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Joyce's Place! - A collection of recipes and other food related links.

Joyce's Place: Sandwiches - Selection of indexed recipes.

Juanita's Mexican Recipes - Small collection of mexican recipes such as enchiladas, quesadillas, and tres leches cake.

Judaism and Vegetarianism - Contains ideas of Jewish vegetarianism from a religious perspective, recipes, FAQs, and ways to get involved.

Jude's Kitchen - Categorized recipes for breads, soups, savory pies, and desserts.

Judith's Winnie the Pooh page - Includes pictures, sounds, stories, games, and recipes.

Judy Cooks - A recipe database where people from all around the world can submit their recipes to for others to try.

Judy Hallman's Favorite Recipes - A large assortment of recipes chosen by a retired mathematician and computer scientist, with the emphasis on Mexican and slightly unusual dishes.

Judy's Diabetic Recipes - A list of low sugar and sugar free desserts that include carbohydrate and food exchange values. Recipes are in a printable format.

Judy's Hobby Room - Nice site with pages for quilting and sewing, family, recipes and works-in-progress.

Juice Recipes from FreedomYou - Focusing on fasting, many various fruit and vegetable combinations.

Juice and Smoothie Recipes from - Recipes offered by juicer manufacturer using melon, wheat grass, apples, and other fruits and vegetables appropriate for juicing or to throw in the blender.

Juicer Recipes by Champion - Suggestions of blends of fruits and vegetables to use in a juicer.

Juicing101 - A two part article on the benefits of juices, featuring recipes.

Jules Ok! - Julian Lennon fan site includes an exclusive cartoon, news, discography, and recipes.

Julia Child's Easy and Delicious Quiches - Four simple quiche recipes, plus cooking tips.

Julia Child, Lessons with Master Chefs - Lessons from sixteen master chefs, with videos searchable by chef, ingredient, cuisine, or keyword. Also includes brief biographies of the chefs, some tips, and recipes. Requires Real Media or Windows Media to run the videos. Sponsored by PBS.

Julia Simon's Recipe Collection - Offers a variety of recipes from assorted countries and cultures. Recipes are sorted by country and by main ingredients.

Julia's Cook Korean Site - Offers popular recipes such as Bulgogi, Kimchi, and Bibimbab, as well as a guide to Korean etiquette and celebrations.

July 4th Recipes - Features dishes with a southern flavor.

July is Blueberry Month - Offers information on what to look for when buying blueberries, recipes, health information, and history.

June Meyer - These are authentic, old Hungarian, family recipes. These recipes are from Austria-Hungary and Transylvania. This is wonderful, hearty peasant food, stick to your ribs, and very satisfying to eat.

June Meyer's Authentic Hungarian Heirloom Recipes - Large number of recipes, with cookbook presentation.

Junior League of Columbus Georgia - An organization of women promoting community voluntarism. Order your cookbook mixing contemporary with old southern recipes. Also includes projects, fundraising, and leadership.

Junior League of El Paso, Texas - Seasoned with Sun features Mexican cuisine and local restaurants, and a companion book, Seasoned with Sunlight has light recipes. Seasoned with Fun offers ideas for fun and entertainment. Includes sample recipes.

Junior League of Portland, Maine - Maine Ingredients, and RSVP - An Invitation to Maine Cooking feature recipes using ingredients identified with Maine. Several sample recipes are provided.

Junior League of St. Louis, Missouri - Two books of member and local recipes, Meet Us in the Kitchen and Saint Louis Days...Saint Louis Nights, are described, including sample recipes and information about the illustrator.

Junior League of Washington D.C. - Capital Classics and Capital Celebrations, with recipes from area chefs, are described. Printable order form.

Just A Little Witchy - Handmade products include aromatherapy, lotions, creams, butters, soaps and natural kosher soy candles. Includes testimonials and recipes.

Just Berry Recipes - Blackberry Recipes - Collection of recipes calling for blackberries.

Just Berry Recipes - Blueberry Recipes - A collection of recipes calling for blueberries.

Just Berry Recipes - Cranberry Recipes - An extensive collection of recipes calling for cranberries.

Just Berry Recipes - Elderberry Recipes - A collection of recipes calling for elderberries.

Just Berry Recipes - Gooseberry Recipes - A collection of recipes calling for gooseberries.

Just Berry Recipes - Raspberry Recipes - A collection of recipes calling for raspberries.

Just Berry Recipes - Strawberry Recipes - A collection of recipes calling for strawberries.

Just Fruit Recipes - A large collection of recipes including many for loaves, squares, breads, and balls, but also some for pies, stuffed dates, wontons, and a diabetic cookie recipe.

Just Fruit Recipes - Apple Recipes - Extensive collection of apple recipes as the main ingredient.

Just Fruit Recipes - Plantain Recipes - Small collection of recipes using plantains as the main ingredient.

Just Fruit Recipes: Apricot - A large collection of recipes which includes bars, breads, buns, smoothies, conserves, scones, tarts, pork, and fillings.

Just Fruit Recipes: Avocado - A collection of recipes featuring guacamoles, salads, soups, dips, muffins, and breads, to name only a few.

Just Fruit Recipes: Banana - A wide collection from milkshakes and smoothies, to pies, cookies, chutney, puddings, pancakes, and French toasts.

Just Fruit Recipes: Grapefruit - A small collection of recipes which include margaritas, salads, marmalades, sorbets, relish, and stir-fry.

Just Fruit Recipes: Guava - A small collection of recipes which includes sorbet, fool, pies, dressing, jelly, daiquiri, and cake.

Just Fruit Recipes: Kiwi Recipes - Includes puddings, jellies, muffins, breads, trifles, purees, and whips.

Just Fruit Recipes: Mango Recipes - Several dozen recipes for everything from chutney to salads.

Just Fruit Recipes: Nectarine - Smoothies, marmalades, yogurt, creme fraiche, and relish are only a few of the recipes you will find in this small collection.

Just Fruit Recipes: Papaya - Several dozen papaya recipes.

Just Fruit Recipes: Peach - Puddings, pies, cobblers, yogurt, salsa, ice cream, and beverages are only a sample of the recipes which are presented in this collection.

Just Fruit Recipes: Pear - A large collection of recipes which ranges from baked goods to beverages, and from relishes and chutneys, to conserves.

Just Fruit Recipes: Persimmon - Puddings, pies, cakes, cookies, breads, salads and rolls are some of the recipes presented.

Just Fruit Recipes: Plum - Plum butter, pudding, sauce, pies, jelly, compote, and kuchen are a sample of the recipes presented in this collection.

Just Fruit Recipes: Pomegranate - Recipes presented here are Lamb Stew with Chestnuts and Pomegranates, jelly, and a second lamb recipe.

Just Fruit Recipes: Tangerine - A handful of recipes such as salad, pudding, liqueurs, custard, and tangerine chicken.

Just Fruit Recipes: Watermelon - A few recipes including pickled rind, watermelon honey, sharbat, salsa, and gazpacho.

Just Game Recipes - A variety of recipe indexes for different animals. Printer-friendly versions available.

Just Game Recipes: Duck Recipes - Dozens of European and North American duck dishes.

Just Game Recipes: Rabbit Recipes - An index of seventy-one recipes for rabbit.

Just George It - George Foreman Grill recipes and tips.

Just Jerky Recipes - Collection of recipes for making various types of jerky.

Just Kids Recipes - More than 200 recipes sorted by type.

Just Like Mom Used To Make - Collection of recipes submitted by users. Search by title or ingredient.

Just Mustard Recipes - Recipes for making various mustards.

Just Recipes - Lentil Recipes. - Small collection of recipes using lentils as the main ingredient.

Just Recipes: GoofyPutty - Steven Spangler's recipe for making a putty like material.

Just Recipes: Meatloaf Recipes - Recipes with ingredient listings and how-to-prepare instructions.

Just Slow Cooking - Recipes for crockpots/slow cookers categorized into groups ranging from apple recipes to wild game recipes.

Just Smoked Salmon Recipes - Monthly contest winning entries cover dips to soups to casseroles and plank grilling.

Just Tell Me What to Cook - Quick and easy recipes that use healthy ingredients. Includes weekly meal planner.

Just Vegetable Recipes - Cabbage Recipes - Alphabetical list of recipes.

Just Vegetable Recipes - Eggplant Recipes - Collection of recipes with eggplant as the main ingredient.

Just Veggie Recipes, Beet Recipes - Relishes, salads, soups, borscht, pickled beets, timbales, pasta, side dishes.

Just for Kids - Two recipes, one for sloppy joes, and one for graham cakes which is made of icing and crackers.

JustA Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes - A small collection of chocolate chip cookies recipes.

JustA Recipes - A collection of candy recipes including candy apples, and potato candy.

Justin Wilson - Printer-friendly versions of recipes from the Cajun chef and humorist.

K Young's Recipe Collection - A collection of dessert recipes. Links to Mellon's School of Computer Science educational programs and research.

K'Tesh's Klingon Recipe Pages - Features a lot of Star Trek recipes. Also a leading resource for Klingon weapons information.

K's Cuisine - A site devoted to favourite recipes.

K-Bee's Corner - Recipes for appetizers, breakfasts, casseroles, desserts, and drinks.

KARE 11 Television - NBC network affiliate for Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Features local news, weather, station events and information, recipes, links, and a variety of other content.

KCJ Vanilla Company - Supplies various types of pure vanilla extract; Tahitian, Bourbon, Mexican single and double strength. Many other baking products and recipes by mail order.

KGAN NewsChannel 2 Cedar Rapids - Includes news, weather, sports, program guide, community affairs, and recipes.

KIDPROJ: Multi-Cultural Recipe Book - Bonfire toffee and parkin recipes.

KITV - 4 - The Hawaii Channel out of Honolulu. Includes local news and weather, community projects, profiles of on-air staff, recipes and discussions.

KJ's Cookies - Offers cookbook, also in CD format, full of recipes for cookies and cakes. Some free recipes.

KLST 8 San Angelo - Featuring local and world news, weather and sports. Also recipes, employment, showbiz and skycam information.

KOTV 6 Tulsa - News, weather, sports, community events, and recipes.

KTK Recipes - Large personal collection of fusion-inspired recipes.

Kadriya's Wicca Page - Guidelines for keeping a Book of Shadows. Bath, beauty, and incense recipes.

Kadzutsa (Food) - Recipes for dishes from Malawi such as Nsima and Zitumbuwa (banana fritters).

Kagnew Station Ethiopian/Eritrean Recipes - Recipe for Chicken Wat with guidelines for preparing the chicken and the spices.

Kahn Dou Kitchen - Recipes and tips.

Kailis Seafood Recipes - Small selection of recipes from Western Australia. Includes Chilli Crabs and Stir-Fry Fish.

Kaiser Bakeware - Produces tools for the home baker. Contains product information, recipes, and a bake pan finder.

Kammalleena - Includes comics, recipes, photographs, and links.

Kammalleena's Collection of Recipes - The recipe collections of a novelist and cartoonist from Canada. Recipes arranged by course.

Kanaat Lokantasi - Kanaat Restaurant - Istanbul restaurant offering traditional recipes as well as historical overview of the Turkish cuisine.

Kane's Kitchen Cookbook - Cookbook that brings recipes from a grandmothers; Pierogi, Kapusta and Borsch and desserts like Snowballs.

Kangaroo Brands, Inc. - Recipes for appetizers, meat, and vegetarian dishes.

Kangaroo Pita Pocket Bread Recipes - Printer-friendly recipes for pita fillings. Divided into appetizers, meat, and vegetarian.

Kanjur - Virtual community for family members around the world, with newsletters, recipes, jokes, wisdom, tips, time zone and other useful information.

Karen's Appys - Adventures of two appaloosa horses on trail rides along with a saddle fund, recipes and horse training in Western New York.

Karen's Country Kitchen - Simple recipes and hints for busy cooks.

Karen's Kitchen: All About Oatmeal - Description of the many forms of oats, how to prepare them, and sample recipes.

Karen's Sunshine Spot, St. Patrick's Day Recipes - Cookies, frosting, Irish stew, tea bread, breakfast scones, green whiskey pie.

Karl Ehmer Quality Meats - Offering a wide variety of meats made from the finest ingredients created from old world recipes.

Karnataka Recipes - Seven recipes in English and Kannada.

Karol's Cookbook - Collection of quick and easy recipes along with links to other recipe pages.

Kashmiri Cuisine - Introduction to the cuisine with links to recipes on the web.

Kashmiri Recipes - Taken from the cookbook by Shyam Rani Kilam and S. S. Kaul Kilam.

Kasilof Seafood - Smoked salmon in fillets and gift packages or baskets. Also lists recipes.

Kaskallah - Information includes Jewish Festivals, recipes, Ask the Rabbi, and information on Central European Jewish Organisations and synagogues.

Kasumi no Daidokoro (Kasumi's Kitchen) - Profiles, humor, fan fiction, images, recipes, and links.

Kat's Mouse Happy Valentine's Day - With list of old romantic movies, the legend of St. Valentine, and recipes.

Katahdin Cooking - Maine hunters share their favorite recipes for wild game.

Kate Manchester - Chef and author offers cooking news, recipes, cooking techniques and recommendations for books and cooking equipment, with an emphasis on healthy, vibrant cuisine.

Kate's Cookery Quinoa Recipes - A small selection of vegan quinoa recipes.

Kate's Cookery Site, Broccoli Recipes - Vegan recipes by Kate L Pugh.

Kate's Cookery: Chickpea Recipes - A small selection of vegan chickpea recipes by Kate L Pugh.

Kate's Cookery: Green Lentil Recipes - A small selection of vegan green lentil recipes by Kate L Pugh.

Kate's Cookery: Split Lentil Recipes - A small selection of vegan split lentil recipes, including Lentil-Spinach Stew.

Kate's Global Kitchen- Coconut - Six recipes with cooking tips when preparing coconut for meals. Also includes fun facts about the large nut.

Kate's Vegan Cookery Site - Over a hundred carefully-tested recipes, searchable and indexed by type.

Kathie's Herb Page - Comprises herb culture, harvesting, poetry, folklore, crafts and recipes.

Kathy's Recipes - A small selection of tested recipes.

Kati's Kitchen - Indexed personal recipes.

Katie's Favorite Mexican Food Recipes - A small index of authentic Mexican recipes.

Katie's Mexican Food Recipes - A small index of authentic Mexican recipes.

Katrina's Cookie Swap - Ideas for hosting a holiday cookie swap. Most requested cookie recipes, party menu, guidelines for participants, sample invitations and photos.

Katy's Vegetarian Recipes - Recipes from Bean There, a vegetarian cafe-restaurant in Bridlington.

Kava - Selection of recipes for the preparation of kava.

Kawartha Lakes This Week and Lindsay This Week - Weekly news and events from Lindsay and other communities within the City of Kawartha Lakes (formerly Victoria County), Ontario, with business listings, advertising, editorials and recipes.

Kayak Sport Fishing - Photographs, message boards, product reviews, fishing tips, guide services, rigged kayaks, recipes, and fish reports.

Kazakh Dishes - Recipes for Lagman (noodle soup) and Manti (dumplings).

Kazakh National Cooking - Complete cookbook with recipes ranging from horseflesh to beestings.

Keagy's Produce - Amish and Mennonite Recipes - Various recipes sorted by main dishes, vegetables, soups and desserts.

Keebler - Visit the home of the Hollow tree for recipes using chips, crackers or cookies, sorted by occasion or by product.

Keepsake Recipes - Handcrafted, photo recipe cards. 

Kefir Cheese - Fresh cheese making recipes using kefir.

Keller, Rachel - Includes personal information, recipes, and poetry.

Kellogg's - Games, recipes and nutrition information.

Kellogg's UK - Features recipes using Kellogg's cereals, categorized by type of food (e.g. desserts, cookies) and by type of cereal.

Kellys Place - Information on parenting, sahm, fatherhood, crafts, AP, recipes, and lots of other useful informationrmation.

Kelso - Arthur, Bob, Eric, and Keith. Family news and updates as well as free graphics, HTML help, country music, WGEO FM relaxing music, recipes from the "man who can't cook" and Alaska.

Kenn and Michelle's Homepage - Contains many pictures we've taken, as well as some recipes and writings.

Kennon Ari Smith's Cooking - Recipes and cooking links offered.

Kentucky Lady4 - Offers Helen C. Wallen poems, stories, greetings cards, holiday pages, recipes, humor, family, and Kentucky facts.

Kentucky State University Pawpaw Research Project - Information on buying and growing pawpaw trees (Asimina triloba), nutritional content of pawpaw fruit, recipes using pawpaws, research and the Pawpaw Foundation, bibliography of pawpaw articles, photos of pawpaw trees and fruit.

Kenya - Two easy recipes from Kenya, from the FAO cookbook.

Kenya - Recipes - Recipes for Chapati, Irio, Maandazi, Samosas, and Ugali. Recipes - Contains Kenyan recipes from ugali to kachumbari, classified by course and main ingredient.

Kenya: Recipes - Nine recipes common in Kenya, such as Irio, a vegetable dish, and Ugali, a corn dish.

Kenyan Recipe Page - Collection of about twenty recipes, such as Wali wa Nazi, Oysters Mombasa, and Nyama Na Irio.

Kenyan Recipes - Recipes for Chapatis and Ugli, two traditional staples from Kenya.

Kerala Curries - More than twenty recipes, many from Maya Nair's Auntie Menon.

Kerala Global: Recipes - About forty Kerala recipes for breakfast, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian dishes, pickles and payasams.

Kerala Recipes - Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, breakfast, snacks, sweets and rice dishes, with cooking tips. - Kerala recipes from curries to chutneys, along with a section on Onam festival dishes.

Kerr, Barbara - Author and guest-hostess appearing on 3ABN. Includes vegetarian recipes, cooking utensils and resources for the Bible-based vegetarian gourmet.

Kerr, Graham - Recipes and information about Kerr, healthy cooking, and about the television show.

Kerry Web Enterprises - Offering dulse and Irish moss from Ireland. Includes nutritional information and recipes.

Kevtec Recipe Manager - Tool for organizing recipes. [95/98/NT]

Key Limes by Lee - Includes recipes for pies, cheesecakes, sauces, and shakes.

Key West Seafood - Cooking basics, preparations, and assorted recipes.

Keys Fisheries Market & Marina - A small selection of recipes including Key Lime Dolphin, Stone Crab Mustard Sauce, and Golden Crab Clusters.

Khisanth's Lair - Features maps, books, art galleries, chat, music, recipes, and games.

Khmer Krom Recipes - Illustrated recipes of the Buddhist Khmer Krom people in southern Vietnam.

Khmer Krom Recipes by Mylinh Nakry - Cambodian recipes ranging from soups, steamed and stir-fried dishes, and noodles, to sauces, salads, and desserts.

Khmer Recipes - Recipe for Somlah Machoo soup, with ribs and herb paste.

Khmer Recipes Forum - Khmer (Cambodian) recipes posted by internet users.

Khoj: Recipe - Directory of Indian recipes listed by course, including a special tandoori section.

Kibbee 'N' Spice And Everything Nice - Easy-to-make recipes for many favorite traditional Lebanese dishes, including tabouleh, grape leaf rolls, kibbee, and baklawa.

KickAssBBQ - Step by step photos, ingredients for rubs, and recipes including smoked prime rib, salmon and hors d'oeuvres.

Kid Concoctions - Series aims to educate children through arts and crafts project. Includes a kids club with monthly recipes, interactive games, and corresponence from the creators.

Kid Friendly Vegetarian - Contains recipes children can make on their own or with help from adults.

Kid's Domain Craft Recipes - Recipes for bread sculpting dough, gak, crystals, and slime.

Kid's Fun Cookbook - Recipes from the book "Fun with Fruits and Vegetables Kids Cookbook" from Dole Nutrition Program.

Kidney Bean Recipes - Vegetarian Chili and Bean Burgers, free of common food allergens.

Kids Can Cook Too! - Recipes children can fix with the help of their parents.

Kids Crafts and Recipe Swap - This page is dedicated to the sharing of toddler and preschooler crafts, recipes and ideas.

Kids Kan Kook 2 - A few fun recipes which kids can prepare, with parental supervision.

Kids in Care - Australian site helping parents, caregivers, and foster parents with ideas, forums, recipes, and information.

Kids in the Kitchen - Features articles on safety, food origins, foods from other countries, fun facts, lunch box ideas, easy recipes kids can make, food superstitions and party ideas.

Kids' Food - Recipes for children which they can make with the help of their parents.

Kids' Recipes from Allrecipes - Quick tasty meals or school lunches. Recipe reviews and nutritional analysis available.

KidsHealth Recipes - Simple and easy to prepare recipes and cooking tips.

KidsKuisine - Recipes to make with children. Chose from beverages, breads, breakfasts, candies, cookies, desserts, main and side dishes, and snacks. - Help and advice for diabetic children and parents of kids with diabetes,useful tips on recipes, advice from parents, blood sugar level monitoring, insulin and diet advice.

Kidsmommy - Offers personal information, recipes for kids and parents, plus poetry.

Kieffer - Allan, Bob, Amy, Robbie, and Jamene. Offers photos and recipes, and chat.

Kielbasa Recipes - One kiszka and two kielbasa making recipes.

Kieto's Daily Recipe and Funnies - Features various types of recipes, food shopping links, and a few jokes and funnies.

Kieto's Daily Recipes - A site dedicated to having the basic kitchen necessities.

Kiki Productions - Demomakers since 1994; unusual page with graphics, demos, news, photos and even recipes.

Kikkoman - Soy sauce information and recipes.

Kikkoman Soy Sauce - Corporate Web site available in Japanese or English. Contains information on the production of soy sauce, recipes, and information on worldwide plants and sales offices.

Kilroy - Family site with links to reference material and other fun sites as well as recipes, and quotes.

Kim - Includes quilts, recipes, and links.

Kim's Kitchen - Features lots of recipes geared toward kids.

Kimberly Chapman's Cake Decorating - Recipes and how-tos for sugarcraft and cake decorating. Includes sources for necessary ingredients.

Kind Planet: Feeding Time - Variety of vegan recipes designed to be printed and pasted to a recipe card.

Kindergarten Connection - Classroom cooking where kindergarten students can experience cooking, first hand with single serving recipes. Could be used to keep children busy on a rainy day.

King Arthur Flour - Resources for commercial and home bakers. Recipes, tips and product descriptions.

King Arthur Flour's Recipes - Port Walnut squares and Raspberry-Hazelnut wafers are two of over thirty cookie recipes offered by this flour company.

King Island Dairy - Australia's flagship of the King Island Company, producing a range of dairy products. Specializing in farmhouse and specialty cheeses and offering a listing of products, recipes and corporate information.

King Oscar - Norwegian producer of canned sardines. Company information, product and contact information. Recipes.

King of Cocktails - Martini recipes and tips to make a better cocktail for the home and professional bartender.

King's Hawaiian - Producers of tasty frozen entrees in a bowl as well as famous Hawaiian breads. Company history and product information, recipes, links to Hawaiian web sites.

Kingfish BBQ - Useful articles, tips and tricks. Discussion of the "water pan" myth. Selected recipes including Jalapenos del Raton. Helpful suggestions for the beginner.

Kings Crown Organic Farm - Organic vegetable and meat producer in King Hill, Idaho. Site includes information about organic foods including recipes, certification information and links to similar sites.

Kinneret Boer Goat Stud - Site includes information about the following topics: goat husbandry, history of the Boer goat, goat meat industry, recipes, pictures of goats, and helpful links. Ranch located in Summertown, South Australia, Australia.

Kirk - Kiss Me I'm Irish - Pets, St. Patrick's Day, Irish jokes and blessings, and recipes.

Kirwilli's Kitchen - "Traditional working class food". Recipes and reminiscences from an ex-pat in Australia.

Kitchen 101 - Favorite kitchen and cooking appliances, supplies, cookbooks, links, recipes and more by food writers Bruce Lane and Scott Wyatt.

Kitchen Herbalist Recipes - Food, beverage, body and home care recipes using herbs, including Cinnamon Mint Tea and Summer Salad with Heather Vinaigrette. .

Kitchen Minute - Interviews, recipes, shopping tips, and video gallery from Chef Jim White's show.

Kitchen Mixes Resource - Mix-in-a-jar recipes, including beverages, brownies, cookies, and soups.

Kitchen Pride Mushroom Recipes - Includes cooking guide and recipes for white, crimini, oyster, portabella, and shiitake mushrooms.

Kitchen Project - Recipes, articles and reference tools for the food enthusiast. Interesting food trivia and history.

Kitchen Talk - Kitchen Talk provides recipes for holidays, as well as tips and tidbits to help the novice and professional cook.

Kitchen Traveller - Kits containing Indian, Moroccan or Mediterranean spices, recipes and stainless steel spice container. - Features a range of bakeware, strainers, graters, baking pans, and cooking utensils. Also provides free recipes.

KitchenAid - Major producer of kitchen appliances. Site includes product information, customer service, design center, schedule of events, recipes and promotions.

KitchenWitch - Eclectic Wiccan page with a brief introduction to pagan beliefs and holidays. Also features divination, spells and recipes, and a resident dragon!

Kiwi Fruit Recipes - Includes recipes for salads, salsas, marinade, and a kiwi daiquiri.

Kiwi Liqueur Recipes - A pair of experimental recipes for kiwi liqueur.

Kiwi Recipes - Includes drink recipes, breakfast treats, sauces and dips.

Kizenradio Buddhist Temple Medical Marijuana Project - Medical marijuana information, support, resources, links, coops, books & cds, recipes, growing instructions, mj insurance, graphics, photos, cold mountain poems, spiritual support, psychologist, dakini-of-the-month, and radio programs.

KnL Outfitters - Sells Lodge cast iron cookware and camping supplies. Includes tips, recipes and kids craft ideas.

Knauss Foods, Inc. - Producers of dried beef products including chipped beef. Company history, product range, recipes, and contact details.

Know Better Dog Food - Supplying a dry ingredient base for combining with meat and vegetables to make dog and cat food. Includes recipes and pet care articles.

Know-How Halloween Cookies - Recipes and suggestions for making Halloween cookies such as bats, glowing eyes, "mounds of brains", cobweb pizza cookie.

Knox Company - Knox gelatin recipes.

Koala's Christmas - Links to free email cards, gift tags to print, traditions, recipes, activities, music, and crafts.

Koala's Christmas recipes - Forum to exchange recipes The owner of the forum is Australian but the recipes are international.

Kobe Creations - Cookbooks providing recipes for treats. Includes details of personalized versions.

Kocoa's Kitchen, Inc. - Recipes from the Chicago chef. Includes a resume.

Kodachi's Corner (aka Sibling Rivalry) - Character profile, image gallery, and recipes.

Kohlrabi Recipes - Salad, stir-fry, and pickle chips.

Kokkie Blanda's Indonesian Recipes - Large number of Indonesian recipes ranging from appetizers to surprise dishes.

Kolache Festival Recipes - From Caldwell, Texas. Four baking contest winning recipes.

Kolache with Variations - Several recipes with detailed instructions.

Kombu - Purchasing information, cooking instructions, and recipes for the soup stocks simple dashi and shiitake dashi.

Kombu Recipes - Recipes for dashi, soup, marinades, kombu with rice, and kombu with beans.

Komvos Recipes - Brief recipes for popular Greek dishes.

Kona Kava Farm - Pesticide free, Hawaiian grown includes herb description, recipes, and available products.

Koneko Studios - Humorous tips for watching anime, reviews, fan works, recipes, and links.

Kookin' with Kelly - Collection of breakfast, dinner, crockpot, and side dish recipes.

Kooky's Korner - A small collection of recipes.

Korea - Ginseng and Morning Calm - Recipes and articles on Korean cuisine, from GlobalGourmet.

Korea Taejon Mission - Information on the Korea Taejon LDS Mission, including alumni mailing list, mission presidents, reunions, and recipes.

Korean Cooking from Food Network - Guide to Korean cooking, including descriptions of classic dishes, recipes, and essential ingredient guide.

Korean Homestyle Cooking - A brief look at Korean culture and food, along with some traditional recipes.

Korean Kitchen - More than 70 easy-to-follow recipes from appetizers to desserts, with color pictures, ingredients list, and Q&A.

Korean Recipes at Arielle's Recipe Archives - Recipes for Bulgogi, Kimchee, and a spicy fish dish.

Korean Recipes at - More than a hundred recipes for main dishes, side dishes, and desserts.

Korean Recipes from - Includes appetizers, soups, desserts, sauces, and both vegetarian and meat-based main dishes.

Korean Recipes from Sweet Baby Media - About 250 recipes, from Bibim Gooksu, a noodle mix, to Young Radish Pickle.

Korean Recipes from YumYum.Com - More than three dozen traditional recipes. - Recipes and list of Korean restaurants in the US.

Kosher Cooking - A wonderful collection of recipes for the Jewish holidays and everyday

Kosher Cooking - Passover Recipes - Recipes submitted by culinary professionals and site visitors.

Kosher Cooking--Desserts - Assorted recipes including Baklava, Hammantashen, and Rugelach.

Kosher Express Kitchen - Information on Jewish cooking and kosher recipes submitted by culinary professionals and site visitors.

Kosher Recipes - Kosher recipes from Recipe Gal's Archives.

Kosher Recipes from Midrash Ben Ish Hai - Small collection of recipes for Jewish holidays and all year round. - Recipes of kosher curry dishes, based on Indian, Pakistani and Thai dishes

Koshur Saal - Kashmiri Cuisine - Collection of traditional Kashmiri recipes with glossary.

Kountry Cookin - Recipes on "down home" cooking.

Kozy Kitchen Korner Candy Recipes - Easy candy and chocolate recipes including cream cheese and wedding mints as well as creations for kids.

Kozy Shack Dessert Recipes - Recipes using Kozy Shack Rice Pudding and fruit.

Krachinski, Cathy - Includes poems, recipes, and stories, as well as links to current news.

Kraft - Kraft offers a meal-planner, recipes by e-mail,and your own on-site recipe box.

Kraft Canada Inc. - Database of recipes. Includes tips and healthy eating articles.

Kraft Diabetic Choices-Sweet Treats for You - Recipes, carbohydrates and food exchanges, personalized meal planners, logs and journals, and inspirations, are given.

Kraft Foods - A searchable index of holiday recipes and special occasions.

Kraft Foods Cheesecake Recipes - Small database of cheesecake recipes, including an assortment recipes made with Philadelphia brand cream cheese.

Kraft Interactive Kitchen - Recipes and other cooking information. Also has a service which gives recipe suggestions for ingredients selected. Recipes by email.

Kraft Interactive Kitchen: Especially for Kids - A large selection of recipes. Preparation and cooking time are featured on the index.

Kraft Kitchens - An index of recipes including several for cheesecake. Offers links for virtual museums, and a kid's room.

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