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Nice Bites - Offers recipes, basic food advice, members forum, and food events. Cooking and Food - Collection of Pakistani recipes for meat and vegetable dishes, sauces, and desserts.

Nicholson, Deborah - The official site the author and her Kate Carpenter series. Biography, recipes, and character CVs.

Nick Sciabica and Sons California Olive Oils - Extra virgin olive oils, cookbooks, recipes, vinegars, gift packages and screenprinted bottles.

Nicky USA Wild Game - Game bird and game meats including Kobe beef and free-range poultry. Also offering recipes.

Nielsen, Nikolaj - FilmNix - Contains movies, art, music, vegetarian/vegan recipes, poetry, and Tom Waits.

Nigel's Curry Cookbook - North Indian style curry recipes.

Nigeria - Nine recipes for traditional dishes from Nigeria, from the FAO cookbook.

Nigerian Recipes - Forty recipes from the Motherland Nigeria web site, plus a description of the country's foods and drinks.

Night of a Thousand Dinners - Recipes from six mine affected countries, offered by N1KD to creates awareness of the global landmine crisis and raise funds.

Niki Bone Gifts in a Jar Recipes - Browse through several gifts in a jar including cakes, cookies, dry mixes, brownies and soups.

Niki's Recipes - Large personal recipe collection classified mainly by ingredient or course. Also has separate Japanese and Italian collections.

Nikibone Dessert Recipes - Oreo Cheesecake, Peppermint Brownies, Mocha Ice Cream Cake, and Pink Lemonade Pie are among the many recipes listed here. Jello Recipes - An alphbetically indexed collection. - Plum Recipes - Several Recipes including Plum Cobbler, Plum Jam, and Plum Ginger Chicken Salad.

Nine Mile Falls Community Church - Nine Mile Falls, Washington (Evangelical). Service times, contact information, calendar, doctrinal statement, and recipes.

No Sugar Zone Bakery - Provides consumers products that stop the rapid flow of blood sugar. Foods include recipes and items that do not contain wheat and gluten ingredients. Recipe list and catalog provided.

No Weight Gain Cookbooks - Mary Glenda's dessert recipes are sugar-free, fat-free, gluten-free, diabetic friendly. - Vegetarian analogs and soy products, plus health news and recipes. - A large selection of classic recipes and tested cooking methods for people who suffer from lactose intolerance.

Noam's Recipes - Almond Cookies - Uses only four ingredients.

Nobu Matsushia - Recipes and tips from Japanese chef and restaurant owner.

Noel Noel Noel - Pages of Christmas music, crafts and games, traditions and recipes.

Noh of Hawaii - Seasoning mixes of various regions including Chinese, Hawaiian, Filipino, Korean and Portuguese. Has shopping catalog with recipes.

Nolan Ryan Beef - Offers all natural aged beef. Company profile, BSE newsletter, products and recipes, and contact details.

Noll's Home Canning and Freezing - Paul and Bernice Noll share their recipes and tips. Some have step-by-step illustrated instructions.

Non Credo Kushi Macrobiotic Newsletter - A free periodical, published by Yogen Kushi. Contents include macrobiotic educational material, news updates, recipes, interviews, and essays.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks from Coffee World - Recipes using coffee such as Peanut Butter Mocha, Milk Chocolate Espresso, or Iced Cappuccino.

Non-Alcoholic On The Rocks from - A handful of recipes, some using non-alcohol substitutes for the real thing.

Nonna Lina's Kitchen - A collection of traditional Italian recipes from Nonna Lina's own kitchen, including selections for every course.

Noodle Soup Recipes - A collection of recipes with links to other soups and items.

Nora's Lentil Recipes - A small selection of lentil recipes, including Lentil Raisin Drops.

Nora's Recipes From Egypt - A cookbook of Middle-Eastern and Egyptian recipes. Easy to follow recipes that Nora George learned while growing up in Egypt.

Norbest - Corporate site. Large turkey growing and processing operation. Products, recipes, and information for retailer and wholesalers (requires login).

Norbest Turkey Recipes - Large collection of turkey recipes organized by type of dish.

Norbest Turkey Recipes - Soups and Stews - Turkey recipes for soups, stews, and chili, including turkey broth, tortilla soup, caribbean turkey stew, and creamy noodle soup.

Norbest Turkey Recipes: Sandwiches - Recipes for turkey sandwiches, including uses for turkey leftovers.

Norbest turkey recipes: Casseroles - Recipes for turkey casseroles, including uses for leftover turkey.

Nordic Group, Inc. - Wholesale Norwegian frozen salmon, haddock, cod and shrimp. Foodservice recipes for haddock, salmon and cod. Boston, MA.

Nori Seaweed Recipes - Sushi rice and numerous seaweed roll filling recipes, including vegetables, lemon shrimp, and Mexican breakfast rolls.

Norm's Greek Cookbook - Large number of recipes for traditional dishes.

Norman Olverson Ltd - Growers and packers of beetroots, salads and vegetables for the retail, wholesale and food processor market. Company profile, products, and recipes.

Norman Van Aken's Word on Food - Offers a food vocabulary, information, and gourmet recipes from the chef of Norman's.

North African Cuisine - Collection of recipes from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt.

North Carolina Apple Recipes - A collection of recipes including pies, cakes, casserole, and dumplings.

North Carolina Egg Association - Recipes, egg handling and safety information, picnic ideas, and Easter egg decorating ideas.

North Carolina Egg Association: Vegetarian Recipes - Includes soups, salads, appetizers, and entrees.

North Carolina Pecan Growers Association Pecan Recipes - Award-winning recipes for some desserts.

North Coast Co-op - Arcata and Eureka, California. Organic and local products, deli, and bakery. Includes calendar of community events, membership information, recipes, and links.

North Pole Pie Recipes - Large collection of pies featuring bake and no bake recipes.

North Pole Santa Claus - Featuring holiday stories, recipes, reviews of movies, carols, a message board and email to Santa.

North Star United Methodist Church, Nikiski - Special people, newsletter, calendar, projects, recipes, staff, history, and outreach.

North Suburban Cardiology Group, Ltd. - Patient information on heart disease, heart-healthy recipes, and the latest heart news. - Click on the gingerbread house for Mrs. Claus' cookbook. Features recipes for pies, cakes, candy, and breads.

Northern Keta - Processor and wholesaler of fresh, high quality Kosher salmon caviar. Made from roe of wild Pacific salmon in Southeast Alaska. Company profile, product and contact details, recipes, and picture gallery.

Northern Plains Potato Growers Association - A small archive of recipes.

Northland Cranberry Juice Recipes - Cranberry juice based beverages.

Northumberland Berry Works - Hobbyist's experimental planting of various gooseberry and black, red and white currants in central Pennsylvania. Cultivar recommendations, recipes, new cultivation practices.

Northwest Foods - Makers of Farkay style, Chow Mein style, steamed style, broad style, Wuntun style, and steam fried style noodles. Recipes section.

Northwoods Kids' Recipes - Recipes for popped wild rice, rock candy, and snow cream.

Norton's Family and Friends Cookbook - Online collection of recipes gathered from family and friends over the years.

Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church, Mindekirken, Minneapolis, Minnesota (ELCA) - Weekly and monthly worship and education schedule, articles, calendar, history, language classes, pictures, prayers, recipes, sermons, survey, and location. [English/Norwegian]

Norwegian Recipe Archives - Folder with Norwegian Usenet recipes.

Norwegian Recipes - Traditional recipes from the Norway Genealogy Page.

Norwegian Recipes at - About twenty recipes.

Not Afraid of Flavor - Ben and Karen Barker's recipes from Durham, North Carolina.

Not Just Beans - Family cookbook, with economical recipes, easy meals and money saving tips for simple living.

Not in my Local Shop - Purveyors of African foods, recipes and cooking utensils.

Notes from a Devon Kitchen - Marc and Kim Millon offer food, wine and travel essays with recipes from their base in Devon, England.

Notre Cuisine Acadienne - Archive of Acadian recipes, including some Cajun and French-Canadian recipes. [English site]

Now You're Cooking - Featured recipes for Christmas dishes.

Now You're Cooking Cheesecake Recipes - A good collection of cheesecake recipes including pumpkin and chocolate chip.

Now....You're Cooking - Monthly recipes and an archive of recent popular meal ideas.

Noël Eternel - Gifts, ornaments and collectibles, with Christmas stories, traditions, legends, recipes, and fun facts.

Nshima and Ndiwo - Article by M. S. Tembo on the most important staples among Zambians in Southern Africa, with recipes.

Nu-World Amaranth Recipes - Amaranth grain recipes for main courses, breakfast, breads, desserts, salads, soups, sidedishes, and snacks.

Numerical Recipes - Complete free online versions of this standard textbook on computational methods, in the C, Fortran and Fortran-90 editions. PS/PDF. Software and C++ edition for sale.

Numerical Recipes Books On-Line - The complete Numerical Recipes books in C, Fortran 77, and Fortran 90 On-Line, in both PostScript and Adobe Acrobat formats.

Nunda Mustard Recipes - Various recipes using Nunda mustard.

Nurturing the True Carnivore - Information by Feline Future about feline nutrition, cat food, and its impact on behaviour, with recipes and analysis, plus information on Instincts cat food.

Nut Milk Recipes - PaleoFood Collection - Basic nut milk recipes plus variations using almonds.

Nut Nog Recipes - Two recipes, one vegetarian, one vegan, using almond milk.

Nut Recipes - Recipes featuring mostly hickory nuts; from the Northern Nut Growers Association.

Nut of the Month Club - Monthly Selections - A sales site for various kinds of nuts that also has a set of recipes, each of which features a particular nut or seed, e.g. hazelnuts, pine nuts, peanuts, Brazil nuts, walnuts, pistachios, macadamias, cashews, almonds, pecans.

Nutella - The original hazelnut spread with a chocolaty taste by Ferrero. History, nutritional information, and recipes.

NutriFit- High Fiber Recipes - Two examples are garbanzo pita pockets and blueberry oat bran muffins, plus other healthy recipes and articles.

NutriPar - Provides confidential, computerized services to those who create recipes, develop food products, label ingredients, distribute, promote, or serve foods.

NutriPlus - Eggs from poultry fed a special diet that increases the levels of organic selenium and Omega-3. Includes information on health benefits of selenium, egg knowledge and recipes, and company profile.

Nutrition News - Nutrition news, articles, healthy recipes and special diets from the Jewish Hospital Cholesterol Center.

Nutrition Services-Heart Healthy Recipes - Index of low cholesterol foods from St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital. Links for many health topics and wellness classes.

Nutrition and Diet Services - Consultant dietitians who provide nutritional analysis for individual diets, recipes, and menus for cookbooks and restaurants. List of nutrition resources and price sheet for various services.

Nutrition and Food Safety - Discusses cooking tips, healthy recipes, and food safety. Includes free newsletter subscription. By the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension in Lancaster County.

Nutrition and Protective Foods - Dr. Clive Barnett discusses how certain foods improve health. Access to nutrition news archives and healthy recipes.

Nutrition and Recipes for Kids - Parent forum focused on discussing nutrition and recipes for children and other topics such as picky eaters, introducing foods to infants, and toddler nutrition.

NutritionEarth - A guide to alternative therapies, health articles, nutrition, recipes, and interaction with experts.

Nutritional Balance Consultation - Kristine Bahr, Nutrition Consultant. Provides clients with certified nutritinal consultation throughout the greater Massachusetts area. Designs specific menu plans, recipes, and practical shopping lists for individualized lifestyle and symptoms.

Nutritional Needs of the Vegetarian Athlete. - Discusses the specific requirements for vegetarian athletes of the major nutrient types. Provides links to information on nutrient intake before, during and after an event. Includes recipes.

Nutritiously Gourmet - Recipes, cooking term glossary, food and nutrition pyramid calculations, and nutrition newsletter.

Nutshell Natural Paints - Manufacture a range of paints and coatings for home use using natural raw materials and traditional recipes. Includes color selector and decorating ideas and recipes.

Nyn's Recipe Corner - Home recipes, classified by course, method, or type.

OAMC 101: A Fast Course in Once-A-Month Cooking - Tips, FAQs, recipes, and advice for OAMC.

Oaks Spa Cuisine - A selection of low fat recipes from the Oaks Spa in Ojai California.

Oat Bran Recipes - A small selection of oat bran recipes, incluing Banana Oat Bran Muffins.

Oat Recipes at - Over 150 low fat vegetarian recipes using oats or oatmeal, including Oat Burgers and Blueberry Oatmeal Cake.

Oat Recipes at Recipezaar - Over 60 oat recipes, including Oat Bran Pizza.

Oatmeal Cookie Recipes - Abigale's oatmeal cookie recipes, including low fat and no bake versions.

Oatmeal Recipes - Recipe collection includes Bacon & Oatmeal Biscuits, Oatmeal Drink, and Skirlie; from Hamlyn's Oats.

Oatmeal Recipes from RecipeSource - Oatmeal recipes, including Chocolate Oatmeal Bars, Oatmeal Currant Buttermilk Drop Biscuits, and Upside Down Apple Tart with Orange and Oatmeal Pastry.

Oats, Fiber and Diabetes - Charts for food exchanges, carbohydrates and other nutritional values, and recipes, from

Obanzai - A Taste of Kyoto - Traditional Kyoto recipes provided by Bob and Angie (in Japanese and English).

Observatory Rock Bison Ranch - Recipes, breeding stock, pictures, and history from this Bison Ranch. (Jefferson, Colorado)

Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetables - Wildcrafted kombu, ocean ribbons, sea palm, wakame, and nori. Includes recipes.

Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. - Offers branded cranberry and grapefruit juice from a grower-owned cooperative. New food and drink recipes, health information and contact details. - Provides answers to cooking questions, as well as daily recipes, cookbook reviews, and food and cooking news.

Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital - Description of services and specialties, online resources including healthy recipes, newsletters and physician directory.

October and Halloween Recipes - Includes pumpkin recipes, carving tips, directions for making face paint, and ideas for other holiday treats.

Octopus recipes - Presents two recipes: Octopus in Red Wine and Pickled Octopus.

Odin - Norwegian Food - History of the diet, with some typically Norwegian recipes.

Odlums Tritamyl Flour Recipes - Gluten free recipes using Odlums Tritamyl Flour.

Odyssey Seafood, Inc. - Processors of a wide variety of fish and shellfish products. Company profile, product details, recipes, and contact information.

Of Feast and Famine - Collection of recipes, tips, and tales.

Off the Beaten Path - Unique items for the cookie enthusiast. Cookie cutter craft accessories, food color markers, unique gifts, tin candy molds, cookie recipes.

Office Christmas Party Games - Collection of holiday party games, trivia, recipes, and tips.

Office of Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) - Official site, including biography, committees, news releases, photo and audio galleries, constituent services, contact instructions, Comonwealth of Kentucky information such as recipes, stuff for kids, newsletter, Senate insider details, and multimedia links.

Official Raven - Find out everything about the girl from The Cosby Show and That's So Raven. Provides pictures, news, biography, recipes, links, and chat.

Ogden - Rodney, Sandra, Elyse (Frisco, Texas, USA). Activities, employers, resumes, recipes, links, class notes, pictures, newsletters.

Oh Boy, I Can't Believe It's Soy - Sanaa Abourezk's cookbook features over 100 recipes.

Oh! Légumes Oubliés - A small collection of recipes using produce which could be thought of as somewhat old-fashioned.

Ohan Armoudian's World - Eleven Armenian recipes for dips, snacks, and sweets.

Oil in the Raw - Handful of recipes using olive oil.

Okinawan Recipes - Selected recipes from Okinawa in the Ryukyu archipelago, a cuisine derived only partly from Japan.

Okonomiyaki - Shrine with images, lyrics, links, recipes, fan art, fan fiction, profile, multimedia, and games.

Okra and Okra Recipes - Includes recipes for Okra Soup, Curried Okra, Fried Okra, Fried Okra and Potatoes, Okra and Shrimp, and Chicken and Okra Gumbo.

Old Dutch Recipes - Cookbook of old Dutch recipes collected from Dutch immigrants in Pella, Iowa, in 1937.

Old El Paso - Old El Paso recipes for easy-to-prepare, healthy Mexican side dishes, and main dishes.

Old Fashioned Chicken Recipes - An assortment of recipes presented.

Old Fashioned Holidays - Year-round holiday recipes, crafts, traditions and entertaining features that emphasize old-fashioned family get-togethers and traditions.

Old Fashioned Lamb Recipes - Lists a variety of traditional dishes. Cooking information for chops, kidneys, and shoulder is also included.

Old Fashioned Prune Pudding Recipes - Collection of recipes including Prune Souffle.

Old Fashioned Spinach Recipes - Traditional, family recipes contributed by amateur cooks.

Old Home Foods - Dairy company whose products include yogurt, cottage cheese, dips, sour cream and salsa. Company profile and history, product information, recipes, and contact details.

Old Scrote's Real Food Cookbook - International recipes for real food, still cooked and eaten in real life and made from ingredients you could grow.

Old Scrote's Sandwiches - A small assortment of recipes.

Old Secret Family Recipes - Recipes are reproduced family favorite heirloom recipes from several generations.

Old Time Cajun Recipes - Acadian favorites such as Ragout d'patate, Chicken Fricassee, and Seafood Boulettes.

Old Time Recipes - Ordering information for assorted recipes.

Old Time Voyageur Recipes - Small collection of recipes from the French Canadian trappers of yesteryear.

Old Westport Spice and Trading Co - Spice blends, soups and recipes. Spice blends include salsa, chili, cajun, chipotle, cepper, fajita, jalapeno, mesquite, barbecue, and enchilada.

Old Wives Tales - Yahoo newsgroup discussing superstitions, old wives tales, charms, potions, myths, and recipes.

Old fashioned Sausage Recipes - Directory of sausage recipes.

Old-Fashioned Apple Recipes - Collection originally published in 1914, including salads, preserves, baked goods and other desserts, and relishes.

Olde Country Confections - Hande made chocolates,truffles and other confections made from 100 year old recipes.

Olive Oil Recipes from - Browse over 650 recipes which call for olive oil, each with complete nutritional information; you can also search within this set for something in particular.

Olive Pit: Olive Recipes - Recipes include Greek Salad, Spanish Chicken, and Spicy Olive Burgers.

Oliver's Twist - Information about the Jamie Oliver show, including out-takes and recipes.

Olives Australia: Olive Recipes - Recipes from an Australian olive tree nursery.

Olympic Views - Beneficial for those new to soaping. Recipes, information, and links compiled by Kathy Miller.

Olympic recipes - Provides a few recipes, for beef, chicken, or fish, and they all include nutritional information. No links.

Omelet for Two - A basic recipe with four variations. Links also available for other egg and cheese dishes, plus main dish recipes.

On the Road with Dr. Evil - Original commentary, satire, sarcasm, humor, nonsense, and whimsy - new items entered at irregular intervals, but usually once each month. Recipes from Mrs. Evil's Kitchen.

On-Line Cookbook - Virtual cookbook for web sites. Allows visitors to add, print and rate recipes. Free and commercial version.

Onam : - Legends, rituals and celeberation of Onam festival. Links to e-cards, wallpapers, and recipes.

One Chef for You - Provelçale cooking: recipes, menus, photos, and a glossary

One Fat Chef - Contains low fat recipes, weight loss journal and progress, nutrition and exercise information plus the famous one fat chef. Browse through the free online healthy recipes for cooking ideas.

One Feather, Spirit and Sacred Pipe Carver - One Feather has been carving spirit and sacred peace pipes, figure, animal, and fetish carvings for many years. Artwork pictures, Cherokee heritage, genealogy, recipes, the trail of tears, and free email.

One Scrappy Site - Learn scrapbooking how-to's, home organization tips, easy recipes, and free font downloads.

Oneita Montgomery Parsons' Favorite Recipes - Two extensive collections of recipes.

Onion Recipes - A small collection of onion recipes, primarily casseroles.

Onion Recipes from Hugs's Homeheart - Recipes present onions baked, stuffed, creamed, and gourmet style.

Onion Recipes from Recipezaar - A large collection of onion recipes.

Onion Soup Recipes at Recipezaar - A good mix of onion soup varieties in this collection at Recipezaar, each includes complete nutritional information.

Online Office of United States Senator Mary L. Landrieu - Official site, including biography, her staff team, committees, photos, frequent questions, issues, internet chats, statements, news links, services, Louisiana information and recipes, community volunteer opportunities, kid stuff, contact details, audiovideo clips, and guest book. High and low bandwidth available.

Online Virtual Cookbook - A classified list of recipes. You can also add your own.

OnlineHotSauce - Hot sauces and gallery of hot recipes. All sorts of hot sauces ranging from great tasting to very hot. - Recipes classified by course. Users can register for free, which allows them to submit and rate recipes.

Only Veg Recipes - Collection of fat-free and low-fat soups, salads, desserts and main dishes.

Ontario Asparagus Growers - A collection of assorted recipes.

Ontario Elk Breeders Association - Promotes the elk industry as a profitable agricultural alternative in Ontario. News, classifieds, library of articles, recipes, photo gallery and members directory.

Ontario Maple Syrup - Maple syrup and syrup products from Canada, packaged for gift giving. Also offers a large list of recipes using maple products.

Ontario Soybean Growers - Represents the interests of soybean growers in Ontario. Includes newsletter and information on recipes, educations, dealers and growers.

Ontario Turkey Producers Recipes - An index of turkey recipes.

Opera Jamboree - Articles, reviews, and recipes, all related to the joy of opera and singing.

Opera at Home - Book on how to run successful "opera parties", including details of themed evenings, plot summaries, reviews of recordings, and suggested menus and recipes.

Operation Letters To Santa - Offers pages of carols, sheet music, lyrics, midis, games, crafts, and recipes. Send free e-cards, and how to help less fortunate children during the season.

Optimum Health Institute - Therapeutic spa in San Diego offering residents a program of raw vegetables, sprouts and fruits, body movement, mental relaxation, and spiritual balance. Accommodations, facilities, FAQ, tuition rates, recipes, and a virtual tour.

Orange County, California - MADD - Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving; articles, resources, non-alcoholic drink recipes, and safe party tips.

Orange Julius - Offers 16 distinctive juice blend recipes that include non-fat frozen vanilla yogurt, sherbets, fruit, juice and ice.

Orange Villa Veterinary Hospital Boarding & Grooming - Full Service veterinary hospital in Orange, CA. Site features hours and location, map, list of services, recipes, contact information.

Orca Bay Recipes - An assortment of recipes organized by type of fish or shellfish.

Order of the Blessed St. Scully the Enigmatic (OBSSE) - News, reviews, episode guide, games, recipes, and WAV sounds.

Oregon Chai - Product descriptions and recipes. Where to buy online and locally.

Oregon Cherry Growers: Cherry Recipes - Features Cherry Cheese Brownies and Thumbprint Cookies.

Oregon Dairy Council - A creative site with science-based nutrition news, award-winning nutrition resources and recipes.

Oregon Fruit Products - Blackberry Recipes - Collection of drink and dessert recipes.

Oregon Fruit Products - Purple Plum Recipes - Includes Plum Good Focaccia, Plum Glazed Chicken, and Plum and Spice Sauce.

Oregon Fruit Products Co. - Northwest canned fruit and berry provider. Consumer information about fruit picking, online journal, recipes, and products offered.

Oregon Fruit Products Gooseberry Recipes - Small collection of recipes using the fruit.

Oregon Strawberry Commission - Oregon strawberry promotion, education, research, nutrition, health benefits, recipes and suppliers.

Organic Bébé - Recipes for salads, baked goods, snacks and main meals using Earth's Best baby food. Homemade food can be substituted.

Organic Kitchen - Organic foods resource with links to foods, restaurants, markets, farms, vineyards, gardening, recipes and health.

OrganizedHome.Com Cookbook - Collection of recipes for cooking ahead in an online book format.

Oriental Cooking SIG - Recipes from several Asian cuisines with historical and culinary information.

Oriental Foods And Recipes - Contributed oriental recipes ensured to be halal.

Oriental Green Peas - Recipe courtesy of Healthyfood. org. Also offers 5 a day menus and information, a kid's page and more recipes.

Oriental Secrets - Sauces used to prepare Chinese dishes. Includes product descriptions, recipes and ordering information.

Original Amish Cookies - Cookies and fudge using authentic Amish cookie recipes.

Original Nut House - Provides health and nutrition information on peanuts, almonds, pecans and cashews with recipes and shopping for nut gift packs from the store.

Original Texas Recipes - Features Larado Chicken Casserole, Monterrey Enchiladas and San Saba Tamales.

Oriya Kitchen on the Web - Recipes from Orissa in eastern India.

Ornaments and Gingerbread House Recipes - Recipe for salt dough to use in making Christmas decorations and recipe and instructions for making a gingerbread house with royal icing.

Orrington Farms - Soup base manufacturer. Company information, products, and recipes.

Ortega Mexican Food Recipes - Authentic Mexican recipes presented by Ortega.

Oslinc: Ostrich Recipes - Recipes, including Ostrich Steak, with coriander, red wine, orange and red currant jelly, and cooking tips.

Oster Breakfast Recipes - A small collection of breakfast recipes.

Ostrich Growers Meat Company - Ostrich meat, birds, leather and eggs available for sale to wholesale, restaurant and retail customers. Nutritional information and recipes.

Ostrich Meat Recipes - Offers multiple recipes for ostrich meat, and information on ostriches in general.

Otakuville - Martina shrine, Fushigi Yuugi character profiles, images, recipes, Dragon Half and Akazukin Cha Cha information, and links.

Ott's Salad Dressings and Recipes - Recipes for salads and main dishes.

Ottavia's Vinegar Recipes - Balsamic vinegar recipes found on Ottavia's Suitcase from a true buongustaio!

Ottaviana's Kitchen - Traditional family recipes passed on by Ottaviana from her Mamma, who taught her how to cook, and how to enjoy the not so fancy foods in life.

Our Best Recipes - Presents a collection of user-submitted recipes with reader reviews and tips. English and French.

Our Big House - Site dedicated to the forming of new friendships with recipes, coupons, shopping, arts, crafts and family issues.

Our Daily Bread - Database of bread recipes, also offers a newsletter which comes with a daily bread recipe.

Our Daily Bread Cookie Recipes - A wide selection of cookie recipes including such recipes as Triple Chocolate Biscotti, or Swedish Ginger Cookies.

Our Daily Bread: Bean Recipes - Over 30 bean recipes, including Rattlesnake and Beans.

Our Family Recipes - Recipes for breakfast, bread, side dishes, dinner, and desserts. Includes photo gallery and easy-to-print pages.

Our House - Home decorating, renovating, DIY projects and recipes from Australia's popular home improvement TV program.

Our Mother's Recipes - Authentic Spanish recipes (in Spanish and English) from

Our Precious Angels - Offers message boards to discuss freebies, crafts, recipes, health issues, and beauty tips. [Requires free registration.]

Our Recipe Box - Hobby website with more than 65,000 searchable recipes, and no advertising.

Out of Jackie's Smoke House - Low salt recipes, featuring jerky, smoked fish, smoked poultry, venison sausage; 110 pages of step-by-step recipes.

Out of Our League - Member favorites, with information about this league's activities, and suggestions for health-conscious modifications. Includes sample recipes. Junior League of Greensboro, North Carolina.

Out of the Frying Pan - Recipes, food facts and forum.

Outdoor Cooking and Grilling Basics - Grilling tips and safety information. Recipes include barbecued chicken and pork ribs, grill roast turkey, and grilled pork chops.

Outdoor Grilling - Grilling safety, flavoring tips, and recipes.

Outdoor Stir Fry Recipes - Collection of stir fry and other recipes including squid roll, eel, and spinach.

OutdoorCooker - Sells barbeque equipment and accessories, cookers and smokers (charcoal, gas, wood, wood pellet) in both commercial and residential units. Offers recipes and online ordering.

Overbrook Lions Club - District 14-A. Provides a calendar of events, membership and officer list, monthly newsletter, favorite recipes, and fund raising.

Overweight .net - Provides weight management resources, tools, and recipes.

Owens Country Sausage Inc. - Includes company history, product information, restaurant locations, and recipes.

Oxfam: Food in Ghana - Introduction to the food culture, with recipes for Yam Fufu and Oto.

Oxo Stock Cubes - Recipes ideas for Oxo Stock Cubes, including recipes for their new herbs and spices.

Oxygen - Nutrition and Diet - News and information, dietitian advice, vitamin guide and low-fat recipes.

Oyster Recipes - A collection of recipes including Pacific Oyster Kabobs, Pacific Oyster Dressing, and Pacific Oysters and Shrimp Flamenco.

Ozark Belgian Blue Beef, LLC - Individual cuts or packages. Includes several recipes, nutritional information and breed description.

Ozbek Oshi - Uzbek recipes for soups, main courses, pasta and breads, and desserts.

Oztops - Simple kit allows consumers to turn juices into sparkling wines. Recipes, product information, and instructions. Based in Australia, shipping internationally. Order online, by phone, or by mail.

P and I Produce Recipes - A small index of onion recipes, plus prep and cooking tips.

P&M Spice Company Inc - Chili recipes, crockpot food, soups, pasta and vegetarian foods.

P. Caunce & Son Brow Farm - U.K. based grower of potatoes, carrots and other vegetables and salad crops. Produce information, recipes, and photos of fields.

P.C. Spica's World - Photos, art, friends, recipes and humor.

PCC Natural Markets - Seattle, Issaquah, and Kirkland, Washington. Chain of natural foods co-ops. Includes membership information, newsletter, articles, and recipes. - Helping women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Current news, research studies, diet buddy groups, low-carb resources and recipes, support groups.

PDACookbook - Recipe manager. Import Meal-Master or MasterCook recipes to your Palm OS device. Scale the servings size. Use PC interface for quicker recipe entry. [Palm OS]

PETA Eats - Includes recipes for breakfast dishes, appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches, main dishes, and desserts.

PHOOD!!!! - More than seventy Middle Eastern recipes from Zahra's homepage.

PJWC Cooks - Recipes for appetizers, desserts, sweet treats, and cookies.

Pa Khin Khao - Traditional and nouvelle Thai recipes, ingredients and directory of Thai restaurants worldwide.

Pachakam Dot Yum - Recipes from India's regional cuisines, China, and America, as well as recipes for side dishes.

Pacific Bakery Yeast-Free - Specializing in organic yeast-free breads and wheat alternatives. Includes store locator, nutritional information and recipes.

Pacific Farms - 100% Real Wasabi Plants available here, information on wasabi and its history. Recipes online.

Pacific International Rice Mills, Inc. - Cultivating innovative rice products for tomorrow. Take a virtual tour of a rice mill. Submit your favorite rice recipes.

Pack On Muscle - This site offers an e-book on bodybuilding, with tips and recipes for better health.

Paella Pans - Imported from Spain, along with tips, techniques, and recipes for cooking authentic paella at home.

Paella Recipes - Paella recipes submitted by internet users.

Pagan Hearth Recipes - A Pagan/Wiccan on-line cook book, for the kitchen-witch in all of us.

Pagan Teen Soliloquy - An online teen 'zine with everything from recipes to essays, artwork to penpals.

Pagan Universe - Excellent collection of Pagan resources and information on God/esses, computer tools, spells, and recipes.

Pagan's Halloween Haunted Home - Whimsical ways to haunt your home for Halloween with creepy projects, gooey recipes and tips.

Pai's Chinese Food - Small selection of recipes, such as Chinese Chives Cake and Five Colored Shredded Chicken.

PakiRecipes - Recipes posted by internet users, with food news, views, discussion, tips and tricks.

Pakistani Recipes - Twenty two recipes provided by Pakistan News Service.

Pakistani and Indian Cooking - Small collection of recipes.

Palate Place - Small collection of recipes for authentic Bahamian dishes, cocktails, and message board.

Paleolithic Eating Support Recipe Archives - Frequently asked questions-like archives of the PaleoFood mailing list. Lots of recipes. The Paleolithic Diet is appropriate for celiacs because it is grain-free.

Palestinian Recipes - Five recipes from The Ramallah Guide, including Musakhan and Quick and Easy Fuul.

Pam Ferris Cooks Veggie - British actress provides recipes and information.

Pam's Low Carb Pages - Frequently asked questions, recipes, product reviews, tips and hints, and a low-carb diary and before and after pictures of the author.

Pam's RecipeXchange - Recipes, contests, and discussions. New "specials" every day.

Pan Surgelati SRL - Italian strudel manufacturer and exporter. Company profile, products, recipes, events and employment.

Pan de Muertos by StarChef's Diana Kennedy - Day of the Dead bread includes recipes for the starter, final dough, and the glaze

Panama - Recipes - Small collection of recipes, gathered from across the net.

Panama's Cultural Cuisine - Six recipes, such as Hojaldres and Empanadas (in Spanish and English).

Panamanian Cuisine - Recipes from Panama, including several Ceviches (hors d'oeuvres) and Carimañolas (Stuffed Yucca Fritters).

Panasonic Recipe Exchange - A large index of recipes with advice on preparation. Also includes product and customer support links.

Papaya Recipes - Small collection of recipes for jam, pickling, main courses, salads.

Papier Mache Instructions and Recipes - Instructions, recipes, projects, questions answered online, and manual available for download.

Papua New Guinea - Recipes for Scones and Vegetables in Coconut Milk.

Paradise Snacks - Hawaiian food and snack favorites including macadamia nuts, dried and seasoned fruits, arare, crackseeds, spices, cuttlefish, marlin jerky, kona coffee and recipes.

Paraguayan Recipes - Recipe of the month, taken from "Flavors of Paraguay - 101 Authentic Paraguayan Recipes" by Lynn Van Houte (PDF format).

Parent Spot - Website for parenting information and conversation, including news articles, forums to chat with other parents, private and public journals, recipes, product reviews and useful links.

Parent-World - A parenting site with competitions, pregnancy and parenting information and support, chat, recipes, forums, a supportive community, shopping links, resource information relating to parenting and pregnancy and ideas for the kids. - Moms, dads and soon-to-be parents can exchange culinary wisdom, receive cooking tips and trade recipe secrets. Thousands of free recipes.

ParenthoodPlace - Offers chat rooms and message boards, as well as recipes.

Parenting Multiples Guide - A mom of fraternal twin girls shares information on parenting multiples. Pictures, pregnancy information, tips and recipes.

Parenting Preschoolers - Mom's chat, crafts, games, Spiderman, recipes, and parenting tools.

Parenting and Family Resources - Guide to information, products and services to meet the needs of today's families. Categories and links include: Parenting, money saving tips and offers, finance, education, games and activities for your family, timesaving tips, consumer information and safety, recipes.

Parents Place: Recipes for Toddlers - Fun things to make such as fruit or vegetable people and cheese fondue.

Parents Who Stay at Home - A high-volume e-mail club for parents who stay at home. Share recipes, ideas, frustrations and concerns. Members are required to post frequently or they will be removed.

Parents of Food Allergic Kids (POFAK) - Online support group, repository of articles and information. Recipes cataloged by allergen type.

Parentsroom Recipe Page - Submitted by fellow members of the #!Parentsroom IRC Channel. Recipes may also be posted.

Parentstown - Directory dedicated to parents and children. Includes photo contest, newsletter, recipes, printable kids page, baby articles, chat, message forum, and links.

Parmalat - Provides branded dairy products. Includes company profile, recipes, kids section, product details and health information.

Parmesan Pine Nut Bread - Two recipes, one for 1 1/2 pound loaf, the other for a 2 pound loaf.

Parmigiano-Reggiano - A small collection of recipes featuring Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Parrell - Joeseph, Christine, Mark, Allison, Claire, Dan, Kelly, and Riley's photos and information . Includes recipes, events, and a guestbook.

ParrotHog Perch - A parrothead site for motorcycle enthusiasts of the artist. Offers a photo of the bike, recipes, travel planner and links.

Parsnip Recipes - Recipes for soup, stewed parsnips, cakes, salad, and wine.

Parsnip Recipes from Hugs's Homeheart - Presented as balls, fritters, baked, or fried.

Party Foods: Beverages - Four recipes suitable for children's parties. Christmas punch, mint smoothie, chocolate drink, and strawberry slush.

Party Planning from Reader's Digest - Provides information, and recipes, for planning the various holiday festivities.

Party Sandwiches - Offers several simple recipes for tea sandwich fillings.

Pascals on Ponce - Three recipes from <i>Pascals on Ponce,</i> a French restaurant in Coral Gables Miami.

Pascua Yaqui: Hiiwe Publications - History, poetry, and recipes from the Pascua Yaqui Edge Program.

Pashofa - Named after a Chickasaw Corn soup. Chickasaw humor, recipes, stories, family history, songs and a personal journal.

Passion For Cooking - Hand picked recipes and cooking tips.

Passionate About Food Cookbook - Cooking ideas, articles, recipes for Bulgarian cuisine, finger or party food, barbecue, salads, and starters.

Passionate About Prunes - Collection of recipes from Delia Online.

Passover 2001 Recipes - Chef's menus as well as user contributed recipes.

Passover : History and Meaning of Freedom in Faith - History and meaning of passover, including recipes, traditions, foods, symbols, art, and a translation into French. Includes passover from a rabbi's perspective.

Passover Cuisine - Includes information and recipes for Ashkenazic cuisine and Sephardic cuisine.

Passover Dessert Recipes - Cookies, bars, cakes, and tortes.

Passover Food Links - Mimi's Cyber Kitchen presents lots of links to Passover recipes.

Passover Main and Side Dish Recipes - Includes quick and low-cal recipes also.

Passover Recipes - Passover recipes for appetizers through desserts.

Passover Seder Ideas - All recipes are vegan, according to the site. There are recipes for a wide array of gourmet Kosher foods.

Passover Seder Recipes - Kosher recipes for the diabetic. Links to health updates, entertaining, cooking tips, and a diabetic supply center.

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