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Anita Pal's Bengali Cookery Page - Four recipes.

Anita's Garden - General information about living in harmony with nature. Provides natural recipes and herb uses.

Anita's Indian Vegetarian Cuisine - Southern Indian style recipes without onion or garlic.

Anita's Low Fat Recipes - Sorted by category, percentage of fat, nutritional information, and name. Many include photos of the prepared dish.

Anita's Recipe Oasis - Family favorite recipes and cooking resources.

Anita's Tried & True Lowfat Recipes - Hundreds of healthy recipes, with new tested entries added every week.

Anna Horvath's Hungarian Recipes - Recipes for tasty, rich and filling dishes.

Anna Maria Volpi - Recipes by a native Italian cooking instructor, classified by regional styles.

Anna's Desserts - Recipes for apple walnut cake, carrot cake, chocolate chip cookies, and cream puffs.

Anna's Online Kitchen: Appetizers - A small collection of recipes.

Anna's Quick and Easy Christmas Candy Recipes - Recipes collected from newspapers, magazines, boxes, cans, and from friends.

Anna's Quick and Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes - Small collection of recipes.

Annabel Karmel's Cooking For Children - Sample recipes with pictures.

Annabel Karmel: Recipes - Samples from "First Meals": popsicles, mini pizzas, chicken, tomato sauce, and chewy apricot and chocolate cereal bars.

Annabella's Kitchen - Wartime Recipes - Some recipes from World War Two when times were tough and food was rationed.

Annabella's Kitchen Bread Machine Recipes - Small collection includes DeDe's Buttermilk Bread and Strawberry Banana Bread.

Annalakshmi - Large number of recipes, with tips, glossary, and FAQ (in Tamil and English).

Anne's Favorite Recipes - Appetizer, entree, and dessert recipes from The Hawthorne House in San Francisco, California.

Anne's Recipes - Directory of recipes sorted by course and main ingredient.

Anne-Maree's In The Kitchen - In the Kitchen is a site dedicated to cooking and food with A professional recipe collection. You can email recipes to friends or add your own. While the site is designed around a New Zealand/Australian style, recipes and information from every corner of the world are included.

Annie's Crohn's Disease Page - Collection of information from a person diagnosed with this condition. Includes information about the disease, its symptoms, discussions and recipes.

Annie's Gingerbread Page - Recipes for gingerbread and ideas for its use.

Annie's Recipe Kitchen - A large selection of recipes plus links to e-mail greeting cards, coupons, a weekly horoscope, and a newsletter.

Annie's Simple and Easy Recipes - Simple and easy recipes for every day or holiday candy recipes.

Annie's Simple and Easy Amish Recipes - Includes casserole, dessert, cookie, pie, and vegetable recipes.

Annie's Simple and Easy Campbell Soup Recipes - Easy and simple to prepare recipes using Campbell soups. Includes meat, vegetable and desserts recipes collected over the years.

Annie's Simple and Easy Crockpot Recipes - A collection of slow cooker recipes including soups, desserts, vegetables, beverages, and main dishes.

Annie's Simple and Easy Recipes - Down to earth and easy to prepare recipes. Also offers a daily e-mail newsletter with recipes.

Annie's Simple and Easy Recipes - Easy Jello Recipes - Includes recipes for jello molds, desserts, and salads.

Annie's Simple and Easy to Prepare Peach Recipes - Recipes include breads, salads, cakes and muffins.

Annie's Stuff Holiday Pumpkin Recipes - Recipes for seeds, pies, cakes, breads, bars, and diabetic desserts.

Annie's Thanksgiving Welcome Page - Features recipes, thoughts, traditions, special page for children, and links to other Thanksgiving sites. [Graphics intensive.]

Anniebakes - Easy recipes for cakes and desserts including chocolate, lemon, passion fruit, and HRT cake (which is said to be a good natural alternative to hormone replacement treatment, for women going through menopause). - Short infos about eating disorders, recipes, links to diets and diet pill reviews, photo galleries, forum, and chat.

Anthony's Jerky - One recipes for beef jerky using a dehydrator.

Anthony's Pasta Sauce - Includes recipes for Anthony's Pasta Sauce, Meatballs & Braciole, Anthony's Peseta Bars, Sauce Talk, recipe links with author's comments, and Italian links.

Anti-Aging Center in Europe - Information, including news, recipes, and links. Natural products for life extension and health.

Antique Roman Dishes - Collection of recipes from Marcus Gaius Apicius' cookbook "De Re Coquinaria."

Antonietta's Classic Recipes - An Italian cook book based on the author's experience at her restaurant, Osteria de Medici.

Anywhere But In The Kitchen - Over a thousand recipes in categories. Recipes can be emailed, requested, or shared.

Anywhere But In the Kitchen - Easy, fast, healthy recipes for breakfast, also recipes and tips exchange.

Anywhere But In the Kitchen: Kids Recipes - Recipes which are Mom-approved and Kid-tested, for breakfast, lunch, dinners and snacks.

Aphrodisiac Recipes - Recipes for valentine's day that include chocolate, seafood, and other ingredients.

Aphrodisiac Recipes and Suggestions for Romance - Free recipes classified mainly by course, including some reputed to have aphrodisiac effects. Includes additional advice for romantic evenings.

Apostolides, Patty - A Greek-American author of the romance novel Lipsi's Daughter. Biography, poetry, Greek links, Greek recipes, Writing links and tips.

Appetizer from - A collection of recipes divided into over a dozen various categories from antipasto to wraps and rolls.

Appetizer Recipes - Recipezaar - Browse and filter appetizer recipes by cuisine, main ingredient, and preparation or search for something in particular. Each with nutritional information.

Appetizer Recipes at iChef - Collection of appetizer recipes, alphabetically indexed.

Appetizer Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens - A selection of appetizer recipes including Hot Honeyed Spareribs and Stuffed Jalapenos.

Appetizer Recipes from Diana's Kitchen - A large selection of party and holiday appetizer recipes. Includes some vegetarian choices.

Appetizer Recipes from - Browse various recipes, including easy, party, and cold.

Appetizer Recipes from RecipeGal - A large selection of appetizer recipes including fondues, dips, canapes, chicken wings and blooming onions.

Appetizer Recipes from RecipeSource - A large collection of recipes with subcategories for cheese, chicken, and seafood appetizers, and wings.

Appetizer and Soups Recipes - Archive of soup and appetizer recipes posted to bulletin board, at About.

Appetizer recipes - A collection of appetizers, indexed alphabetically from aioli to zucchini.

Appetizer recipes from - A searchable collection of appetizer recipes.

Appetizer, Hors d'oeuvre, and Starter Recipes - A collection of recipes from What's Cooking America. - Alphabetical collection including Barbecue Pecans, Hot Shrimp Appetizers, and Fruit Kabobs.

Appetizers - International appetizer recipes from The Herald Mail Cookbook, including caramelized onion focaccia, praline cheese balls and stuffed vine leaves.

Appetizers and Salads - Appetizer and salad recipes from chefs in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Appetizers and Snacks - Small selection of recipes.

Appetizers and Snacks from The Recipe Place - A small collection of various recipes.

Appetizers and side dishes from Hub-UK - An extensive range of recipes including king prawns with calvados and garlic, smoked eel with carrot salad and champagne oysters with tarragon.

Appetizers at FamilyTime - A large selection of appetizers recipes, and the possibility of printing out a shopping list for the ingredients required.

Appetizers for every occasion - Home cooking appetizer recipes for every occasion, organized by category and searchable. Includes reviews and pictures for many recipes.

Appetizers from Fine Dining - Collection of recipes including Stuffed Green Olives and Petite Parmesan Baskets. Some recipes with photographs.

Appetizers from Special Flavors - Small selection of recipes from simple vegetables and dip to whipped eggplant, or paté.

Apple Cabbage Salad - A recipe provided by Virginia Apples. Offers more apple recipes, apple festival information, and apple facts.

Apple Juice Recipes - Recipes for jigglers, and a smoothie, both of which children can make with their parents.

Apple Pies - Recipes from the network.

Apple Recipes - A collection that includes recipes for dumplings, pie, cake, and apple butter.

Apple Tree Cottage Herbs - Fresh, hand blended, micro-batch herb blends for dips, dressings, marinades, and meat rubs. Including exclusive cookbook, crockery and recipes.

Apples and More - A collection of recipes from the University of Illinois.

Apples: Preserving - Fact sheet explaining how to prepare apples for freezing or canning, also recipes for syrup for preservation, preserving without sugar, recipes for chutney and cinnamon apple rings.

Apricot Foodservice Size Recipes - A handfull of recipes designed for large groups or crowds.

Apricot Producers Of California - Includes recipes, industry information, and food service resources.

Apricot Recipes - Salads, dressings, several chicken dishes, cobbler, appetizer, several desserts, beverage, pickled and brandied apricots.

April's Recipes - Collection of recipes from family, friends, the site owner's own files, and the Internet, sorted by course.

Aqualand Processors - Catfish growers and processors, Georgia United States. Product information, recipes, contacts.

Arabic Treat - Large number of recipes from favorite cookbooks, the net, families, and friends.

Arame: A Treasure from the Sea - Article with vegetable lasagne, mixed salad, roasted vegetables, and smoked tofu recipes.

Archiamma - Kits include recipes and hand-roasted, certified organic spices, to make authentic Sri Lankan dishes.

Arconiat's Kitchen - Collection of recipes searchable by ingredient and course, with menu of the week, message board, and special diet recipes.

Ardeng Rabbit Meat - Rabbit meat is sold through a network of distributors in the U.S.A. Recipes, company information, rabbit facts, chat room for commercial rabbit raisers.

Are Grandmother's Pickle Recipes Safe? - Are old pickle recipes safe? Colorado State University Cooperative Extension addresses safety issues and traditional pickle recipes.

Are You Fond of Fondue? - Some tips and advice, plus recipes, for making cheese fondues.

Argentina - Land of the Gauchos - Recipes and articles on Argentine cuisine, from GlobalGourmet.

Argentina Mendoza Mission - Addresses of alumni, pictures, history, and recipes--information in both English and Spanish.

Argentine Recipes - Small collection of recipes submitted by users.

Argentinian Recipes - Handful of recipes, such as Matambre; from

Argiro, Tom - Includes recipes, photographs, and links.

Argo and Friends - Featuring a tribute to Argo and other four legged stars and fans of XWP featuring Tobias, with Argo fan fiction stories and poems, nutrition and food for Argo, equine treat recipes and natural remedies, photos and other items.

Arielle's Recipe Archives - A very large recipe archive, mostly from the newsgroup.

Arielle's Recipe Archives: Beans and Cereals - Bean and grain recipes selected from the newsgroup

Arielle's Recipe Archives: Snacks - Recipes for homemade snacks including banana pops, caramel corn, trail mix, and twinkies.

Ariga: Foods of the Bible - Introduction and recipes using barley and wheat, from the book by Phyllis Glazer.

Aristotle's Christmas On the Web - Postcards, trivia quiz, recipes, holiday stories from readers, and tales of Santas around the world.

Arizona Jalapeno - Offers jalapeno pepper powder. Recipes and contact details.

Arjan's Recipe Collection - Searchable collection of recipes largely gathered from usenet groups.

Arjen's BeerPage - Some information about cooking with beer. On the recipes page you can submit your recipe with beer. Duck Recipes - Selection of recipes including Duck Gumbo, Deep Fried Duck, and South Carolina Duck.

Arlene's Family Christmas 2003 - Includes free midi's, recipes, stories, Christmas tags, crafts, and graphics.

Armenian Dishes from - Ten traditional and popular recipes.

Armenian Recipes - Variety of Armenian recipes from Charlotte and Eddie's Hyespirited Armenian site.

Armenian Recipes at - Five recipes, including Lachmanjan, and Bulgur Soup.

Armenian Recipes at - Fifteen recipes for dishes such as Pumpkin Stew, and Printz Pilaf.

Armenian Recipes from - About thirty recipes from Anoushabour to Vosnapur.

Armenian Recipes from Cookery Art - More than fifty recipes ranging from Achot, a cheese, to Vospov abour, a soup with lentils.

Armour Food - Producers of branded meat-based canned entrees including hash, chili, stews, and potted meats. Product information, recipes, and contact details.

Arnaud's Restaurant - Classic New Orleans recipes such as Oysters Bienville and Gulf Shrimp Papa Noel.

AromaWeb - Extensive site, over 200 pages of articles, recipes, synergies, book reviews, site reviews, concerning aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy - Australian site offering information on the sense of smell, how aromatherapy works, essential and carrier oils, some blending recipes, and safety information.

Aromatherapy At Home - Information for those just starting to explore Aromatherapy for personal use. Essential Oil profiles, recipes and helpful tips.

Aromatherapy Recipes - Recipes and blends for baths, skincare, massage and other uses.

Aromatherapy, Incense and Essential Oils - Explains the uses, scent, and effects of oils. List of recipes for incense.

Aromatic Essence - Informational and helpful links for soap and toiletry making. Includes instructions, recipes and message boards.

Aromatic Essence - Aromatherapy Links - Informational and helpful links for aromatherapy, essential oils, carrier oils, schools and careers, including descriptions and recipes.

Aromatic Passions Australia - Recipes for your oil burner. Natural aromatic ideas and products. Offering workshops. (Australia)

Arthur Avenue - Little Italy in the Bronx - Recipes, message board, neighborhood stories, merchant list, editorials, and photos.

Arthur Schwartz's Food Talk - The website of Arthur Schwartz, host of a nationally syndicated talk radio program in New York. The site (and radio program) deal exclusively with food and recipes.

Artichoke - A few recipes as well as information on how to keep artichoke bottoms for winter. From a book published in 1931.

Artichoke Dip Recipes at iChef - A small index of artichoke dips.

Artichoke Recipes - Artichoke dips and sauces recipes. From The Artichoke Advisory Board of California.

Artichoke Recipes - Just Vegetable Recipes - Collection of recipes using artichokes as the main ingredient.

Artichoke Recipes by Chef Bob Williamson - Artichoke recipes as: Artichoke Napoleon, Fettucini with Artichokes and Ham.

Artichoke Recipes from Recipezaar - A wide variety of uses for artichokes, each with complete nutritional analysis.

Artichoke Recipes: What's Cooking America - Learn how to purchase, use, and serve artichokes, and about the history. Recipes include Artichoke Chili Stuffed Potatoes, Fettuccine with Baby Artichokes, and Sombrero Artichokes.

Artichokes by Ocean Mist Farms - A nice collection of recipes sorted by difficulty of preparation.

Artisan Breads - Recipes include traditional well-known and seldom seen Italian breads. Instructions for baking the old-fashioned way are given. Recipes - An Aruban grandmother's best kept secrets, including several banana dishes and Iguana Soup.

As I See It - Original poetry, recipes , and collected song lyrics.

Ash Choo's Neopets Page - Offers solutions to games, recipes, information on faeries, and miscellaneous tips.

Ashbury's Aubergines - A large index of eggplant recipes.

Ashbury's Aubergines Eggplant Recipes - Includes dozens of variations on ratatouille. - Offers hot and spicy foods, over 30 sauces. Also recipes available.

Ashok's Indian Curry Recipes - A collection of North Indian style curry recipes.

Ashy's On-line Vegetarian Cookbook - Collection of simple recipes from around the world, plus vegetarian issues, stories, cartoons and photographs.

Asia Food - Articles and large collection of recipes from Asia and the Pacific rim, with glossary.

Asia Pacific Farm - Canadian organic grower of specialty mushrooms. Company profile, product details, recipes, and contact information.

AsiaOne: Food & Entertaining - Great Recipes - Asian and western-style recipes from appetizers through festive foods to desserts and drinks.

AsiaRecipe.Com - Asian recipes collected from across the internet, section on herbs, and message board.

Asian Cuisine from Orient Magazine - Articles and recipes for exotic Asian cuisine.

Asian Fusion Cooking Comes to Town - From the Today Show, Chef Ming Tsai cooks a cross-cultural meal. Recipes presented are Spring pea soup with truffled snow pea salad, teriyaki tea rub salmon with mirin cucumber, and green tea mousse with sake-marinated dried cherries.

Asian Fusion Recipes from - Recipes featuring Asian tapas, sauces, desserts, and tea.

Asian Home Recipe - Includes recipes from various countries, cooking tips and newsletter.

Asian Online Recipes - Recipes and cooking guides from several Asian countries with free newsletters.

Asian Recipes Online - Showcasing of Asian cuisines in free weekly e-zine, with sampling online.

Asian Wok - Offers a variety of hard to find Asian specialty foods, cooking utensils, and recipes.

Asian and Pacific Rim Flavors - Articles, recipes and links from

Ask Dr. Weil: Beans - A small selection of bean recipes including Black Bean Soup and Stir-Fried Bean Sprouts.

Ask The Mad Chef - Recipes and features from TVs Jon Ashton, The Mad Chef. Includes forum to ask about food and recipes.

Ask a Chef - Provides a categorized index of recipes, a question and answer section, bulletin board, and a recipe club.

Ask the Berry Man - Features cultivation guides, recipes, climate chart, and links

Asparagus Recipes - Just Vegetable Recipes - Collection of recipes with asparagus as the main ingredient.

Association for Dressings and Sauces - Collection of recipes using mayonnaise, salad dressings, and condiments.

Assorted Mustard Recipes - Eleven recipes from a mustard miller including hot, honey, dijon style, mustard dipping sauces, and mayonnaise.

Assorted Pasta Recipes Index - Crab Artichoke Pasta Casserole, Good Mac and Cheese and Linguine with Clam Sauce are just a few recipes to be found on this large index of mixed pasta recipes. Afghan Recipes - More than forty recipes from Afghan Chicken to Zvia's Hawayej. Chilean Recipes - Eight recipes, such as Great Grandma Silva's Empanadas, and Pebre. Kazakh Recipes - Recipes for Gutap, Lamb Dumplings, Lemon Chicken, and Pilav. South African Recipes - Handful of recipes including Biltong and Vegetable Biryani. Tibetan Recipes - A handful of recipes, including Momo (steamed buns) and Kopan Masala.

At Home Moms - Parenting and family information, recipes, workout tips, product recalls, "reality break," and mom-to-mom information.

At Home on the Range - A comedy cooking TV show for the deranged. Recipes, jokes, chat room, streaming video and more fun stuff.

At One With Nature - One woman's battle with illness and how she cured herself with raw food and natural hygiene principles. Raw food events, recipes and links.

At Your Door Gourmet - Personal chef serving the Greater Austin, Texas area. Includes service overview, sample menus, recipes and contact info.

Athenos - Manufacturer of cheeses and hummus. Product information and recipes.

Athens Pastries and Frozen Foods, Inc. - Manufacturers of frozen fillo dough. Company profile, product information and recipes, and contact form.

Atkins By The Book - Includes a forum, photos, and recipes.

Atkins Diet Support Forum - Low carb diet discussion and information including diet summaries and recipes.

Atkins Diet and Low Carb Diets - Basics of the diet, physiological explanation of the concept, as well as recipes and Internet resources.

Atkins Diet and Low Carbohydrate Weight Loss Support - News, forums, research topics, and recipes for low-carb dieters. Also includes international directory of low-carb shopping resources.

Atkins Friends - Motivation and support site for Atkins and other low carb diet plans created by low carbers. Bulletin board, chat area, dieter galleries, and recipes.

Atkins Nutritionals, Inc - Official site; includes information about Dr. Robert C. Atkins and the low-carb eating plan. Also offers recipes, shopping, and details on the science behind the diet.

Atkinson Mill - A collection of recipes from a flour milling company.

Atlantic Mariculture Ltd. - Dulse harvester presents nutritional information and soup, seafood, and salad recipes.

Atlantic Shellfish Inc. - A grower and shipper of oysters, mussels and bay scallops. Site includes recipes, ordering information, and handling tips.

Atlantic Spice Company - Herbs, fragrance and essential oils, potpourri, and accessories. Recipes on site. Massachusetts, USA.

Atlantic Unbound - Food - Corby Kummer, food editor for The Atlantic Monthly Magazine and Atlantic Unbound, discusses the culinary arts, reviews new cookbooks, and reveals savory recipes List - This list provides free recipes 5 days a week plus entertainment tips and ideas.

Attiki S.A. Bee Culturing Co. - Greek company dealing with honey standardization, packing, domestic, trade and export. Recipes and honey facts.

Au Printemps Gourmet Food - Manufacturer and seller of oils, spices, hot and sweet sauces, as well as rice and fruits in liqueur. Find information on product line, recipes and company news.

Aubergine (Eggplant) Recipes - Vegan recipes by Kate L Pugh.

Audrey's Soap Site - Instruction and recipes for making soap at home. Also includes instruction and recipes for making your own cosmetics.

Auley's Virtual Bar - College recipes classified by type of alcohol used.

Aunt Bee's Pickle Page - Mayberry's Aunt Bee shares her favorite recipes from her collection.

Aunt Betty's - Recipes for puddings and other desserts, using products from this company located in New Zealand.

Aunt Clara's Dominican Cooking - Everything about Dominican cooking: recipes, history, lessons and tips.

Aunt Edna's Kitchen - Recipes, food conversions, cooking utilities, and food links.

Aunt Jemima - Offers product information, healthy eating tips, and pancake fun facts related to their branded products. Company information, recipes, and contact information.

Aunt Karen's Healthy Recipes - Includes recipes for Molasses Cake and Baby Back Ribs.

Aunt Libby's Kids' Stuff - Large collection of kid-friendly recipes; includes playdough recipes.

Aunt Libby's Kitchen - A large index of recipes, including a kid's category. Also contains Metric and temperature conversions.

Aunt Libby's Kitchen-Bread Recipes - Sweet Potato Biscuits and Pineapple Spice Loaf are two of the many recipes offered.

Aunt Lynnie's Kitchen - Features recipes, cooking tips, emergency ingredient substitutions, and information on how to fix cooking goofs such as sticky rice or lumpy gravy.

Aunt Patty's Recipes - Recipes such as fudge chews, brownies, and corn muffins, using molasses, honey, and date sugar.

Aunt Paula's American Hungarian Cookbook - Cookbook presentation with two sample recipes.

Aunt Runner's Diabetic Recipes - With nutritional and food exchange values provided. Links to herbs and spices, cooking tips, and measurement equivalents.

Aunt Runner's Low Sodium Recipes - Selections include ketchup, picante sauce, honey bread, and chicken stroganoff. Also provides an exchange list for salt substitutes.

Aunt Runner's Recipes - Includes forum for placing requests for lost recipes and posting recipes in response, equivalents and conversions, and large collection of submitted and personal recipes.

Aunt Ruth's Kitchen - A collection of family recipes including main course, soups, desserts, side dishes and sauce.

Auntie Andrea's Kitchen - Hungarian and European recipes from appetizers to drinks.

Auntie Andrea's Place - MSN Group for sharing recipes and parenting ideas.

Auroma - A Jouney in Aromatherapy - Auroma carries a diverse array of aromatherapy products including essential oils, massage oils, aromatherapy recipes, bath & body products.

Aussie Game Meats - Australian supplier of kangaroo, wild goat and boar meat. Displays a diagram of kangaroo meat cuts and a number of recipes.

Aussie Soap Supplies - Supplying raw ingredients, packaging, and recipes for soaps and cosmetics.

Australian Custard Apple Growers Association - Consumers guide to buying, handling, ripening, eating atemoya with recipes and nutritional chart and information for growers and marketing information.

Australian Dairy Corporation - Offers extensive information about Australian dairy products and the Australian dairy industry. Includes large sections on statistics, health and nutrition, butter, cheese, milk and lots of recipes.

Australian Food and Wine - Recipes for soups, breakfasts, bicuits and slices, curries, and desserts.

Australian Native Foods Management Ltd - Description of and uses for Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) as well as recipes and Australian related links.

Australian Olive Industry Web Directory - Listings of suppliers, events, recipes, resources, research, and related links.

Australian Recipe Collection - Authentic recipes with cooking help.

Australian Recipe Forum - Message board for swapping Aussie recipes.

Australian Recipes - Recipes from Helen South's Kitchen on Tamborine Mountain, South East Queensland, Australia. Includes pavlova, pumpkin fruit cake, mango salad, and a traditional Christmas pudding recipe.

Australian Recipes from Expedition Earth - Presents recipes for ANZAC biscuits, coconut ice, damper, Dinkum Chili, lamingtons, pavlova, pumpkin scones, and sticky date pudding.

Australian Recipes from Olivet Nazarene University - Recipes for damper, pumpkin scones, lamingtons, ANZAC biscuits, and pikelets.

Australian Recipes from - A collection of just under 50 authentic recipes, including a quick conversion guide for Ozzie measurements.

Australian Recipes from The Epicentre - Gourmet recipes featuring lemon myrtle, macadamia nuts, and wattleseed. One recipe offers emu egg substitution for hen eggs.

Australian Seafood Recipes - Includes recipes by Sally Jenyns and reader submitted recipes. Users are invited to submit recipes.

Australian Tropical Food - Site containing a selection of recipes.

Australian Weight Watchers - Information on weightloss, exercise, diet, recipes.

Australian Wild Rice - Over 20 recipes for wild rice, including Wild Rice Breakfast Scramble. Includes nutrition and production information.

Australian Women's Weekly - Recipes - Recipes from a television program reflecting the country's diverse ancestry.

Australian and Oceanian Recipes from - Selection of submitted recipes for specialties of the region, such as Dampers, Anzac Biscuits, Pavlovlas, and variations on classics like Lamingtons.

Austrian Recipes - Small collection of recipes from Cooking for Fun.

Austrian Recipes from - Eleven recipes such as Gugelhupf annd Salzburger Nockerl.

Austrian Recipes of All Varieties - Six recipes, such as Leberknodelsuppe (Liver Dumpling Soup).

Austrian Specialties - Six all-time favourite recipes, including the infamous Apfelstrudel.

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