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M&N's Guide to Indian Gastronomy - Kerala style recipes from mother and mother-in-law, along with list of Indian restaurants and grocery shops.

M-Web Food - Food section of a South African E-Zine, containing recipes and information on restaurants.

M. Slavin and Sons, Ltd. - Wholesaler and retailer of shellfish, fresh, frozen and smoked fish. Recipes and company information are also provided.

MADD Hawaii - Information about victim and youth services, events, legislative updates, and non-alcoholic recipes for parties.

MC Recipe - It is intended to be used for recipes and recipe requests only.

MDK Gamebird & Poultry - Free auctions, show listings, recipes, and merchandise.

MENZ Magazine - Web-zine providing information, reports and tips on men's health, sex, career, relationships, nutrition, recipes, issues and views.

MN Bound - Ron Schara shares stories about the outdoors. Site includes information on his adventures, recipes, and an episode calendar.

MOM!MOM!.com - Collection of casserole recipes from all over the United States.

MW Polar Foods - Recipes using this company's canned tuna, seafood, fruit, and vegetable products.

Ma's Goodies - A collection of "down home" recipes.

Ma's Goodies: Canning and Preserving - A collection of recipes and tips for canning fruit, vegetables, and meats.

MaC's Nut Co. of Hawaii - Processors who can crack directly after husking without drying. Available in various flavors, along with nut tea, mead, and liqueur. Also contains recipes.

Mabon Recipes - Looking for a special food or incense for the Sabbat then this place has some good ones.

MacFarms of Hawaii - Available plain and in various flavors, including Kona coffee, chocolate covered, and honey roasted. Includes nutrition information and recipes.

MacNut Farms - Macadamia Recipes - A few recipes plus tips on cooking and handling macadamia nuts.

Macadamia-Orange Fudge - Courtesy of Flora's Recipe Hideout. Provides many other types of recipes plus a kitchen, a party room, and a recipe ring.

Macaroni and Cheese Recipes from - History and several recipes for this all-American favorite, including a recipe from the 1800s.

Macedonia: Recipes - Nine recipes from Balkanweb.

Macedonian Recipes - Seven traditional recipes from the Genealogy Macedonia website.

Machine Shed - Midwestern chain offering homestyle cooking. Provides menu and recipes.

Macrobiotic Diet - A listing of vegetarian recipes. Includes a link to purchase video.

Macrobiotic Diet Lectures by Steven Acuff - Provides some recipes, plus audio lectures.

Macrobiotics America - A collection of macrobiotic recipes, plus promotional offerings.

Macrobiotics Online - Information, including a library of articles and recipes.

Mad At Martha - User-friendly recipes with an emphasis on affordability and flexibility.

Mad Dog's Wild West Town - Recipes, photographs, and biographical information.

Mad Magician and Granny Grunt - Pictures, jokes, recipes.

Madagascar Recipes - Recipe for a fruit compote, and a chicken dish with garlic and ginger.

Madewell Meats LLC - Online sales of natural pork products. Includes company information, pork nutrition facts and recipes.

Madhu's Curry Cafe - Variety of Indian recipes.

Madison Market - Seattle, Washington. Natural foods and products store. Includes membership information and recipes.

Mady's Specialty Foods - Mustard in beer, champagne, and zesty honey flavors, and beer bread mix. Sold by the case, half-case or variety pack. Includes several recipes.

Magdi's Quick & Easy Hungarian and Other Gourmet Recipes - Cookbook presentation with sample recipe and recipe of the month.

Maggi Me - Chicken, meat, vegetable, seafood, and dessert recipes using the company's products.

Maggio - Producer of quality cheese and cheese products. Company history, product descriptions, recipes, and distribution and contact details.

Magic of Bolivia - Six distinctive recipes from Bolivia.

Magical Mehendi - Paste recipes, photo gallery, before and after pictures of henna application.

Magickal Musings - Celebrates the pagan way of life, a spiritual journey. Includes a Wiccan glossary, recipes, the wheel of the year, the history of the pentagram, the burning times.

Magruder, Steve - About, Resume. Collection software development links. Also recipes from kitchen.

Maguires Irish BBQ Sauce - Sauce based on a family recipe found in the family bible in Enniskillen, Ireland. Includes recipes and history of the Clan Maguire.

Maguires Irish BBQ Sauce Recipes - Collection of recipes including Barbeque Chicken Pizza and Sausage and Bacon Hot Pie.

Mahak's - Recipes and tips on how to do mehndi at home.

Mahatma - Carolina - WaterMaid - River - Rice and recipes for all seasons. Versatile and nutritious.

Mahi Mahi Recipes - Small collection of recipes including Mahi Mahi with Spicy Peanut Sauce and Chilled Poached Mahi Mahi.

Mahi-Mahi - Description of this fish, information on selection and preparation, and a handful of recipes from the University of Florida Extension Service.

Mahroum Oriental Sweets - Offers a variety of sweets and delicacies, with natural ingredients and oriental flavor. Features a catalog of products and recipes.

Maika'i Rewards Recipe - Handful of interesting recipes such as sesame tomato dipping sauce, or smoked salmon and spinach avocado roll.

Maika‚€˜i Rewards Recipe - Collection of recipes from an Hawaiian supermarket.

Maille - Cookbook - French condiment manufacturer provides a large database of both traditional and modern recipes.

Main Dishes (Gluten-Free) - Variety of recipes that do not include gluten and wheat products. Includes salmon spinach loaf, pineapple breakfast cake, buttermilk pancakes, and desserts.

Maine Berries Cook Book - Family jam business provides a collection of recipes based on a variety of ingredients, for all courses.

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables - Produces four organically certified varieties of sea vegetables including alaria, dulse, kelp, and laver. Recipes and cooking instructions provided.

Maison Louisianne's Creole Recipes - A collection of gourmet recipes from Alaskan Fish Po'Boy to Tujague's Remoulade Sauce.

Maka Real - Maca from Peru. Includes list of ingredients, usage instructions, and recipes.

Makan Time Cookbook - Large collection of Malaysian and Singaporean recipes from Mom as well as various submitted Asian recipes, with glossary and tips.

Make Me A Cake - A nice collection of cake recipes and links to many other recipe sites.

Make Mine a 007 - Guide to the alcoholic beverages consumed by James Bond, with drink statistics and recipes.

Make Your Cosmetics - Recipes and tips for making soap, toiletries, and cosmetics using natural ingredients.

Make Your Own Baby Food - Guide to cooking methods, food introduction, recipes, nutrition and tips.

Make Your Own Mixes - Recipes for dips, cookies, and soup in a jar.

Make Your Own Root Beer - Simple instructions for a yeast based soft drink. Also offers a book for sale, and recipes using root beer.

Make your own french bread - Three French bread recipes, with photos to help explanation.

Make-Ahead Lemonade - Recipes for lemonade bases, with different fruit variations. From Better Homes and Gardens magazine, July 1993.

Make-it-Yourself News - A collection of past newsletters for the Soap Maker from Cranberry Lane. Uses and recipes for natural beauty products and soapmaking supplies.

Maki Sushi Ki - Illustrated instructions how to use wooden sushi makers, with recipes and tips.

Making Baby Food - Guidelines for making baby food and introducing them to the baby at the right age. Includes a few sample recipes. An article written in 1995, from the Food Science and Human Nutrition Dept., Iowa State University Extension.

Making Baby Food with Wholesome Goodness and Love - Tips for making your own baby food from scratch - baby food recipes, tools, food prep and combination suggestions.

Making Beef And Turkey Jerky - How to make, season and cook jerky, with recipes.

Making Fajitas - Article on how to make fajitas with additional recipes for salsas and other fajita toppings.

Making Fermented Dill Pickles and Sauerkraut - Process to follow and a few recipes, from Ohio State University Extension.

Making Liqueurs and Cordials - Introduction to liqueur making, recipes for fruit, berries, herb and spices liqueurs, and resources.

Malawi - Recipes for Mbtata Pudding, Masamba (greens), and Nsima, a corn dish.

MalayalaMP3 Recipes! - Downloads of Malayalam songs and music. Links to music teaching sites.

Malayali Festivals - Offers complete information about the festivals of Malayali people. Also provides e-cards, wallpaper and festival recipes.

Malayali Recipes - Recipes for some Malayali festive dishes.

Malaysian Food - Introduction to the local Malay, Indian, Eurasian, Chinese and Nyonya cuisines with recipes.

Malaysian/Indonesian Food - Three recipes.

Malmont, Valerie - Creator of the Tori Miracle series, set in Pennsylvania Dutch country. Includes novel synopses and recipes.

Maloney - Shawn, Dawn, Wallen and Norton from the United States. Stories, poems, games information, recipes and puzzles.

Malt-O-Meal - Recipes using the Malt-O-Meal hot and cold cereals may be found at this site.

Maltese Food and Recipes - Eleven favourite recipes from Wilfred L. Camilleri.

Maltese Recipes - Form Grazio's Kitchen, with list of cookbooks.

Mama Gallo 4-U - Quick and easy recipes of four ingredients only.

Mama Mary's Pizza Recipes - Contest winning recipes for traditional and dessert pizzas.

Mama Rose's Kitchen - A collection of books, recipes, and general kitchen witch knowledge.

Mama Susan's Dixie Cooking - Healthy Southern recipes.

Mama's Cookbook - Collection of Italian recipes from the producers of Ragu pasta sauce.

Mami's Spanish Sauces - Old country family recipes made from the finest vegetables, herbs and spices. 100% natural.

Mamta's Kitchen - Mamta's family website with many Indian recipes

Manda's Place - Site written by a Christian giving information on devotions, depression, chat and recipes.

Manga Brothers - Original artwork, Oh My Goddess images and information, and recipes.

Mangia Bene Pasta - Traditional Italian recipes include ravioli, pasta salads, seafood dishes, soups, sauces, bread, appetizers, desserts, and holiday menus. New recipes always being added.

Mangia Inc. - Italy based grower and packer of tomatoes and tomato products. Product information, recipes, photo tour, and contact details.

Mangia! An Italian Cookbook - Almost two dozen traditional Italian pasta recipes are found on this online Italian cookbook.

Mango Madness - Small collection of mango recipes plus advice on selecting, handling, and ripening mangos.

Mango Recipes - Salsa, pies, cake, sherbet, mango cream, ice cream, mousse and other desserts, and champagned mango.

Mango Recipes from Northern Territory - Jam, pickles, entrees, soup, chutney, plus eating and storing mangoes. - Includes recipes, facts, and how to select mangos.

Mangoes - Mango information and recipes for main dishes, salads, chutneys.

Manischewitz Kosher Foods - Company history and product information, recipes, virtual greeting cards and Jewish holiday calendar.

Manitoba Milk Producers: Appetizers - Three tortilla recipes and one for grilled vegetable dippers and Dijon mustard dip.

Manitoba Milk Producers: Salads Dressings - Four buttermilk, or yogurt based, recipes with flavor variations.

Manitoba Milk Producers: Soups - Recipes for clam chowder, pumpkin soup, and leek and potato soup with chicken balls.

Mann's Broccoli Recipes - Recipes from a farm producer of broccoli and other vegetables.

Manong Ken's Carinderia: Featured Recipe of the Month - More than forty recipes, with new ones posted every month.

Manor House - Includes rules, recipes of the time, audition videos, and period history.

Many Veggie Recipes - Tested recipes for vegans, vegetarians or anyone else who enjoys healthy meatless food.

Maple Lane Bison Ranch - Bison meat products, cooking tips and recipes.(Springfield, Ohio)

Maple Leaf Prime - Canada's only national brand of fresh-packed poultry. Site offers information, recipes, tips, where to find.

Maple Syrup Recipes - The Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association provides numerous recipes that use maple syrup.

MapleMark Recipes - Desserts made with maple syrup, including Maple Pear Flan and Maple Cream Fruit Pastries.

Maplecreek - Offers Canadian gourmet foods, gifts, Pacific Northwest coast aboriginal art, travel guides, and gift books. Online recipes, photo album and maps of Canada.

Marché Aux Delices - Mushroom delicacies available fresh from the woods, sea, and farm. Cookbook, mushrooms, truffles, and recipes available.

Mardi Gras Recipes - Includes recipes for drinks, seafood, creole dishes, gumbo, jambalaya, king cakes.

Mardi Gras Recipes from Eunice, Louisiana - Chicken and sausage gumbo and King cake recipes from the city of Eunice.

Mardi's Desserts - Honey cake, and creme brulee are two of the many recipes offered in this collection.

Mardi's Low Fat Pasta Recipes - Lemon Chicken Pasta and Pasta e Fagioli are just two of the many low-fat pasta recipes to choose from.

Mardi's Low-Fat Lifestyle Forum Home Page - Low-fat recipes and cooking, eating, and lifestyle tips.

Margarita Recipes from - Recipes from Spike's World Famous Margaritas.

Margarita's Afghani Recipes - Introduction and six Afghan recipes to cook a menu.

Margarita's Albanian Menu - Introduction and four Albanian recipes.

Margarita's Andalusian Menu - Introduction and recipes to cook a menu.

Margarita's Angolan Menu - Four Portuguese styled recipes to cook a diner.

Margarita's Anguillan Meal - Recipes for Anguillan Kebabs and Junior Special.

Margarita's Aragonese Menu - Introduction and recipes to cook a menu.

Margarita's Argentine Menu - Five Argentine recipes to cook a menu.

Margarita's Aruban Menu - Small directory of recipes.

Margarita's Bahamian Menu - Five recipes with links to other Bahamian recipe sites.

Margarita's Favourite Recipes - Recipes from around the world.

Margarita's International Recipes - Cooking international food alphabetically: menus from Afghanistan to Belgium, and other international recipes.

Margo's Gingerbread Creations - I have enjoyed the hobby of baking with gingerbread for many years. I am sharing my recipes and creations with you.

Maria Grazia Cucinotta - Official page for the Italian actress. Includes biographical information, credits and recipes.

Maria Rae's Gourmet Foods - Original homemade salsas, chips, seasoning mixes, and recipes.

Maria's Cookbook - Festive menus, Bahian dishes, sweets, drinks, and other Brazilian recipes, with sections on eating habits and food shopping.

Mariani Packing Company - Grows, dries, packages, and markets an assortment of dried fruit. Product information and descriptions, recipes, and contact details.

Mariann's Favorite Dessert Recipes - Cake recipes, including Peggy Cake and Helen's Strawberry Birthday Cake, are presented. Baked desserts, cookies, and FAQ.

Marianna's Recipe Archive - Recipes for traditional Finnish and Russian dishes and for Scandinavian and popular international dishes.

Marie's Favorite Recipes - Recipes for cooking, baking, and making cocktails, collected by Marie Stutz of Cleveland.

Marijuana Food - Bill Drake medical marijuana recipes book.

Marilee's Teff Page - A directory of information on teff, links to teff recipes, and sources for buying teff.

Marin Grecian Festival - Ignacio, Marin County, CA. Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Church. Schedule of events, including dance performances, cooking demonstrations, and menus. Recipes online.

Marina Davar, LLC - Products based on herbal extracts and oils, centuries-old family recipes from Europe and modern knowledge for skin and beauty care.

Marinade Recipes - Marinades for beef, chicken, turkey, fish, and vegetables.

Marinades from Hugs's Homeheart - Recipes to use with beef and a tangy version for any meat.

Marinated Ahi Salad - Made with tuna, somen noodles, and lettuce. Includes recipes for marinade, citrus vinaigrette dressing, and nori wrapped brie.

Mariquita Farm - An advert for a family farm program where you can share in the organic produce in USA, California, Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz County. The newsletter has good recipes for healthy vegetable preparation.

Mark Alan's Cyberspace Grill - Includes recipes, an herb and spice index, and culinary glossary.

Mark Blumberg's Soth African Biltong Recipes - Instructions for preparing biltong (cured meat).

Maroon Foodways - Recipes from several Maroon communities, the descendants of the Africans in the Americas who escaped from slavery.

Marshmallow Fluff - Desserts, treats, and other recipes.

Marshmallow Peeps - The official site by Just Born for the candy, with fan club information, fun facts, history, recipes and crafts, press releases, and news.

Martha Stewart Living - Official site, with links to personal information, Martha's Scrapbook, television highlights, radio guide, virtual studio, recipes, live chat.

Martha Stewart's Recipe Index - Index to recipes she has made on TV and Radio.

Martha White's Kitchen - Producer of many baking mixes. Page includes products sold, recipes, and heritage of the brand name.

Martin - Information concerning the Martins, parenting links, recipes, children safety tips on carseats, water safety, poison safety, developmental stages from newborn to 12 months.

Martin Yan Recipes - Martin Yan's recipes from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

Martin's Norwegian Recipes - Six recipes for traditional Norwegian food such as f√•rik√•l and rullep√łlse.

Martini - Short article from Salon Magazine, explaining what makes a martini dry. Includes recipes.

Martini Recipes - Five martini recipes from Better Homes and Gardens.

Martini World Recipes - Small collection of recipes including the "007", Cajun, dirty, dry, and Cognac martinis. - Features martini related art, cocktail serving items and gifts, and martini recipes.

Martinis Online - Collection of recipes from Cajun to chocolate, from shaken to stirred.

Marty & Avrum, the Food Guys - Recipes, featured articles, calendar of events, and contests.

Marvelicious Happy Father's Day - History of the holiday, along with poems, recipes and recommended links.

Marvelicious Independence Day - Scroll down for recipes for dessert, rib, dips, punch recipes.

Marvelicious Mardi Gras Celebration - Gives history of Mardi Gras and recipes for King Cake with Cream Cheese and Fruit Filling, and Crawfish Monica.

Marvellous Milk Drinks - A very large selection of shakes and drinks from Manitoba Milk Producers, many using fruit and vegetables, others made with chocolate or coffee. Includes a few alcoholic recipes.

Marvelous Mango Recipes - Recipes from the South African Mango Growers Association.

Marvelous Melon - Includes tips and tricks on how to tell when a melon is ripe, information on varieties, and recipes.

Mary Ann - Recent news, recipes, pets and area news about Chicago and the Philippines.

Mary Turner's Recipes - Recipes from the Midday Show host on W-Lite in Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA).

Mary's Crochet Spot - Lessons, patterns, tips, a forum, and crochet links, as well as some recipes.

Mary's Thai Recipes - Four favourite recipes.

MaryMichele.Com - Home Is Where The Heart Is - A single mom who is blind from the Pacific Northwest shares her personal recipes, book, music and movie reviews, blindness resources, and original stories and writings.

Maryland Blue Crab - Small assortment of recipes including Steamed Blue Crabs and Spicy Crab Soup.

Maryland Oysters - Five traditional recipes, from cream of oyster stew to oyster stuffing.

Mashed Potato Recipes - Several very different mashed potato recipes and uses for them, each with complete nutritional information to compare.

Mason-Dixon Line Civil War Home Page - From authentic 19th century recipes, to medicine, well-researched period clothing and little-known Civil War facts, this web-site captures real life on the home and war-front. - Recipes adapted to western kitchens from TV cooking show host Hema Kundargi.

Masser Potato Farms - Supplier for retail outlets and restaurants. Provides product information and recipes.

Massey, Sujata - Author of the mystery series featuring amateur sleuth Rei Shimura. Links to author biography, public appearances, book information and Japanese recipes.

Massimilla - Concert tickets contest, camping survival list, age jokes, recipes, and film reviews.

Master's Tech Candy Recipes - A collection of easy to make candy recipes including dietetic candy suggestions.

MasterKitchen - Presents cooking information, including searchable database of recipes.

Masterstech Halloween Recipes - An index of treat for Halloween.

Masterstech Recipes Index - Christmas recipes for baked goods.

Masterstech-home - Soup recipes index with large selection of soups.

Masterstech: Indian Recipes - Small collection of Usenet recipes.

Masticate - Small selection of recipes including tuna, prawns, soup, and nachos.

Mataraza-Nelson - Karen, Mike, Michael, and Gomey the dog. Pictures, biographies, and recipes.

Materne Confilux - Producers of canned fruits, desserts, jams and compotes. Company profile, products, recipes, and contact form. Recipes - Recipes for traditional food in Slovenia.

Matt and Cedric - Bilingual site of an American/French couple living in Paris. Vegetarian recipes, cocktail recipes, and photos of their travels and daily lives.

Maverick Ranch Beef - Producers of natural beef and pork products. Company profile, beef facts, recipes, and contact details.

Maverick Ranch Beef Recipes - Contains three different recipes for beef.

May is Mushroom Month - Commercial Mushroom Growers‚€™ Federation (NZ) Ltd recipes.

Maya Cuisine - Recipes with information on food culture and ingredients, offered by Yaxche Maya Cuisine Restaurant.

Maya Rafei: Baby Food - A selection of recipes from infancy to 12 months.

Maya Recipes - Seven Mayan recipes, including hot chocolate, tamales, and Xni Pec.

Mayan Recipes - Five recipes, such as fried fish and truffles.

Mayan Stuff - Small collection of recipes, including several fish dishes.

Mayo Clinic Recipe File - A large selection of recipes, from quick and healthy recipes to recipe makeovers created by registered dietitians.

Mayoli Inc. - Cholesterol-free mayonnaise made with pure olive oil. Site also provides recipes.

Mayous BBQ Spice Recipes - Chef Paul Mayou's personal collection of recipes; includes kids' cooking fun, and timetables.

Mazaya - Recipes, image gallery, events listing, and related links section.

McCain USA Foods Inc. - Makers of Ore-Ida French fries, Brew-City beer-battered fries, Moore's onion rings and related products. Includes company and product information, brands and recipes.

McCann's Irish Oatmeal - St. Patrick's Day and other recipes and preparation tips.

McCormack - Family of Winchester, Massachusetts. Genealogy, recipes, jokes, calendar, links, and guestbook.

McCormick - Recipes - Large collection of indexed searchable recipes.

McCormick and Company, Inc. - Offers herbs, spices and seasonings as well as recipes, meal ideas, cook's reference, and spice encyclopedia.

McFlys, The - A swinging rockabilly group with a modern edge. Contains band information, biographies, gig guide, recipes, pictures, and links.

McIlhenny Company's Tabasco - Offers red pepper sauce that is legendary among hot sauces. Find spicy food recipes and great gift ideas.

McIntyre, Angus - Includes photographs, recipes, humour, poetry, computer graphics, and software information.

McKay, Cory - The Eclectic Page - Fine art, poetry, music, quotes, photography, academic work, recipes and links.

McRoberts Gourmet Foods - Offers a variety of yak meat products. Includes recipes and nutritional information.

Mealformation Recipe Database - Recipes that are low in calories and low in fat content with nutritional values summarized, in a downloadable format compatible with Mealformation software, as well as browser-viewable format.

Meals For You - Offers over 8,000 free recipes, meal plans, and meal ideas.

Meals For You: Coconut - Fifteen coconut recipes for cakes, pies, and other desserts.

Meals Matter - Meal planning website featuring recipes and personalized nutrition tips. Users can create family cookbooks, shopping lists and plan out menus.

Meals for You - Recipe index gives the amount of preparation time required, and also nutritional information. Offers links to other types of recipes. - Offers low fat and fat free recipes, cooking tips, Seven day meal plans, special offers, plus other features and advice. Kids Recipes - Search and browse for easy recipes and meals for kids. Vegetarian Pasta Recipes - Over 250 assorted meatless recipes, including baked spaghetti, and vermicelli with mushrooms. microwave recipes - A large selection, compliments of Nestle foods. How to set up a meal plan, a recipe box, and a grocery list, and find special offers.

Meat UK - Meat recipes, choosing a cut of meat, cooking times, nutrition, kitchen hygiene and pairing meat with wine are covered.

Meatless Monday Campaign - Recipes designed to help people reduce their consumption of meats and saturated fat. From Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Meatloaf Recipes - Meatloaf recipes from basic to exotic.

Medieval & Renaissance Mediterranean Cookery - Selection of recipes based on two 15th century Italian cookbooks.

Medieval European Recipes - Six recipes taken from "The British Museum Cookbook" by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson.

Medieval Recipes - About twenty recipes at

Medieval Recipes from Various Sources - Original texts of the recipes along with a modern workout.

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