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Kraft Thousand Island Dressing, - A version of the classic bottled dressing from Top Secret Recipes.

Krave's Candy Company - Secret recipes have been handed down from generation to generation.

Krazy Ukyo's Nutty Anime Page - Pictures, sounds, recipes, character details, fan art, fan fiction, and links.

Kruger, Melissa - Gardening, artwork, essays and poems, recipes, thoughts on spiritual matters.

Kts weet tooths stop - A large collection of fudge recipes.

Kudzu, Covering Dixie Like the Dew - Humorous site features folk tales, growing tips and recipes. - Product descriptions, cooking tips, and recipes.

Kuida - Jenni and Tony (Osumi). Offers writings, photo album, murals, and recipes.

Kuka Samoa Recipes - A few recipes for traditional Samoan foods. Part of the Samoalive portal.

Kumara - Recipes and background information on New Zealand's sweet potato.

Kumquat Growers - Producer and shipper of kumquats in Dade City, Florida. Features fruit information, recipes, catalog, and printable order form.

Kumquat Recipes - Collection of dessert recipes using the fruit.

Kunzler and Company, Inc. - Offering Pennsylvania Dutch scrapple, wood smoked ham and bacon, Lebanon sweet bologna, and online mail order steak. Also German food recipes including honey baked ham recipe.

Kushi Instituite: Sea Vegetable Dishes - Arame with sweet corn, baked wakame with onions, and hiziki with fried tofu recipes.

Kushi Institute - A list of recipes from the Institute community. Also available are articles, information, and a source for cookbooks.

Kwakuitl Recipes - How to catch and cook sea slugs, prepare halibut heads and fresh salmon, and the proper method to cook a whale.

Kwanzaa - Recipes and a short history of Kwanzaa.

Kwanzaa Land - Free graphics, fun coloring pages, general information, extensive glossary, links to recipes, puzzles, and games.

Kwanzaa Recipes - Collection of recipes including sweet potato pie, African vegetarian stew, southern fried okra, peanut soup, and benne cakes.

Kwanzaa feast - Includes Kwanzaa recipes that feature coconut as an ingredient in chicken fingers, curry chicken, sweet potato casserole, biscuits.

Kwanzaa on the Net - A celebration of the festival with history, stories, crafts, and recipes.

Kwanzaa recipes - Recipes to help celebrate Kwanzaa from Chef Mom.

Kyawt Kyawt's Kitchen - Favorite recipes from different parts of Burma.

Kyle LeBlanc Crawfish Farms - Offers crawfish and other Louisiana food products. Also features cajun recipes.

Kyneton Olive Products - Australian producer of two blends of extra virgin olive oil, and of crushed olives. Capacities. Site also offers recipes featuring their products.

Kyoei Konnyaku Inc. - Recipes using konnyaku, the traditional, healthy Japanese tuber, with an introduction.

Kyoko's Kitchen - Small collection of original Japanese-European fusion recipes.

Kyte's Place - Contains elements of themes including arts and crafts, recipes, stories, scripts, fantasy and science-fiction role-playing, music reviews, movie reviews, anime, gothic art, theater, costumes, models and miniatures and personal collections.

L'aglio's Gourmet - The Little Culinary Shop - Specialty foods, wine accessories, gifts, tableware, and recipes. Order online.

LDS Dates - Virtual meeting place for single LDS people. Dating ideas, recipes, and answers to various dating questions.

LDS Family Recipes - Distribution of recipes following the LDS Word of Wisdom submitted by list members. Recipes follow monthly categories selected by vote of the list.

LDS Kids Recipes - Discussion of cooking and recipes that children can make themselves with little or no help from their parents.

LI Clam recipes - Recipes for Clams Licata and Linguine with Clam Sauce.

La Belle Cuisine Salsa Recipes - Pico de Gallo, Emeril's Funky New Orleans Salsa, and Chefmike's Ultimate Nightmare Salsa are just a few of the recipes found in this small collection.

La Cocina Venezolana - Venezuelan Cuisine - Recipes in Spanish and English, restaurant guide, and glossary of ingredients.

La Cocina de Flora - Selection of Puerto Rican recipes.

La Conda Ranch - Recipes - Offers information on pickling olives.

La Croix - Producer of flavored sparkling water. Flavors, nutrition facts, wallpapers and recipes. [Requires Flash]

La Cucina Calabrese - Calabrian Cooking - Traditional recipes to save for today and forever, and others from Italian and international cooking by Grazia Furferi.

La Cucina Eoliana e Siciliana - The Food of the Eolian Islands and Sicily - Large number of recipes, along with cultural information.

La Cucina Eoliana e Siciliana: Insalate - The Food of the Eolian Islands and Sicily; recipes, history, and links.

La Cucina Eoliana e Siciliana: Minestre e Pastasciutte - Sicilian pasta recipes, pasta recipes, pasta, Aeolian pasta recipes

La Cucina dei Poveri - Sample recipes from the cookbook based on the cooking of the author's grandparents, Sicilian immigrants to the US (PDF).

La Cuisine Chantraine - Collection of original, haute cuisine, recipes created by Charles Chantraine.

La Cuisine de Veronique - A small collection of recipes.

La Flor Spices - Offers a wide variety of gourmet spices in individual giftpacks, as well as for wholesalers and for institutional use. Also, over 100 recipes that use different varieties of spices.

La Fée Verte - Artists and writers on Absinthe, posters, recipes, herb and oil vendors, resources for brewing, message board, FAQ, and links.

La Gantoise - Sale of gourmet meats, cattle, embryos and as well as breed information, free recipes and cooking tips, news, events and links. Located in Lefaivre, Ontario, Canada.

La Grande Roche - Offers information on the house, animals, people, news and recipes.

La Olla Latinoamericana - Family-tested and crowd-pleasing recipes from Latin America compiled by chef Melissa Biggs.

La Pasta.Com - A large collection of pasta recipes with a very easy to use, attractive index.

La Perla Spice Company, Inc. - Achiote, Annatto seed paste and Recado Rojo. Distinctive Mayan seasoning paste for recipes used in Yucatan. Recipe book and product available.

La Preferida Recipes - Authentic Mexican recipes for home and family, as well as restaurants, cooked with La Preferida products.

La Taifas Restaurant - Article on Moldavian cuisine with five authentic recipes.

La Terre Garlic Farm - A small collection of recipes from a garlic grower in New York.

La Tienda - Spanish jamon (ham), chorizo, paella, paprika and other foods. Browse Spanish recipes. Free catalog and olive oil samples.

La Vigne Farms Recipes - Collection focusing on using persimmons and kumquats.

LaFonte Gourmet Selections - Pasta sauces and other condiments, gift baskets. Online ordering. Also lists several recipes.

LaLa's Land - Faery art, images, poems, stories and trivia, as well as faery recipes.

Labonté Honey inc. - Producer of a large variety of honeys and honey products (maple syrup, powdered honey, royal jelly, sweetener, candy. Recipes and information on bees.

Labor Day - Dotti's Weight Loss Zone presents a collection of low calorie recipes for a Labor Day meal.

Labor Day Best Burgers and Ribs - Basic grilling recipes with suggestions for exotic sauces, from Chinese to Middle Eastern.

Labor Day Cookout - Recipes for honey-mustard salmon, lemon potatoes, baby back ribs.

Labor Day Cookout - Barbecue and Grilling - Salmon, potatoes, ribs, and links to other recipes.

Labor Day Fling - Low fat recipes and tips for Labor Day.

Labor Day Picnic - Recipes appropriate for the diabetic including, endive stuffed with goat cheese, cold salmon with shrimp and herbed sauce, cold vegetables with mustard viinaigrette, black cherries and yogurt.

Labor day Picnic - Recipes for endive salad, salmon, vegetables, fruit and cheese, and a cherries dessert. From

Lactose-Free Alternative - Cook lactose-free. 200 recipes. - About symptoms, causes, milk alternatives, dairy-free recipes, and other related topics, including Irritable Bowels Syndrome. Promotes several books on lactose intolerance and milk allergy.

Ladies of the Grape - Site contains reader's recommendations, reviews, and suggested recipes for book club meetings.

Lady Catherine's Kitchen - Breakfast and gourmet evening dining recipes from the kitchen at Lady Catherine's Bed and Breakfast, Prince Edward Island.

Lady Logie's Recipes - Three 18th century Scottish recipes.

Ladyfolks' Original Online Recipes - A collection of original ethnic southern recipes.

Laffin K Goats - Free Goat Meat Recipes - Collection of goat meat and milk recipes.

Laila's Lagoon - Laila Seastar shares her poetry, musings, meditations, favorite inspirational quotes and links, spirituality book recommendations, love of mermaids, and recipes.

Lak Dishes - Recipes of the Lak people of Dagestan, such as Vivra and Burkiv.

Lake - Kim and Danny of Canada. Pictures, news, gurstbook, recipes, and links.

Lakewinds Natural Foods - Minnetonka, Minnesota. Natural foods and earth-friendly home products. Includes recipes, events listing, food safety articles, newsletters [PDF], membership application, and online ordering of household products.

Lamb Soup Recipes - Browse different soup recipes featuring lamb, including "Fragrant Lamb Stew with Dried Fruits" and "County Cork Irish Stew," each with complete nutritional information, at Recipezaar.

Lamb of God Church - Madison Village, Ohio. Mission, vision, prayer needs and answers, sermon notes, calendar, and recipes.

Lambchef - American Lamb Council's home page. How to buy, store and prepare lamb. Food service cuts available; plus recipes, sauces, and serving ideas for cooking delicious lamb dishes.

Lamphere, Stephanie - StephWEB. Includes Dogs (particularly a beautiful bassett hound), art, Birmingham, Alabama; and some cooking recipes.

Lancewood Cheese and Yoghurt Recipes - Cheese and yoghurt recipes from Lancewood.

Land O'Lakes - Recipes and Meal Plans - Recipes and cooking and baking tips.

Land of Valencia: Gastronomy - Description of the local cuisine with recipes such as Paella, and list of restaurants. Recipe Index - Recipes from countries where the organisation funds mine clearance and survivor assistance.

Lao Food - Brief description of Lao food, with recipes for Papaya Salad and Salty Beef.

Lao Food and Dessert - Recipes from soups to desserts, such Larp Beef, Som Tom, and Banana Sweet.

Large Flake Oats Recipes - A small selection of recipes using oat flakes, including Blueberry Oat Muffins.

LargoRecipes - A Java/Swing application for managing recipes including sophisticated ingredient parsing, and generates recipe web pages. [Open Source; GPL]

Larry's Foreign Food Guide - Small selection of basic Mexican, Italian, and Chinese recipes, with links.

Lasagna Recipes at Recipezaar - A wide variety of lasagna recipes and flavors, each with complete nutritional analysis. Submissions accepted.

Lasagne - Italian Cuisine - Traditional Italian recipes suitable for a number of occasions. Presented by

Lasagne Recipes Index - From Rock Lobster Lasagna, to Tofu Lasagna, here are a variety of lasagne recipes to choose from.

Lasater Grasslands Beef, LLC - Offers grass-fed beef products: includes history and philosophy, articles, product information, recipes, retail outlets, ordering information, and links.

Lasse –stman, potter. - Lasse –stmans page of glazes. Some good glazes with recipes and tips. Some with pictures.

Lather Land - Free soap recipes and directions to make bar soap at home.

Latin American Recipes - Each recipe is listed under it's country of origin. These recipes were originally published by the National Cancer Institute.

Latin American Soups - Small collection of South American recipes.

Latvian Cuisine - Traditional recipes for filling dishes.

Latvian Food Specialities - Description of the traditional cuisine with a handful of recipes.

Latvian Recipes - Recipe for Undens Klinger, a bread, and Alexander's Cake.

Lau, Karin - Includes vegetarian recipes, personal stories, a magical library, and electronic books.

Laur's Low Carb Connection - Carbohydrate resources that provide information for Atkins, protein power, and addictions. Has free downloadable recipes and cookbooks.

Laura the Indierecipeprincess - Illustrated recipes organized into four-course meals.

Lauras Traditional Scottish Recipes - Large numvber of free Scottish recipes, including whisky recipes.

Laws and Customs for Yom Kippur - Brief overview. Includes recipes. By Hanefesh.

Le Antiche Tradizioni - Producer of pasta, sauces and oils. Company introduction, product range and recipes.

LePine, Marc: Cooking the Lepine Way - Small selection of recipes.

Lea & Perrins Recipes - Collection featuring Lea & Perrins' sauces. Offers a booklet to download.

Lea and Perrins - Manufacturers of branded worcestershire sauce. Offers company history, product information, seasonal recipes, and contact details.

Learn All About Eggs and How To Cook Them - Basic information and recipes for baked (shirred), boiled, coddled, fried, poached, scrambled, omletes, and meringues.

Learn Thai Cooking - Comprehensive cooking site with tips and techniques, recipes, ingredient descriptions, background articles, and list of local markets and restaurants.

LebMania Recipes - Presents a selection of favourite Lebanese recipes.

Lebanese Cuisine - Online cookbook with recipes for starters, meat and vegetable dishes, pastries, and pickles.

Lebanese Food - Introduction and eight favourite recipes such as Tabbouleh, Baba Ganouj, and Fattoush.

Lebanese Recipes - Large number of recipes, including many vegetarian ones.

Lebanese and Syrian Recipes - Recipes from Syria and Lebanon, comprising Christian as well as Moslem dishes.

Lee Hansen's Pastiche Family Matters - Articles and news about parenting, crafts, childraising, shopping, decorating, recipes, health and learning.

Lee Kum Kee - This company has been making sauces for over 100 years. Their recipes are provided in both English and Chinese. They are added to on a regular basis.

Lee's Recipes - From the maker of an implement that cuts and creams fresh corn, recipes calling for either cut or creamed corn.

Leek Recipes from P. Caunce and Son - Information about growing, harvesting, storing, cooking, nutrition, and their history.

Leeks Recipes and Cooking Information - Recipes, history, and information for home cooking.

Lees Market - Recipes for specialty menus ranging from Christmas dinners to Irish feasts, fusion cooking and do ahead dinners.

Left Over Egg Whites - A list of uses and tips for using left over egg whites including recipes categorized by the number of egg whites used.

Left Over Egg Yolks - A list of uses and tips including recipes categorized by the number of yolks used.

Lehi Roller Mills Co. Inc. - Grain milling company with a line of different kinds of flour and grain products. Includes recipes, on-line sales, and links to company information.

Leigh, Allen - Book reviews; essays on Mormonism, parenting skills, abortion, and Christ; wheat recipes; and testimonies of people that have visited the site.

Leisha n'ha Ursula's Sweet Shop - Recipes, roleplaying stories, and a purity test.

Leite's Culinaria - A collection of recipes, articles and columns from the feature food columnist David Leite. Also included are tips and techniques on cooking.

Leite's Culinaria: Portuguese Recipes - Collection of recipes from cook and author David Leite.

Leland Cherry Company - Cherry Recipes - Recipes made with tart cherries and cherry juice concentrate.

Lemon Ice Recipes - Engelstalige index op Nederlandstalige recepten voor citroenijs.

Lemon and Lime Recipes - Includes pies, cakes, breads and sauces.

Lemonade Drinks from RecipeSource - Selection of recipes of various flavours.

Lemonade Recipes at iChef - Over twenty various fruit combination and drink bases.

Lemonade Recipes from - Lemonade, limeade, gingerade, and other assorted choices.

Lemons - Includes recipes, beauty tips, remedies, cleaning tips, history and shopping.

Lentil Pheasant Soup - Recipe for a chicken broth-based soup containing pheasant, chicken or guinea hen and well rinsed dried lentils, at Just Game Recipes.

Lentil Recipes - Lentil recipes, including Syrian Noodles with Lentils. From

Lentil Soup Recipes - Collection featuring lentils including "German Lentil Soup" and "Turkish Spinach and Lentil Soup."

Lentil Soups - A collection of lentil soup recipes.

Lentil recipes - A small selection of lentil recipes from Kathleen Williams, including Chili with Lentils.

Leon Ceramics - Leon Lynch makes mostly non-functional ceramics in Cavan town. Gallery, student gallery, image sequence on wheel potting, glaze recipes.

Leonard Nimoy Should Eat More Salsa Foundation - Humorous discussion of Leonard Nimoy's relationship with salsa. Provides photos and recipes.

Les Maisons de Bricourt - Recipes from Olivier Roellinger of Maisons de Bricourt in Mont Saint Michel, France.

Lesley's Recipe Archive - Canadian cooking expert shares recipes, including White Chocolate Berry Tart, Chocolate Almond Cheesecake, and Lemon Oatmeal Cookies. Some photos of the desserts.

Lesley's Recipe Archive: Snack Recipes - Recipes for appetizers, dips and snacks.

Lesley's Recipe Archive: Bread Recipes - Recipes for biscuits, scones, and bread dough, including English Tea Cakes and Potato-Rosemary Rolls.

Lesley's Recipe Archive: Canning Recipes - Recipes for pickles, relish, and jams, plus a tips and techniques page for boiling water canners.

Lesley's Recipe Archive: Casserole Recipes - Several recipes including a few using leftover turkey.

Lesley's Recipe Archive: Gluten Free - Recipes for gluten free cooking that include muffins, cookies, and pie crusts. Links to other food sites and recipes.

Lesley's Recipe Archive: Rhubarb Recipes - Rhubarb recipes and facts.

Lesley's Recipe Archive: Slow Cooker Recipes - Recipes for soups, stews, roasts, and hints on using your slow cooker.

Lesley's Recipe Archive: Strawberry Recipes - Facts and recipes including Strawberry Pie and Strawberry Flan.

Lesley's Recipe Archive: Vegetable Recipes - Small collection of recipes including Lemon Peas, Root Vegetable Gratin, and Honey and Balsamic Glazed Carrots.

Leslie's Recipe House - Site offers a small selection of assorted recipes.

Let's Cook - Easy recipes, illustrations, comments, and advice for preparing meat, poultry, fish, seafood, cakes, cookies, pies, and ethnic foods.

Let's Eat - Recipes and menus presented on this site.

Let's Get Cooking With Mamma - Mamma's collection of old-fashioned recipes

Let's Q - Extensive BBQ FAQ's, instructions for making charcoal, and photos of BBQ pits. Recipes for general purpose rub and smoked turkey.

Let's Talk About Food - Getting into the mood for all those holiday feasts with recipes from those wonderful Talk Show chefs.

Let's Try Korean Cuisine - More than 30 recipes such as Kimchi Chige, Tokkuk, and Pibimbap.

Let's Try Some African Food - Two Tanzanian recipes by teacher Linda Perry

Lets Get Cooking - Assorted recipes and ideas.

Lettuce - Humorous, mildly suggestive site which does have recipes and factual information about vegetarianism.

Liberia - Three recipes, including Stewed Mangoes with Cloves.

Library of Food and Drinks - An extensive index of recipes.

Libyan Cuisine - Small collection of recipes such as Hassaa (Gravy) and Ghreyba (Butter Cookies).

Libyan Cuisine and Recipes - Over fifty recipes of traditional Libyan Cuisine, arranged by course.

Lidia's Italy - Official site of Lidia Bastianich. Includes recipes and information on books, TV shows, restaurants, products and trips to Italy.

Life Cereal Recipes - Several easy recipes featuring Life cereal.

Life Essentials - New Zealand essential oils, therapeutic blends, recipes, and accessories.

Life With Qmail - Setting up and running the system. Tips, hints, recipes, and caveats.

Life in Provence - Provençal Mayonnaise - Five recipes that use this company's prepared mayonnaise and dressings as an ingredient.

Life of the Party Soap - Soap making products, including molds, dyes, fragrances, accessories, and kits. Also offers tips, recipes, and ideas.

LifeArt Mehndi Mud - A selection of pre-mixed paste, powder, application tools, and oils. Recipes, a chat forum, and an image gallery are also featured. Contains an artist list and free design area. Wholesale pricing is available.

Lifeclinic - How nutritional recommendations have changed, free online blood glucose tracking, nutrition analysis, and diabetic recipes.

Lifevest Publishing - Affordable print-on-demand publishing for chefs, cooks, and homemakers who want their recipes published now. Includes introduction, detailed information on executing project, and form for requesting price quotes.

Lightkeeper - Lighthouse Library - Includes book, movie, and music reviews for kids and adults; recipes for kids, dogs, and adults; native and non-native gardening details; pet information and family photos.

Lightlife - Frozen, deli, sauces, tempeh, burgers, and hot dogs. Includes ingredients, recipes, benefits of soy, and information about giving back to the community.

Liguria Foods - Specialties of the Liguria region such as pesto sauce, olive oil, wine, sweets, and anchovies. Includes recipes and information about the area.

Likable Lettuce - Five recipes, some for raw lettuce, another for braised.

Lima Bean Recipes - Selection of recipes using lima beans, including Lima Bean Cheese Bake and Lima Beans Smitane. From

Limeade - A few thirst quenching recipes.

Lin's Christian Exchange - Studies and testimony of the blood of Jesus. Inspiration, Jukebox, recipes, poems, domestic violence and sexual assault help.

Linda's Busy Kitchen 2 - Yahoo group for home recipes.

Linda's Busy Kitchen Tried and True Favorites - Yahoo group for family recipes.

Linda's Dinner Party Menus and Recipes - Gourmet dinner party menus with recipes. Backyard barbecus to seven-course dinners. Also includes hints and tips, and etiquette.

Linda's Winter Wonderland - Features MIDIs, recipes, games, awards, adoptions, webrings, and links.

Linden Hills Co-op - Minneapolis, Minnesota. Natural foods store. Includes newsletter, recipes, membership benefits and application, neighborhood events, and links.

Lindsay Olives - Family-owned California-based olive processor and marketer offering a line of black, green, and specialty olive products. Recipes, product, and nutrition information.

Link Culinaire Recipes - A large index of chef recipes designed for restaurant use and large crowds.

Links2Love: Valentine's Special - Offers links to online cards, coupons, recipes, and romantic ideas for any time of the year.

Linx Journeyer - An account of a writer's journey through cyberspace. It includes a blog, an ezine, free public domain etexts, recipes, quotes and quality links to subjects of interest to writers.

Linz, Cathie - Chicago-area author who provides brief overview and cover art to published works, along with favorite photos of the month, romance writers' links and recipes.

Lior's Kitchen - Easy and quick recipes. Emphasizes Israeli cuisine.

Lipid Clinic News - Offers online nutrition news, research summaries, low fat and cholesterol lowering recipes and menus for a longer, healthier life.

Lipton - Producers of tea products for the international market. Products, recipes, history of tea and lifestyle tips.

Lipton Recipe Secrets - Assorted recipes and cooking tips.

Liqueur Recipes from Cocktails in the Mail - Recipes for Amaretto, apple and cinnamon vodka, Irish Cream, Kahlua, and cherry, banana, orange-Cognac, orange, and raspberry liqueurs.

Lisa's Cooking Cache - Large selection of indexed recipes.

Lisa's Homemade Bread Recipes - Bread machine recipes include oatmeal molasses bread and pizza dough.

Lisa's Mulled Wine and Eggnog Recipes - A collection of recipes for mulled wine, eggnog, glogg and hot cider.

Lisa's Recipes - A homepage with recipes for meats, potatoes, and desserts.

Lisa's Sangria Recipes and Tips - Brief history of sangria and collection of recipes including various fruit sangrias.

Lite and Luscious Cuisine of India - Authentic, simple, low fat, great tasting recipes, nutrition information and guidelines for diabetes, heart disease and healthful eating everyday.

Litehouse Foods - Producers of a wide variety of salad dressings, sauces, dips, and marinades. Company profile, product information, recipes, and contact details.

Little Armenia - Promoting community culture, awareness, and participation. Offers poetry, recipes, posters, a selection of albums and song samples.

Little Brownie Bakers Recipes - Uses Girl Scout cookies as the main ingredients.

Little Italy - A collection of Italian American recipes.

Little Ma's Recipe Corner - Large number of recipes in several regional and specialized sections.

Little Red Tractor: Recipes - Recipes presented feature beef salad with summer vegetables, ham cakes with beetroot relish, baker's lamb with rosemary, triple tomato tart, summer berry trifle, and chicken with green mayonnaise.

Little Russia in US Recipe Exchange Board - Large number of recipes from Russia and the countries of the former USSR.

Little Universe: Time for Play - Includes game information, recipes, animals and secrets.

Live with Regis and Kelly - Official site. Includes information on guests, recipes, and tickets, as well as biographies of the hosts.

Liven Up Your Iced Tea - Recipes to keep cool during the Summer months, and presentation tips.

Living Lean Today - A portal to weight loss sites. Links to professional and personal weight loss sites, fitness links, health columnists, healthy recipes and other weight loss resources.

Living Nutrition Magazine - Online sampler of the quartlery publication which supports the raw food community; includes news, suggested books, health contacts, recipes, support for dietary transiton.

Living Without - A magazine for people with food allergies and sensivities. Offers gluten free recipes.

Living Without Magazine - Lifestyle magazine for people with food allergies and sensitivities. Recipes for people on gluten-free, dairy-free, casein-free, corn-free, soy-free and other special diets. Helpful articles and inspiring personal stories.

Living and Raw Food Recipes - Recipes for uncooked fruits and vegetables.

Living and Raw Foods - Online community and source of information for the living and raw food vegetarian based diet. Features discussion forum, chat, bookstore, articles and recipes.

Living it Up with Chef George Hirsch - The public television celebrity chef, provides grilling recipes, fitness tips, and methods for enhancing outdoor living.

Living the Cottage Life Frugally - Learn how to have more for less with how-to articles and a free newsletter. Information on homesteading, recipes, cheap building methods, simple living, and coupons.

Living with Cholesterol: AHA - Information for understanding the facts and reducing your risk factor of heart disease and stroke. Recipes available.

Lizano salsa - Hot sauce from Costa Rica, list of vendors and recipes.

Llama Fresh Farms - Gay media resource list, gays in history, recipes, Perl offerings.

Lloyds' Picks: Recipes from Iran - Small collection of recipes gathered by Lloyd.

Lobster Recipes - A small collection of traditional recipes.

Lobster Recipes - Site offers a small selection of recipes.

Lobster Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens - A small collection of lobster recipes including Cheesy Grilled Lobster Tails and Calorie-Reduced Lobster Newburg.

Lobster Soups - Bisques, chowders and soup recipes featuring lobster, each with complete nutritional information.

Lobster Soups and Stews - A collection of recipes for lobster bisques, stews, chowders, gazpacho, and soup.

Local News 8 - KIFI-TV - Idaho Falls, Pocatello - Includes news, weather, sports, jobs, recipes, and links.

Locklair, Deanna - Includes photographs, recipes, links, and images.

Logilab: Narval - Narval (Network Assistant Reasoning with a Validating Agent Language) executes recipes (sequences of actions) to perform tasks.

Lola's Blackberry Rain - Personal website of Lola Chaiota. Includes spells, fortunes, Chinese Astrology, mysticism, poems, original writings, and drink recipes.

Lolly's July 4th Page - Includes trivia, historical information, and recipes.

London, Cait - Bestselling Cait London's (aka Cait Logan) new site provides information on her new releases, upcoming and past books. Join Cait's e-newsletter list, enter her contests, and comment in her guest book. Also includes recipes and how-tos for cooks and tips for writers. Bookseller promos offered.

Lone Hand Western - Provides information on chuck-wagon lore, western music, cowboy stories, recipes and historical tidbits.

Looking at Ourselves and Others - Recipes from Zambia at the Peacecorps' World Wise Schools site.

Looking for Turnip Recipes - Four recipes, one roasted, in orange sauce, with brisket, and with bacon.

Looneyspoons - Low-fat food made fun; 150 delicious recipes like Jurassic Pork and Ross Pergoies plus 300 cartoons, food lore and lifestyle tidbits.

Loquat Recipes - One recipe for jam and one for jelly.

Lorelei - My World - Information about her country, the Philippines, photos, favorite songs, recipes, and links.

Los Amigos Recipes - Los Amigos Restaurant recipes.

Los Chileros de Nuevo Mexico - Recipes cooked with exotic and New Mexican chiles.

Loscheider - Contains favorite links, photos, and recipes.

Lose2Gain - The journey of two Canadian women towards health and weight loss. Includes weblogs, photos, calculators, articles, recipes and fitness tips.

Losers4Life - A forum site for people trying Weight Watchers. Includes recipes.

Lost in the Sauce - Gerry Beaney's cookbook includes all the recipes and poems from his cable television show. Sample recipes available on site.

Lots of Kids Community Message Board - Message board for families with 4 or more children. Share experiences, tips, recipes, advice, and discuss the challenges and rewards of having a large family.

Loughead, Ian - Ian's World - Resume, movie reviews, photo gallery, recipes, and links.

Lougheed, Shane P - Recipes, information about Shane's favourite sporting teams and some photography.

Louisiana Fine Foods - Including hard to find recipes such as Stuffed Merlitons, Grillades, Pompano en Papilotte, and Steak Rouille.

Louisiana Recipes - New Orleans dishes, including Shrimp Etouffee, Jambalaya, Gumbo, Boiled Crawfish and Pralines.

Louisiana Sweet Potato Commission - Includes recipes, nutritional information, shippers and canners in Louisiana. - Features several name brand sauces, mixes, spices, and recipes. Food products in stock have unit price and weight information available.

Love At Home - E-zine for large families with articles and columns on managing a large family, emergency preparedness, family finance, life on the farm, scrapbooking, parenting, home schooling, traditions, and kids. Plus reviews and recipes.

Love Potions - A listing of cocktail recipes for romantic occasions.

Loveland Groves, Inc. - Shipping navel oranges, citrus fruit, wine, cheese, and candy from Indian River groves. Includes recipes and health information.

Loving Spoonfuls - Recipes, chat, make comments, and trade recipes and grandmotherly wisdom.

Low Calorie Desserts - Information and recipes provided by

Low Carb 101 - Offers low carb diet information, support, recipes and guidance for weight loss.

Low Carb Cookbook - Many recipes, including vegetarian meals, plus links for a low carb book store, and a recipe ring.

Low Carb Cooking - Hundreds of free low carb recipes. Simple to make and induction friendly.

Low Carb Crockpot Recipes - Soybean soups, broccoli cream soup, string beans meatballs soup, beef stew, and gumbo, all low carb recipes for crockpot cooking.

Low Carb Diet - Contains an overview of high protein recipes, diet tips, research articles, and discussion forum.

Low Carb Diet Recipe - Collection of low carb diet recipes, information about the diets and discussion forum for low carbohydrate dieters.

Low Carb Recipes - A collection of categorized recipes suitable for diabetics and followers of the Atkins Diet. Contains a mixture of low carb, low fat and diet recipes.

Low Carb Recipes, Gourmet Style - By author Karen Barnaby. Recipes tailored for Atkins diet but suitable to most low carb diets. Links to other low carb information.

Low Carbohydrate Diets - Has diet reviews, articles, message boards, recipes, and cookbooks with low carbohydrate foods and meals.

Low Cost - High Fiber - A chart of foods that are high in fiber and the amount of fiber in each, plus a few recipes.

Low Fat & Fast - Sample collection of seasonal recipes from Vegetarian Times. Vegetarian glossary and substitution tables. Search for recipes from past issues, available for purchase.

Low Fat Bread Recipes - A few healthy low-fat bread recipes developed by the nutrition department at Benedictine University.

Low Fat Bread Recipes from Mardiweb - Garlic Basil Bread and Cranberry Cornbread are just two of over 40 low-fat bread recipes offered.

Low Fat Bread Recipes from Recipezaar - A variety of bread recipes all with 3g of fat per serving, or less.

Low Fat Cheesecake Recipes - A small selection of healthy cheesecake recipes developed by Benedictine University's nutrition program.

Low Fat Cookie Recipes - Provides a selection of recipes.

Low Fat Cooking with Chef Patty Rademacher - A small collection of sample recipes from her new cookbook.

Low Fat Dessert Recipes - A small but varied selection of low fat desserts from Thrifty Mom's kitchen.

Low Fat Desserts - Key lime pie, spumoni, and strawberry sorbet are just a few of the recipes provided. May be downloaded.

Low Fat Diet and Recipes - Information on healthy low fat diet, types of fats, easy ways to cut down fats, ideal body weight, fat content of food and low-fat recipes.

Low Fat Greek Recipes - A small collection from Recipezaar listed in order according to those most recently posted to the archives.

Low Fat Lifestyle - Recipes for appetizers, soups, entrees, and desserts. Information on exercise, health news, a fitness shop, and books.

Low Fat Muffin Recipes - A collection offered by Al and Abigail's Country Place.

Low Fat Recipes For The Bread Machine - A selection of low fat bread recipes, including vegan and vegetarian breads.

Low Fat Soup Menu - A selection of low-fat soup recipes from the Benedictine University Nutrition Program.

Low Fat Southern Recipes - A large choice of dishes segregated into categories that include desserts, salads, meats, breads, soups, vegetables, beverages, and crockpot.

Low Fat Vegetarian Archive of Stuffing Recipes - Mostly vegan recipes.

Low Fat Veggie Food - Recipes, weight loss tips, diet advice for vegetarians and others. Includes weight loss success stories, diet plan, and cookbook reviews.

Low Fat Yeasted Bread Recipes - A number of low-fat vegetarian bread recipes. From

Low Fat and Fat Free Smoothie Recipes - Includes calories, fat grams, carbohydrates, Weight Watchers points.

Low Sodium Cooking - Recipes, tips and resources for those interested in reducing the amount of sodium in their diet.

Low Sodium Recipes - Recipes, cooking tips, and product reviews.

Low Sodium Recipes to Make in Your Slow-Cooker - Sauce, soup with pasta, lentils, broth.

Low-Cal Diner Dessert Recipes - A good selection of healthy dessert recipes to choose from.

Low-Carb Luxury - A large assortment of recipes, a glossary of cooking terms, ingredient equivalents, and international conversion charts.

Low-Fat Brownie Recipes - Developed by Benedictine University's nutrition program, choice of caramel or fudge brownies.

Low-Fat Lifestyle: Beef Recipes - A dozen low-fat beef recipes.

Low-Fat Living Recipe Archive - Recipes categorized for every course are offered. Includes articles and tips for dining out.

Low-Fat Muffins - Numerous low fat muffin recipes created developed by Benedictine University's Nutrition Program.

Low-Fat Tuesday Recipes - Graham Kerr's recipes for cooking low fat dishes on Mardi Gras (fat Tuesday); includes recipes and nutritional profile for Shrimp Gumbo, and Jambalaya.

Low-Fat and Vegetarian Pie Recipes - Low-fat or vegetarian pie recipes.

Low-fat Recipes - Offers a selection of recipes for low-fat entrées, salads, desserts, bread, and soups for regular and special occasions.

LowCarbEating - Info, recipes, message boards, chat,products and support for dieters on Atkins, Carbohydrate Addicts, Protein Power and other low carb plans.

Lowcarb Crockpot Recipes - Includes carbohydrate information and an email list.

Lowell Farms Recipes - Recipes using rice products.

Lowfat Cooking in the Cultural Blur of California - Lowfat cookbook for sale. Site includes small group of free downloadable recipes.

Lowfat Crockpot Recipes - A collection of recipes focusing on less fat than traditional dishes.

Lowfat Weekly - Recipes, cooking tips, adapting recipes to lowfat, and help with cooking lowfat foods.

Lu's Brownie Recipes - Recipes presented are double chocolate, cockaigne, praline-iced, and brownie delite.

Lu's Christmas Recipes - From RecipeLu, a collection of Christmas recipes, including eggnog and side dishes.

Lu's Cookie Recipes - A large, fully searchable collection of cookie recipes from Lu's recipe extravaganza, including many biscotti recipes.

Lu's Endive recipes - Eight recipes for Belgian endive.

Luau and Hawaiian Party Supplies - Products include leis, hawaiian shirts, hula skirts, palm trees and tiki torches; luau party ideas and recipes.

Lubicz, Noga - Brazilian writer, designer and cook. Pages with recipes, magnetic jewelry, sport therapy, and links. [Portuguese/English]

Lucinda Hutson - Lifestyle writer, cook, gardener, speaker; recipes and information presented.

Lucky Black Cat Spice Co. - Custom-blended dry spice rubs and seasoning blends, specializing in Dark Fire Jamaican Jerk Seasoning. Recipes for Jerk chicken and pork. Wholesale and retail sales.

Lucy Waverman - Presents recipes and culinary techninques from Lucy Waverman's food columns in Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper and the LCBO's Food and Drink magazine.

Lucy's Drinks and Potent Potables - A large collection of drink recipes arranged alphabetically.

Lughnasadh Recipes - Lughnasadh Recipes - The Noodles in Faery Butter sound like a delicious treat for the Sabbat meal.

Luker, Bill: Chef Bill's Cajun Country - Music, food, recipes, classic cars, Chefs, and musicians.

Lunch Club Book - Recipes in English, French and Swedish.

Lunched - Collection of interesting recipes from the chef, ideas, tips, and music.

Lund - Dr. Charles and Kay of Las Vegas. Stories, photos, recipes, and links.

Lundberg Family Breakfast Recipes - Features four breakfast recipes using brown rice.

Lundberg Family Casserole Recipes - A small selection of casserole recipes using Lundberg rice products.

Lundberg Family Recipes - Lundberg Family Farms's favorite family recipes featuring rice, from side dishes and soups, to salads and desserts.

Lundberg Family Soup Recipes - Small collection using rice.

LusaWeb Portuguese-American Neighborhood - Online community. Includes calendar of events around the US, recipes and other information about cultural traditions, Portuguese and Azorean genealogy resources, creative writings, and forums. Portuguese Recipes - Recipes submitted by people of Portuguese ancestry from around the world.

Lusion's World - The personal homepage of Lusion. Recipes and movie reviews.

Luthier Resources - Leif Louis Luscombe - Includes 'Violin Making and Restoration Forum', 'Varnish Recipes' and 'Varnish Glossary' pages, along with brief illustrated article about setting soundposts by the violin maker and restorer in Ontario, Canada. Set a Sound Post violin maker and dealer in Ontario, Canada. - Interactive cooking portal highlighting regional Filipino food recipes.

Luxembourg Recipes - Typical recipes from Luxembourg, posted by the Luxembourg Tourist Office in London.

Luxury Lane - Hundreds of recipes for soap, and toiletries. Among these are recipes for soap, lotions, powders, scrubs, and liquid soap.

Lycopene - A comprehensive resource on lycopene and its health benefits including current research, media releases, and recipes.

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