserts.

Vegetarian Recipe Guide - Recipes include pizzas, muffins, salads and pies. Also includes food suggestions and recipe hints. Features a veggie poetry section.

Vegetarian Recipe Suggestions - Provides suggestions and benefits for eating vegetarian recipes. Includes measures to resolve problems while switching to vegetarianism.

Vegetarian Recipes - Small selection of recipes including lasagna, chili and a vegetarian pot pie using supermarket ingredients.

Vegetarian Recipes Around the World - Thanksgiving recipes from almost every country of the world, mostly meatless.

Vegetarian Recipes Around the World - Chinese - Recipes for Chinese and stir-fry dishes.

Vegetarian Recipes Around the World - African Index - More than sixty African recipes from salads to breads.

Vegetarian Recipes Around the World - East Asian - Vegetarian recipes from various southeast and east Asian countries.

Vegetarian Recipes Around the World - European - Vegetarian recipes from across Europe.

Vegetarian Recipes Around the World - Greek/Middle Eastern - Including several variants for popular dishes as Hummus, Dolma, Falafel, and Tabouli.

Vegetarian Recipes Around the World: Vegetable Minestrone Soup - A full, simple recipe making about one gallon of soup.

Vegetarian Recipes and Diets - Provides a collection of easy to follow vegetarian recipes. Includes diet information.

Vegetarian Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens - A collection of vegetarian recipes including Vegetable Nachos and Vegetarian Chili with Pasta.

Vegetarian Recipes from Recipezaar - 100-plus recipes each with nutritional analysis. Submit recipes, set up a personal online cookbook.

Vegetarian Sausage Recipes - Several meatless recipes.

Vegetarian Society - Offers some recipes, and discusses benefits of a vegetarian diet for diabetics. Articles by people who have diabetes are included.

Vegetarian Society Recipes - Cordon Vert Cookery School - A large collection of vegetarian recipes and food articles, organized by season. From UK Metric and US measurements.

Vegetarian Starter Kit - Guide with information, tips, and recipes to help you transition to a plant based diet.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving - A vegetarian's guide to Thanksgiving, including recipes from Vegetarian Guide.

Vegetarian Times: Caribbean Food - Article and small collection of vegetarian recipes form the islands.

Vegetarian Tips - Lists hundreds of tips and mini-facts relating to vegetarianism, vegans, health, nutrition, animal welfare, environment, and recipes.

Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes - Collection of recipes grouped by type of dish.

Vegetarianism in India - Covers the history of vegetarianism, quotes from Hindu scriptures, Indian vegetarian recipes and dishes. - An extensive, searchable database of vegetarian and vegan recipes. Submit recipes or requests. Create a personal online recipe file. From

Vegetarians in Paradise - Notes on the history from early times of growing millet, together with some recipes.

Vegetarians on the Go - Not Just Salads - International vegetarian and vegan recipes. Metric measurements. - A holiday and travel directory putting vegetarians and vegans in touch with the hotels, guest houses, and restaurants that cater for them - also vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Veggie Asia - About a dozen vegetarian recipes.

Veggie Chef - Sample recipes from author Marie Oser's cookbooks with a glossary of ingredients.

Veggie Daze - Information about cooking with soy, small collection of recipes, and links.

Veggie Kids - Vegetarian recipes for children also tips on feeding vegetarian children.

Veggie Pasta Recipes - Colourful pastas from gourmet vegetarian chef, Neela Shukla.

Veggie Patch - Wholesale vegetarian food. Veggieburgers, vegetable patties, nuggets. Find product information, share and get recipes, join the Veggie Patch community.

Veggie Recipes - Offers a variety of vegetarian recipes including soups, desserts, chili, pies and entrees.

Veggie Revolution - Guidance for busy omnivores who would like to become vegetarians. Gives reasons for giving up meat, nutritional information, recipes, and suggestions for dealing with eating out and other social situations.

Veggie Table - Questions and answers on vegetarianism. Vegetarian and vegan recipes, cookbook recommendations, "vegetarianism for beginners" articles, and a recipe-exchange forum.

Veggie Views - Offers photos, links, recipes and information about the environment, Caithness and being vegetarian.

Veggie Villa - Information on the vegetarian lifestyle - recipes, discussion, vegetarian children - and the ancient Indian tradition of ayurveda.

VeggieFiles - Vegetarian food product reviews (including meat and dairy alternatives), recipes (tofu, soy, vegan), cooking tips and feature articles, plus "Easy Ways to Eat More Soy". Updated frequently.

VeggieFoodGuide - A guide featuring reviews of pubs and restaurants in the UK that serve vegetarian food. The site also includes a selection of recipes.

VeggieHeadOnline - Online forum for veggieheads to find out the latest vegetarian news, share recipes and info on veggie-friendly restaurants across the globe, and discuss topics related to the flesh-free lifestyle.

VeggieMK - What's happening for vegans and vegetarians in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, with restaurants, recipes, shops, ethics and vegan links.

VeggieRecipes - Provides assorted vegetarian recipes for snacks gathered from user submissions.

Veggies Unite - Recipes are included here.

Veggies Unite! - Selection of lemonade recipes from a vegan/vegetarian collection.

Veggies Unite: Bean Recipes - Vegetarian bean recipes organized by type of bean.

Veggies Unite: Grain Recipes - Extensive collection of vegetarian grain recipes, organized by type of grain.

Veggies Unite: Hummus Recipes - Vegetarian hummus (chickpea spread) recipes.

Veggies Unite: Quinoa Recipes - Over 15 vegetarian quinoa recipes.

Vegging Out: Soy Recipes - Recipes for a variety of soybean products. - Includes vegetable nutrition, recipes, and vegetable selection and preparation.

Vegie Recipes - International recipe collection featuring Asian, European, Australian, and American dishes.

Vegsource Christmas - Recipes for an American, English or Southern Italy dinner theme.

Vegweb: Adzuki Bean Recipes - A small selection of vegetarian recipes, including Adzuki Bean Tacos.

Vegweb: Lentils - Over 40 lentil recipes, including Potato Lentil Stew.

Velkommen til Yvonnes Homepage - Quilts, quilt shops, patterns, recipes, books and links.

Vella Cheese - Handmade Monterey Jack, Cheddar and Asiago cheeses, and variety packs. Includes recipes and company history.

Vella Cheese Recipes - Recipes featuring Monterey Jack cheese.

Velma's Links - Offering many links for diabetic information resources including recipes, articles, and cooking for the diabetic.

Velveeta Recipes - Search by type of dish, by ingredient, or by type of Velveeta you would like to use. - Hot dog cart news, recipes, bulletin board, chat, purchasing tips and vendor links to industry related sites.

Venetian Aperitif Recipes - Three recipes mixing pomegranate, raspberry or grape juice with sparkling wine. From Walter Bolzonella of Hotel Cipriani (Italy).

Venezuela's Eco Portal: Gastronomia - Introduction to the typical plates and regional cuisines of Venezuela, with sixty recipes.

Venezuelan Recipes - Handful of recipes, such as Arepas Rellenas Con Guiso De Carne, and Peppers with Shrimp.

Venezuelan Recipes of All Varieties - Recipe for Arroz Con Bananas (rice with bananas), a side dish.

Venison Jerky - A recipe from the Complete Guide to Game Care and Cookery, offered by Just Recipes. Links to recipes, cookbooks, and kitchenware.

Venison Recipes - An extensive collection of venison recipes.

Ventura County Greek Festival - Camarillo, CA. St Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church. Announcement of forthcoming schedule. Links to descriptions of previous events, including music, dance, food, recipes, children's activities, and photo gallery.

VerdantDreams-Recipe - Collection of, and quick reference to numerous sites featuring Bengali Recipes. Also has a user added section.

Vermont Apples - Recipes for Apple Cranberry Jelly, Gingered Apple Chutney, and Apple Butter.

Vermont Cooking: Holiday Cookie Recipes - Vermont Weathervane, a country life journal, presents a selection of cookies for seasonal and special occasions.

Vermont Living Dessert Recipes - Country desserts including Chocolate Fudge, Granola Candy and Surprise Carrot Cake.

Vermont Weathervane - Recipes featuring apples including Sausages with Baked Apples and Apple Blanc-Mange.

Verna Lisa's Hallowe'en - Presents recipes and other holiday ideas.

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