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Passover on the Net - The story of Passover, a seder guide, music, recipes, and the text of the haggada.

Passover on the Net - Welcome - Background, seder guide, music, recipes, text of the haggada. Solid introduction to Passover.

Passover on the Net Recipes - Traditional and non-traditional Pessach recipes, desserts, fruits/vegetable recipes can be found here.

Passover recipes - Brief description of this Passover and a selection of recipes from

Pasta Basics - Links to numerous pasta recipes, sauce recipes, as well as tips for buying and cooking pasta.

Pasta Dough from Hugs's Homeheart - A very large collection of recipes from Afghanistan curry pasta to zucchini pasta, including apple cinnamon, apricot, semolina, Cajun, lime cilantro, Mexican herb, soy, spelt, triticale, kamut, mint, multi-grain, and orange pasta, to name only a few.

Pasta Plus Recipes - Recipes for pasta sauces, appetizers, soups, pasta salads, gnocchi, and risottos.

Pasta Plus!! - A collection of pasta and other recipes, many illustrated, by pasta lovers.

Pasta Pomodoro - California and Arizona chain which offers catering. Menus, recipes, job opportunities, and the history of pasta.

Pasta Press - Sells low-fat pasta cookbooks, magazines and olive oils. Website has a few recipes, wine and diet information, and offers a free email pasta newsletter.

Pasta Press Recipes - Low fat pasta recipes from Pasta Press magazine. Includes articles and back issue purchase information.

Pasta Recipes - Allrecipes offers a huge database of pasta recipes, tips, and a request board.

Pasta Recipes at Recipezaar - Search within the pasta collection for something in particular or browse pasta recipes by course, cuisine, or preparation. Each recipe includes complete nutritional information.

Pasta Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens - From classic Spaghetti and Meatballs to Cheddar and Chicken Pasta Toss, these pasta recipes are a cinch to prepare.

Pasta Recipes from Pastry Wiz - Italian pasta recipes including a recipe for making a basic fresh pasta dough.

Pasta Salad Recipes - A small selection including Orange and Fusilli Pasta Salad and Peking Pork Pasta Salad.

Pasta Salad Recipes from - A collection of recipes including Asparagus Pasta Salad, Spinach Daikon Pasta Salad, and Spaghetti Salad.

Pasta and Noodle Salads - A collection of recipes including Blue Cheese Pasta Salad, OK Corral Salad, and Singapore Noodle Salad.

Pasta recipes from Better Homes and Gardens - More than 200 pasta delights for every season and ever occasion.

Pasta.Com - Selection of indexed recipes offered.

Pastiche Family & Parenting Portal - Articles & resources for child raising and family activities, for parents of all stages. Crafts, recipes, kid stuff, pets, shopping, links.

Pasties, Plain and Simple - Information about the pasty's migration from Cornwall to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, as well as numerous pasty recipes.

Pastries from Arielle's Recipe Archives - Puff Pastry, Choux Pastry, plus 15 variations of Baklava are only a few of the pastry recipes available in this large archive.

Pastries from - Over 300 assorted pastry recipes.

Pastry Chef Central - A collection of bakery recipes.

Pastry Profiles - For the pastry professional, featuring recipes, competition highlights, chef's biographies and listings of upcoming pastry events.

Pastry Recipes - Over one dozen pastry recipes used by bed & breakfast innkeepers.

Pastry - Classic pastry recipes for culinary students and anyone interested in making fine pastry, you may also submit a recipe and take a pastry quiz.

Pastry Wiz - Includes some sugar free recipes and some with artificial sweetener added. Offers sugar substitution charts and a recipe search.

Pastry Wiz Chocolate - A sampling of recipes from Chocolatier magazine, and from cookbooks by Jacques Pepin, Nick Malgieri and the French Culinary Institute. Also includes links to resources and photographs of an 1800-pound chocolate car.

Pastry and Pie Crust Recipes from CooksRecipes - A collection of pastry and pie crust recipes.

PastryWiz Goes Bananas - Seven recipes plus a link to another banana recipe page.

PastryWiz Low Fat Recipes - A good selection of low-fat recipes, including Zucchini Bread and Turkey Fajitas.

PastryWiz Recipes - Has a large archive of baking recipes, or search by ingredient. Beverage Recipes - A wide selection of beverage recipes divided by category.

PastryWiz: Apple Recipes - Recipes include breads, pies, muffins, and soups.

Pat's Herbal Recipes - Recipes for ear ache, MS, Alzheimer's, cough syrup, arthritis and bladder infections.

Pat's Kitchen - Pat Moran's cooking show in Dayton, Ohio. Site features the recipes from the show.

Patricks Day Wallpapers - Offers free St. Patricks Day wallpapers, cards, recipes, and history.

Pattianne's Christmas Wonderland - Holiday galleries featuring recipes, music, and games.

Pattianne's Country Kitchen - Variety of recipes featuring Pattianne's French Onion Soup. [Site in extended screen format.]

Pattianne's Paradise - Country Kitchen Recipes - Coquitlam - Home cooking recipe archive with wide screen presentation.

Patty Ann's Recipe Pantry - A country themed recipe site with new recipes being added daily. Information on two of my recipe clubs.

Paul Co / Sharp Shoot R Precision Products - Gun Care products include Wipe-Out Brushless Bore Cleaner, Flush-Out de-greaser, Maxx mil-spec lubricant, Slicker light grease, Ballistic software, Free Targets, Wild Game Recipes, State Fish & Game info.

Paul's Pub - A nice selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic drink recipes.

Paula Burch's Baby Food Cookbook - Recipes and tips on introducing solid foods to babies.

Paula's Pepper Jelly - Offers hot, mild and habanero pepper jelly made with natural ingredients. Decorative fabric top options. Recipes, gadgets and testimonials. Affiliate program.

Paula's Pepper Jelly recipes - American and Italian recipes prepared with pepper jelly. - Mediterranean recipes from food writer Paula Wolfert's website.

Pavico Foods - Gourmet and specialty wheat and soy pastas, sauces, nutrition information and recipes.

Pawpaw Recipes - Collection from the Kansas State University Pawpaw Foundation.

Pawpaw Wines - Two recipes for making wine from the fruit of the American pawpaw.

Payaswini - Collection Of Indian Vegetarian Recipes - Large collection of mostly South Indian vegetarian recipes in Kannada style.

Peach Cobbler Face Off - Food article on peach cobbler with two distinct recipes.

Peach Recipes - Ice cream, pie, a recipe based on a yellow cake mix, and tarts.

Peach Recipes for Texas Hill Country Peaches - Includes Spanish Peaches, Peach Cream Kuchen, pie, cobbler, and few other recipes.

Peach Recipes from New England - Includes recipes for desserts and main dishes.

Peach, Nectarine, and Other Stone Fruit Recipes - A collection of primarily peach recipes.

Peaches - From, nutritional and handling information about peaches with a collection of peach recipes at the bottom of the page.

Peaches Recipes - French toast, peach sauce, cobbler, preserves, peaches in red wine sauce, crisp.

Peak Performance Fitness Systems - 12 week fitness program. Features training routines and tips plus supplement information and healthy recipes.

Peake Appetizers - Recipes using duck or mussels. Includes accompaniments.

Peanut Brittle from - A handful of old-fashioned recipes using different ingredients.

Peanut Butter Lovers Club - Historical information, how it is made, recipes.

Peanut Butter Press - Home of "Peanut Butter Stew and Couscous Too", a cookbook of recipes for toddlers and older children. Features a monthly sample recipe, toddler-feeding tips and kid pleasers.

Peanut Butter Recipes - A collection of peanut butter recipes from Guide.

Peanut Recipes - Recipes, cooking hints, old fashioned peanut butter, general preparation methods, all from Virginia Carolina Peauts.

Peapod - Groceries for home delivery, plus office and cleaning supplies. Delivery limited to metropolitan areas in USA's Midwest and Northeast regions. Includes coupons, shopping tips and recipes.

Pear Recipes - From Texas A & M University, general information about pears and how to handle them, as well as some recipes for preserves and jam.

Pear Recipes for the Fall Season - Recipes from a vineyard, featuring pears and various wines.

Pear recipes - Vegetarian recipes such as poached pears, pears in red wine, baked pears.

Pearce, Brandon - Experiences, photos, humor, recipes and thoughts from his mission in Tokyo, Japan.

Pecan Recipes - A small collection of personal recipes, some for the microwave; links to other pecan recipe sites.

Pecan Recipes - Southern American Cuisine - Southern pecan recipes, from guide.

Pedro's Kitchen - Recipes - Typical Brazilian recipes for some of Pedro's favourite dishes.

Peets Eats - Recipes by Peter Barth of Petaluma, California. He emphasizes fresh ingredients and a down-to-earth style.

Peggy's Page - Family of four raising their children naturally. Vegetarian and vegan recipes, cloth diapering, attachment parenting, baby wearing, breastfeeding, Waldorf-inspired teaching and daily rhythms, American Sign Language, non-toxic home cleaning, organic, genetically engineered food data, and quilting.

Pelican's Choice - Produces gourmet canned albacore tuna in six flavors. Company information, recipes, and product and contact details.

Pelino's Pasta Sauce - Recipes featuring this pasta sauce.

PenGwen's Harvest Moon 64 - Includes animals, characters, crops, items, power berries, screen shots, recipes, secrets, and forum for the Nintendo 64.

Penny Eisenberg's Cookbooks - Cookbooks for low-fat, Passover, kosher, non-dairy (Pareve) and Jewish desserts, with sample recipes.

PennyWise - Tips on reducing the cost of living. Features craft ideas, recipes and home-made versions of commercial products.

Pepper Fool - Many spicy recipes, restaurant reviews, and chili information.

Pepper Fool Lamb Recipes - An index of hot and spicy recipes. Links are also provided to a chili pepper photo gallery and a spicy style restaurant review.

Pepper Fools - A large collection of canning recipes using Chile peppers.

Pepper Fools Chile Pepper Recipes - List of hot and spicy recipes, tips for buying hot sauces and peppers, and includes database of chile pepper products. Also offers recipes in Master Cook format for downloading and importation, and an explanation of the origin of the recipes.

Pepperfool - Small collection of traditional recipes. Southwestern Recipes - Features dishes such as Chile Colorado, Chipotle Shrimp and Escabeche.

Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry - Easy recipes that are delicious and impressive for cooking holiday desserts and appetizers, and for entertaining on special occasions from Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry.

Peppers - Recipes include grilled banana and sweet peppers, and stuffed peppers.

Perfect Entertaining Halloween Edition - Recipes, menus, and party ideas for Halloween for children and adults.

Perfect Pasta Meatless Pasta Recipes - A large selection of both dried and fresh pasta recipes without meat.

Perfect Pasta Salad from All Recipes - Includes tips and recipes for creating a variety of salads.

Perfect Pie Crusts - Free instructions and video demonstrations for making pie dough and preparing a single or double crust pie. Includes recipes for pie shells.

Perfect Pies - Pie recipes and helpful baking tips. - Cooking, recipes and book reviews.

Period Recipes - Courtesy of the Historic Kitchens of Heritage Toronto.

Perl6 Object Oriented Cookbook - A 'living' document that provides recipes to explain many OO features of the language.

Persian Cooking - Eight traditional Persian recipes.

Persian Recipes at - Variety of recipes from Artichoke Khoresh to Zardalu Polo.

Persian Recipes at - Basic collection of recipes for various Persian dishes.

Persian and Iranian Recipes at - Eight recipes, such as Labu and Kateh, with list of Iranian restaurants.

Persimmon Fruit Recipes - Bread, cake, cookies, compote.

Persimmons - Recipes for sorbet, salads, sauteed persimmons, chutney.

Personal Chefs Network (PCN) - Association that provides training and networking to personal chefs. Includes a search engine for personal chefs, online member forum, membership fees, recipes, personal chef spotlight, FAQs for both personal chefs and those looking to hire a chef, and contact info.

Personal Health Zone's Desserts - Selected dessert recipes include Banana Ice Cream, Peach Cobbler, and Winter Apple Crisp.

Peruvian Recipes - Seven recipes, such as Pollo Al Ajo Estilo Peruano.

Pet Food Recipes - Database of recipes for many different pets including dogs, cats, and ferrets.

Pet Foods and Treat Recipes for Dogs - On a yorkie breeder web site.

Pet Recipes - A humorous look at alternative uses for housepets and other animals.

Pet de Kat Krewe Litter Box - Message board for Pet de Kat Krewe. Discussions about music festivals, upcoming events and travel plans. Also offers music reviews, parties and recipes.

Petaluma Poultry - Chickens humanely raised, fed a 100% vegetarian diet and no antibiotics ever. Information on natural and organic practices, news, recipes and answers to frequently asked questions. Also, a list of product resellers in the USA.

Pete's Frootique - Information on selecting and storing fresh produce, and nutrition tips and recipes.

Peter Eatons Chilli Page - Personal collection of chili recipes and a other recipes such as salsa and fajitas.

Peter HillMan - Includes Italian and non-Italian veggetarian recipes, categorized according the different meal courses.

Peter Osborne: TV chef - A television chef gives weekly recipes and hints, and also answers cookery problems.

Peter's Gourmet Marinade - These sauces combine the flavors of garlic, soy sauce, ginger and rice vinegar with special imported spices. Includes recipes.

Petersen - Arthur and Lillian of Racine Wisconsin. Includes children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Recipes, photos, family tree, and news.

Petrines Goat Recipes - Several Norwegian recipes for goat.

Pets Are Worth Saving - Includes photographs of available pets, wish list, calendar of events, and treat recipes. Based in Savannah.

Petz - Her story, meaning of her name, image gallery, multimedia, adoptions, links and some recipes for four.

Phantasia's Favorite Chocolate Recipes - Offers true chocoholics facts about chocolate, cake baking techniques and cookie baking tips, recipes for cakes, brownies, cookies, candies, pies, sauces, and toppings.

Pheasant Recipes - Collection of four recipes.

Phi Kappa Tau - Chapter - William & Mary - Alpha Theta - Out of date site with unique drink recipes and band info

Phil and Becky's Recipes - Provides recipes for baking breads, stewing soups, desserts and main-courses. Includes listing of links to different sites providing vegetarian recipes.

Philippine Recipes - Handful of Filipino recipes.

Philippines Ilagan Mission - A web site devoted to current and former missionaries from the Philippines Ilagen mission. Includes photos, stories, recipes, and a message board.

Phillips Farms Mushroom Recipes - From a farm producer, recipes for crimini, enoki, shiitake or shitake, oyster, and portabella mushrooms.

Photoglo, Jim - Singer/songwriter's official site features news, biography, sound samples and recipes.

Phyllo Recipes - A number of Phyllo recipes to try, such as Spicy Phyllo Cups, and Spinach Phyllo Rools.

Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine: Vegan Recipes - Recipe archive updated weekly, plus healthy holiday menus and rerecipes.

Phytocure - Offers salves for the removal of scars, wrinkles, plantar warts and skin cancer. Book with recipes for home made body products.

Picante Fish - One of Granny's recipe contest winners. Also offers contests, coupons, and many other types of recipes.

Pickle Recipes - From SOAR, over 300 pickle recipes for all kinds of pickled vegetables and a few fruits. Also includes general information about pickling.

Pickle and Relish Recipes - Recipes for cucumbers, Vidalia onions, and a selection of relish recipes.

Pickled Garlic - Collection of seven recipes including Chinese, Sugar-Pickled and Persian.

Picklenet - A guide to pickling and preserving offering recipes, techniques, advice, links, and a bulletin board.

Pickles from Hugs's Homehearth - Recipes to pickle watermelon, green tomatoes, apple, purple cabbage, fish, grapes, jalapenos, muskmelon, peaches, pears, beans, watermelon rind, day lily buds, and figs.

Picnic Recipes - A variety of recipes for dips, salads, and main dishes.

Picnic Recipes, Tailgate Recipes, and Backyard Recipes - Menus and recipes.

Picnic recipes from Razzle Dazzle Recipes - Recipes for picnics, tailgate parties or backyard barbeques.

Pictsweet - Grower, packer and distributor of frozen vegetables and vegetables with sauce blends for retail and foodservice markets. Full product list, recipes using company's products and contact information are available.

Pie & Pastry Recipes Index - A good selection of dessert pie and pastry recipes, including such options as Shoofly Pie and Frango Mint Pie.

Pie And Pastry Recipes - Pies, quiches, tarts, and turnovers King Arthur Flour.

Pie Recipe.Com | Valentine's Day Pies - Pie recipes for Valentine's Day from

Pie Recipes - 16 categories of dessert pies are offered, including numerous variations.

Pie Recipes and Pastry Recipes - Dessert Pie and Pastry Recipes from our Family Cookbook including such choices as Rhubarb Custard Pie and Gram's Lemon Pie.

Pie Recipes from CooksRecipes - A collection of pie recipes listed by category.

Pie Recipes from Lesley's Recipe Archive - Learn how to make pumpkin pie filling from scratch along with other pie recipes.

Pie Recipes from Pastrywiz - A selection of over 5 dozen dessert and savory pie recipes like Pumpkin, Key-lime, Pecan and others.

Pie Recipes from Recipezaar - Pie recipes of every flavor are represented here, with complete nutritional information. Browse by cuisine and ingredient.

Pie Recipes from - Amish Custard Pie and Caramel Apple Pie are just two of over 100 pie recipes offered.

Pie and Pastry Recipes at iChef - A large pie and pastry recipe collection arranged in an easy to use alphabetical search.

Pierino Frozen Foods - Producers of precooked and dry pastas, and pesto and meat sauces. Company profile and history, product details, recipes, and contact information.

Pies & Pastries from Culinary Café - Basic dough recipes, savory pies, dessert pies, strudel and tarts.

Pigments Through the Ages - An introduction to artists' pigments, including historiesand recipes for several dozen traditional pigments.

Pikled Garlik Company - Gourmet California pickled garlic products. Includes six flavors from mild to habenero and ways to use pickled garlic and delicious recipes.

Pilgrim's Pride Recipes - A search and directory for chicken and turkey recipes.

Piller's Sausages and Delicatessens, Ltd. - Producers of over 300 varieties of fine deli products made from the freshest, leanest cuts of pork, beef, and poulty to satisfy our old-world recipes.

Pillsbury Baking Products - Includes recipes, baking with kids, products, promotions, tips and techniques.

Pillsbury Perfect Holidays Made Personal - Create a personalized holiday menu, plan the event and find main course, side dishes, pie and crescent recipes.

Pinay Wives Corner - A website dedicated to married Filipina, no matter their age, or their geographical location. A place to share, to learn, to post letters and recipes, and chat.

Pine Meadows - Offers equipment and accessories. Includes fragrance and essential oils, bases, molds, and recipes.

Pine Meadows Soapmaking Recipes - Recipe listing includes soap, lotion, bath fizzies, lip balms, bath salts, body scrubs. Also includes scent blending suggestions.

Pine Nut People's Pinon Pine Nut Page - Recipes using pine nuts including Pesto, Pine Nut Aphrodisiac soup, and Soft Roasted Nuts.

Pine Nut Recipes at Epicurious - Pine nut recipes that originally appeared in various cooking magazines.

Pine Nuts - A collection of recipes, including a group that are Italian cuisine, and some basic information about pine nuts. From a sales site.

Pine Point Seafood - Maine lobsters, live or partially cooked, surf and turf packages, online or fax ordering, with lobster facts and recipes.

Pineapple Cake - This cake only takes nine minutes to bake. Included is a recipe search and a link to other cake recipes.

Pineapple Recipes - A selection of recipes including salads and cakes.

Pinto Beans All Week - A small selection of recipes for a week of cooking.

Pioneer Thinking - Step by step instructions to make your own homemade fragrant soaps. Many recipes with herbs, beeswax, and vegetable oils.

Pioneer Thinking: How To Make Modeling Clay - Variety of recipes using household items.

Pioneer Thinking: Making Fragrances - Create perfumes and body splashes to suit personality and taste. Offers 15 recipes that can be made at home.

Pioneer and Indian Recipes - Adaptations of recipes prepared by Native Americans or pioneers on the Oregon Trail.

Piscatorial Pursuits Recipes - Salmon, halibut, razor clam, and other recipes.

Pistachio Recipes - Recipes from the California Pistachio Commission. Includes instructions on storing pistachios.

Pit Cooking - Features information and recipes for pit cooking. Includes color photos of the process.

Pita Pocket Bread Recipes - Pita pocket recipes including appetizers, main dishes and vegetarian recipes.

Pitmon, Amy - Includes London vacation and boating trip photos, hot dish recipes, and a medical transcriptionist resource page, and essays.

Pitter's Cherokee Trails - Traditional and modern Native American recipes.

Pixi's Holiday Pages - A collection of web pages that celebrate all the holidays. Links, humor, tips, and recipes.

Pizza Dough Recipes - Herbed Whole Wheat Pizza Dough and Bread Machine Pizza Dough from Better Homes and Gardens.

Pizza Jorge - Pizza recipes that are used by a variety of Argentinean pizzerias and cafes.

Pizza Recipes - A collection of recipes including Mexican, Greek, Pesto, Thai, meatless, and other combinations.

Pizza Recipes at - Includes recipes for dough, sauces, a selection of toppings, and recipes for deep pan pizza Chicago style. Includes nutritional information, meal planning, and automatic grocery list for all selections.

Pizza Recipes from Just Recipes - Recipes such as baby, baked, tortilla, breakfast, dessert, barbecue, chicken, English muffin, quick, and appetizer pizzas. Also recipes for dough.

Pizza Tycoon Page - Include game tips, downloads, recipes and an FAQ.

Pizza and Calzone Recipes - Includes recipes for popover, pop-up and easy pizza, pizza dough, and calzones. - Selling a compact countertop pizza oven. Also has recipes and links.

Pizzaware, Inc. - Pizza Recipes - Recipes include Mexican Confetti Cold Appetizer Pizza and BBQ Rib Pizza.

Pizzaware.Com - Patented bakeware for pizza, focaccia, pies, single-layer cakes, and other specialty bakegoods. Includes video clips, recipes and pizza making lessons.

Plaintain Recipes from Panama - Five recipes, such as Drunk Plantains and Patacones.

Planet Barbecue - Recipes for beginners and help on barbecuing all the year round.

Planet Saffron - Site offering information on holistic healing, alternative medicines, nutrition and recipes, health queries, remedies and lifestyles.

Plant Answers Recipes - From the Texas A&M department of horticulture. Focuses on fruit, nut, and vegetable recipes with a few others thrown in.

Plantain Recipe - Small list of authentic Puerto Rican plantain recipes.

Plantain Recipes - A handful of South American plantain recipes with titles in Spanish, but instructions in English.

Plantains - Six recipes from a plantains sales site.

Plantains (Plantain Bananas) - Encyclopedia-like article with some cooking instructions and several simple recipes.

Planter - Gardening in zones 4-5, weather, garden references, recipes and environmental information.

Planters - Offers corporate history, nutritional information, recipes and peanut and snack food information.

Play School Recipes - Fun recipes from Australia. Some to eat, others to play with such as playdough, slime, or goop.

Pleasant Valley Apiaries of Montana LLC - Includes Rocky Mountain royal jelly, raw and unfiltered bee products and recipes.

Plum and Prune Recipes and Cooking Information from - Recipes, history, lore, storage, and cooking information.

Pocket Sandwich Fillings - Oven recipes for Honey-Mustard Ham, Country Sausage, and Pizza fillings.

PocketRecipe - Software for recipes on a pocketpc or palm.

Podgorica - Recipes for Sarma, Jam Roll, and Mousaka. Includes photographs of Montenegro and links.

Pokanoket Ostrich Farm: Ostrich Recipes - Collection of ostrich recipes including Asian Satay With Sesame Seeds On Skewers, French Onion and Ostrich Steak Soup and Ostrich in Phyllo Dough.

Pokédeath - Commentary, images, links, recipes and 101 ways to kill Pokémon.

Poland - Renaissance & Reconstruction - Recipes and articles on Polish cuisine, from GlobalGourmet.

Poland: Food - Brief description of Polish food culture with three recipes.

Polehna's Real Czech Recipes - Small collection of recipes including Palacinky, Sulc, Kolache, and Tripe Soup.

PoliceWives.Org - For spouses of Law Enforcement Officers. Forums, recipes, merchandise, support, resources, stories, and poetry.

Polish American Cultural Club - Serving Chicago and its suburbs. Features cultural notes on cutoms, costumes, recipes, music, dance and crafts. Also features list of famous Poles.

Polish American Journal: Recipes - Recipe columns from Polish chef Robert Strybel for traditional and neo-polonaise dishes.

Polish Cooking Recipes - Recipe for Polish Sauerkraut Soup, Pierogi Dough, and Kolachky.

Polish Easter Recipes - Traditional Easter recipes for a Polish Easter.

Polish Recipes - Sharon's favourite recipes as well as a brief description of the cuisine.

Polish Treasures - Seven traditional recipes, such as Golabki and Klopsy.

Polishcooking - Email list for exchanging Polish and Eastern European recipes.

Polowin, Joel - Muppet Labs - Filks, humor, recipes, and software. Wigilia - Christmas Eve Recipes - Small collection of recipes.

Pomegranate Delights - Information and recipes for pomegranates, from Sunset Magazine.

Pomegranate Recipes - From the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, recipes for punch, syrup, and jelly.

Pomegranates - Information about pomegranates and recipes for salad, dip, main dish, and a pomegranate soup with meatballs.

Pomelo; Pommelo from GourmetSleuth - Ancestor to the common grapefruit. Includes photographs, recipes, nutrition, culinary and medicinal uses.

Pompano Recipes - Information about this species and a handful of recipes including Pompano Almondine and Pompano with mango beurre blanc.

Pondy Kitchen - Small collection of recipes from the Pondicherry kitchen.

Pongal: The Harvest Festival of Tamils - Offers cards, wallpapers, and recipes. Also provides information on rituals and legends related to this harvest festival.

Pooh Play Land - Sounds, pictures, crafts, coloring sheets, recipes, history, and downloads.

Poor People's Guide: Playdough and Clay Recipes - Selection of recipes for various bread and salt doughs, clays, and playdough.

Poornima's Recipes - Recipes from the Indian state of Karnataka.

Pop Corn Recipes - Baked caramel corn, peanut popcorn, cheese popcorn, seasoned popcorn.

Popcorn - Collection of savory and sweet recipes indexed alphabetically.

Popcorn Papa - Popped fresh daily using secret recipes, popcorn tins and theme gift boxes.

Popcorn Recipes - A collection of recipes for flavored popcorn and dishes using popcorn as an ingredient.

Popcorn Seasoning Recipes - Includes recipes for Onion-Dill Salt, Herbed Salt, and Sesame Salt.

Poppy Seed Recipes - Recipes include Rabbit Curry with Poppy Seeds, Ritzy Turkey with Poppy Seeds, and Blueberry Poppy Seed Brunch Cake.

Popular Greek Recipes - Charleston, SC. Cookbook by the Ladies Philoptochos Society of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity. Announcement of re-printing. Order information.

Pork 4 Kids - Recipes using pork, for anytime of the day.

Pork Soup Recipes - Browse recipes featuring pork, including "Spicy Pork and Black Bean Chili" and "Danish Pea Soup with Pork," each with complete nutritional information.

Port Susan Bay - Gourmet herbal and fruit vinegars and liquid flavorings that have won awards at Washington State fairs. Information, recipes, and ordering.

Portobello Mushrooms (Portabellas) - The article discusses the name, uses, nutrition and includes recipes and growing information. From GourmetSleuth.

Portugal Lisbon South Mission - Information for former missionaries including pictures, mission handbook and discussions, and recipes.

Portuguese Homestyle Cooking - Author Ana Patuleia Ortins presents sample recipes from her new cookbook.

Portuguese Recipes - A few recipes from the Medeiros family page.

Positively Sweden - Established by four ladies in 1999 to offer support in their upcoming move to Sweden. Offers short biographies with photographs, dining and shopping options, message board and a selection of recipes.

Potato Recipes from Hugs's Homeheart - A good number of recipes to present the potato au gratin, roasted with garlic, baked, stuffed with blue cheese, in wedges, scalloped, baked, or in casseroles.

Potato And Tomato Soup - A simple recipe making six servings, at Just Dutch Oven Recipes.

Potato Fact Sheet - Includes recipes and nutritional information. Also tips for selecting, storing, and serving.

Potato Hints - Information includes cooking methods, buying and storing, and recipes.

Potato Recipes at Recipezaar - Search for something in particular or browse this large collection of potato recipes by cuisine, course or preparation, each with complete nutritional analysis.

Potato Recipes from Angie's Realm - Assortment of recipes using potatoes.

Potato Salad Recipes - Collection of recipes including 20-Minute Potato Salad, Lemony Potato Salad With Olives, Corn And Cashews, and Rosy Beet and Potato Salad with Garlic Dressing; from listed alphabetically, from

Potato Salads - A variety of recipes, with and without eggs.

Potatoes.Com: Recipes and Cooking - Indexed collection of recipes using potatoes. - International recipes using potatoes.

Potatohelp - The Potato Board's site offers a collection of potato recipes, history, nutrition, and other information about potatoes.

Pottery Making Illustrated - This site serves as an introduction to Pottery Making Illustrated magazine, with featured selections, glaze recipes, online how-to articles from the current issue, brief descriptions of future articles, submission information, recommended books, advertising rates and online subscription capability.

Potthast, Seth - Gilbert's Rival's Domain - Features biography, photos of friends and travel, and original writings. Includes fan fiction based on Anne of Green Gables and recipes for original drinks.

Poulton, Irene - Short biography, a few images of sculptural ceramics, a few glaze recipes, and links to other Australian sites.

Poultry Recipes - Poultry recipes from Tyson Foods.

Poultry Solutions Dot Com - Portal for the poulty business including news, knowledge, resources, jobs, community, directory, products, business, consulting, downloads, recipes, weather, glossary, and conversion factors.

Pow Wows Around The World - Pow wow directory and information, as well as poetry, recipes, and a message board.

Powell & Stokes, Inc. - Blister fired, plain, roasted, hot and spicy, sweet and bulk peanut sales. Includes recipes and peanut information.

Powerhouse Greens Take On A Touch Of Class - Health and nutrition information, cooking techniques, selecting and storing, and a few recipes.

Prabhu, M. V.: Prabhumam's Phardi - Personal information, humour, Gowda Saraswat Brahmins, recipes, and thoughts on bringing up children.

Practical Recipes - Home of three weekly free newsletters, Kitchen News, Recipes, and Alphabet Soup.

Praegel, Maiya - Warrior Princess - Includes photo album, information about the goddess Ma'at, poetry and recipes.

Prairie Berry Recipes - Dessert dishes made from such familiar prairie berries as saskatoon, chokecherries and black currants.

Pratt's Candy Recipes - Recipes for Cream Cheese Mints, Fudge, Chocolate Truffles, Easter Egg Candy, and Penuche.

Pray for Peru - Information & prayer requests from missionaries in Peru. It also includes Christian articles, & interesting facts & recipes from Peru.

Pregnancy Diet - Recipes and advice for eating well during pregnancy. Includes menus for different needs.

Prejean's Recipes - Prejean's restaurant offers gourmet recipes such as Oysters En Brochette, and Turtle Soup.

Premiere Cuisine - Quick and easy recipes. Entrees, side dishes, dips, salads, and desserts. Low-fat suggestions and recipes available.

Premio Italian Sausage: Hot Sausage Recipes - Selection of recipes including Spanish Sausage Stew and Hot Italian Sausage Cheese Morsels.

Premio Sausage - Specialists in Italian sausage. Recipes and recipe contest to win free sausage.

Preparing Baby Food - Safety rules to follow when preparing food for baby, and recipes.

Preparing Healthy Food: How To Modify A Recipe - Tips for reducing fat, calories, sodium, and sugar, and increasing fiber in recipes, by substituting ingredients.

Preparing Mussels - Article on mussels including several recipes; from

Present Taste - Mail order gourmet chocolates, truffles, pralines, liquors flowers, cards and hampers. Recipes and gift ideas.

Preserves Recipes at iChef - Large collection of preserves and jam recipes, alphabetically indexed.

Preserving Apples - Recipes include canning spiced apples, juice, jelly, applesauce, and butter. From the Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service.

Preserving Food for Special Diets, HYG-5352-97 - The Ohio State University Extension fact sheet presenting basic information and some recipes.

Preserving Peaches - Recipes for peach jam, honey, marmalade, pickles, conserves, and oscar relish.

Preserving Pie Fillings - Ohio State University Extension fact sheet offering recipes and canning information.

Press-Enterprise Recipes - Four recipes for pumpkin pie and pumpkin flan.

Presto - Our Favorite Recipes - Recipes for homemade pizza, deep fryer, pressure cooker, popcorn, and salad shooter, from the appliance manufacturer.

Presto Espresso - Markets Espresso Italia machines and the pod coffee that is manufactured specifically for that machine. Provides instructions for use and espresso recipes.

Presto Pressure Cooker Recipes - Offers recipe collections by topic, articles on using a cooker, and an index of individually listed recipes.

Price Chopper Supermarkets - Medium size chain of supermarkets in New England, New York, and Pennsylvania, with headquarters in upstate NY. Offers general information, recipes and community calendars.

Prime Rib Recipes - Fourteen different recipes including salt-crusted, with wine, blackened, mustard-coated, herbed, with horseradish cream, Cajun, and basic cooking instructions.

Prime Rib Roast Recipes - Two recipes featuring the use of rock salt and other seasonings.

Primo Magazine Online - An up-scale bi-monthly print magazine for Italian Americans and those who wish they were. Each issue features travel articles, recipes, wine advice, fashion updates, biographies, and stories.

Prince Edward Island Christmas Recipes - Recipes archived from The Guardian newspaper, for Island holiday dishes.

Prince Edward Island: Island Christmas - Send a letter to Santa Claus or a card to friends and relatives, find great holiday recipes, make your own Island calendar and enter to win the Christmas feast.

Prince Pasta - Recipes from an American pasta manufacturer, compiled in an easy to search index.

Princess Cafe - A virtual rock and roll restaurant with cheeky rock and roll menus, unusual rock information, rock birthday tributes, links, and even some cooking tips and recipes. Updated regularly.

Priya Madhan's Cooking Recipes - Homegrown recipes from the South Indian, Italian, Thai and Indo-Chinese cuisines.

Priya's Kitchen - Small index of different recipes.

Pro-Selections - A few recipes, a link for pressure cooker questions, and a recipe submission link.

Proactive Metabolics - The Balance PC software helps manage diabetes by combining a personal health record and extensive food database and recipes.

Procmail recipe generator - Tk-RED is a procmail recipe generator. It uses a custom language Reciproc. It exports this language to a procmailrc file. Tk-RED is a graphical editor for writing recipes.

Produce Oasis - Information on fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs including selection tips, nutrition data, seasonal peaks, recipes and trivia.

Produce Recipes from Prairieland Community Supported Agriculture - Features recipes for greens, gooseberries, rhubarb, currants, and squash.

Producers Dairy Foods, Inc. - Independent dairy in the western United States providing fresh quality products. Product information, recipes, and company history.

Professional Recipes - Small selection of recipes which include serving suggestions, and cooking tips.

Prospect Creek Log Homes - Log home plans, packages, and our families favorite recipes from Montana.

Provence Truffles - Producer near Avignon. Techniques, truffle products and recipes.

Provençal Recipes - Recipes for aïoli, aubergine casserole, and roast pork.

Providence Specialty Products - New England manufacturer of specialty cheeses: Asiago, Gouda, Mozzarella Curd, Feta, Parmesan and Romano. Company profile, product specifications, recipes, and contact information.

Provincetown Portuguese Cookbook - Traditional and haute cuisine recipes from the Portuguese community in Provincetown.

Psoriasis Food Remedies - Provides a list of safe and beneficial foods for psoriatics, including complete recipes and meal plans.

PubDrinks - Over two thousand cocktail recipes in searchable drink database and possibility to e-mail a drink recipe to a friend.

Pudding Recipes - Recipes for custards, mousse, and bread, cream, fruit, orange, pineapple, prune, rice, and tapioca puddings.

Pulmuone-USA - Manufactures natural foods such as tofu, fresh noodles, udon, and other Asian products. Company profile, product details, recipes, and contact form.

Pulp Kitchen Recipes - Free recipes for all to try. - Website for the cooking show, download recipes and get expert advice and cooking tips.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins - This recipe has earned a 5 star rating from viewers. Links are provided to other recipes plus family, holiday, and craft sites.

Pumpkin Nook - One of the largest and most comprehensive sites on the internet for pumpkins, including pumpkin growing, recipes, Halloween, fun, games, Festivals, and Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Recipes - A recipe for pumpkin chili, and one for pumpkin flan.

Pumpkin Recipes - New England for Visitors - Pumpkin recipes from New England restaurants and inns.

Pumpkin Recipes Galore - Extensive collection of recipes for pumpkins and related data.

Pumpkin Recipes at Recipezaar - Pies and other recipes in this collection.

Pumpkin Recipes from Al & Abigail's Country Place - A variety of easy to make pumpkin recipes.

Pumpkin Soup - A handful of recipes.

Pumpkins and More - University of Illinois presents history and facts about pumpkins, but also information about varieties, nutrition, and an archive of pumpkin recipes.

Pumpkins and More: Pumpkin Recipes - University of Illinois Extension presents breads, soups, risotto, cheesecake, pies, and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Punch Recipes from BarNone - An alphabetical list of recipes for any drink which will not fit in a standard glass. From classic wedding punches to absurd college party mixes.

Punch Recipes from RecipeSource - Searchable collection of around 90 different recipes. Some with alcohol, some not.

Punch Recipes from Recipezaar - Search for something in particular or browse punch recipes by ingredient, cuisine. Each recipe can be automatically scaled for amount you need. Around 40 recipes.

Purcell Mountain Farms - Exotic gourmet and heirloom beans and lentils. Also lists recipes.

Purdy's Chocolates - Hand crafted chocolates in small batches from traditional family recipes.

Pure Punk Rock - Pictures of punks from the USA. Totally charged, drunk on cider, and having a good laugh at you. Includes photographs, cider recipes, great record lists of punk from 77, 82, and the present.

Pure Veg Recipes - Includes recipes of dinner pies, cakes, pasta, soups etc. Also includes a few Indian recipes.

Purely Soapin' - Featuring homemade cold process soaps, soapmaking instructions, recipes, and information on soapmaking classes.

Purim Recipes - Variety of cookies, hamentaschen, pastries and dishes.

Purim Recipes Index - Recipe archives from the Jewish Food Mailing List.

Purim Recipies by jewish-food - Index of recipes.

Purim with Aish! - Send greeting cards, activities for kids, songs, jokes, recipes, true stories, and How-To Guide. From Aish HaTorah

Purity Factories: The Great Tastes of Newfoundland - Handful of recipes offered by online grocery.

Puttick, Kenton - Information and writings about personal interests and activities; church news, recipes, and pictures.

Pyro Pepper - Offers an assortment of recipes which contain one of the company's products. Also offers a chat board for comments on the subject of spicy cooking.

Python Cookbook - Collaborative website built by ActiveState and O'Reilly, hosts user contributions; collection of recipes.

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