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India Parenting: Cooking Club - Modern Indian recipes using ingredients widely available in Western countries.

India for Visitors: Recipes - Recipes arranged by course from appetizers to meat and vegetarian dishes to sweets.

India4U - Recipes from India's regional cuisines as well as some sweet, hot, and chill thrills. YOGIs Recipes - North Indian curry recipes, prep-cooking, cooking hints, and Hindi-English glossary of terms.

IndiaExpress - Deepavali / Diwali - Includes history, significance, traditions, recipes, photographs, and online greetings.

IndiaExpress.Com: Cooking - Indian recipes categorized by course, ingredient, or region, including some continental recipes. Cooking - Selection of recipes from the four directions of the Indian sub-continent, along with ingredient glossary.

IndiaInfo: Recipes - Portal site offering Indian and international recipes. Recipe Corner Index - South Indian recipes, such as rasam, idli, and bisibele bhaat. - Variety of South Indian vegetarian recipes organized by category.

IndiaTimes Cuisine - Indian regional cuisines and festival cooking, cheese, microwave and health recipes, sweets, cocktails and ask-the-expert section.

IndiaVeg - Includes large collection of Indian recipes, food terminology, and natural remedies.

Indian Appetizers - Indian recipes in Hindi and English.

Indian Cooking Community - User Driven Community to share Indian Cooking recipes and ideas.

Indian Cuisine - Small collection of recipes from Gateway New Orleans.

Indian Curry Company - Resource for Indian cooking, choose from one of several hundred recipes.

Indian Delicacies - Regional specialties, quickies, and microwave recipes.

Indian Delightful Vegetarian Food - Collection of recipes for vegetarian dishes sorted by region.

Indian Dessert Recipes - Shrikhand and Seviyan are among the recipes presented.

Indian Foods Co. - Offers Indian cooking techniques and authentic recipes with pictures.

Indian Gourmet Cuisine - Indian recipes listed by region, including a section on add ons and festival dishes, as well as a glossary of terms.

Indian Harvest - Specialty rice, exotic grains and heirloom beans. Includes recipes and cooking tips.

Indian Harvest Wild Rice Recipes - A small selection of wild rice recipes including Wild Rice Cakes and Pumpkin-Wild Rice Soup.

Indian Harvest: Quinoa Recipes - Small selection of quinoa recipes, including Quinoa Dessert Timbales.

Indian Recipes - A little over a dozen recipes submitted by users.

Indian Recipes From - A selection of vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Indian Soups - Recipes in Hindi and English. Traditional soups, exotic recipes, cooking tips, and glossary, at Recipedelights.

Indian Takeaway Cooking Made Easy At Home - Quick recipes using the author's secret Indian spice powder.

Indian Vegetarian Recipes - Collection of traditional Indian dishes. Online recalculations of ingredient quantities required for four to twelve servings.

Indian moms - Detailed parenting information, online doctors, home remedies, chat recipes, activities and information databank of Indian cities.

IndianDownunder: Recipes - Recipes from different states of India from cookery writer Promila Gupta.

Indianapolis Greek Festival - Indianapolis, IN. Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. Announcement of dates and entertainment, particularly music and dance performances. Menus and recipes online. - Choose from a vast collection of recipes brought to you by master chefs of India, with the guidance of celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Indiaoz - Indian Recipes - Indian recipes for starters, main meal, and many sweets.

Indolink Recipes - Features a large collection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes from across India.

Indolink: Recipes - Large collection of traditional and modern recipes from across India.

Indonesia - Where King Is Rice and Queen Is Spice - Recipes and articles on Indonesian cuisine, from GlobalGourmet.

Indonesian Cuisine - Overview, list of restaurants and cookbooks, ingredients and six recipes.

Indonesian Recipes - Indonesian recipes provided by online grocery and store.

Indonesian Recipes at - More than a hundred recipes.

Indonesian Recipes from - More than 150 recipes.

Indonesian Recipes from Epicurious - Seven recipes.

Info-Galaxy Chocolate. - Chocoholics Anonymous, forums, recipes, and history.

Info-Galaxy Cookbook - Information on food, fine wines and cheeses. Recipes for basic salads to entrees and desserts.

Info4Net Blog - Daily updates of news tid-bits, commentary, information, recipes, and links to my original articles on a variety of subjects.

Infodiary: Indian Recipes - Collection of Indian recipes with glossary and tips.

Information About New Zealand Food - Local recipes such as Vegemite Quiche and factoids on marmite, Pavlovas, kiwis, and huhu grubs.

Information About Diabetes:Diabetic Recipes - Diabetic Recipe collection. Site includes information on diabetes, diabetic nutrition and medication.

Ingleside - Tea party, crafts, recipes, and a flower garden in the tradition of Anne of Green Gables.

Inn Recipes - Offers a unique recipe index of breakfast specialities from various Inns and Beds and Breakfasts in the United States. - A nice index of B&B recipes for all occasions.

Innkeeper Recipes - A collection of recipes from contributions of bed and breakfast innkeepers.

Innkeepers Favorite Breakfast Recipes - Breakfast recipes from innkeepers.

Innovative Australian Recipes and More Menu Ideas - Recipes for dishes using Australian ingredients offered by Vic Cherikoff Food Services.

Insanity Sauce - Offers hot sauces, recipes, snacks and gift baskets.

Insect Recipes - Learn how you can make tasty bug meals. As seen on Jay Leno.

Insects as Human Food - Hosted by Ohio State University. Entomologists, farmers and chefs who are promoting edible insects, a foodstuff better known in academic circles as "Microlivestock." Article, recipes, and nutritional information.

Inspired Chef - A large collection of varied, kitchen-tested recipes from the providers of the Inspired Chef In-Home Cooking Classes. - A daily email newsletter for young adults, ages 18-25, includes humor, recipes, practical tips, words of wisdom and advice.

Instant Curry Spices For Great Recipes - Offers curry blends in easy-to-handle packs for customer convenience.

Institute of Health and Happiness - Information on classes and events at mauis' only macrobiotic school. Also includes articles and recipes.

Intaba Teas of Africa - South African producers of tea products. Products, recipes, distribution and contact details.

Integrated Bakery Resources - Distributor of Oregon breads. Products, recipes and information about bread.

Integrated Publishing: Recipes - Recipes from the United States Military Recipe Service. Can be viewed online for free or ordered for a fee in various electronic and print formats. Recipes - Mediterranean and Middle Eastern gourmet recipes offered by online grocery.

InteliHealth Recipes - An index of dishes that contain no more than 30 percent of calories from fat. Informative articles on health, lifestyle, and related topics.

InteliHealth: Guide to Nutrition and Weight Management - Basics of good nutrition from Walter C. Willett of Harvard Medical School. Also includes interactive meals, recipes, and news.

Internacional Olivarera S.A - Produces black and green olives, pure and extra virgin olive oil and other vegetables. Company details, products, history, recipes and processing operations. Sevilla, Spain. [Requires Flash]

International Cuisine - Recipes in a searchable archive with information about ice carvings, garnishes, ice sculptures, ingredients and techniques.

International Gourmet - Ethnic, international and classic gourmet favorites. Products, recipes, biblical food and unique gift baskets.

International Jelly and Preserve Association - Information about jams, jellies, preserves and fruitspreads, including a calculator comparing nutritional information, an interactive map showing where popular fruits are grown, history of jams and jellies, and recipes.

International Nut Council Products Information - There are no recipes on this site, but there are pictures of 10 nuts and a brief description of each so that one can identify them.

International Pasta Recipes - Pasta dishes from around the world

International Recipe Manager - Unlimited recipes and recipe categories. Search for any details stored about a recipe, e.g. Nationality, Ease, Title or Ingredient contents, Cooking time, Health and Nutrition details.

International Recipes - Every Sunday, members receive a bundle of recipes via email.

International Recipes OnLine - Exchange group with over 34,000 members in 90 countries offering recipes, a food and wine dictionary, and a bulletin board.

International Recipes Online: Casserole Directory - Casserole recipes submitted by members of Recipes Online. Sort by name, author, popularity or category.

International Recipes: Egypt - Kosheri lentils and rice with a tangy tomato sauce, lemon and garlic potato salad, spinach with dill and Warah Enab (stuffed grape leaves) are the five recipes presented.

International Recipes: France - An unmoderated directory of recipes on an international web site designed for the students of the world.

International Recipes: Germany - A handful of recipes submitted by users.

International Recipes: Ireland - Small collection of recipes submitted by users, such as oatbread, soda bread, Irish coffee, and potato soup.

International School of Baking and Cooking - Recipes for European style baking in artisan breads, desserts, cakes, and pastries.

International Spanish Recipes - Eight Spanish favourites such as Habas con Jamon, and Tortilla.

International Vegetarian Union- Pasta Index - 116 vegetarian pasta recipes from around the world.

International Veggie Recipes - Includes recipes for Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sause, Vegetarian Black Bean Chili, Japanese Noodle Salad, Asian Cucumber Quinoa Salad, Italian White Beans with Tomatoes and Garlic, and Japanese Cucumber Salad.

International Woman - Online magazine for women of all cultures. Recipes, fashion, beauty, weddings, and work from different countries around the world.

InternationalWoman: Recipes - Selection of recipes from ten world cuisines.

InternationalWoman: Recipes from Panama - Small selection of recipes, such as Stuffed Yucca and Mango Pudding.

Internet Cookbook - Egg Casserole Recipes - Recipes from innkeepers, chefs, and culinary professionals from 1st Traveler's Choice Internet Cookbook.

Iowa Bison Association - Information about the association and its members, with recipes, animals for sale, and bison related links.

Iowa Moms - Advice, message boards, recipes, crafts, books, health & beauty, places to visit, calendar of events, and classifieds for Iowa Moms.

Iowa Pork Producers - Find recipes and information and programs for the Iowa pork producer on pork production, operations, regulations and promotions. Online ordering available.

Iranian Recipes - Recipe for Chilau Rice, Fasanjan, and Herb and Tamarind Prawns.

Iranian Recipes at - Collection of Iranian recipes for soups, light dishes, and main dishes.

Iranian-American Family Recipes at Persian Outpost - Selection of recipes, directions on how to cook Polo (rice) and Khoresh (stew), and introduction to the food culture.

Iranian/Persian Recipes - More than a hundred recipes, including some from Rosa Montazemi's cookbook "Honar-e Aashpazi" (Art of Cooking).

Irina's Cozy Corner and SMA Page - Personal web page of a Russian woman living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Includes information on travel, recipes and psychology. English, Russian and Italian versions.

Irish Beverage Recipes - Selection of indexed Irish drinks.

Irish Cook - Recipes and feature articles from Margaret M. Johnson, writer of topics dealing with the food and drink of Ireland.

Irish Dessert Recipes - Guinness Cake and Potato Pie Dessert are among the recipes presented.

Irish Food And Recipes - About thirty recipes ranging from Pea Soup With Mint, to Limerick Ham.

Irish Kitchen - Traditional and nouvelle recipes from food writers Darina Allen, Margaret Johnson, and other chefs.

Irish Recipes - Half a dozen Irish recipes, among others.

Irish Recipes Page - Cook up some Dublin Coddle, dumpling stew, soda bread, or scones for St. Patrick's Day.

Irish Recipes at - More than a hundred recipes from Abie's Irish Stew to Wicklow Pancake.

Irish Recipes for St. Patrick's Day - Small selection of recipes for beverages, breads, dinners and desserts.

Irish Recipes from - Traditional Irish recipes from appetizers to drinks, including Colcannon, Champ, Boxty Potatoes.

Irish Recipes from Ireland's Eye - Simple recipes for many traditional favourites.

Irish Recipes from Recipezaar - Recipes by course, ingredient, or preparation, with nutritional information.

Irregular - A collection of vegan recipes and ingredient substitutions. Many desserts.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, and Ulcerative Colitis Message Boards - Help for IBS and IBD diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, bloating, and nausea. Moderated boards address diet, recipes, stress, hypnotherapy, yoga, drugs, and surgery. - Fresh fish, seafood, shellfish and clambakes, shipped overnight. Includes recipes, cooking tips and seafood facts.

Island Oasis Products - Offers all natural, premium beverage mixes. Company profile, product information, cocktail recipes, and contact details.

Island Sizzle - Recipes of Bali authored by Linda Lau Anusasananan.

Island Spice - We supply a wide range of herbs and spices available through mail order. Try some of our original recipes and view our extensive spice chart. Taste of the Caribbean - Featuring West Indian recipes of the Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, and Trinidad.

Islands Own Herbal Skin Care - Creating recipes using organic herbs grown on Martha's Vineyard and quality essential oils.

Islandtimes - Island recipes, apparel, hot sauces, and figurines.

Istanbul Cuisine - Turkish recipes from soups to sweets, and list of Istanbul restaurants.

It's A Mom's World! - Message boards, galleries, journals, articles, recipes, chat, and product reviews.

It's Full Of Squirrels - The official online Reznicek-Guibord Chicago family cookbook. Contains recipes inspired by Indian, Asian, and Adirondack cuisines.

It's Santa - Featuring a photo album, Christmas FAQs, recipes and email to Santa.

It's Snack Time - Publication discussing tasty, healthy snacks to help fulfill daily nutrient needs for children and adults. Tips and recipes are included.

Italia Mia - A portal for Italian-Americans and Italians around the world. Major categories include communities, chat rooms, Italian recipes, music and movies, travel, and cities of Italy.

Italian Americans - Italian interests in America, from genealogy to recipes to learning Italian 101. Also includes links to organizations and festivals in America that may be of interest to those of Italian descent.

Italian Beverage Recipes - Recipes for fruit and walnut flavored liqueurs.

Italian Christmas Eve Recipes - Traditional Christmas Eve fish appetizers, soups, risotto, salads, entrees, and pasta dishes.

Italian Community of Seattle - Italian media links, recipes, local resources, forums and more for the Italian community in Seattle.

Italian Cooking & Living magazine - Highlights all the activities of the Italian Culinary Institute; including recipes, magazines, a TV show, in-depth articles on food, wine, and travel.

Italian Cooking and Living - Website of the magazine and tv show with genuine Italian recipes, cooking tips, and wine information.

Italian Cuisine from - Recipes, articles, and links, hosted by guide Kyle Phillips.

Italian Dessert Recipes - Recipes featured include biscotti, tiramisu, tortoni, cannoli, zeppole, zabaglione, cakes, and fruit desserts.

Italian Food - Regional recipes, wine information and chef's recipes from famed Italian chef Marcella Hazan.

Italian Food Forever - A comprehensive site relating to all aspects of Italian cuisine. Hundreds of traditional recipes, unique articles, and a monthly newsletter.

Italian Food Forever - Pasta Recipes - A good sized collection of traditional pasta recipes with vegetable based sauces.

Italian Food Forever: Pizza Recipes - Collection includes closed pizza, whole wheat pizza, and grilled pizza.

Italian Food from In Italy Online - Collection of regional Italian recipes as well as links to related sites.

Italian Neighborhoods - Explore different Italian neighborhoods throughout the United States. Recipes, message boards, products for sale, merchants, and editorials.

Italian Recipes - Recipes for pizzas, pastas, desserts, and soups.

Italian Recipes Page - Selection of Roman, ancient, and family recipes with instructions for preparing easy, original, and tasty dishes.

Italian Recipes by Nicola Ranieri - Chef's recipes from appetizers to desserts in both English and Italian.

Italian Recipes from - A large database of assorted Italian recipes for every course.

Italian Recipes from - About a 1,000 Italian recipes, including a large selection of both pasta and dessert recipes.

Italian Recipes from - More than 600 recipes.

Italian Recipes from Recipezaar - More than 200 recipes.

Italian Sauce Recipes - Collection of traditional Italian sauces, including many for pasta.

Italian Seafood And Meat Soup Recipes - A collection of traditional Italian soups including Zuppa Toscana, Italian wedding Soup, and Triest Style Seafood Soup.

Italian Soup Recipes - Recipes featured include minestrone, stracciatelli, tortellini soup, lentil and sausage, escarole with meatballs, barley and bean, and chickpea soup.

Italian Veal Recipes - Recipes from Venetto's.

Italian Vegetarian Recipes - Includes appetizers, breads, soups, salads and entrees.

Ivoirien Cookbook - Small collection of recipes for sauces, main courses and snacks.

Ivy's Faerie Glen - Fun, art, poetry, links, downloads, wallpapers, seals, globes, dreamcatchers, recipes and movie reviews.

J and L Spices - Cajun seasonings for spicy creole cooking and recipes.

J.M. Smucker Company - Provides a list of their products, recipes, games, news, and an online store. ( NYSE: SJM )

J.R. Wood, Inc. - Manufacturers of individually quick frozen (IQF) fruit and purees; certified Kosher. Company profile and history, product details, recipes, and contact information.

JK Diet Page - Some people find that the JK diet (devised by John Kender) is very helpful in curbing and curing the urge to pull. Discusses the diet and includes recipes.

JRT's Blueberry Recipes - An assortment of recipes made with fresh or frozen blueberries.

JSL Foods, Inc. - Produces noodles, pasta, wrappers and backed goods including the almond and fortune Chinese-style cookies. Company history, related companies, products and recipes. Los Angeles, California, USA.

Jack O'Lantern's Net - Halloween songs, traditions and recipes from around the world.

Jacobean Dinner Recipes - Recipes to cook a menu and detailed instructions for brewing beer.

Jacques Pepin - recipes from KQED/San Francisco's companion website to Jacques Pepin's series on national public television.

Jacquie's Food Link - An index of recipes and helpful kitchen tips, including many recipes for wild game, preserves, and dog treats.

JaguarMoon Book Of Shadows - A collection of information, including recipes, herbs, healing, God/dess lore, divination, and invocations. Many points of view are represented.

Jakarta Indonesian Cuisine - San Francisco restaurant providing nine recipes.

Jalapeno Madness - Dedicated to the world's greatest chili pepper. Recipes, links and information.

Jalapeno Popper Recipes - Several different recipes for jalapeno poppers including Armadillo Eggs and Crab Stuffed Jalapenos.

Jallepalli, Raji - A collection of Indian-French recipes and a biography of the chef of Restaurant Raji in Memphis, Tennessee.

Jam Recipes - A collection of jam recipes listed alphabetically.

Jam, Jelly, and Stuff from Hugs's Homehearth - Recipes such as fruit conserves, jams, and marmalades, but also tomato jam and preserves, and spiced peaches, or plums.

Jamaica Internet Cookbook - Offers recipe of the month, traditional and holiday dishes and recipes from appetizers to drinks.

Jamaica: Glossary of Terms - A glossary of Jamaican words with some photos and recipes.

Jambalaya Recipes - Three different interpretations of this dish, each with complete nutritional information.

Jambalaya Recipes and Information - A selection of links from

James Barber, The Urban Peasant - Information about the show and the cook, with recipes and kitchen tips.

Jamie Jackson - A family of 5 children, living in Florida. Recipes, photos, and writing.

Jamie's Kitchen - Includes biography of Jamie Oliver, links, news, pictures, recipes, and TV show information for the Naked Chef.

Jams and Preserves Recipes - A collection from

Jams, Jellies and Preserves at - Recipes include peach marmalade, apple butter, brandied cherries, watermelon jelly, and spiced apple rings.

Jamvaa Chaalo Ji - Please Come to Eat - Recipes of famous and not-so-famous, Parsi/Zoroastrian dishes.

Janice Cox - Natural beauty recipes, hints and tips available in three books.

Jann's Cookbook - A selection of Pennsylvania Dutch recipes.

Japan - Zen and the Art of Eating - Recipes and articles on Japanese cuisine, from GlobalGourmet.

Japan Hiroshima Mission - A web site for former missionaries of the Japan Hiroshima or Japan Okayama Missions of the LDS Church, includes Japanese recipes.

Japanese - Small collection of fat free and vegetarian recipes.

Japanese Cuisine - Recipes and articles on Japanese cuisine, from Schauwecker's Guide to Japan.

Japanese Cuisine from - Recipes and resources on the food and cuisine of Japan, hosted by guide Setsuko Yoshizuka.

Japanese Food - Recipes with glossary, provided by Black Moon.

Japanese Food and Recipes - Information about Japanese food including some recipes.

Japanese Healthy, High-Style Cooking - Over one hundred recipes with instructions and color photographs, by Sumiko Matsumoto. Details, author and ordering information.

Japanese Recipes - A variety of healthy Japanese recipes including tempura, hand-rolled sushi, and miso soup.

Japanese Recipes from Midori Mart - Various recipes including tonkatsu, tempura, and miso soup.

Japanese Recipes from - More than a hundred recipes.

Japanese Recipes from Recipezaar - About twenty recipes.

Japanese Recipes from - Recipes for vegetarian and meat dishes, desserts, and soups.

Jar Cakes - A small collection of recipes including zucchini bread, brownies, and Christmas ornaments.

Jar Gift Recipes - Recipes for cookies, brownies, drinks, and soups.

Jar Mix Recipes Forums - Online message board for jar mix recipes.

Jar Recipes & Make-Ahead-Mixes - Printer ready recipes for cookies and soups in a jar.

Jardine Foods - Produces salsas, barbeque sauces, hot sauces, chili mixes, seasonings, and other ranch recipes.

Jasper Wyman and Son - Grower and processor of wild Maine blueberries. Berries available in frozen, canned and dehydrated form. Company profile, recipes, nutrition information, and contact details.

Jayne's Greek Recipes - Traditional and unusual recipes from an English woman living in Greece.

Jayne's Recipe World. - Offers newsletters and recipes from around the world with photos.

Jazzercise Mira Mesa and Scripps Ranch - Class and schedule information, articles, recipes, tip of the day.

Jeanie's Favorite Recipes - A small collection of home cooking recipes.

Jeanine's Sugar-Free Recipes - Some use artificial sweetener, some do not. Also provides links to sweetener free recipes, recipe comments, and a nutrition center.

Jeannie and Berry's Native Plants Page: Pawpaws, Persimmons and Elderberries - Information from self-reliant Kentuckians about using native edibles, particularly pawpaws, persimmons, elderberries and mayapples. Recipes and cultivation hints.

Jeannie and Berry: Pawpaw Cookbook - A compilation of recipes using the American pawpaw, including pies, breads and slushy drinks.

Jeff Brown- Nutritional Consultant - Nutritionist with online monthly e-newsletters, nutrition tips, recipes, health products, and links to nutrition related sites.

Jell-O Desserts - Official Kraft Foods site includes recipes, tips for creating molds, nutritional information, history, news, and related resources.

Jell-O Recipes - Desserts and snacks made from sugar-free gelatin. also a list of Kraft cheese recipes, and links to other Kraft recipes.

Jello Recipes - Includes Champagne Salad, Cherry Rhubarb Jam, and Holiday Pudding.

Jellophile - Presents a large collection of assorted recipes using liquor.

Jellophile - The Jellomaniac's Manual - A large directory of recipes.

Jellophile: Non-Alcoholic Jell-O Recipes - Large collection of assorted recipes.

Jen's Scooby Page - Selection of pictures, polls, quizzes, recipes, and an anti-Scrappy section. Also contains a 'make your own Scooby story' section, lyrics, and theme song sound clips.

Jen's: My Recipes and Cafts - Quick and easy recipes and crafts.

Jennareanne's Links - Links to hundreds of personal webpages containing all kinds of recipes, including my own recipes, cooking tips, and household hints.

Jerky Recipes - Jerky recipes message board, with free exotic recipes of crocodile, emu, kangaroo, beef jerky, and other exotic food recipes.

Jerky Recipes at - Close to 100 recipes from various cuisines, including Chinese and Native American, for beef, turkey, tofu, or venison jerky.

Jerry's Bait & Tackle: Duck Recipes - Recipes for White Top Wild Duck, Crock Pot Duck, and Roast Duck.

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup - Recipe for a chicken stock-based soup containing Jerusalem artichokes and whipping cream, at Just Veggie recipes.

Jervis, Wendy - Personal information, astronomy, writings, recipes, favorite music, and links.

Jesse's Crock Pot Recipes - Collection of crock pot and slow cooker recipes. Classic recipes and modern updates to old favorites.

Jet-Puffed Marshmallows - A comprehensive site for marshmallow recipes.

Jewish Community Online - Kosher Jewish recipes from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

Jewish Food Recipes: - A collection of recipes categorized by holiday.

Jewish Holiday Cooking - Recipes for Passover, Hanukkah, Succoth, and Rosh Hashanah, by Louise Fiszer and Jeannette Ferrary.

Jewish Holiday Recipes - Latke and sufganiyot recipes.

Jewish Recipes - Various recipes in plain text format.

Jewish Recipes: - Recipes submitted by users and organized by meal course and subject, including recipes for Jewish holidays.

Jewish Recipes: - Small collection of recipes with nutritional information.

Jewish Recipes: RecipeSource - More than 200 recipes for a variety of Jewish dishes.

Jewish Vegan - Personal ads for Jewish vegans and vegetarians. Includes recipes, restaurant listing, book reviews.

Jewish - Vegan recipes, food alerts, restaurant listings, ecology and animal rights information.

Jewish World Review - Daily webzine covering kosher recipes, humor. politics, book reviews and first person essays. - Archive of recipes and kosher cooking resources collected over the years from an active forum on Jewish cuisine.

Jif Peanut Butter - Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks using the company's product.

Jiffy Mix - Recipes from the Chelsea Baking Company for Jiffy Mix.

Jim Barricks Alcohol-Free Recipes - Indexed collection of stews and soups.

Jim Barricks: Alcohol-Free Beverages - Small collection of different recipes.

Jim Peyton's Lo Mexicano - Mexican recipes, cooking FAQ, glossary, and cookbook presentations.

Jim and Nancy'sHalloween - With a ghost, magic, recipes and Halloween links.

Jimmy Dean Foods - Features product information, recipes, and company information.

Jimmy G'scake Bar Cookie Recipes - A large alphabetized index of recipes for bars and squares from "100,000 Calories Bar" to zucchini lemon squares.

Jimmy's Candy Recipes - A variety of quick and easy recipes including chocolate, almond, and peanut butter flavored candy.

Jims Kitchen - A collection of easy to prepare recipes.

Jinil Au Chocolat - Certified kosher products. Chocolate gift baskets or boxes, fruit and nut platters and sugarfree items. Also chocolate information, corporate accounts and recipes.

Jo Seagar Cookbooks - New Zealand food personality, Jo Seagar's recipes, and cookbooks plus cooking tips, competitions and free ecards.

Jo's Icelandic Recipe Book - Recipes for traditional and modern style foods.

Joans Kitchon Online - Introduction to Passover, menu, and recipes.

Joe Bud's Foods Inc. - Provides history of Joe Bud's Everything Sauce, product information, recipes and online ordering.

Joe's Dinner Selections - Recipes of all types and styles. Beef, chicken, seafood, pork, italian, mexican, oriental. Original chili recipes.

Joe's Place: Recipe Swap - Exchange recipes and information in a community setting.

JoeyDragon's Place - Linkware bordered and tiled backgrounds of various themes, book reviews, recipes and dragon pictures.

John Gordon's Hall of Fame - Simple, easy to follow book of recipes, cooking tips and recommended wines.

John Walters "The Food Dude" - Website for the radio talk show host. Get recipes and read interviews with famous chefs and gourmands.

Joie Power, Ph.D. - Offering information on workshops and consultations on aromatherapy and other natural healing modalities, articles, FAQs, recipes and related links. Located in Penrose, North Carolina.

Joie de Vivre - Features hundreds of authentic French specialties such as foie gras, truffles, cassoulet, saucisson, bouillabaisse, calissons, and madeleines. Recipes and gastronomic editorials.

Jolly Time Cozy Kitchen Recipes - Snack recipes featuring popped corn.

Jolly Time Pop Corn - Recipes, games, educational information and history of pop corn.

Jolly Time Popcorn - Kids Recipe Box - Recipes pairing popcorn with extras like candy corn, white chocolate, peanut butter, or caramel.

Jon Ashton: Spanking Good Recipes - Recipes by British-born chef, with a biographical note and news.

Jon's Recipes - Quick recipes for world cuisine with color photos.

Jonas Fiery Recipes - Offers a collection of recipes and photographs of the prepared dishes.

Jonathan - Drink recipes, bowling tips, an original story and a programming section.

Jonathan Kandell's Vegetarian Recipes - Includes recipes for Asian, Indian, Italian, Southwestern, and miscellaneous dishes.

Jonathan's Organic - Distributor/importer of organic produce in New England. History, product line, recipes.

Jonny NYC's Home Page - Photos, webcam, recipes, and preferences of Jonny, who has modeled for Yamamoto and designed web pages for Merrill Lynch.

Jordan, Diane - Personal site called 'Bubbles' and provides a journey through the authors mind. Includes quotes, recipes and music.

Jordanian Cuisine - Recipes for Mansaf, and Stuffed Lamb, from the legacy site of King Hussein I.

Joseph Farms Cheese - Index of over 20 dinner recipes featuring cheese.

Joshua Grindle - Recipes for breakfast, brunch and treats including quiches, fritattas, omelets, and muffins.

Josie Walter: Decorated Earthenware Pottery - Good pictures of the tableware and cooking pots by this well established potter. Pots are made in earthenware clay which she decorates with slips and coloured glazes. The site gives details of techniques used inclding glaze recipes.

Journey to Vegan - A journal of one person's transition to a vegan lifestyle. Includes references to authors and websites, as well as to favorite recipes and restaurants.

Joyce Chen Products - Joyce's daughter Helen hosts her own area here and provides a small number of recipes.

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