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Recipes Around the World - Large collection of reader-submitted vegan recipes from many countries. Searchable by country, title, or ingredients.

Recipes By Poncho - Create your own Argentinean BBQ feast with these popular recipes.

Recipes Collection - A small collection of drink recipes.

Recipes For Gifts - Recipes for pancakes, wine mix, soup, and pudding.

Recipes For Pasta Salads - Pasta salad recipes including Cold New Orleans Spaghetti and Tortellini Salad, from 1st Traveler's Choice.

Recipes From A Belrus Family - Three traditional Belorussian recipes to feed fourteen people from $20.

Recipes From Another Time - Recipes for alligator pilau, gopher tortoise stew, swamp cabbage, and coquina broth, from the Smithsonian Magazine.

Recipes From Around the Basque Region - Small collection of gourmet recipes.

Recipes From Australia - Recipes representing Australia's multicultural cuisine.

Recipes From InteliHealth - Browse recipes by meal type and ingredient. For Palm VII or Palm VIIx.

Recipes From Kenya - Recipes for Shrimp Curry and Safari Steak, at Siftthru.

Recipes From Modena - A producer of traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy shares a number of recipes using this tasty vinegar.

Recipes From Norway from InternationalWoman - Small selection of recipes, such as Lefse and Fried Trout.

Recipes From Rome - A collection of assorted Roman recipes.

Recipes From SunFlower Farm - Small collection of recipes offered.

Recipes From The Box In The Closet Under The stairs - Recipes, home made goodies, nostalgia, and gift baskets.

Recipes From The Food Allergy Network - Monthly recipes for those suffering from allergies, plus information on research, events and new hot topics.

Recipes From The Middle East - Recipes that are all naturally high in fiber and using olive oil instead of other fats.

Recipes Galore - Offers small collections of recipes.

Recipes Isigny Sainte-Mère - Recipes from the Isigny Sainte-Mère Co-operative that use cream and cheeses from Normandy.

Recipes La Pampa - Collection of recipes from Argentina that includes chimichurri, dulce de leche, and empanadas.

Recipes My Nonna Taught Me - Practical, easy to follow cookbook with recipes handed down from my Italian grandmother and several other original, unique, and delicious recipes.

Recipes Net - Candy Cookbook Online - Recipe collection which includes candy and low fat desserts. Consumers are encouraged to review and rate recipes.

Recipes Now - A variety of recipes sent to your e-mail box 5 days a week.

Recipes Online - Offers a searchable database of recipes and accepts user submissions.

Recipes Page - Swedish and Norwegian family recipes for Bröds, Glögg, and Kött.

Recipes Plus - Features ideas from past years of Canada's Recipes Plus calendars. Includes recipes using brand name products.

Recipes To Go - Recipes with Five Ingredients or Less - All recipes are five ingredients or less, excluding water, salt and pepper.

Recipes Today - Mailing list with special recipes.

Recipes Today: A St. Patrick's Day Feast - Recipes and ideas for preparing a festive meal even kids will enjoy.

Recipes Today: Children's Recipes - Recipes for children, toddlers and babies.

Recipes Using Balsamic Vinegar. - Recipes for Strawberries with Balsamic Vinegar, Acorn Squash With Balsamico Butter, and Balsamico Roasted Game Hens can be found here.

Recipes Using Olive Oil - A small selection of recipes using olive oil.

Recipes With Cheese - A large variety of recipes, mostly Mexican, using cheese.

Recipes and Carvings - Includes culinary creations from spokesperson, Jon "The Mad Chef" Ashton.

Recipes and Cooking - A selection of foodservice recipes using potatoes.

Recipes and Information - From the Macrobiotic Cooking School of Salt Lake City.

Recipes and Native Coconut Foods - Several ethnic coconut recipes including buko pie, coconut ice cream, palitaw, puto, and cabbage coconut salad.

Recipes and Rations - Eleven recipes from the last half of the last century (in English and German); from

Recipes at - Russian recipes in six categories; print option available.

Recipes at Sons of Norway - Large number of recipes from appetizers to vegetable and grain dishes.

Recipes at The Garlic Shoppe - Indexed garlic recipes. Includes: Scampi in butter sauce, Calamari Festival style, and Forty Clove Chicken Filice.

Recipes by Azteca Foods - Offers a variety of recipes that are to be served with tortillas, salad shells, and fat-free tortillas. Includes kids recipes.

Recipes by Jacques Torres - The internationally acclaimed professional pastry chef demystifies the art of pastry and chocolate, and offers advanced recipes and cooking tips.

Recipes by Leon Brocard - A recipe database with a list of over 900 microwave dishes available. May also be searched by recipe name.

Recipes by Ruth - An in home cooking and personal chef service for busy consumers in Chicago's western suburbs. Offers kid oriented recipes, gift baskets and private cooking lessons.

Recipes for 50 Persons or More - Includes spareribs and barbecue sauce, spaghetti and hamburger sauce, potato salad, and meat loaf and tomato sauce.

Recipes for Chanukah - This site includes recipes for honey cake, salad, breads, latkes, crullers, and brisket.

Recipes for Christmas Delicacies - A selection of recipes for the christmas season. Including cookies, cider, brown bread and nut clusters.

Recipes for Cooking with DEMs - Scripts for creating and plotting shaded relief maps from digital elevation models, building optimal colour charts, and overlaying thematic data like geology. 1998.

Recipes for Creating - Recipes for paints, clays, and a variety of materials for art projects.

Recipes for Dinner in an Instant at - Includes recipes for quick and delicious meals, updated every Friday. The "advanced" search feature allows you to search for recipes based on what you have in your pantry.

Recipes for Duck, Grouse, Pheasant, Goose & Quail - A dated but useful site with game recipes.

Recipes for Family Fun - Recipes to make from ingredients around the house, includes homemade scratch and sniff paint.

Recipes for Greens - Wilted greens, spinach, salad greens, stuffed grape leaves.

Recipes for Kids - Food for babies and toddlers.

Recipes for Kids from Tots to Teens - A collection of craft, fun food, holiday, and bath recipes. From

Recipes for Mom - Chocolate pancakes, sugar coookies, almond butter cookies, chocolate chunk cookies; from the Associated Press.

Recipes for Natural Health - Information for people on special diets due to allergies, intolerances or lifestyle choice.

Recipes for Nonsurvival - Book Review by Esperanza Godot.

Recipes for Olive Oil - A collection of recipes using olive oil as an ingredient from Napolean brand olive oil.

Recipes for Sandwiches - A small assortment of recipes.

Recipes for Some Sri Lankan Delights - About forty recipes by Lakmali Hewa; text files available.

Recipes for Soups from Angie's Realm - An assortment of recipes including some using a Crockpot.

Recipes for Success - Weight-conscious recipes with calorie, fat, fiber, and WW "points" noted. Available as a newsletter.

Recipes for Tatar foods - Five dishes from the Crimean Tatars Homepage.

Recipes for Tuvan and Mongolian Food - Booz (steamed dumplings) and Khoorshoor (fried dumplings).

Recipes for Ulva the Sea Lettuce - Nutrition, storage, and recipes for soup and toasted sea lettuce.

Recipes for an Afternoon Tea - Here you will find recipes for an English Tea, including scones, lemon curd and clotted cream.

Recipes for the Blues - Collection of recipes for beverages, breakfasts, and deserts. From the North American Blueberry Council.

Recipes for the Holidays - Recipes to make and give as Christmas and holiday gifts, from Southern U.S. Cuisine.

Recipes from African Countries - Recipes from several African countries at Gaby's and Andy's homepage.

Recipes from Algeria - Recipe for Loubia, a bean dish with almonds.

Recipes from Ali Baba Restaurant - Five recipes, such as Ali Baba's Barley Soup and Abadanian Shrimp.

Recipes from Angie's Realm - Includes Apple Crunch with Cinnamon Ice Cream, Double Coconut Cream, and Applescotch pie.

Recipes from - Variety of recipes from the Arabic world.

Recipes from Around the World: Sudan - Recipes for a lamb and chicken dish and Moi Moi (bean cakes).

Recipes from Australia - Renowned chefs, lovers of Australian cuisine, Australian celebrities and many big Australian names share their favourite recipes.

Recipes from Back of the Box - An index of hundreds of favorite brand name recipes.

Recipes from Barrienet - Vegetarian - A selection of family-style dishes. Metric measurements.

Recipes from Blessingsonthenet - Indian recipes for the various festivals.

Recipes from Challenge - Recipes from a competition to develop recipes for schools.

Recipes from Channel 5 Eyewitness News at Noon - A large index of recipes that have been featured on KSL-TV in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Recipes from Cuba - Overview of the island's food heritage, with recipes such as Avocado and Pineapple Salad, and Chicken with Okra and Plantains.

Recipes from Daniel Boulud - Six recipes from Daniel Boulud's 1993 book and lots of promo.

Recipes from Diana's Kitchen - Provides an index of recipes for chicken, meat, fish, and vegetables, plus other food links.

Recipes from East Frisia - Traditional and nouvelle cuisine of East Frisia (Ostfriesland), cooked by Manfred Becker.

Recipes from Flavors of the South - Offers a collection of spicy recipes for appetizers, sauces, main dishes, and chile pepper information.

Recipes from Germany: German Culture - Main dishes, salads, desserts, pasties, breads, and holiday recipes.

Recipes from Ghana - Favourite recipes such as Groundnut Stew and Tatane (plantain cakes).

Recipes from - Recipes using various berry jams and jellies, including desserts, main dishes, sauces, and glazes.

Recipes from Gourmet Spot - A collection of recipes for appetizers to dessert, including beverages.

Recipes from - Recipes from North and Central America to Europe. Pick a country to taste the culture and heritage of cooking. Also has recipes by featured chefs.

Recipes from Hubert Keller - A set of three recipes from the chef of Fleur de Lys in San Francisco, CA.

Recipes from Hugs's Homehearth - Recipes for several types of wild fowl.

Recipes from India - South Indian recipes with cooking tips.

Recipes from Joanne Pryhorocki Potter - Recipes gathered from friends and family in the Ukraine, ranging from soups to pickles.

Recipes from Kaloti - The amount of cooking time required for each recipe is indicated in the index, and photos of the prepared dishes are provided.

Recipes from Laura Bush - Small collection of recipes from the first lady of the United States.

Recipes from Lebanon - Lebanese cooking and delicious recipes. Arabic, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking.

Recipes from Malta - Collection of old, new, and imported recipes from Victor Buhagiar.

Recipes from Mauritius - Large collection of recipes and information on Mauritian cooking offered by Madeleine Philippe.

Recipes from - Recipes for making and using mustards.

Recipes from Nigeria - Seven Nigerian recipes such as Ojojo and Akara.

Recipes from Nurten Dincer - Traditional Turkish dishes based on olive oil, mostly from Istanbul.

Recipes from Panama - Favorite recipes from Panama and the Canal Zone.

Recipes from Papua New Guinea - Baked sweet potato, coconut cream and coconut with mixed vegetables.

Recipes from Peru - Small selection of recipes, such as Potatoes Huancaina and Lemon Fish.

Recipes from Pine Hollow Handcrafts - Includes main meals, meats, vegetables, breakfast, and desserts.

Recipes from Priya's Kitchen - Offers recipes cover several cuisines and courses, as well as other cooking information.

Recipes from Progressive Farmer - Selection of articles and recipes, including Busy Day Secrets, Holiday Recipes, Meals on the Go, Potluck Pickins, Leftovers, and Chill Chasers.

Recipes from Ristorante d'AnnaMaria - Collection of recipes from Italian homemakers and chefs using authentic ingredients and methods.

Recipes from Royalty Pecans - Includes recipes for pies, cookies, snacks, and salads.

Recipes from Senegal - Recipes for Ceebu Yen and Poulet Yassa, with description of the Senegalese tea ceremony.

Recipes from St. Lucia - Collection of five recipes including Baked Stuffed Breadfruit, Greenfig Salad, Canaoui, and Petit Piton.

Recipes from Tanzania - Two Tanzanian recipes by Siftthru

Recipes from Tatyana - Traditional recipes from the Ukraine and the Black Sea coast.

Recipes from Timberwolf Creek - Breakfast recipes from Timberwolf Creek Bed and Breakfast.

Recipes from Totally Cookies - Sample recipes from the book for chocolate pizza, florentines, fudge mint brownies, and cat's tongues.

Recipes from UK Restaurants - A collection of recipes, with nutritional analysis, and cost to diners when eaten in the establishments.

Recipes from Willows - Seasonally changing small selection of vegan recipes from Willows Animal Sanctuary.

Recipes from a Country Kitchen - A collection of recipes using different fruits and vegetables.

Recipes from the 20th century - Celebrate the 20th century with food from each decade and cook up some history.

Recipes from the Arab World - Collection of links to recipe sites and background articles, by the Al-Bab website.

Recipes from the Chef's Kitchen - A t.v. cooking show that features chefs from around the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Recipes from the Islands - Recipes form various island cuisines, including mediterranean recipes tempered for the tropics.

Recipes from the KSL-TV Cooking Show - 1000s of recipes from famous chefs on the cooking segment of the Channel 5 Eyewitness News at Noon. Located in Salt Lake City, UT.

Recipes from the Kid's Cookbook - Dole presents recipes kids can make, including banana peanut butter sandwiches and banana raisin pancakes.

Recipes from the Oyster Project - An extensive collection of oyster recipes.

Recipes from the Sonoma Cheese Factory - Recipes using Teleme, dry Jack and classic Monterey Jack cheese.

Recipes from the Surinam Kitchen - Directory of recipes from the country.

Recipes made from Traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Modena - Many recipes using balsamic vinegar, from entrees to deserts.

Recipes of 'la casa Hassel - Spicier recipes for salads, soups, side-dishes and supreme main courses from cuisines from Stockholm to Singapore.

Recipes of Greece - Over 300 authentic Greek recipes (in Greek and English).

Recipes of Hawaii from - Large number of recipes from Hawaii's popular TV cooking shows as well as contributions from users.

Recipes of Kenya - Recipe for Sukuma Wiki, a vegetable dish.

Recipes of Syriac Christians in the Middle East - Recipes for appetizers, dinner, and desserts, compiled by Mrs. Cossette Shamonki and Mrs. Norma Anz.

Recipes of the Island of Lesvos - Dips, dishes and desserts.

Recipes of the Middle East - Recipe for Homos Tahini, a dip, and two drinks with spices.

Recipes of the Month from Ciao Italia - A collection of seasonal recipes updated monthly by cookbook author and television chef Mary Ann Esposito .

Recipes on Stationery - All kinds of recipes with Outlook express stationery as the background.

Recipes on TV Talk Shows - Index to websites and articles about cooking segments and recipes used on TV talk shows.

Recipes search at - A tool to use to search for recipes at Epicurious, Culinary Connection,, and SOAR.

Recipes with Broccoli or Cauliflower - Rice casserole, au gratin, with dijon vinaigrette, savoyarde, curried with hard boiled egg, in mustard butter.

Recipes with Clamato - Various ways to use Clamato.

Recipes with Popcorn - A collection of recipes from the Popcorn Board.

Recipes with Sea Vegetables - Nori tempura, sweet squash corn muffins, and vegetable cobbler.

Recipes-veg - A recipe exchange for vegan and vegetarian dishes. - Provides generic recipes and familiar Canadian recipes. - Low fat meals with equal portions of protein and carbohydrates, sugar free desserts, vegetarian recipes and a healthy restaurant guide. Purchase and download collections.

Recipes4us - A collection of over 1700 British and international recipes.

Recipes: Crock Pot - Provides crock-pot recipes and links.

RecipesFun Exchange - An e-mail exchange for recipes. Russian Recipes - More than a hundred recipes from Beet Soup to Vushka.

RecipesSource: Portuguese Recipes - More than forty recipes.

Recipez 101 - Collection of recipes from the Big Superstore.

Recipezaar - Browse or search thousands of rated recipes, each with nutritional information. Post a recipe and get free nutritional analysis of the dish.

Recipezaar - Blueberry Recipes - Provides blueberry recipes with complete nutritional information.

Recipezaar - Soup Recipes - Collection of over 1500 soup recipes posted and rated by users, with complete nutritional info. Filters by preparation time, main ingredient, cuisine, preparation and special diets.

Recipezaar - Stuffing Recipes - Stuffing recipes for every occasion, with nutritional information provided.

Recipezaar Barbecue Recipes - Search for something in particular or browse barbecue recipes by ingredient, cuisine, or course to make. Each recipe includes complete nutritional information.

Recipezaar Cabbage Soup Recipes - Several very different cabbage soup recipes, each with complete nutritional information.

Recipezaar Cheese Soup Recipes - Several very different cheese soup recipes, each with complete nutritional analysis.

Recipezaar Chicken Soup Recipes - A wide variety of chicken soup flavors and recipes in every cuisine, each with complete nutritional analysis.

Recipezaar Chickpea Recipes - A small selection of recipes, including "Warm Bean Salad with Basil," each with complete nutritional information.

Recipezaar Coconut Soup Recipes - Several coconut soup recipes, each with complete nutritional information.

Recipezaar Cookie Recipes - More than 350 cookie recipes posted and rated by users from all over the world, each with complete nutritional information.

Recipezaar Corn Chowder Recipes - Several very different corn chowder recipes, each with complete nutritional information.

Recipezaar Crockpot Recipes - Crock-pot recipes by course and ingredient. Provides nutritional information.

Recipezaar Gingerbread - A small index of Gingerbread recipes including yule logs.

Recipezaar Green Bean Recipes - Over 15 recipes including Spicy Grean Beans, each with complete nutritional information.

Recipezaar Holiday - Browse Christmas recipes from around the world, each with complete nutritional information.

Recipezaar Low Fat recipes - A large selection that includes complete nutritional information. Also offers a recipe search and a personal cookbook.

Recipezaar Meatball Soup Recipes - Several very different meatball soup recipes from a variety of cuisines, each with complete nutritional information.

Recipezaar Online Cookbooks - Keep your recipes online at Recipezaar in your own searchable browseable, personalized family cookbook. Print recipes and shopping lists. Post recipes via the web, e-mail and mealmaster exports.

Recipezaar Oyster Stew Recipes - A couple of oyster stew recipes, each with complete nutritional information and ability to scale ingredients to as many servings as you want.

Recipezaar Potato Soup Recipes - A small, but wide variety of flavors and cuisines in these potato soups. Each recipe includes complete nutritional information.

Recipezaar Pressure Cooker Recipes - All recipes are supplied by different individuals, and shared via a recipe board. A recipe search is also provided.

Recipezaar Quick Bread Recipes - A handle of quick bread recipes on this site, each with complete nutritional information.

Recipezaar Soup Recipes - Search for something in particular or browse soup recipes by cuisine, main ingredients, or preparation.

Recipezaar Soybean Recipes - A small selection of recipes, including sweet and sour soybeans, each with complete nutritional analysis.

Recipezaar Stock Recipes - Several basic stock recipes, each with complete nutritional information.

Recipezaar Strawberry Recipes - Recipes featuring the strawberry for every course and links to strawberry-related ingredient recipes. Every recipe at Recipezaar includes nurtritional analysis.

Recipezaar Tortilla Soup Recipes - Several different tortilla soup recipes, each with complete nutritional information. Scale ingredients to serving size you need.

Recipezaar Turkey Soup Recipes - Several turkey soup recipes, each with complete nutritional information.

Recipezaar Vegetable Soup Recipes - A wide variety of vegetable soup recipes, browse by cuisine or search for particular ingredients. Each recipe includes complete nutritional information. Chinese Recipes - About a thousand recipes, with several search options. Eastern European Recipes - Over 700 Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Russian recipes submitted by users. German Recipes - More than 700 user submitted recipes. Polish Recipes - More than 200 user submitted recipes. Spanish Recipes - More than 200 user submitted recipes. Swiss Recipes - More than a hundred user submitted recipes.

Recipezaar: Baking Recipes - Browse baking recipes by item to make or find ingredients. Each recipe includes complete nutritional information. Post your own recipes.

Recipezaar: Bread Recipes - Over 200 bread recipes with nutritional information.

Recipezaar: Adzuki Recipes - A small selection of recipes, including Aduki Bean Stew.

Recipezaar: Asian Recipes - Sortable by rating, preparation time, or time added to database.

Recipezaar: Bean Recipes - Over 90 bean recipes, including Rum Baked Beans. Filter by course, cuisine, or preparation, each includes complete nutritional analysis.

Recipezaar: Beef Recipes - Beef recipes with nutritional analysis provided. Browse by course, cuisine, or preparation.

Recipezaar: Beverage Recipes - Browse by nationality, preparation method, type or search for specific ingredients. Each recipe includes nutritional information.

Recipezaar: Chowder Recipes - Chowders tested by real people and with complete nutritional information. Click links to filter to find by main ingredient.

Recipezaar: Corn Recipes - Browse 100+ recipes featuring corn, each with complete nutritional information. Links to recipes which call for different kinds of corn as well.

Recipezaar: Czech Recipes - About seventy Czech and other Eastern European recipes, raning from Bublanina to Kolace.

Recipezaar: Drink Recipes - Recipes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks sorted by occasion, ingredients or cuisine.

Recipezaar: Gingerbread Recipes - A variety of different gingerbread recipes in this collection, each with complete nutritional information.

Recipezaar: Lentil Recipes - Over 10 recipes, including Greek Lentil and Olive Salad.

Recipezaar: Lima Beans - A small selection of recipes, including Lima Beans Smitane.

Recipezaar: Meat Loaf Recipes - Over 25 different interpretations of this dish.

Recipezaar: Mediterranean Recipes - More than twenty recipes.

Recipezaar: Pork Recipes - Search for a particular pork dish or browse pork recipes by course, cuisine, or preparation.

Recipezaar: Poultry Recipes - Search for a particular poultry dish or browse poultry recipes by course, cuisine or preparation.

Recipezaar: Steak Recipes - Browse over 60 different steak recipes and preparations in this collection with complete nutritional information.

Recipezaar: Wild Game Recipes - Venison, elk, quail and other game meats are featured in these recipes submitted by users. Includes nutritional analysis.

Recipizaar: Indian Recipes - More than 1,600 recipes, with several search options.

Recpies using "Double Happiness" Sesame Oil - Various recipes such as Stewed Sea Cucumber and Colourful Kabob.

Red Beet Eggs Pickled Eggs - Amish and Mennonite Pennsylvania Dutch recipes.

Red Creek Marinade Co. - Mesquite flavored marinades and recipes for smoke, grill and barbecue.

Red Devil Energy Drink USA - United States distributor. Site includes product information, drink recipes, distributors, accounts, brokers, downloads, links and contact information.

Red Eye - Offers commercial bloody mary mix in four flavors. Recipes, product and contact details.

Red Fish Grill Recipes - New Orleans restaurant offering contemporary recipes such as Sweet Potato Catfish and Coconut Crusted Gulf Shrimp.

Red Hake and Whiting Information and Recipes - Recipes for this fish served baked, or with orange or cognac sauce. Includes short discussion of the similarities of these two species.

Red Lobster Recipe Collection - Offers a collection lobster recipes. Includes nutritional information and cooking, eating and handling instructions.

Red Onion Recipes - Browse 50+ recipes featuring red onions, each recipe includes complete nutritional information.

Red Velvet Cafe - Collection of family and friend recipes for appetizers, beverages, bread, breakfast, condiments, desserts, meat, pasta, soup, and vegetables. Also includes pet food and beauty product recipes.

Red Velvet Cake Recipes - About the red velvet cake aka, Waldorf Astoria Cake. Includes several recipes. - Producer of handmade chocolates. Products, recipes and ordering information.

Reddi-wip - Provides product information and recipes.

Rediff On The Net Travel: A Travel Feature on Diwali Sweets - Explores how festival foods differ in the various states of India and provides recipes.

Rediff on the Net: Try These Recipes - Stir-Fried Buttercup Squash with Pork, and Trey Chap Kampot (Deep Fried Pomfret), from "The Elephant Walk Cookbook."

Rediscover True Hot Chocolate - Brief history of hot chocolate and recipes.

Rediscovering Fondue - History, how-to, tips and recipes for home cooking from

Reducing Hazardous Products in the Home - Advice for avoiding hazardous products and recipes for cleaners to replace them. Includes usage guides.

Redwind - Homepage of two Oglala Lakota Sioux who share their favorite music, photos, crafts, and recipes.

Redwood Hill Farm Grade A Goat Dairy - Farmstead goat cheese sold online. Information about other goat milk products, the farm and recipes are also provided.

Reed, Sue Anne - Sue Anne chronicles her life, in addition to providing links to numerous recipes and an LDS women's mailing list.

Regal Recipes for a Royal Brunch - Mother's Day menu including pineapple boats, foyal ham and eggs, monkey bread.

Regency Collection - Recipes - Recipes from authentic handwritten 'receipt' books of the 18th century.

Regional Curries - Pakistan - Handful of recipes such as Nauratan and Samosas.

Regional Dishes in the Axarquia, Costa del Sol and Andalucia - Collection of recipes from southern Spain.

Regional Recipes - Thailand - Traditional and fusion Thai recipes along with articles about Thai cuisine.

Reid, Rob - Includes family, trips, pictures, movies, and recipes.

Reiki4Me - Information on classes, registration form. Recipes for training preparation. Located in Lakewood.

ReinGold Gourmet Coffee - Blends from Chiapas, available in whole bean, ground and decaffeinated. Includes coffee recipes and brewing tips.

Relay For Life Recipe Book - Please contribute recipes with dedications to cancer victims. Proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. Located in Humboldt County, California.

Reliable Recipes - Southern recipes that don't require special ingredients, and helpful cooking information.

Relish Recipes from RecipeSource - Almost 300 relish recipes are available from this large recipe archive.

Relish from Hugs's Homehearth - Recipes for chili sauce, piccalilli, and red beet, red corn, and rhubarb relish.

Remarkable Ricecake Recipes - Cookbook for ricecakes. Sample recipe, plus ricecake nutrition and other information.

Remarkable Women, Inc. - Find diet products, programs, calculators and recipes.

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