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Southern Barbecue - Links to backyard, commercial, and competition grills, recipes, rubs, competitions, and accessories.

Southern Casserole Recipes - Over 75 southern casserole recipes, including Georgia Creamed Chicken and Texas Hash.

Southern Cooking - Recipes with a Texas flair such as Texas Barbecue Brisket, Three Chili Chili, Chicken Fried Steak, and Fried Rattlesnake.

Southern Cooking Recipes - Southern Cooking Recipes, articles, stories, facts, and fiction from The Blue Ridge Mountains Of Western North Carolina. Download in Windows or Adobe Acrobat format.

Southern Cooking With Chef Joe Randall - Features recipes from Low Country, Creole and Southern cuisines.

Southern Cuisine - Offers recipes for main dishes, sides and desserts as well as a recipe of the week, and cooking tips.

Southern Cuisine Holiday Cookies - Cookie baking and decorating tips, and a growing list of recipes, from

Southern Eats - Recipes and short introductions to Southern Christmas cooking, grits, and iced tea.

Southern Fare - Recipes for dishes such as Mint Julep, Fried Chicken, and Corn bread, with cooking tips.

Southern Food Recipes - Recipes for every occasion including traditional holiday favorites.

Southern Food and Drink - Recipes and articles on cooking.

Southern Foodways Alliance - Organization devoted to the preservation of traditional Southern foodways and recipes. Information on membership, symposiums and activities.

Southern Irish heritage blog - Blog sharing basic information on history and recipes, offering links to sites dedicated to each topic.

Southern Living Foods - Recipes for dishes featured in Southern Living magazine.

Southern Main Dishes - Ten recipes, including Collard Greens, Candied Yams, and Hoppin' John (Blackeye peas).

Southern New England Women's Golf Association - Women's golf assoc. in CT/NY representing over 1000 women at 35 clubs. Open membership. Tournaments, clubs for sale, recipes. Information about organization.

Southern Recipes - A collection of soup recipes for every occasion.

Southern Recipes Desserts - Cakes, puddings, and cobblers are included in this large list.

Southern Recipes: Meat Recipes - Southern recipes for various kinds of meat.

Southern Secret - A flavoring mix that can be used to flavor beverages, desserts, toppings, special recipes.

Southern Soul's Place - A personal site with over 400 wavs to play or request, plus poetry and recipes.

Southern Sweet Iced Tea - Three basic recipes.

Southwest Flavor and New Mexican Recipes - A sampling of New Mexico's unique cuisine and the history behind it.

Southwestern Recipes - Dishes include Easy Blender Salsa, Flour Tortillas, Jalapeno Cornbread, Beef Enchiladas and Chile Relleno Casserole.

Southwestern Superbowl Party - Buffet recipes with a southwestern flavor for your superbowl party.

Southwestern US Recipes - Southwestern menus and recipes with information on regional ingredients and cooking methods.

Soy Foods - Information about the benefits of soy products on health and the environment with a comparison to cow's milk. Includes recipes and a public discussion forum.

Soy Goodness - Features recipes, reviews and health information regarding Soy products.

Soy Protein Tofu Recipes - Listing of products and recipes, as well as information how soy can help relieve symptoms of menopause and hormone replacement therapy.

Soy Recipes - Collection of recipes containing various soy products.

SoyFoodKitchen - Small collection of recipes and articles on ways to prepare food with various soy products.

Soya Recipes - Recipes using Nutrela, a soy based product, also links to for recipes.

Soya Soups - Soya recipes; Indian, Chinese and South Indian, at Ruchihealth.

Soyfoods Canada - Soy recipes, information about soy products and other soy resources from the Canadian national trade association, Soyfoods Canada.

Soyfoods Directory - Extensive resource on soy foods. Includes information on research, nutrition, organizations, and cooking. Recipes for a variety of soy products including tofu, TVP, miso, tempeh, and soymilk.

Soymilk Recipes from 8th Continent - Small collection of recipes making use of this soy product.

Soyouwanna be a vegan? - The diet of the future is fully explained in this article. Discusses how to stop eating animal products, special foods available for vegans, nutrition, and sticking to the diet, and even includes recipes and meal plans.

Spaghetti Warehouse - US chain. Menus, recipes, and an online form for catering requests.

Spain Barcelona Mission - Information about the Spain Barcelona Mission, including a library with books about the mission, alumni database, and recipes.

Spanish - Large number of Spanish Usenet recipes, including sangria recipes.

Spanish Food Page - Five popular recipes and 500 word food glossary.

Spanish Gourmet - Spanish wine, olive oil, pimento and saffron sold online. Includes many recipes.

Spanish Holiday Recipes - A small collection of Spanish holiday dishes.

Spanish Home Cooking - Cocina Casera - Presentation of a cookbook devoted to the regional Spanish cuisines, with eight sample recipes.

Spanish Recipes - Five favourite recipes offered by the Colegio Unamuno.

Spanish Recipes with Cured Meats - Spanish meat consortium offering six gourmet recipes, such as Fabada from Asturia, and Tapas.

Spanish Style Ltd - Provides authentic paella pans and terracotta cookware from Spain - with recipes. UK based. - Selection of easy recipes.

Spanish/Latin American Recipes - A dozen recipes such as Chicken Piccadillo, Sassy Mojo Pork, and Sangria Del Sol.

Sparechange Magazine - Monthly e-zine, featuring reviews, articles, news, events listings, and drink recipes.

Sparkls Recipes - Recipes for traditional Newfoundland fare, along with a few generic recipes.

Special Diet Exchange - A forum where people with special dietary needs can request recipes they are looking for, or share those they have.

Special Diets Resource Guide - Information and recipes for those living on a restricted diet. A newsletter and discussion group are available on the web site.

Special Flavors - A guide to cooking techniques, and recipes, plus links, a bookstore, and viewer comments.

Special Flavors: Picnic Recipes - Share your recipes which match your menu to the car that you drive to the picnic, or use some of the menus presented.

Special Flavors: Salads - A collection of recipes with variations for several of them.

Special Occasion - Vegetarian and vegan Christmas and Ramadan recipes from Amanda's Kitchen Recipe Archive.

Special Recipes - Recipe directory for corn-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, and wheat-free diets.

Special Recommended Recipes - Provides recipes from various accommodation and restaurant establishments. Links to holiday destinations and related sites are also included.

Specialty Cheese Co. - Mexican, Caribbean, Indian and Middle Eastern cheeses. Also offers a large number of cheese recipes.

Spellbound Magazine - A quarterly fantasy magazine for children ages 9-13. Each issue features a fantasy creature and is packed with stories, poems, recipes and fun activities.

Spelt Recipes - Bread recipes, some using the bread machine and recipes for farro. From RecipeSource.

Spencerbean Coffee Company - Varietals, blends, and flavored products. Includes recipes, processing information, and brewing tips.

Spice Alley - A small set of links to spice recipes.

Spice Connections - Offers dip mixes, salsa mixes, chili mixes, cowboy bean mix, soup mix, shake on seasonings, and recipes.

SpiceAdvice - An informative site about spices, including a spice encyclopedia, usage tips and seasonal recipes. - Thai, Japanese, and Indonesian recipes along with cooking articles and glossary.

SpiceItUp! Jalapeno Ketchup - Features products, recipes, distributors, and online ordering.

Spicy - Tasty - Hot Salsa Recipes - A good collection of recipes for those who like their salsa hot.

Spicy Caribbean Recipes of Jamaica - Recipes from different parts of the Caribbean, not all from Jamaica, not all spicy.

Spicy Jamaican Recipes - Island dishes such as Curried Goat, Ginger Bread, Jerk Pork, and Ackee and Salt Fish.

Spicy Southwest Recipes - Southwest recipes that include chili, mexican chili, salsa verde and chipotle bbq sauce.

Spider Woman's Veggie and PHP Site - Includes recipes as well as tips on staying healthy and fit. Also provides information on PHP programming. Kerala Recipes - Kerala and other South Indian recipes contributed by visitors.

Spike's & Jamie's Recipe Collection - A collection of recipes.

Spinach Dish Recipes - Spanokopita and spinach balls.

Spinach Recipes - Almost 90 recipes for salads, main dishes, side dishes, pasta dishes, and various ethnic dishes; at

Spinach Recipes - What's Cooking America - A collection of spinach recipes from What's Cooking America, along with tips for purchasing, handling, and storing.

Spinach Supreme - International spinach recipes.

Spineys Clubhouse - Dedicated in helping those with back or neck pain. Includes recipes, chatroom, links to medical information and personal sites.

Spiral Garden - A page of pagan resources, faery resources, as well as an online art and poetry gallery. Crafts, recipes, and spiritual insights.

Splenda - Low-calorie sweetener that is made from sugar molecules, yet is safe for Diabetics to use. Usage tips and recipes. Packets or granulated product can be ordered online.

Splenda Cookbooks - Recipes using Sucralose. These Diabetes association approved recipes are suitable for all Low-Carb and sugarless diets.

Springer, Jan - Introducing romantic suspense e-book Peppermint Creek Inn, rave reviews, excerpt, sneak previews of upcoming books and there's recipes, a writer's page, information on e-books and e-publishers.

Springer, Judy: Judy's Country Home - Personal poetry and writings, women's interests, holiday pages, and recipes.

Springwater Sprouts - Grower and producer of sprouts and other vegetable products. Company profile, product list, nutrition and food safety information, and recipes.

Square Eggs - Logo and web design, banner ads, letterhead, stationery and stamp design. Recipes

Squares from Allrecipes - Selection of over 60 recipes which have been submitted by users, a number of them are rated and reviewed.

Squash Recipes at Recipezaar - Squash-featured recipes or click directly to recipes which call for yellow, butternut, acorn, hubbard, and winter.

Squash Recipes from Hugs's Homeheart - Recipes for acorn, butternut, spaghetti, and summer squash, and zucchini.

Squashing spam - A working example of using procmail recipes to create a hotmail-style inbox protector that will treat mail that was not addressed to you as spam.

Squid Recipes - A selection of recipes including grilled squid salad and squid in ink.

Squid Recipes - Western Fisheries Magazine Archive - Recipes for Plain Gorgeous Squid Rings, Stir Fried Squid with Herbs and Spinach, and Spicy Cajun Delight. - Thai recipes using Squidbrand fish sauce, with list of Thai restaurant around the world.

Squishy Things - Search for recipes or submit your own.

Sri Lankan and Southern Indian Cuisine - Recipes, articles and links, from

St Helena Olive Oil Co. - Produces gourmet California extra virgin olive oil and vinegars. Includes recipes.

St Patrick's Day Recipes - Beverages, breads, desserts, dinner recipes, scones, vegetables.

St. Barths Online Caribbean Recipes - Featured dishes include West Indian Fish Courtbouillon, Lobster Roasted in Passion Fruit Butter, Spinach Crabs and Chicken Colombo.

St. Demetrios Orthodox Church - Seattle, Washington. Includes annual festival, recipes, calendar and weekly bulletin, staff, Greek school and dance groups.

St. Joseph, Husband of Our Lady - A life of the saint, prayers, links. Information on the Italian celebration of his feast day, including recipes.

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church - Dallas, Texas. Theology and practice questions and answers, articles, Gospel homilies, weekly journal, current Julian calendar, parish and clergy directories, saints' lives, text of services, recipes.

St. Particks' Day - Provides information about history, customs, and symbols. Also features recipes.

St. Patrick's 2000 - Offers St.Patrick's Day history, Celtic fonts, leprechaun and shamrock clipart, Irish recipes,and easy-to-make crafts.

St. Patrick's Day - Includes the history of St. Patrick, famous Irish blessings, music, recipes, and humor.

St. Patrick's Day Cookies - Eight cookie recipes and one cookie frosting recipe.

St. Patrick's Day Directory - Comprehensive directory of St. Patrick's day links. Includes crafts, history, traditions, and recipes.

St. Patrick's Day Foods - A selection of traditional Irish recipes from

St. Patrick's Day Irish Recipes - Irish stew, corned beef and cabbage, Bailey's Irish cream, tea bread, black pudding, pot-roasted chicken.

St. Patrick's Day Recipes - Corned beef and cabbage, soda bread, irish coffee, breakfast recipes, omelet, pasta, roasted chicken.

St. Patrick's Day Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens - Prepare a proper St. Patrick's Day meal from Irish Soda Bread and Irish Mint with Sour Cream to Irish Coffee Ice Cream with this collection of recipes.

St. Patrick's Day Snacks and Cooking - Thematic snack ideas and simple recipes just for kids.

St. Patrick's Day at Web Holidays - Facts about St. Patrick and Ireland, recipes, crafts, proverbs, and blessings.

St. Valentine's Net - Songs, traditions and recipes from around the world.

Stacey - Poetry, quotes, mystic things, recipes, writings, and links.

Stacey's 100 Acre Wood - Recipes, image gallery, puzzles and games, coloring pages, and cartoon history.

Stack It On a Cracker - Single recipe from the book "Now You're Cooking: Recipes for Kids from Tots to Teens".

Stadsbygd Recipes - Family recipes from Stadsbygd, a rural community in central Norway.

Stagg Chili - Manufacturers a wide variety of canned chili. Company profile, product information, recipes, and contact details.

Stalking the World-Wide Breads - International and special diet recipes, tips and tricks. Also offers many articles on baking.

Stamp on Black History: Cooking African American Style - Traditional recipes for soups, salads, vegetables, main dishes, casseroles, breads and desserts.

Star Chefs - Les Tomates - A listing of recipes utilizing tomatoes as the main ingredient. In English and French.

StarChef Douglas Rodriguez's Recipes - Menu of gourmet Nuevo Latino recipes.

StarChef Minnie Giraldi's Pasta Recipes - A number of traditional Italian pasta recipes from Minnie Giraldi, a famous Italian chef.

StarChef Minnie Giraldie's Old World Recipes - Traditional southern Italian recipes from New York cookbook author and caterer.

StarChef Nadsa de Monteiro - Four recipes and short introduction to Cambodian cuisine from "The Elephant Walk Cookbook."

StarChefs - Features chef biographies and recipes.

StarChefs: "The South - The Beautiful" - Cookbook presentation with samples of authentic recipes from the American South.

StarChefs: Alice Waters - Includes recipes, interviews, and cookbooks.

StarChefs: Emeril Lagasse - Biography, recipes, and interviews.

StarChefs: Julia Child - Includes a biography, interview, and recipes.

StarChefs: Paul Prudhomme - Includes biography, interviews, recipes, cookbooks, ingredients, anecdotes, tips, and recipes.

StarKist Tuna - Over 180 recipes featuring Starkist Tuna.

Starcademy's Recipes - Searchable collection of her family's favorite recipes, also browsable by course.

Starchefs: Batali, Mario - A listing of recipes and a biography of the professional chef.

Starchefs: Condiments - Four recipes by professional chefs.

Starchefs: Drinks Party - Featuring drinks recipes from the Pravda restaurant in New York City's SOHO district.

Starchefs: Easter recipes - A listing of Easter recipes from chefs, Jim Botsacos, Roberto Donna, Marsha McBride, Kelsie Kerr and Mary Taylor Simeti.

Starchefs: Giuntoli, Alessandro - Features Recipes, interview and a profile on the chef of Osteria del Circo in New York City.

Starchefs: Sushi & Wine? - Includes Japanese recipes by chefs Nobu Matsuhisa and Tetsuro Takanashi.

Starchy Accompaniments: Additional Recipes - Recipes from the African Cookbook.

Starport Foods - Produces ethnic sauces, seasonings, dressings and custom blend flavors for restaurant chains and for private labeling. Support includes free recipes, menu suggestions and consultation. Vegetarian Links - Listings of web sites dealing with vegetarianism, recipes, animal rights and other related resources.

Starving Beauty - Information, support and resources for people with eating disorders, including BMI chart, recipes and diets, and thinspirational writings and photos.

Starving for Attention - CrispyPenguin's Gym - Exercise and fasting tips, recipes, quotes, thinsperation, triggers, and songs about anorexia.

Stash Tea Recipes - A large collection of hot and cold ways to serve this brand of tea.

Stasha and Aubrey - The Wee Kiwis - Join two Kiwi kids living between Alaska and New Zealand sharing photos, adventures, recipes and clipart.

State Fair Recipes - Offers blue ribbon recipes, list of current recipe contests, and secrets and tips from winners. Includes state fair history and trivia.

Stauffer's Lean Cuisine - Recipes, health tips, meal planning, a daily nutrition analyzer, a produce finder, and other resources.

Stay Young at Heart - A large and varied index of healthy recipes for people who choose to cook the heart-healthy way.

Stay at Home Mom - Group for stay at home moms. Features crafts, recipes, timesavers and household hints.

Steak Sense Steak Sauce - Includes product information, recipes, cooking tips, and related links.

Steep Hill Food Co-op - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Natural and locally grown foods store. Includes membership information, recipes, and articles.

Steep Hill Food Co-op: Spelt Recipes - A small selection of spelt recipes, including Spelt Banana Bread.

Stefan's Florilegium - Medieval Soups - Cooking soups at events, recipes and discussion and advice. This document is not indexed.

Stefan's Florilegium: Medieval Gingerbread - Several recipes for medieval gingerbread using breadcrumbs, includes modern redactions.

Stefan's Florilegium: Mongolian Recipes - Booz, Khoorshoor, Sanbusak, Shulla, and Khorkhog.

Stefan's Florilegium: Perfumes - Medieval perfumes and pomanders and recipes. See also the files cosmetics-msg, handcream-msg, aphrodisiacs-msg, spices-msg, herbs-msg, lavender-msg, rose-water-msg.

Stefie's Sourdough Recipes - Sourdough recipes and links to more Sourdough resources.

Stegall Smoked Turkey Recipes - A handful of smoked turkey recipes including a salad and a casserole.

Stellamama - Information site for Weight Watchers newbies, including food lists, recipes, encouragement, links and tools.

Stephanie da Silva's Corn Chowder Collection - A small collection of recipes.

Stephanie's Herb Garden - Herbal vinegars, including how they are made and how to add them for extra flavor, recipes and order your favorite flavors. Online ordering available.

Steve And Pat's Bread Machine Recipes - 7 Grain Bread and Three Seed Bread are just two of the many bread machine recipes offered.

Steve's Weight Loss Success - Steve lost 120 lbs. See his before and after picture, as well as motivational tips and recipes.

Stevens, Carol: Shaboom's Kitchen - Recipes from around the world, cooking tips, recipes of the month and guest chefs.

Stew Recipes - Large collection of indexed and searchable recipes from the SOAR project, at Recipesource.

Stew and Chowder Recipes - Three cod recipes from Newfoundland. - Sushi chef Jay Catapusan provides recipes and tutorials.

Stilton Cheese - The official site for Stilton blue cheese from England. Features recipes for Stilton, tips on cutting and storage, and history of Stilton cheese.

Stilton™ - Britain's Historic Blue Cheese - Recipes, historical lore, shopping sites.

Stir It Up - Easy, tested recipes improved by the site owner, classified by course.

Stir-fried Okra - From Southern Living Annual Recipes Cookbook, 20th Anniversary Edition.

Stock Recipes - Basic advice on how to make and keep beef and chicken stock.

StockCarFans - Provides news links, newsletter, message board, ticket trader, and recipes for food to take to the track.

Stonegate Farmers - Producer and distributer of eggs and egg products to UK clients. Company profile, company brands, egg facts, recipes, and contact details.

Stonewall Kitchen - Jams and preserves, mustards, syrups, olive and flavored oils, sauces, chutneys and relishes, salad dressings, pickled vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes and other specialty foods. There is also a kids food catalog, and recipes.

Stonyfield Farm - Producing natural refrigerated yogurts, frozen yogurts and ice cream. Coupons, recipes, forum, kids area, gift shop, store locator and contact details.

Storm Willows Recipes - Over 400 recipes of Newfoundland, Canada, with cultural, historical and wildlife background information.

Stouffers - Produces frozen entrees and side dishes. Meal ideas, recipes, a recipe contest, product information and articles.

Stouffers Meal Ideas - Offers meal ideas, recipes, a recipe contest, and product information.

StrainedPeas - A site devoted to fun recipes for kids including holiday and seasonal recipes, food for picky eaters, snacks, and treats.

StrainedPeas! Fun Food for Kids Mailing List - A recipe mailing list for kid-friendly food - fun party recipes, snacks, and food for picky eaters.

Stratsoy: Soy Resources and Recipes - Features an extensive library of nutrition information and product resources, as well as some recipes.

Strawberries - A guide to growing strawberries, strawberry farms, selection and care, history, recipes and festivals. University of Illinois Extension.

Strawberry Banana Shake - Made with Rice Dream non-dairy beverage. From Dewey's Recipes.

Strawberry Recipes - Strawberries can be used in a variety of recipes. Includes a shortcake collection and desserts featuring berries and chocolate.

Strawberry Recipes from - Includes shortcake, pies, and other desserts.

Strawberry Recipes from Al & Abigail's Country Place - A selection including pie, shortcake, cheesecake, chocolate dipped strawberries, and a low fat strawberry shake.

Strawberry Recipes from Nancy's Kitchen - Easy to prepare strawberry recipes. Offers a recipe exchange newsletter.

Strawberry Recipes from The Vancouver Sun Newspaper - List of strawberry recipes for all kinds of foods, from desserts to cheese to vinegar to preserves.

Strawberry Recipes from What's Cooking America - A collection of recipes with hints and tips.

Strawberry Sauce from RecipeSource - Recipes for this fruity sauce, and recipes making use of their own version. Contains 14 listings.

Stroope Bee & Honey - Texas wildflower honey and bulk beeswax sales. Includes recipes and facts about bees.

Strub Pickles Recipes - A pickle brine recipe, pickle potato salad, and pickle egg salad.

Strudel - A guide to cooking, includes recipes, restaurants and cooking communities.

Stuart's Chinese Recipes - More than sixty recipes, contributed by internet users.

Student Recipes - Quick and easy recipe ideas for the lazy student.

Stuffers Supply Company: Sausage Recipes - A directory of sausage making recipes from Stuffers Supply Company in .pdf format. [Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader]

Stuffing Recipes - Winners from a contest held at Los Angeles Trade Technical College's Culinary School, presented on a page supplied by a commercial preparer of stuffings and croutons.

Stuffing/Dressing Recipes from Cuisine Magazine - Contains variations of dressings including Wild Rice Dressing, and Apple Dressing.

Stumbeline - Child friendly site with recipes, awards, honors, Girl Scouts, Domestic Violence information and phone numbers, virtual pets, and holidays.

Sturgis Pretzel House - The pretzel history, several recipes, diagram of the twist and contest.

Success Rice - Presents a wide variety of recipes in categories such as 5 Ingredients/Ready in 15 Minutes, Campfire Classics, Road-Trip Recipes, and Dynamite Desserts.

Success Rice for Kids - Sample recipes from the "Kid's Recipes for Success®" cookbook with which children can be encouraged to learn and enjoy basic cooking concepts. - Large collection of recipes, with sections on ingredients and equivalents, halal and haram foods, and restaurant guide.

Sudan: Menus & Recipes - Introduction to the food culture with recipes to cook a menu.

Sue Bee Honey - Honey and related products from the Sioux Honey Association. Includes information on bees, the association, and recipes.

Sue Steeves' Favorite Thai Recipes - Handful of recipes such as Chicken, Coconut, and Galangal Soup, and Handmade Spring Rolls.

Sue's Recipe Server - On-line database with hundreds of recipes from around the world.

Sue's Recipe Server: Malaysia - Handful of recipes, such as Rojak and Nonya Chicken.

Sue's Recipe Server: North India - Recipes ranging from Balti Sauce to Tomato Caraway Egg Curry.

Sue's Recipe Server: South India - Recipes ranging from Chicken in Fresh Green Coriander to Tali Macchi.

Sue's Recipe Server: Spain - About fifty Spanish recipes from Albondigas de Bonito to Vegetable Paella.

Suffolk Blues - Blueberries from Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England. Varieties, recipes, health benefits, and outlet information.

Suffolk Blues: Blueberry Recipes - Includes pancakes, muffins, tarts, and pudding.

Suffolk Foods Ltd - Manufacturer and distributor of mayonnaise, fine sauces, dressings and chutneys produced to the highest quality using traditional recipes, based wherever possible on natural extracts. Located in East Anglia, UK.

Sugar - Provides support on reducing sugar or carbohydrate addictions, offers healthy low carbohydrate, higher protein diet for weight loss. Sugar-free recipes posted.

Sugar Busters Forum - Low carbohydrate discussion community with an emphasis on recipes for the Sugar Busters diet.

Sugar Free Kitchen - Sugar free and no-sugar-added foods. Large selection and variety. Recipes, and cookbooks also available.

Sugar in the Raw® Recipes - Recipes featuring Sugar in the Raw.

Sugar-free Recipe Cards - A selection of diabetic recipes that can also be sent as email greeting cards. Each recipe has a basic outline of its ingredients in recipe list.

Suite 101 - Diabetic - Recipes with user-submitted ratings, plus related topics. Offers resources pertaining to diabetes, plus links to other types of information. Tapas - Brief introduction and recipes for innovative tapas.

Sullivan Entertainment: Road to Avonlea - Official website for the series. Episode guide, behind-the-scenes, cast biographies, image gallery, forum, multimedia, links, recipes, information on the Victorian era.

Sultan Sofrasi - Sultan's Feast - Turkish recipes available in Turkish and English.

Sulzman - Stephanie Bly and David. Photos of wedding, baby, pets, recipes, and Alaskan vacation.

Summer Fruit Salad - Jim Barricks alcohol-free recipes for exciting and useful cooking information.

Summer Lemonade Recipes - eBook of 30 recipes by Health and Beyond's Chet Day. Downloadable in PDF format (Acrobat).

Summer Squash and Zucchini Information and Recipes - From

Summer's Jell-O Alternative: Agar Agar - Robin Asbell offers creative uses of agar and recipes for creamy cherry pudding and agar fruit jam.

Summertime Snack Bar: Recipes - Recipes from salads to desserts, including Tzantziki, Dolmadhes, and Tsoureki.

Sun-Maid - Raisin grower located in California, USA. Company, nutrition and processing details, history, recipes and gift store can be found.

Sun-Maid Raisins - Recipes using raisins, including a section for fast preparation.

SunFood Net - Features recipes and information on raw foods.

Suncoast Girl - A Tampa Bay dieter's daily journal and weight entries on her low carbohydrate journey. Information on diets, tips, recipes, and album with progress photos.

Suncoast Macadamia - Over twenty recipes using this expensive Australian nut. - Crafts, recipes, lesson plans, and a message board.

Sunergia Soyfoods - Recipes, company story and product information regarding these makers of ready-to-eat, organic soy cuisine.

Sunflower Cake Recipes - Four recipes from the Vegan Society.

Sunflower Recipes - Several different recipes featuring sunflower seeds, each with complete nutritional information.

Sunita's Favorite Recipes - Peppered recipes from across India.

Sunkist Kids - Games, Experiments and Citrus Recipes - Features coloring page, crossword puzzle, games, and fun facts about citrus fruits.

Sunkist Recipes - Search by type of meal/course, or by citrus.

Sunlovindragon's Recipe Page - Cooking tips, recipes, and information.

Sunnnshin's Everything Christmas - Links to recipes, stories, midis, lyrics, and animated graphics.

Sunny Avocado Recipes - From an avocado growers union, recipes for sandwiches, soup, guacolmole, appetizers, and several main dishes.

Sunny Homemaker - Strives to encourage and inspire Christian homemakers, mothers and women. Includes recipes, craft ideas and ways to make the home more inviting.

Sunrise - Canadian manufacturer of soy products. Recipes, tips, news and product and related information.

Sunspirit Aromatherapy - Oils and topical treatments from Australia. Also offers articles and recipes.

Sunsweet: Prune Recipes - Collection of recipes from the prune distributor.

Super Baby Food Book - Information for feeding babies and toddlers, from starting solid foods to age three years. More than 300 recipes, money-saving and time-saving tips.

Super Bowl 2000 Menu - Includes two recipes, one for curried popcorn, the other for sloppy joes.

Super Bowl Main Page - From Epicurious Food, a large collection of recipes for superbowl parties, from munchies to main course.

Super Bowl Recipes - Recipes for past superbowls from Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines.

SuperBowl Party Ideas - Features recipes from Emeril Lagasse, Michael Romano and ten other star chefs.

Superbowl Fiesta - Hot and spicy recipes for cajun shrimp, hot crab dip, quesadillas, salsa, and links to other superbowl recipes.

Superbowl New Orleans Style - Recipes from several chefs, including Graham Kerr, for a superbowl party.

Superbowl Recipes - Seafood gumbo, stuffed prawns, beef medallions.

Superior Farms Home Page - This site provides information about Superior Farms, a US supplier of lamb; as well as recipes, nutritional data, and information about their products.

Superior Farms Recipes - Provides tested recipes for lamb dishes. Also includes nutritional information, and discusses various cuts and selection. - Features products for connoisseurs of fine food and cooking including cookware, cookbooks, and recipes.

SupperSmart - Provides supper menus, with recipes and shopping lists, to subscribers weekly by e-mail.

Supreme Southwestern - Small collection of Southwestern recipes with a new twist on traditional favorites.

Surely Caesar Salad Recipes - For lovers of Caesar Salad and all things related with a sense of humour. Includes a "Caesar Cartoon". Also a place to send in Caesar recipes.

Surfcaster Recipes - An index of assorted recipes with information about the fish.

Suribachi and Surikogi - Article on the history and uses of the Japanese mortar and pestle with recipes.

Susan Dopart, RD, MS - Private practice fitness and nutrition consultant with information about services, fitness tips, recipes, and suggested nutrition books.

Susan's Argentinean Recipes - A personal collection of recipes gathered while living in Argentina.

Susan's Southern Marinade Sauce - Marinade sauce for meats, poultry, fish and vegetables. Marinating recipes and cooking guide. - Chatroom, photo-gallery, recipes and advise.

Susanina's Vegetarian Kitchen - Recipes, video segments, and thoughtful advice from a seasoned cook and baker who loves teaching others how vegetarian food can be deliciously satisfying.

Sushi Links - Sushi recipes, tips, and supplies. Includes a sushi photo gallery.

Sushi Secrets - Learn how to make sushi and where to find products. Includes introductions, recipes, and glossary.

Sushi Web Directory - Links to sushi related sites including recipes, restaurants and accessories.

Susie Q's Jerky Recipes - A nice index of jerky recipes, including oriental and smoke styles.

Susie's Place - Large number of Greek village recipes, and tips on how to clean fowl or fish, fold phyllo pastry and stuff grape leaves.

SusieJ's Christmas Baking Recipes - A collection of cooky, cake, and other recipes handed down to the author from her grandmother. The site also offers baking hints and tips.

Sussman, Bob - Offers pictures, recipes and downloads.

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