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The Basket Cottage - A secondary market resource for Longaberger baskets, Toland flags, Boyd's Bears, and recipes.

The Basque Table - Recipes by Teresa Barrenechea.

The BeeKeeper's Daughter - Specialty and varietal honey products and gift baskets. Also provides recipes.

The Beer Store: Beer Recipes - Cooking with beer, appetizers, barbeque, and main dishes.

The Begum's Family Secrets - Recipes for Kachchi Biriyani and Pathar Kebab to cook a royal repast.

The Best of African Food - Cookbook presentation with five sample recipes.

The Best of Croatian Cooking - Two sample recipes from the cookbook by Liliana Pavicic and Gordana Pirker-Mosher.

The Beverage People - Brewing supplies and recipes. Order by phone.

The Birkett Mills - Sales of buckwheat, kasha, flours and pancake mixes, with nutritional information and recipes.

The Bite Fish Recipes - Collection includes Halibut Pot Roast, Steamed Shellfish Mix, and Bahama dishes and tropical drinks.

The Blue Flower - Offers recipes, crafts, literature, art, and traditional wisdom, all aimed at increasing the connection to the Earth and thereby enhancing everyday life.

The Book of Ramen - Low-cost meals using Ramen noodles. Fast, and nutritious recipes, plus some history, background and sample recipe.

The Brew Pub Homebrew Recipes - Features eight recipes for porters, ales, and stout.

The British Barbecue Pit - Barbecuing and sausage making techniques, tips, and recipes.

The Buffalo Shop - Retail Bison meat and by-products. Recipes, clothing, furniture, robes, and collectables also available. (Vancouver, Washington)

The Butter Board - Explains how butter is made and includes recipes and nutritional information.

The Buying Group (TBG) - Co-op buying on essential oils, lotion chemicals, base oils, and other soap making supplies. Includes lotion tutorial, recipes, and MSDS. Florida, USA.

The CALL Cookbook - Recipes for working, web-based language learning activities. Rice University.

The Cajun Food Site - Recipes submitted by visitors, with message board, and links to other resources.

The Caribbean - The Beauty of Tropical Cuisine - Recipes and articles on Caribbean cuisine, from GlobalGourmet.

The Celtic Catholic Church - Find theology and history, jokes and Irish recipes, Celtic Catholic congregations or like-minded folk near you.

The Cheap Vegan - Small collection of recipes excerpted from the publication.

The Chile Grill Stuffed Pepper Recipe Page - Stuffed jalapeno pepper recipes for the grill and oven.

The Chili Dude - Offers hot pickled habaneros, chili oil, recipes. Also suggested reading for learning how to grow peppers.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Page - A collection of 20 chocolate chip cookie recipes from Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies to Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Chocolate Room - Contains vegan chocolate listings (for the UK and the USA), details of where you can buy vegan chocolate online, and recipes.

The Chopping Block - Chicago's Shelley Young recipes from show.

The Christmas Pantry - A guide to the holiday season with shopping, recipes, stories, clip art, and the birth of Jesus.

The Chuckwagon - Large number of recipes from the Old West, including Christmas menus.

The Cinnamon House - Heart Warming Country Gifts. Come see our Betty Crocker Cake Candles. Drop in for Mrs. Cinnamon Bears Weekly Recipes and Mr. Cinnamon Bears Monthly Barns Sales.

The Circusfish's Parrot Head Paradise - Includes complete biographies, discography, MIDI collection, and recipes.

The Civil War Zone - Collection of questions, quotes, recipes, pictures, unusual facts, and chronology.

The Clam Chowder Page - The history and facts about clam chowder with recipes.

The Collection of Recipes of the World - Small collection of simple recipes cooked by foreign students in Sendai.

The Complete High Holidays - Extensive collection of articles on every aspect of the High Holidays: Elul, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah; interactive quizzes; recipes; Ask-the-Rabbi; full calendar; holiday services search. (From Chabad-Lubavitch)

The Complete Victorian - Portal to everyday life in Victorian Britain, including such items as recipes, articles about social customs, facts about clothing and decorating, and a timeline of Victorian events.

The Congo Cookbook - Over 150 traditional African recipes, with information about cooking and food culture in Sub-Saharan Africa, excerpts from historical texts, and vintage illustrations.

The Cook Book - Dinner recipes that answer the question 'What in the world are we going to have for dinner?'

The Cook Book Store - A wide selection of food and wine books. Includes selected recipes, and a section of Canadian authors and foods.

The Cook's Corner - Small collection of Thai recipes, with tips and techniques.

The Cook's House - Recipes for entrees, side dishes, and soups. A list of animal-derived food additives, descriptions of common vegetarian ingredients, and more vegetarian resources.

The Cook's Wishes - Recipe collection, all in Mealmaster format. Includes recipe of the day, alaska recipes, romantic dinners, and odd recipes.

The Cookie Caper - Around 20 recipes including dessert pizza, brownies, gingerbread men, peanut blossoms, snickerdoodles, persimmon cookies, and turtle brownies.

The Cookie Lady's Kitchen - Recipes for many different traditional home-made cookies.

The Cooking Club, Inc. - Source for online cooking information. Recipes, cookbook reviews and assistance to the home cook online.

The Cooking Post - Tribal enterprise of Santa Ana Pueblo offering traditional and modern Native American recipes, including large number of blue corn dishes.

The Cooking Recipes of Colonel Ian F.K. Philpott - About forty Thai recipes with comments from the colonel.

The Cooking in Peru - Recipes by traditional Peruvian families along with those of well known chefs, with glossary and restaurant guide.

The Cooks House - Free vegetarian/vegan recipes, clip art and various other information pertaining to the non-meat eating culture.

The Country Ham Store - Offering country ham and bacon from a variety of southern smokehouses. Includes cooking instructions for salt cured and smoked ham recipes.

The Country Hen - Easy egg recipes.

The Crab Guys - Offering fresh and frozen King, Snow and Dungeness crab. Overnight shipping available. Includes recipes and nutritional information.

The Crab Place Crab and Seafood Recipes - Three ways to find seafood recipes: search by keyword, browse by dish, or go straight to the recipe of the week.

The Cranberry Lady - Recipes using cranberries for assorted dishes.

The Creole and Cajun Recipe Page - Features information on all aspects of traditional Louisiana cooking along with a large collection of recipes.

The Crimean Tatar Diet - Description of the typical food a century ago, with recipes for chee-börek and köbete.

The Cucumber Recipe File - Drinks, appetizers, sandwiches and spreads, hot dishes, salads, dressings, dips and sauces.

The Culinary Couple's Creative Colitis Cookbook - 100 low fiber, non-dairy recipes for those on restricted diets because of Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.

The Curry Club - Offering curry recipes and cooking tips, with list of restaurants and online shops.

The Curry House - Regional and restaurant-style curry recipes, FAQ, and restaurant guide.

The Cutting Board - Wide variety of recipes and cooking tips that are updated weekly. Recipes range from the simple to more complex.

The Cyber World of Culinary Arts - Submit recipes and other kitchen techniques.

The Dancing Gourmet Cookbook - Ballet Dancer and Chef Linda Hymes presents a cookbook of healthy recipes, with photographs.

The Dead Lounge - A cocktail of gothic and lounge culture. Sit back, enjoy the kitsch, and find some recipes for classic and specialty cocktails.

The Desi Cookbook - Large collection of authentic Pakistani recipes.

The Diabetic Newsletter - Newsletter is free, and is issued every other Monday. Sign up to receive recipes, articles, news, and trivia.

The Diego's Mexican Recipe Book - Presents Mexican recipes posted by a company in Australia manufacturing Tortillas and other Mexican-style products. Recipes are classified mainly by course.

The Diet Detective - Contains several nutrition related links including information about diabetes, cardiac, sports nutrition, recipes, and diet supplementation.

The Diet Forum - Provides a variety of articles, recipes, and personal diet plans.

The Dinner Co-op - Hannukah menu with recipes.

The Doc Harris Web Page - Official site - features include amusing anecdotes, background, jokes, bizarre haiku, UFO photos, and jalepeno recipes. Loaded with wild and wacky humor - good, clean fun.

The Dominar's Domain - Focuses on the character Rygel. Features best lines, recipes, photos, and character information.

The Doo Wop Diner - Recipes from "Chef Frankie D" of radio fame.

The Dorset Blueberry Company - English blueberries and blueberry products. Site also provides recipes and cultivation information.

The Double Dare Info Booth - Includes information, biographies on the crew, clean audio themes, recipes for slime, and other goodies.

The Doughboy Cookbook - A dozen recipes of a soldier's menu during the First World War, such as Hardtack, Bullets in a Pot, and S.O.S.

The Duck Pond - A small collection of soup and casserole recipes.

The Eastern Shore Guide: Recipes - Favorites from Maryland's Eastern Shore including Delmarva Oyster Stew, Crab Cakes, and Oyster's Au Gratin.

The Easy Guide to Crockpot Cooking - Recipes and tips for crockpot cooking.

The Elegant Chef: Tapas - Article about the traditional Spanish appetizers, with recipes.

The Elk Meat Shop - Farm raised elk meat including recipes and information about the industry.

The Enlightened Vegetarian - Animal rights organizations, books and recipes.

The Epicentre - Consists of information on spices, regional cuisines and recipes, with sales of spice collections.

The Epicurean Table - Menu suggestions, recipes, tips, thoughts, and articles.

The Exec Chef - Recipes collected by a veteran of the hotel and restaurant business, classified by course.

The Executive Chef - Recipes for theme menus from a professional chef, with menu downloading. Also offers a bulletin board for finding recipes.

The Faery Garden - A variety of information including the faery call, to summon a faery, poetry, and fae oil recipes.

The Family Cookbook - A recipe database specializing in favorite family recipes.

The Famous Turkish Cookery - Online cookbook containing an extensive collection of classical Turkish recipes.

The Firefighters Recipe Cookbook - Recipes from the cookbook.

The First GOThe First Gothic Church Of Midian - We are a goth pagan church site carrying recipes, brewing tips, literature and essays, jokes, parenting notes and many links.

The Flavors of Guam - Recipes for six Guam favorites.

The Flower Patch - Links to quilting sites, redwork patterns, recipes, and quilt blocks. By Linda Lowers.

The Food Timeline - Origins of foods, historic recipes, extensive teaching resources and web links.

The Food Web Cheese Recipes - A small collection of cheese recipes.

The Food of North Africa - Brief introduction with four recipes.

The Foodie Site - E-magazine of recipes, cooking tips and know-how, restaurant reviews, food news and articles.

The Foods Of Tuscany - Learn all about the regional cuisine of Tuscany with original recipes and color photos.

The Foody UK & Ireland - An independent magazine covering English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish food and drink. Feature articles, recipes, events, and regional farmers' markets.

The Free International Cookbook - Recipes with ingredients shown in American, English and Metric units; exchange recipes with others, or request a recipe. [Site requires membership.]

The FreeBooters Alliance - Pirate themed LARP. Includes rules, contacts, recipes for themed food/drinks, photo gallery, in-character stories and links. [UK]

The Fremont Company - Producers of sauerkraut. Product brand details, recipes, sauerkraut history, and contact links.

The French Pastry Chef - An online culinary guide to creating french pastries in a home kitchen. Created by a former pastry chef. Includes ideas and formulas, color pictures, recipes, and procedures.

The Friki Tiki Kookbook - Collection of recipes, includes spicy indicator and commentary.

The Frugal Family Kitchen Book - Practical wisdom on saving time and money, buying good nutrition, and watching you weight, all while feeding your family for less. Includes recipes and articles.

The Frugal Kitchen - A collection of recipes and tips for living frugally and stretching a dollar.

The Full Bloom Show - An archive of recipes with a California flavor, from The Full Bloom Show.

The Fusion Cooking Club at Yahoo! Groups - Members exchange recipes and discuss a cooking technique about experimentation, pushing the boundaries of cooking style and substance by combining ethnic ingredients and techniques.

The Garden Helper - Poinsettia and tree care, garden screensavers, graphics, animations, cookie recipes and fun activities.

The Garlic Cookbook - A garlic products sales site that has a collection of recipes using their products, but also fresh garlic recipes.

The Garlic Galaxy Store - Fresh and prepared garlic sauces, marinades, spices, accessories, recipes, cookbooks, news and information.

The Garlic Gourmay - Offers quality garlic-based seasonings, dressings, sauces, snacks and accessories. Recipes and event schedules also highlighted.

The Gastronomic Trauma of Pesach - Light hearted editorial relating to the title, with recipes for Chrain,Beet Salad, Charoset, Tzimmes, and Matza Balls.

The Gateway Cookbook: South of the Border - Selection of Mexican recipes prepared New Orleans style.

The German Embassy Ottawa - German traditional recipes, including recipes from the Embassy staff and their families.

The Good Cook - Cookbook club offers discount cookbooks including international, diabetic, low fat, and vegetarian diet recipes.

The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club: Chocolate Chip Cookies - Collection of recipes, including tips.

The Gourmet Connection Recipe Archive - Search archives of recipes, including diabetic and kids recipes. Then read the magazine, with feature articles and menus.

The Gourmet Dinner Club - Shares recipes, dinner menus and club news. Includes a message board.

The Grandma Choy Cookbook - Recipes from a Chinese grandmother, such as Egg Rolls, Jok, and Fu Yung.

The Great Lakes Buffalo Company - Breeding stock, buffalo meat, and recipes, herd photo gallery is also included. (Cheboygan, Michigan)

The Great Morel - Recipes - Fantastic recipes on how to cook up the delightfully delicious morel mushroom.

The Great Scandinavian Baking Book - Cookbook presentation and two Christmas recipes, from the kitchen of Beatrice Ojakangas.

The Greatest Little Bean Cookbook - Tom Chasuk's book presenting bean-based recipes.

The Green Chronicle - A selection of beverage recipes including Elderflower Sparkle, Blackcurrant Milkshake, and Mrs. Gurney's Parsnip Wine.

The Grove Park - Hosts year round runs/walks from the Grove Park in Rehoboth Beach, every Tuesday. Site includes healthy recipes.

The Guardian - Working the web: Vegans - From recipes to which E numbers are made from sperm, the net is great for vegans, says Sanjida O'Connell.

The Guardian: 'It must be spread thinly. T-h-i-n-l-y...' - Laura Barton expounds on 100 years of her beloved Marmite. This site does not include recipes.

The Gumbo Pages: Culinary World Tour - Favourite recipes from across the world with detailed preparation instructions.

The Happy Holidays Christmas Webring - Sites offer Christmas graphics, recipes, poems, and stories. All are described as family friendly.

The Healing Kitchen - Recipes to help minimize weight loss for people with broken/wired jaws.

The Healthy Refrigerator - Recipes for chicken nuggets, french toast, and pizza. From the American Heart Association Kid's Cookbook.

The Healthy Way - A weight management program that includes meal planning, recipes, counseling and other services.

The Herald-Mail Cookbook - Hundreds of recipes from The Herald-Mail, Hagerstown, Maryland.

The Herbal Encyclopedia - Alphabetical listing of healing herbs, with articles about safety, storage, remedies, recipes and special uses. Includes glossary.

The Herbal Sampler - Recipes, herbal lore, growing, harvesting and using herbs are only part of the information of this bimonthly publication.

The History of Tiramisu - History of Tiramisu and recipes in Anna Maria's Open Kitchen Newsletter

The History of a Condiment - The history of mustard, as well as a listing of mustard links and recipes.

The Holiday Zone: Cinco de Mayo Recipes - Small collection of recipes for popular Mexican foods.

The Holland Grill. - Produces a wide variety of outdoor and built in grills. Site lists products, accessories, recipes and information for dealers.

The Home Cooking Page - An international collection of recipes featuring Jewish, Korean, Indian, Thai, and Italian cuisine. Also has low-fat and diabetic recipes.

The Home of Good Spicy Food - Selection of original recipes with Gujarati influence as well as some alternative recipes for the spice lover.

The Home of the Oldbwl - Recipes organized alphabetically, by country, style, and main ingredient, some collections may be downloaded in zip format.

The Horse Empire - Various details about horses including colors, markings, trick training, grooming, homemade treat recipes, and lists of horse names.

The Horse Lover's Corral - A fun and educational site for horse lovers of all ages. Includes information on horses, stories, poems, jokes, anatomy, clipart, horse cookie recipes, and screensavers.

The Household Cyclopedia of General Information - Offers articles from the late 19th century. Topics include agriculture, recipes, crafts and making paints and dyes.

The Humble Bean - Kombu and bean recipes including azuki beans with squash and kombu, lentils and vegetables, chickpea and kombu, humus, and pinto beans with vegetables.

The Inside Story on Food and Health - Recipes - Recipe directory from e-zine, "The Inside Story" for various allergies. Includes nutritional analysis for each recipe.

The International Cake Exploration Societé (ICES) - Archived recipes from the newsletter of an organization comprised of more than 4000 sugar artists and cake decorators.

The Internet Cuban - Cuban food recipes, Florida fishing, and a Cuban insider's guide to Miami.

The Internet Food Channel - Food information, recipes, entertainment, trend information, dining advice, and food discussions.

The Islamic Festival - A website that provides information about the biggest muslim festival. It also includes a card sending section, wallpapers, recipes and links to other Eid sites.

The Italian Chef - Classic and new Italian recipes from an Italian family, including their own Italian chef, Paolo Torre.

The Italian Cook - Italian recipes. Information on Italy, customs, food and culture.

The Italian Seafood Gourmet - A collection of classic Italian and other recipes using seafood.

The J B Dough Company - Featuring 22 flavors of bread mixes. Also provides recipes and bread accessories. Ships in the USA.

The Jacob Family Cookbook - Recipes from all over the world collected by the North Carolina Jacob family.

The Jalapeno Cafe - Offers 100's of hot and spicy recipes, cookbooks, chile, and a free web screensaver. Also offers downloadable .avi files to entertain you.

The James Beard House Recipe Collection - Featured recipes from chefs from around the world who have cooked at the James Beard House in New York City.

The Jarmann Sisters' Christmas Cookie Recipes - Recipes for butter cookies, petticoat tails, haselnuesli balls, and thumbprint cookies.

The Jersey Chefs Circle - A site in the UK by Chefs for Chefs and others interested in the Culinary Arts filled with recipes.

The Jolly Elf - Features holiday stories, a photo album, recipes, history and safety tips.

The Joy of Drinking - Bartending, drink recipes, games, jokes and advice.

The Key to Turkish Cuisine - Extensive information on Turkish food culture and cuisine, with recipes.

The Kiddie Gourmet - Quick easy recipes for lunch, supper, snacks or desserts. Finger foods for young eaters from 6 months and up.

The Kitchen - Weblog of recipes.

The Kitchen - PrimeTap Magazine - Interactive magazine with recipes, kitchen related news and cookbooks.

The Kitchen Corner: Recipes From Glenda's Attic - Recipes posted by Glenda Albin, classified by course.

The Kitchen at - Providing tips and tricks, conversion tables, discussion boards, and recipes.

The Knead Cafe: Salad Dressings - Seven recipes with a Mediterranean touch.

The Krazy Kitchen - A recipe collection including diabetic, recipes for children, and a recipe contest. With hints and tips.

The Labor of Love: Munchkin Munchies - Includes articles on nutrition, first foods, food allergies and feeding portions and recipes from liver recipes for children to finger foods for toddlers and baby purées.

The Labor of Love: The Recipe Box - Collection of recipes which are suitable for the whole family.

The Labour of Love: In The Kitchen - Articles and recipes for children and families. Includes a section for finger foods for Toddlers.

The Last Homely House - Recipes and food discussions.

The Last Jews of Libya: Food - Six traditional recipes from the Jews of Libya, a community expelled in 1969.

The Lazy Girl's Gourmet Guide - Includes recipes for pitas and wraps, desserts, and smoothies.

The Lifeforce Plan - Diet program for weight loss, detoxifying, and normalizing digestive imbalances. Includes product formulas and recipes.

The Lilley Pad Candles and Soaps - Hand crafted soaps available in several recipes, including Goat's Milk, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Hemp, & Honey, with an assortment of molds and scents to choose from.

The Living Cookbook - Recipe software application that allows the user to add recipes to the existing collection, as well as analyze, organize, and reference a variety of cooking related resources.

The Living System - Offers a weight loss program based on the glycemic index, with recipes, food lists and original research.

The Long History of the Mysterious Fava Bean - Historical and culinary information and a small selection of recipes, including Umbrian Fava Bean Stew.

The Love Chef - Recipes, and weekly cooking, restaurant and shopping tips.

The Low Carb Cooking at Sharron's Place - Includes sugar free recipes, many suitable for candida restriction diet. Carb Counter, shopping and cooking tips included.

The Low Fat Vegetarian Recipe Archive - A collection of over 4,000 recipes, as well as information about healthy vegetarian diets, and a nutrient database.

The Magical World of Harry Potter - Offers information on the book, photos and biographies of the movie cast and recipes for food from the books.

The Magick Circle - A Wiccan Book of Shadows, including rituals, recipes, lotions and potions.

The Mail Order Catalog for Healthy Eating - Provides recipes of vegetarian sprouted seeds, soya beens and pantry products. Lists books on cooking, health and nutrition topics.

The Martini - A personal collection of recipes, along with the author's views on the drink, and a guide to martinis in Seattle.

The Martini Guide - Collection of various recipes, and short listing of some martini bars in the USA.

The Master's Tech Recipes - Features a small breakfast recipes index.

The Meatrabbit List: Rabbit Recipes - A compilation of recipes from a group of people on a discussion group.

The Medieval Kitchen - Recipes from France and Italy - Cookbook presentation with six sample recipes.

The Mediterranean Diet - Overview with some Italian recipes.

The Merry Christmas Homepage - Family page includes recipes, games, printable acitivites for kids, and Christmas music.

The Mexican Grill by - A short introduction to grilling history, techniques, and ingredients with links to a sampling of recipes and tips.

The Millennium Lodge - Includes history, recipes for beverages and appetizers, and links.

The Ministry of Tourism's Egyptian Recipe Index - Collection of Egyptian recipes including dishes such as: Bamya, kofta, basbusa, swarma, and kishk.

The Mount Horeb Mustard Museum - Recipes using mustard, including Jalapeno Mustard Muffins, Razzleberry Salad, and Traditional Chinese Mustard Sauce.

The Mustard Place - A selection of recipes using mustard as an ingredient, which includes an index broken down into type and brand of mustards.

The NDSU Libraries: Recipes and Foodways - Recipes from the "Germans from Russia Heritage Collection."

The Narth Pole - Featuring Christmas recipes, printable coloring pages, and a series of story/coloring books, one of which comes with one personalized letter from Santa.

The National Asparagus Festival: Asparagus Recipes - Recipes, cooking tips and nutritional value.

The National Cheese Company Limited - Information offered on hundreds of cheeses, recipes and a chance to win through promotions and contests.

The National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia - Association site offers history, descriptions of agricultural processes, recipes, and brands.

The Natural Alternative - Recipes for making body products, creams, lotions, cosmetics, salves and herbal medicines.

The Natural Bladder - Offering herbal remedies and natural products for incontinence, bladder infections, interstitial cystitis and overactive bladder, with related medical information, recipes, and special offers.

The Never Diet Again Cookbook - A self published vegan cookbook with over 300 recipes.

The New Homemaker - Exhaustive site for modern homemakers. Offers recipes, forums, chats, a daily diary and practical advice.

The New Homemaker: Home Cooking: Five-Star Crockpot Recipes - Recipes for slow cookers.

The New Me - Weight loss journal and recipes.

The New Olive Oil Festival - Assorted recipes using olive oil as an ingredient.

The North Coast Coffee Company: Recipes - A selection of recipes from piping Hot Buttered Coffee to a cooling Choco-Mocha Smoothie.

The Norwegian Table - A monthly webzine about Norwegian food in English. Recipes, restaurants, how-tos, cook books. From traditional to modern day cooking.

The Official Stepfanie Kramer Website - Biography, filmography, pictures, news and articles, and information about the actor's favorite books and recipes.

The Olive Oil Show - Lots of information on olive oil, including recipes.

The Olive Oil Source - Includes recipes and information on products and methods of cooking with olives and olive oil. Also offers an overview of health benefits and a newsletter.

The Olive Oil Source: Recipes - Recipes for curing olives and a few Tuscan dishes with olive oil or olives in them.

The Olive Tree World-Olive Oil - Information on cooking methods and recipes with olive oil as well with information on the history, culture, health benefits and quality of olive oil.

The Online Slimming Club - Offers a tailored diet program, recipes, and expert advice.

The Oriental Pantry - Asian foods, spices, and cooking supplies, plus a few recipes.

The Original Milk Paint Company - International architects are recognizing and specifying our traditional milk paint for strawbale homes. Based on old recipes, and using the finest African ground stones, we achieve a wide range of authentic colors and effects.

The Oscar Vital Max Juicer - Raw food juicer. Includes specifications, comparisons, and recipes.

The Other Caucasus - Armenia and Azerbaijan - Introduction and thirteen recipes, from the Little Russia in US website.

The Outdoor Wok Cookbook - Book presentation with four sample recipes, an Explorers' Guide publication.

The Padre Cooks - Favorite recipes offered by the Carmel, California High School Class of 1951 at their 50th reunion, enhanced with photographs of Carmel and the Monterey Peninsula.

The Pagan HEN - The Pagan Home Education Network is dedicated to those members of alternative cultures to educate their own children as they see best. Offers recipes, book suggestion and advice. The main page of the website is a little busy, but does contain very useful information.

The Pagan and Wiccan Parenting Page - Activities, crafts, recipes, books, stories, songs, and chants for Pagan and Wiccan children and families. Includes special features on the major holidays.

The Parrothouse - Avian nutrition and parrot behavior articles, health care information and recipes.

The Pasty - From Cornish pasty to Michigan Upper Peninsula pasty - a history with recipes.

The Peanut Institute - Recipes - Peanut recipes collected on this page by the Peanut Institute but originally from the Culilnary Institute of America.

The Peanut Roaster's Recipes - A small collection of peanut recipes from a sales site for an appliance, but includes recipes for using raw peanuts.

The Peanut Van Recipes - Recipes for cooking with peanuts.

The People's Paths North American Indian Recipes - Collection of submitted recipes including many for fry bread.

The Perfect Balance - A colourful cookbook of 102 40-30-30 recipes.

The Pie Page - A large collection of pie recipes and crust recipes. Sweet and Savory pies.

The Pillsbury Company - Everything about the Doughboy but were afraid to ask. Includes Pillsbury recipes and contests.

The Pocket Parent - A supportive site for busy parents of children ages 2-12, offering parenting and positive discipline tips, kid-friendly recipes, family movie reviews, recommended kids' books and web links and a speakers bureau.

The Poddys Directory Guide to Food, Drink and Recipes - Guide to food, drink, recipes, and restaurants.

The Polish Chef Page - Lenten fare Polish style, a dozen recipes by Rob Strybel.

The Pot Shop - Unique omelette pans, great cookware and some free recipes.

The Primordial Soup Kitchen - Colorful images and Java movies of Cellular Automata, with recipes to explain their genesis. Also some tasty Real Recipes. By David Griffeath.

The Pumpkin Shell - Ebook featuring information, ideas, and themes for planning and hosting a scavenger hunt game. Other ebooks offered include 25 party games, and kids craft recipes.

The Quintessential Sandwiches of New Orleans - A small selection of recipes, includes variations and history of the muffuletta and po-boys.

The Radicchio Cooking Recipes and Discussion Forums - ΦŒο…μ ƒ…ζη„ήƒε‰ν ƒ‡ε„ικŒ με „ην ελληνική και μεƒογειακή κο…ζίνα.

The Radio Kitchen - A site for recipes, cooking tips, food and wine information.

The Raw Gourmet - Information, free recipes, and a gourmet raw food book and spiralizer.

The Real Calabrian Cookbook - Stories, articles and traditional recipes from Calabria.

The Real Martha's Real Easy Recipes - Real easy recipes most use packaged and or less than five ingredients.

The Really Garlicky Company - Growers of Porcelain garlic in the UK. Products, company profile, outlet information, news, and recipes.

The Recipe Addict - Tried and true family favorite recipes, printer friendly. Includes other cooking-related material, such as menus. With a message board and mailing list.

The Recipe Bin: Caribbean Recipes - Recipes such as Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings, Cuban Bread, Huevos Habaneros, and a variety of desserts.

The Recipe Box Searchable Archive - Sandwiches - A small collection of family friendly recipes such as vegetarian sloppy joes and grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

The Recipe Collector - Create your own cookbook by organizing your favorite recipes in this beautiful binder that has twenty five tabs ranging from appetizers to desserts.

The Recipe Directory - Sandwiches - An indexed selection of recipes.

The Recipe Exchange - Recipes, bakers hints, charts, and recipe exchange board.

The Recipe For Cooking - An assortment of recipes for cooking beef, pork, poultry, and quick breads. Includes cooking tips.

The Recipe For Cooking: Turkey and Chicken Recipes - Turkey and chicken recipes with tips about preparation.

The Recipe Hound - A large selection of microwave dishes, plus a section dedicated to recipes using chilis, and many international recipes.

The Recipe Hut Recipe Index for Breads - The Recipe Hut Recipe Index listing all the recipes under the category of breads.

The Recipe Link - Recipes, daily menus, daily news, fora, and newsletter.

The Recipe Link - The Cupid Connection - Links, menus, recipes, and ideas for planning a Valentine's Day celebration.

The Recipe Master - Large number of Indian recipes of all varieties.

The Recipe Place - A searchable database of recipes, for appetizers through desserts.

The RecipeCircus - Free webspace for recipes, with easily personalized pages. Affiliated with Mimi's Cyber Kitchen.

The Recipes Library - Food and other recipes, listed mainly by course, main ingredient, or occasion. User recipes accepted. Includes a mailing list to receive recipes by email.

The Recipes for Handmaking a Motorcycle - This website introduces you to the method to make original motorcycles.

The Recipes of Slovakia Remembered - Recipes submitted to the Slovak-World mailing list.

The Red Kitchen - Share favorite recipes, kitchen tips and related links.

The Redwall Kitchen - Large collection of recipes inspired from descriptions of foods in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.

The Reform Pate - Humor and some tongue in cheek commentary with articles, essays, recipes and other thoughts about food.

The Reluctant Gourmet - Guide for novices that includes recipes, techniques, and tips. Also features links to related sites.

The Renaissance at the Dinner Table - Twenty seven Medieval and Renaissance recipes with notes.

The Repertoire - Gourmet portal features recipes, message boards, chat, and links.

The Rhubarb Compendium - Everything you ever wanted to know about rhubarb, including more than 300 rhubarb recipes.

The Richport East Villager - A web-published magazine of Puerto Rican culture in New York. Articles on history and culture, as well as poetry, dichos, and recipes.

The Roman Orgy Page - Antique Roman cooking, with recipes from Apicius and Cato. Mailing list and links.

The Salad Lady - Salad recipes and tips.

The Salmon Site: salmon recipes - A handful of salmon recipes including Trio of Salmon Salad.

The Salsa Store - Features over 40 different salsas and over 300 recipes.

The Satterfield Family Cookbook - Growing collection of favorite recipes, including American, Thai, and Italian, classified by course or ethnicity.

The Scottish Recipe Web Site - Traditional Scottish recipes, including several for sweets and cakes.

The Seattle Times Halloween Recipes - An article with several Halloween treat recipes.

The Secret of Korean Food - The characteristics of Korean food, a look at the national condiment kimchi, and recipes.

The Secrets of Cooking - An Australian chef who has developed recipes and information for you to cook at home.

The Sephardic- Moroccan Recipes - Moroccan Jewish reipes.

The Signature Room - Two dozen recipes from the chefs at the Chicago restaurant featuring contemporary American cuisine.

The Sinclair Lewis Homepage - Includes biographical and bibliographical information, a literary-biographical timeline, a quiz, information on film adaptations, a few of Lewis's favorite recipes, information on the Sinclair Lewis Newsletter, and links to further resources.

The Small Kitchen Gourmet - Resource for recipes that can be prepared in small kitchens.

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