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QANB - Goat Meat Recipes - Includes goat meat rissoles and roast kid.

QHS Alumni Cookbook - Present favorite recipes submitted by Quincy (Illinois) High School alumni. Includes cooking tips and conversions.

QVC Kitchen - From Cooking with Bob, an archive of the show's past recipes.

Quainsworld - Where art and good food meet. Judith Quain's kitchen and studio serve up contemporary impressionist landscapes and easy-to-prepare recipes from around the world.

Quainsworld Recipes - Presents recipes collected by Massachusetts impressionist painter Judith Quain, along with menu suggestions and a link to her paintings.

Quaker Grits - Provides grits recipes, product information, where to find and buy grits, and how to get in touch with Quaker.

Quaker Kitchen - Search for recipes, find remedies for baking problems, take baking classes and share favorite baking tips and recipes.

Quaker Oatmeal - Offers recipes, information on nutrition, heart health, and women's nutrition, and information on their products.

Quaker Oats Kitchen - Low sugar, low fat recipes suitable for diabetics. Links to baking bloopers, the Quaker kitchen, baking classes, and the Quaker archives.

Quaker Toddlers - Features toddler nutrition, parenting information, fun ideas for kid's activities, and recipes. Resource provided by The Quaker Oats Company.

Quality Wine and Ale Supply - Wine making and beer making supplies, equipment, ingredients and recipes. For the beginner and experienced home maker of wine and beer. Offering online tutorials and information. Order by phone or online.

Quality for Keeps - Directions and recipes for canning meat, fish and poultry safely.

Quality for Keeps -- Jam and Jelly Basics - Includes information on ingredients and procedures along with several recipes.

Queen Can-ivore's Too Easy Recipes - Easy and quick recipes using packaged and/or five or less ingredients; updated weekly.

Quiche Recipes from 1st Traveler's Choice - A large collection of quiche recipes.

Quiche Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens - A small collection of quiche recipes including Wheat Berry-Watercress Quiche and Carrot and Bacon Quiche.

Quiche Recipes from RecipeSource - Large collection of recipes for sweet or savory quiches.

Quiche Recipes from Recipezaar - Different quiche recipes, each with complete nutritional information.

Quiche me....Quick! - A small collection of quiche recipes, including taco, meat and potato, and vegetable quiches.

Quick 'n Easy Cooking - Shortcuts to cooking gourmet meals, plus meal planning and helpful hints. Lists recipes used in the video and the supplies needed. Ships in Canada and USA.

Quick -N- Easy from Razzle Dazzle Recipes - Entrees, side dishes, dips, salads, and desserts. Recipes to help get dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less.

Quick Chicken Recipes - Collection of recipes including soups, salads, casseroles, Mexican Lime Chicken, and Drunken Chicken.

Quick Cooking Recipes - Several delicious dinner ideas that can be prepared within an hour.

Quick Hungarian Recipes for the Single Man - One pot, half an hour, lick the plate, no dishwashing.

Quick Meals from Leftovers - A compilation of recipes for complete, healthy, inexpensive meals using leftover main dishes and vegetables.

Quick Meals from Leftovers Cookbook - Over 100 recipes for preparing complete, healthy meals from leftovers. Microsoft or text formats.

Quick Minestrone Soup - A full and easy recipe making eight servings, at Cajun-recipes.

Quick Process Pickles - Ohio State University Extension fact sheet explaining the differences between quick process and fermented pickles, and offering two recipes for pickling rapidly.

Quick Recipes at - Particularly good recipes for anyone on a tight budget, with even less time. Geared towards students.

Quick Soups and Stews - Collection of seven recipes for hearty soups and stews that can be prepared in about 30 minutes, at Good Housekeeping.

Quick and Easy Holiday Leftover Recipes - Recipes include ham, turkey and chicken casseroles, enchiladas, soups, and salads.

Quick and Easy Oriental Cookbooks - Includes Sushi, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Tofu, Dim Sum, Tapas, Tsukemono and Donburi recipes.

Quick and Easy Pasta Recipes at - Pastas, pasta salads, appetizers and other recipes that are quick and easy to prepare.

Quick and Easy Recipes - A collection of quick dishes.

Quick and Healthy Recipes - Search through iVillage for recipes requiring under 5 ingredients, and take less than 20 minutes to make.

Quick and Healthy Recipes at - Complete menus for home cooked meals you can prepare in 20 minutes. Recipes change weekly. Free weekly newsletter.

Quick and Simple Kosher Recipes - Dishes for Jewish and non-Jewish holidays, shabbos, as well as other main and side dishes and desserts.

Quicksilver, Elysse - Historical romance author, pen name for Kathi B. Scearce writing contemporary and paranormal romance. Biography, novel excerpts, writer and reader resource links, recipes, bipolar disorder and leukemia society.

Quilting Links, Recipes, Fitness and Health - A potpourri of links - quilting, cross stitch, recipes, fitness and health, links for kids, and entertainment reviews.

Quilting with Judith - Quilting patterns, quilt tips, links and recipes.

Quince Recipes - Collection of recipes using the quince, a relative of apples.

Quinoa - Quinoa information and photographs. No recipes.

Quinoa Corporation - Quinoa history, harvest photographs, recipes, and sales of pasta made from quinoa.

Quinoa Corporation: Quinoa Recipes - Recipes using quinoa grains, flakes, pasta, and flour.

Quinoa Foods Company - Wholesaler of organic quinoa in the form of whole grain, flakes, and flour. Located in La Paz, Bolivia. Includes details on the company, and grain, news and recipes.

Quinoa Grain - Collection of recipes includes Quinoa Tabouli, Ancient Grain Salad, and Paellaquinoa.

Quinoa Information and Recipes - Short background summary on quinoa and a few recipes.

Quinoa Recipes - Quinoa recipes collected from Usenet.

Quinoa Recipes at Epicurious - A small selection of recipes, including Quinoa and Grilled Pepper Salad.

Quinoa Recipes at - Over 25 low fat vegetarian recipes for quinoa.

Quinoa Recipes at - Over 35 recipes, including Quinoa Jambalaya.

Quinoa Recipes from RecipeSource - Recipes include Walnut Rosemary Quinoa, Rio Grande Quinoa Salad, and Quinoa Corn Bread.

Quinoa Summary and Recipes - Information summary about quinoa and two recipes: basic preparation and Quinoa Con Queso. - Provides nutritional information, recipes, cooking tips, and a list of countries in which product is available.

R U Ready 2 Party . com - A large collection of drink recipes, from mixed to two-liquor; from highballs or after-dinner, to shooters.

R.W. Knudsen Family Juices - Produces a large family of juices that are made from 100 percent natural ingredients, without any added sugar. Also recipes and a retailer list.

RABItes Recipes - The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) Farming Charity celebration of regional British recipes.

RC Fine Foods Recipes - Recipes from New Jersey maker of soup and dessert mixes, extracts, and other prepared food products. Some recipes are available only in PDF format, some in several formats.

RJG Enterprises - Greens, flavored, and custom blends. Also offers herbal recipes.

RLG Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. - Fresh roasted coffees, blended teas, and accessories. Also offers recipes.

RPGuy's Harvest Moon 64 - Includes recipes, girls, items, power berries, expansions, and tips for the Nintendo 64.

RSVP - Quarterly webzine featuring fiction, poetry, writing hints, and recipes.'s Coffee Drinks - A collection of liqueur enhanced coffee recipes.

Rabbit Food, Carrots - An article about the nutritional and health benefits of eating carrots, followed by recipes: carrot pudding, honey mustard carrots, roasted carrot and tomato soup, carrot mango salsa.

Rabbit Hill Gardens Herb Farm - Pictures and information about herb farm with herbal growing guides, recipes, list of Florida herb societies and an online store featuring herbal goods for body, home and pets.

Rabbit Hunting Online Recipes - Collection of recipes including Stuffed Rabbit, Rabbit In White Wine, and Herb Roasted Rabbit and Potatoes.

Racconto - Specializing in gourmet foods including pastas of Naples, condiments, cheeses and various organic products. Includes recipes. Graphics intensive.

Radicchio - Tips on how to grow, use, and store. Includes recipes and nutritional information.

Ragu - Hearty collection of quick and easy classic Italian recipes.

Rainbow Gourmet - Search database of over 25,000 recipes.

Rainbow Run Bison - Located on the traditional bison range, offering meat sales, pictures of the animals, nutritional information, and recipes. (Fort Lupton, Colorado)

Raku Glazes - Recipes for Raku pottery glazes from clay artist Gary Ferguson.

Ralpharama Cocktails - Cocktail recipes by category of spirit base, gin, vodka, rum, whisky, and other.

Ralpharama Recipes - Offers curry, chilli, and pudding recipes along with an essay on vegetarianism.

Ramadan Recipes - Small collection of vegetarian recipes provided by the Sister Clara Muhammad Health and Wellness Center.

Ramen Recipe Page - All recipes on this page feature Ramen Noodles.

Ramin's Family Recipes - Small collection of recipes including fortune cookies, Moroccan barbequed lamb, and personal versions of McDonald's Big Mac and Waffle House Waffles.

Ranchers' Lamb Recipes - Lamb recipes from several chefs.

Rancho La Concordia - Grower and producer of blueberries, including fresh, frozen, jelly and as a filling. Nutritional information, products, import and export information, recipes, and contact details.

Randall Beans - Fully cooked beans, packaged in glass containers. Recipes for Great Northern, Pinto and mixed beans, vegetarian recipes for soups, salads and dips. Includes retailers and contact information.

Randolph - Scott and Trina, daughter Brianna and twins Philip and Brian of Charlotte, North Carolina. Contains family photos, favorite recipes and family tree.

Random Thoughts From a Confused Mind - Random thoughts and links along with daily recipes. Family-friendly site with topics including crafts, parenting, and Louisville, KY.

Random Vegan Recipes - Small collection of proven favorites ranging from peanut butter pie to ranch dressing.

Raney-Neises, Angie - Personal information, pictures, recipes, family news, and links.

Raspberry Recipes - Punches, desserts, main dishes, and wine from a berry farm.

Raspberry Salsa Recipes - Unusual recipes for salsa, using raspberries as an ingredient.

Raspberry World - Susie's personal site, featuring recommended reading, favorite music, tested recipes, an online journal.

Raspberry and Blackberry Recipes - From the Oregon Blackberry and Raspberry Commission.

Rate The Bacon: Bacon Recipes - Offers several different recipes involving bacon.

Raute Precision Oy - Designs and supplies complete plants, fluidization systems and components for the production of plasters, mortars and other dry mix products worldwide. Also supplies its clients with product recipes and technology. Finland.

Raven and Dragon's Wiccan Garden - Spells, rituals, meditations, recipes, and correspondences.

Raw Food Life - About health advantages of eating raw food. Includes articles, recipes, live raw food chat, and links to related sites.

Raw Food News - A magazine about the raw and living foods community: breaking news, the science, interviews, testimonials, recipes, tips, questions and answers, pros and cons, local events, contests, and restaurant and book reviews.

Raw Food Wiki - Raw food photographs, links, encyclopedia, and personal stories. A "wiki" is a user-editable website. All content is searchable; Search for recipes by ingredient, for instance.

Raw Vegan Recipes - Small collection of all-raw dishes and beverages.

Ray and Nanz's Veg. Recipes - Provides listing of Indian vegetarian recipes. Includes a glossary for finding the english equivalent of local spices and vegetables.

Ray and Pam Williams - Collection of family history notes back to England, recipes, photos and local information from North Carolina.

Razor Clam Recipes - A small selection of recipes. Includes information on how to dig for and clean razor clams.

Razzle Dazzle Recipes - Holiday cooking and recipes. Menu plans are available also.

Razzle Dazzle Recipes Christmas Cookies - Christmas cookies of all kinds, shapes, and sizes.

Reader's Favorite Recipes - From, tasty sugar free recipes.

Ready Pac Produce - Offers packaged produce and salads. Product information, recipes, company profile, and contact form.

Real Australian Recipes from Ettamogah Wildlife Sanctuary - Recipe for meat pie, pavlova, and lamingtons.

Real California Cheese - Information on California's cheesemakers and cheese industry, with recipes, videos of how cheese is made, fun children's activities, coupons, and contests.

Real Cooking - Hints and recipes for the Christmas holidays.

Real Cuban Food - Recipes for soups and beans, sandwiches, and meat dishes.

Real Food for Real People - Six OAMC recipes to try.

Real Food for Real People: Outdoor Recipes - Recipes and a Dutch oven temperature chart.

Real Gypsy Tells All - Gypsy food and recipes.

Real Life Mag - Sales, budget tips, recipes and more, recognizing that readers have bills to pay.

Real Man's Cookbook - Recipes for straight forward cooking for men. - Collection of Cajun recipes handed down from one cajun cook to another, ranging from appetizers to desserts.

Realistic Living Presents Your Organized Home - Advice on home cleaning and organizing. Includes recipes for cleaning products.

RealityNewsOnline: Cooking School Stories - Provides recaps and commentary on the Food Network reality show, including some recipes.

Realms of Arcady - Collection of recipes from appetizers to desserts and festive foods. Includes oven temperature and roasting guides, and abbreviations and definitions.

Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen - All natural soaps, free recipes, and articles for bath and body.

Rebecca's Spinach Recipes - From the TV show Rebecca's Garden, three recipes: Saag Panir, Spanikoppitta Me Tyri (spinach and cheese pie), and creamed spinach.

Recetas de EspaƱa - Recipes for favourite dishes such as Paella and Tortilla (in Spanish and English).

Recipe Addict Crock Cooking - A small collection of family recipes.

Recipe Archive - Large collection of recipes organized by main ingredient and type.

Recipe Archives: Dutch - Small collection of popular recipes, including Blinde Vinken, and Hutspot.

Recipe Archives: El Salvadoran - Folder with El Salvadoran Usenet recipes.

Recipe Archives: Goan - Three folders with Goan Usenet recipes.

Recipe Archives: Guatemalan - Selection of Guatemalan Usenet recipes.

Recipe Archives: Nepalese - Selection of Nepalese Usenet recipes.

Recipe Archives: Portuguese - About fifty Portuguese Usenet recipes.

Recipe Calculator - Provides nutritional value of thousands of food items. Enter personal recipes to get nutritional values. Free registration required.

Recipe Center Software - You will be able to download recipes and pictures posted on the their website. Very user-friendly, and allows you to enter your own recipes, pictures, as well as send recipes by email to your friends.

Recipe Corner - Indian recipes listed by course or searchable by alphabet.

Recipe Cottage - a fast-loading, easily navigable site with ample choices of recipes

Recipe Cottage: Sandwiches - Offers a selection of indexed recipes.

Recipe Cottage: Beans - Large collection of recipes for beans, peas, lentils, polenta, and falafel.

Recipe Delights - A wide range of traditional North-Indian recipes.

Recipe Exchange - Here you can exchange recipes and tell how you liked them.

Recipe Exchange - Lutherans Online - View a variety of recipes for meals or snacks. Recipes contain taste and preparation ratings and can be sorted by category or main ingredient.

Recipe File from La Boheme - Recipes from a unique casual French restaurant in Carmel, California.

Recipe Finder - Specify special diets in this directory of over 10000 recipes.

Recipe Gal Soups - Indexed recipes for cold gazpachos to winter stews.

Recipe Gal: Dessert Recipes - A comprehensive listing of dessert recipes including cakes, cookies, pastries, fudge, brownies, and no-bakes.

Recipe Gal: Indian Foods - About fifty Indian recipes gathered from Usenet.

Recipe Gallery - Collection of recipes submitted by professional chefs. Recipes can be viewed online or downloaded using Calcmenu - chef's software for recipe costing. [Requires registration]

Recipe Gold Mine - a more than adequate selection of tempting recipes

Recipe Goldmine - A large selection of different frosting recipes used for cake decorating.

Recipe Goldmine - Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes Collection - Many varieties of chocolate chip cookies, index alphabetically.

Recipe Goldmine - Quick Bread Recipes - Includes savory and sweet varieties.

Recipe Goldmine Amish Recipes - A collection of Amish, Pennsylvania Dutch, and Shaker recipes.

Recipe Goldmine Crockpot Recipes - Categories include beverages, candy, sandwiches, and wild game.

Recipe Goldmine Jello Recipes - A large selection of jello recipes from cookies to salads.

Recipe Ideas: Diabetic Recipes - A collection of diabetic recipes, part of a large collection of categorized recipes.

Recipe Legacy - Create custom cookbooks with your favorite family recipes. Design choices, prices, sample images, frequently asked questions, ordering information. Includes bridal shower CD for making recipe and photograph keepsake.

Recipe Library: Casseroles - A collection of recipes including Ham and Cheese Bread Bake, and TexMex Casserole.

Recipe Mailing List - A place to exchange recipes.

Recipe Monster - Recipes from around the world. Recipes can be printed or emailed. Message board and personal recipe box.

Recipe Pals - Recipes, cooking tips, and cookbook reviews.

Recipe Sharing Forum - Selection of recipes in forum format, includes searchable database.

Recipe Shopper - RecipeShopper is an easy to use tool to organize and select recipes. Shopping lists are generated quickly once recipes are selected. Also includes a recipe search tool.

Recipe Software : Azz Cardfile - Create custom recipe cards database, manage it with this free-form cardfile-type Windows program. Links to collections of recipes are available to download.

Recipe Source - Offers over 100 recipes for microwave dishes. Also offers selections for food preparation by region or by type.

Recipe Source: Caribbean Recipes - Large collection of island dishes including Ackee Soup, Arroz Con Pollo, and Black Beans and Yellow Rice.

Recipe Source: Corn Recipes - Recipes to make corn on the cob and variations, quick breads, casseroles, desserts, salads, stuffings, fritters, and breakfast foods, using fresh, frozen, or canned corn.

Recipe Source: Rabbit Recipes - A compilation of fouty-seven rabbit recipes for different occassions.

Recipe Swap: Azuki Recipes - A small selection of recipes, including Bean Health Salad.

Recipe USA: Turkey Recipes - Collection includes Baked Turkey Chops with Sour Cream Sauce, Fiery Turkey Pate Crostini, and Smoked Turkey Jerky.

Recipe du Jour - Easy to prepare recipes free via email 6 days a week. - Recipes, cooking tips and site recommendations. - Recipes include maple chicken wings, jalapeno eggrolls, and prarie fire dip. - Searchable directory of user submitted appetizer, entree, and dessert recipes. Registration required.

RecipeCenter - Contains a large collection of recipes, menu of the week, games, quiz, recipe exchange, and recipe software. - Offers a selection of recipes plus informative articles, tips, and basic cooker information. Kazakh Recipes - Handful of recipes, including Chrov Plav, and Sabzi Piez.

RecipeGal Salad Recipes - Includes ambrosia Waldorf salad, Caesar salad, shrimp salad and pasta salad. Regional Cuisine - Amish, Amana, Mennonite, Pennsylvania Dutch, Moravian and Shaker, as well as Cajun, Creole and Texan recipes.

RecipeGoldmine: Non Alcoholic - Over 100 recipes for hot and cold drinks, egg nogs, punches, bubble tea, coffee, and lemonades.

RecipeLand - A selection of recipes including vegetarian, Italian cuisine, finger food, barbecue, salads, and desserts, in forum format. Afghan Recipes - Ten recipes, such as Korma Sabze and Gosh Feel (Elephant Ear pastries).

RecipeLu's Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch Recipes - About thirty recipes, including many for baked goodies.

RecipeLu's Jicama Recipes - Collection of recipes for the Mexican vegetable.

RecipeLu's Parsnip Recipes - Puree, and one for parsnips in honey.

RecipeLu's Polish Recipes - Four recipes for a filling meal.

RecipeMania - A place to share and discover recipes from all over the world. English and French. - Free online recipe system. Add, edit, review, and print recipes.

RecipeSource - A list culled from the Searchable Online Archive of Recipes.

RecipeSource - Jello and Molded Salad Recipes - Alphabetical list including Apricot Delight Salad, Horseradish Mold, and Pretzel Jello.

RecipeSource Cakes - An assortment of tasty sounding recipes.

RecipeSource Diabetic Recipes - A large collection, split into multiple pages for quick downloads, and indexed by subcategories. - Browse or search SOAR; an archive of over 70,000 recipes collected from a variety of Usenet newsgroups and mailing lists. Includes a wide variety of ethnic foods, and many recipes for those on restricted diets such as diabetic or fat-free. African Recipes - About seventy recipes from African Bobotie to Zimbabwe Greens. Beef Recipes - A selection of 1,562 assorted dishes that are related to beef. Cajun Recipes - Featuring more than 500 dishes common to South Louisiana. Chinese Recipes - About 900 recipes from Aged Tofu to Za Jiang Mein. European Recipes - Recipes indexed by country. German Recipes - More than 200 recipes from Apple Pancakes to Zwetschgendatsche (Damson Plum Tart). Indian and Pakistani Recipes - About 600 recipes from Aam Lhassi to Zeera Murg (Cumin Chicken). Kazakh Recipes - Recipes for Gutap, Lamb Dumplings, Lemon Chicken, and Pilav. Lebanese Recipes - About forty recipes from Baked Kibbee to Tahini-taratour (sesame seed sauce). Meatloaf Recipes - A collection including Bennigan's Meat Loaf, Hoosier Meat Loaf, New-Wave Meat Loaf, Pesto Meat Loaf, and Meatloaf In Puff Pastry. Polish Recipes - About a hundred recipes from Babka to Zupa Migdalowa. Poultry Recipes - Collection of main dishes including Pheasant Veronique, Chicken Marengo, and Turkey or Chicken Croquettes. Rumanian Recipes - Ciorba Teraneasca (Romanian cabbage soup with bacon). Spanish Recipes - About fifty recipes from Aunt Julia's Paella to Zarzuelo De Mariscos (Spicy Shellfish Stew). Swiss Recipes - Twenty recipes from Argovia Carrot Cake to Taillaule. Tibetan Recipes - Recipes for Momos, Kopan Masala, and Potato Soup. Ukrainian Recipes - Fourteen recipes from Cossack Chicken and Mushrooms to Vryonoye Miaso Po-Russki (Boiled Beef Russian-Style).

RecipeSource: Duck Recipes - Collection representing multiple cuisines, for both wild and domesticated birds.

RecipeSource: Jams and Jellies Recipes - Large collection.

RecipeSource: Sausage Recipes - Sausage making and sausage using recipes.

RecipeSource: Turkey Recipes - Over 200 recipes, including diabetic turkey recipes, Turkey Enchiladas, and Turkey Breast With Tropical Fruit Salsa, from

RecipeWorks - A recipe management program featuring an easy-to-use table of contents interface for organizing recipes into chapters and books, an automated index of recipes and ingredients, menu planning, and shopping list creation. - Site offers a small collection of pepper recipes.

Recipebookonline: Salads - A collection of salad and dressing recipes. Recipes of Ecuador - Small collection of recipes, such as Locro (potato soup) and Pristinos (pumpkin fritters). Recipes of Guatemala - Nine recipes, such as Guatemalan-style Tamales.

Recipelink Canning and Preserving - The Recipe Link offers canning and preserving recipes, message boards, and canning safety articles. - A selection of recipes and information for people who must stay within certain dietary bounds.

Recipes - For chefs as well as people who just like new ideas for preparing food.

Recipes from Cameo Designs - Quick and easy recipes from various sources. Categorized by type.

Recipes with Monin Natural Syrups - Recipes for cocktails, mocktails, milkshakes, granita, iced teas, and sodas.

Recipes & Quick Tips - Includes Cherry Upside Down Cake and Cherry and Smoked Turkey Salad from Chukar Cherry Company.

Recipes (Macadamias) - A collection of recipes posted by the Australian Macadamia Society.

Recipes - Just Ask Deborah -'s recipes message board. An experienced vegan cook and recipe creator answers questions, usually within a day.

Recipes - Salads - Fish and shellfish salads such as Oregon Dungeness Crab Meat and Hazelnut Salad and Smoked Trout Salad Nicoise, at

Recipes 4 Children - Recipes for kids including desserts, snacks and drinks.

Recipes 4 Learning - Free kids recipes, crafts, learning games, songs, and poems.

Recipes 4 You - Offers recipes with lamb as the main ingredient. Details are contained on individual printable pages.

Recipes 4U : Diabetic Recipes - Diabetic recipe section of large recipe collection sorted by category.

Recipes 4U: Fruit Recipes - A collection of fruit recipes.

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