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Holi the Festival of Colors - Gives history and other information about the holiday. Offers online greeting cards, downloadable wallpapers and screensavers, recipes, gifts, links, chatroom, and message board.

Holiday - Small collection of recipes for special occasions.

Holiday And Special Occasion - Collection of holiday and special occasion recipes from

Holiday Baking - Three different chef's recipes for holiday desserts.

Holiday Celebrations - Features sections for main holidays, e-cards, recipes, desktop themes, wallpapers, and screensavers.

Holiday Cook - Holiday recipes, party and dinner suggestions, menus, and bulletin board.

Holiday Cookies Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens - Small selection of recipes includes Christmas Biscotti and Crispy Chocolate Heart Cookies.

Holiday Family Fun - Holidays on a family budget, ideas on crafts for the kids, decorations, and recipes.

Holiday Greetings - Includes stories, music, recipes, links, and a section just for kids.

Holiday Magic Crafts and Recipes - Includes directions for making a gingerbread house, potpourri recipes, quick breads, and other goodies.

Holiday Pecan Recipes - Three pecan recipes from Holiday Pecans.

Holiday Recipe Index - Holiday recipes listed by category for a variety of occasions. From

Holiday Recipes - Vegetarian stuffing, sauces, desserts from the Rochester Area Vegetarian Society.

Holiday Recipes - Passover - A collection of Passover recipes & ideas, including Matzo Ball Soup, Roasted Lamb, Passover Chocolate Torte, and Seder menus.

Holiday Recipes Posted on All Easy Cooking Message Board - Includes turkey, stuffing, pie, and tree ornament recipes.

Holiday Recipes from Flavors of the South - Recipes including appetizers, baked ham, roast turkey, and desserts.

Holiday Recipes from - Large collection of recipes for a variety of holidays.

Holiday Recipes from Recipezaar - Browse holiday recipes by holiday, course, cuisine, main ingredient, preparation style. Each with complete nutritional information.

Holiday Recipes from VegSource - Offers alternative vegetarian recipes for holiday occasions such as Passover, Thanksgiving, Lenten, Hanukkah, and Christmas.

Holiday Recipes from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - Features vegetarian recipes for occasions like Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

Holiday - Offers a database of recipes, as well as the opportunity for you to submit your own recipes, request recipes, and read helpful cooking tips.

Holiday Spirit - Share the holidays with some favored recipes from the Master. - Features cookie recipes for all occasions, baking resources, decorating and baking tips, free postcards, cookbook suggestions, contests, recipe exchanges, and holiday links. - Easter recipes; Honey Glazed Ham, Hot Cross Buns and Easter Bunny cookies, menu ideas, natural egg dyes and international Easter traditions. - A collection of Memorial Day recipes from

Holidays and Celebrations - Holiday fun and information, party planning, recipes, holiday graphics, seasonal poems and quotes.

Holly Peterson Mondavi's Recipes - Collection of recipes using Chef Holly Peterson Mondavi's gourmet all-natural sea salt. Recipes for bruschetta, focaccia, ginger cookies, vegetable quiche and prime rib.

Holy Land Olive Oil - Importer of Palestinian olive oil. Company profile, mission, FAQ and recipes.

Home & Garden - Recipes and cookbooks from online magazine and television show.

Home & Hearth: Poultry Recipes - A collection of poultry recipes that is mostly chicken.

Home 'n' Stuff - Offers recipes as well as information about cooking, gardening, organizing, hobbies and health issues. Includes steps to take if you wallet is stolen.

Home 4 Christmas - Includes information on holiday traditions and history, recipes, puzzles and games, printable coloring sheets and gift tags, MIDI files, quotations, and movie reviews.

Home Baking Association - National organization promoting scratch baking education and practice. Site features educators' tools, lesson plans, recipes, and baking tips.

Home Brewery and Wine Making - A complete line of beer and wine making supplies, recipes and books. Order online, by phone, fax, e-mail, or postal mail.

Home Cleaning Solution Center - Articles and advice on simple, safe techniques and materials. Features recipes for household products.

Home Cookin - Factory recipes shared between friends and family; good solid home cooking; quick and easy recipes.

Home Cooking Magazine - E-zine devoted to home cooking. Features recipes and how-to articles.

Home Deer Processing Video - Information on methods, selecting knives and recipes.

Home Heartstrings - General discussion related to homemaking. All are welcome, not just the sisters. Topics include recipes, frugal tips, budgeting, organizing, gardening, crafts, and Family Home Evening ideas. Flaming and spamming are not allowed.

Home Made Baby Foods - Includes checklist for starting solids, tips for safe babyfood preparation and basic babyfood recipes. (Adapted and reprinted with permission of the WIC Supplemental Food Program, Columbia/Boone County Columbia, Missouri.)

Home Monthly - A monthly newsletter with down home recipes along with helpful household hints and herb and gardening tips.

Home Plate Recipes - Recipes submitted to the Yahoo!Groups HomePlateTeam.

Home Preserving - Tips for preserving and pickling with recipes and links to more information.

Home Sweet Gingerbread Home - Complete instructions and recipes for making a gingerbread house. Includes color photos of the construction.

Home and Hearth - A collection of recipes from appetizer through dessert.

Home and Hearth Appetizers - About twenty appetizer recipes, mostly dips.

Home and Hearth Beverages - A small collection of beverage recipes.

Home and Hearth Breakfast - A small index of breakfast recipes.

Home and Hearth Kids Recipes - A small collection of simple recipes. Some require adult assistance.

Home and Hearth Recipes - Index of recipes for home cooking, plus tips and links.

Home and Hearth Soups - A small index of soup recipes.

Home for Christmas - Cookie recipes, teas, songs, stories, and gift suggestions.

Home of the E-Wytch - A spooky fun filled website with Halloween recipes and games, ghost stories. - Small colelction of Southern and Cajun recipes.

Home-Churned Ice Cream - Different kinds of ice cream makers, tips on how to alter formulas to your taste, selected links, and three recipes: fresh mint, bourbon pecan, and French chocolate.

Home-made Baby Meals - Home-made baby recipes for baby's aged 4 months onwards, with tips on freezing foods and weaning your baby. Includes how to puree and make baby stocks.

Homebrew Beer Recipes from the Microburst Brewery - Ausome Lager, Dark Star Cherry Stout, Forrest's Fire Beer, Howling Cow Stout, Narley Barley Wine, Nut Brown Cloud, and Pooh Beer.

Homebrew Headquarters - Offering supplies for making beer and wine as well as advice and recipes. Order online. - Offers tips and techniques, recipes and an e-mail newsletter.

Homefires Hearth - E-zine for Christian homemakers, with recipes, tips and advice for homemakers. Features book reviews and archives.

Homeflowers - A local San Diego magazine for women who are looking into working from home, joining a book club or sharing recipes.

Homemade Baby Food - Recipes and article discussing equipment and safety issues in making baby food (four page article).

Homemade Baby Food Recipes - Rolled oats and bananas, cereal a la mode, cooked fruit puree, instant fruit butter and steamed vegetables.

Homemade Cake Recipes - List of homemade cake recipes, from Red Velvet to newer creations and revisions of old favorites like the Blue Velvet Cake, Candy Bar Cake, and Lemon Cake.

Homemade Cookies and More - Collection of homemade cookie, pie, cake, torte and quick bread recipes.

Homemade Hair Care Recipes - Instructions for making shampoo, conditioner, hairgel, mousse, and natural hair dye.

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas - Inexpensive homemade halloween costume ideas in various categories, along with make-up recipes and games.

Homemade Instant Coffee - Three simple recipes for instant powders.

Homemade Mint Candy Recipes - Recipes and detailed instructions for making mint candy. Ingredients include powdered sugar, cream cheese, and assorted extracts.

Homemade Recipes - Recipes for jams, preserves, syrups, fruit spreads, and marmalade.

Homemade Root Beer and Ginger Beer - Recipes include root beer, ginger beer, root beer tonic, cola, and a couple of slushies. From Al and Abigail's Country Place.

Homemade Salsa Secrets from - Salsa basics and shortcuts, as well as links to a number of salsa recipes, both fruit and vegetable based.

Homemade Salsas - Salsa tips and recipes. Includes recipes for Chipotles Salsa, Salsa Mexicana, Pico De Gallo, and others.

Homemakers Way of Life - Offers low-carbohydrate recipes, articles on traditions, entertaining ideas and decorating tips. Features a newsletter, archive and discussion forum.

Homestead Homebrew - Instructions, recipes and links for the home brewer. Starter kits, supplies and recipes available on-line. Order online or by phone.

Homeworks Software - Homebrew Calculator software for the beer home brewer. Create beer recipes with many calculations done for you. [Win 95/98/ME]

Honduras - Recipes - Small collection of recipes, gathered from across the net.

Honey Dijon Mustard - Offering different mustard products and recipes.

Honey Dijon Mustard Recipes - Small collection of assorted recipes making use of this type of mustard.

Honey Mustard Recipes - A collection of assorted recipes for various honey mustards.

Honey Recipes - A source for honey information and recipes. From the National Honey Board.

Honey Recipes For Kids - Easy recipes sweetened with honey.

Honey's Place - A Christian site containing an index of recipes for appetizers through dessert.

Honeysuckle White Turkey Recipes - Turkey facts, preparation ideas, holiday decorating and entertainment ideas, leftover suggestions and recipes.

Hookery Cookery - Dozens of festive recipes with step-by-step instructions.

Hookery Cookery Healthy Recipes - A collection of assorted low fat and healthy recipes. Includes links to a variety of other recipe categories as well.

Hookery Cookery Valentine Recipes - Several recipes with step-by-step instructions.

Hookery Cookery: Banana Recipes - A collection of recipes featuring bananas.

Hookery Cookery: Biscuit (Cookie) Recipes - An assortment of cookie recipes.

Hookery Cookery: Bonfire Night Recipes - A collection of recipes with step-by-step instructions.

Hookery Cookery: Chicken Recipes - A collection of recipes with step-by-step cooking instructions.

Hookery Cookery: Easter Recipes - A collection of Easter recipes.

Hookery Cookery: Pickle and Chutney Recipes - A collection of interesting pickle and chutney recipes.

Hookerycookery: Picnics and Packed Lunch Recipes - Indexed collection of portable dishes.

Hoop's Mexican Kitchen - Recipes from New Mexico to add a little spice to your life.

HoosierTimes Pumpkin recipes - Several recipes featuring pumpkin.

Hoover Dam Cooks, 1933 - Over 300 recipes from the women who cooked for the men that built Hoover Dam.

Horizon Foods - Offers portion-controlled home food service with emphasis on meat based entrees. Products, recipes, locations, and contact information.

Hormel Food Edviser - Recipes, glossary, and cooking articles.

Hormel Foods - Multinational manufacturer and marketer of consumer-branded meat and food products. Corporate information, employment opportunities. Online recipes require JavaScript.

Hormel Foods Corporation - Multi-national company manufacturing a wide range of food products. Corporate, employment and investor information, product details with links to branded product sites, recipes, and contact form.

Horn - Charity, Jeff, Eric and Jacob. Recipes, fun links, navy information and family photos.

Horrorland Hotel - Virtual haunted hotel with recipes, scary pics, and old superstitions.

Hors d'Oeuvre Recipes from Hugs's Homeheart - Recipes such as African Chicken Livers, Camembert Stuffed with Shrimp, Frosted Cheese and Fruit, Jalapeno Cocktail Pie, Smoked Salmon Cheesecake, and Sweet Potato Balls.

Horseradish Cook Book - 250 recipes, plus planting, preparing, history of horseradish.

Horseshoe Mountain Bison Ranch - Bison ranch with animals for sale, information on the raising of bison, and recipes. Native American lore of Brother Buffalo past, present, and future is also included.(Greenbrier, Arkansas)

Hospitality Kentucky Style - Kentucky recipes, southern entertaining traditions, fine bourbon whisky, and information on genealogy and Kentucky Colonels.

Hot Appetizers from Recipe Goldmine - Collection of recipes includes dips, balls and wraps.

Hot Beverage Mixes from The Culinary Cyber-Sleuth - Recipes for orange-spiced coffee, spiced tea mix, cappuccino mix, minted cocoa coffee mix, cafe mocha mix, and Viennese coffee mix.

Hot Carob Drinks - Vegan recipes for plain and carob-banana beverages.

Hot Drink Dry Mixes - Recipes such as cafe Vienna, coffee toffee, hot choco-coffee, mocha, cappuccino, espresso, and a few others, and instructions for what to write on the label if used as a gift.

Hot Fudge Sauce from RecipeSource - Collection of recipes, including Hershey's and a fat-free version.

Hot Pot Publishing - Conscious Living, Everyday Korean Cooking, and Grandma's Simple American Recipes.

Hot Sandwiches from Betty Crocker - Collection of assorted recipes for wraps, melts, grilled cheese, and pitas. Also includes a few quesadillas, burgers, calzones, subs, and gyros.

Hot Sandwiches from Cooks Recipes - An assortment of recipes.

Hot Sauce Salsa Recipes - Offers recipes, a newsletter, and hot food links.

Hot Sauce Zone - Recipes for appetizers, lunch, dinner, and brunch; beef, pork, chicken, and turkey, and for vegans.

Hot Spiced Milk - Made with milk, cinnamon, molasses, and whipped cream. A recipe search and links to recipes by category is included.

Hot Stuff - A collection of proven hot and spicy recipes from around the world.

Hot Superbowl Party Recipes - Dips and drink recipes with a hot pepper touch.

Hot and Hearty Sandwiches - A small selection of recipes.

Hot and Iced Tea from Tealand - Different recipes, one using an espresso maker.

Hot and Spicy Cuisine - Offer articles and links to sites which offer recipes and information about cooking hot and spicy.

Hot and Spicy Food - Offers a small assortment of recipes. Preparation instructions are included with each recipe. Also offers users a place to submit their own recipes.

Hot, Sweet and Spicy Recipes - Small collection of authentic Indian recipes, presented by Birjis Adeni Rashed.

Hot-Diggity Cajun - Handful of recipes from the lively cuisine of Louisiana and beyond.

Hotdishes - Large variety of traditional Indian and Indo-Chinese recipes.

Hottest Old Trend in Cooking - Several recipes and tips from experts about preparing fondues.

House Of Raeford - Offers an extensive line of poultry products. Free coupons and delicious recipes.

House of Salvatore - with easy gourmet recipes - We bring you the culinary delights of Sicily including family recipes.

Houston, Texas Food Not Bombs - Meeting times and places, history, flyers, recipes, and links to other Food Not Bombs chapters.

How Mary and Frank and Friends Eat - Online cook book includes recipes for appetizers, beverages, bread and rolls, breakfast, desserts, fruit smoothies, main dishes, salads and dressings, sandwiches, side dishes, and snacks.

How To Can and Freeze Fruits and Vegetables from your Garden - Explains how to store garden produce by canning or freezing. Includes syrup, jelly and relish recipes.

How To Make Your Own Healthy Baby Food - Downloadable ebook containing instructions, advice, tips and 101 baby food recipes.

How To Make a Gingerbread House - Simple recipes, photos and directions for a gingerbread house. From the students of Bernadotte School.

How To Modify A Recipe - Fact sheet proposing a few ways to decrease the amount of fat, calories, sugar, and salt in recipes.

How it all Vegan - Cookbook offers animal-free recipes for breakfast, the late night snack, and everything in between.

How the Farmer Can Save His Sweet Potatoes - By George Washington Carver. Growing tips and a collection of simple recipes.

How to Adopt the Once a Month Cooking Method - Article on adapting cooking ahead methods to individual families. Recipes, links and a how-to section.

How to Boil Water and Other Fancy Dishes - Recipes are broken down into easy and simple to follow instructions, for beginners.

How to Cook Exotic Food - Sample recipes from the book by Delroy Angus Neita for chicken with lime sauce and mango, and mango punch.

How to Grow the Tomato and 115 Ways to Prepare it for the Table Table - By George Washington Carver. Tomato growing tips and a list of simple recipes.

How to Make Christmas Candy - Old fashioned recipes including taffy, penoche, popcorn balls, peppermint creams, and butterscotch.

How to Make Soap at Home - Soap, lotion, and toiletry making instructions. Recipes for goldfish in a bag soap and other glycerin melt and pour recipes. Also includes cold process soap instruction.

How to Use Insects as Food - Site put out by Rhema. Includes nutritional data of various insects, a few recipes and a lot of general information.

Howle, Judy - Flavors of the South. Recipes classified by ethnicity and type of cooking, many featuring chili peppers.

Hsiaochi's Kitchen - Four Taiwanese recipes for side dishes.

Hub-UK - An online portal for gourmet recipes and cooking by and for chefs with cookery tips and ideas.

Huddle Holidays: Halloween - Includes graphics, humor, games, activities, recipes, fonts, counter digits, sounds, crafts, and coloring.

Huey's Cooking Club - Chef Ian Hewitson offers recipes, tips, and reviews.

Hugs's Homeheart - Cake Recipes - Includes apple cake with caramel sauce, sponge, butter cream, eggless, coffee, chocolate, white, yellow, and Black Forest cake, tortes, cupcakes, ginger bread, and upsidedown cakes.

Hugs's Homeheart Recipes - Large personal collection of recipes for a variety of categories such as beverages, sweets, salads, fish, chicken, chutneys and jams, liqueurs, wine, and crepes, to name only a few.

Hugs's Homeheart: Apple Recipes - Savory baked apples with orange almond cream, fried, oven fried, and stewed apples.

Hugs's Homeheart: Asparagus Recipes - Casseroles and quiche, salad, asparagus with apricot vinaigrette, and mustard sauced asparagus with chopped egg.

Hugs's Homehearth - Searchable database of recipes posted by a wife, mother, and computer addict.

Hugs's Homehearth: Beef Recipes - Several recipes for various cuts of beef.

Hugs's Homehearth: Chicken Recipes - A personal collection of recipes including chicken with apple'n'cabbage and Viennese fried chicken.

Hugs's Homehearth: Duck Recipes - Recipe for duck and wild duck served braised, roasted or smoked.

Hugs's Homehearth: Pork Recipes - Features 20 recipes from chops to pigs' feet.

Hugs's Homehearth: Sausage Recipes - A handful of recipes for sausages, including a Christmas morning pie, and spicy sausage casserole.

Hugs's Homehearth: Turkey Recipes - Recipes to serve your bird roasted or barbecued, also cacciatore with a twist, and instructions to cook wild turkey.

Hummie's Kids Page - Recipes divided by categories for snacks, cookies, pizzas, candies, Hallowe'en, and fun edible and non-edible stuff such as playclay.

Hump Day Book Club - Website that lists past books read and future books to read by our book club. Provides recipes from prior book club meetings that were popular.

Hungarian Art, Photography and Recipes - Information about Hungarian art, classical music, history and recipes.

Hungarian Cuisine - Traditional Hungarian recipes from soups to desserts.

Hungarian Recipes - Recipe for Gulyás, Uborka Saláta, and Csirke Paprikás.

Hungarian Recipes at - More than fifty recipes from Apple Strudel to Veal Goulash.

Hunger Busters - Includes breads, main dishes, fruits, vegetables, and desserts. Links to food facts, hints and tips, and just for kids recipes.

Hunger Mountain Coop - Montpelier, Vermont. Natural foods and products grocery and deli-cafe. Includes news, recipes, featured vendors, workshop calendar, and links.

Hungry Cajun Foods - Small collection of Louisiana favorites including gumbos and outdoor recipes.

Hungry Cajun Recipes - French Quarter favorites including Catfish Courtboullion, Boulettes, and Turkey and Andouille Sausage Gumbo.

Hungry Hungarian Home - Handful of Hungarian family recipes and memories.

Hungry Jack Recipes - Recipes using Hungry Jack products. - Large collection of recipes, menus, food glossary, brief descriptions of international cuisines, jokes and humor, and restaurant reviews. - Recipes, news about tomatoes and health.

Hurricane Roundtable Recipes - Compilation of recipes of Hurricane District of South Florida Council BSA.

Hurst's Berry Farm Recipes - Collection of blueberry, cranberry, blackberry, currant, and gooseberry recipes.

Husqvarna Motorcycle Food Recipes - Four Swedish recipes for world champions.

HyperGlaze - HyperCard-compatible stacks for the Apple Macintosh computer. Designed for artists who use ceramic materials, HyperGlaze can be used as a database to store clay and glaze recipes and to list raw materials and their analyses. It also has many powerful tools for glaze calculation.

Häagen-Dazs - Official site for Häagen-Dazs ice cream. Click on Serving Ideas for dessert recipes.

Hösgood's 800-4-Garlic Recipes - Recipe collection featuring recipes that use various forms of garlic including, puree, whole, and garlic infused oils. The list is categorized by course.

I Dunno4 Recipes - Recipes for cornish hens, crispy honey wings, salmon jerkey, Jack Daniel's grilled chuck roast, and others.

I Love Cheese! Recipes - Cheese recipes for appetizers, finger foods and family meals by featured chefs. Find dinner plans for the family and the cook who loves cheesy food. Some recipes feature color photos of the finished dish.

I Love Pasta - The official web site of the National Pasta Association provides pasta recipes, pasta facts, and nutritional information about pasta.

I Love Pasta - Meatless Pasta Recipes - Includes recipes for lasagna, baked pasta, dessert pasta to name just a few in this large collection.

I Love Pasta Italian Recipes - Super low fat, sorted by ease of preparation, and degree of spiciness.

I Love Spinach - A cookbook dedicated exclusively to spinach; features over 300 recipes by Burgundy L. Olivier.

I and A Foods - Australian company creating unique BBQ marinades and stir fry sauces. Company profile, product information, recipes, and contact details.

I'll Cook When Pigs Fly...And They Do in Cincinnati - Describes the cookbook featuring local chefs and residents, with sample recipes. Junior League of Cincinnati, Ohio.

I'm Better with Food - A collection of recipes for dishes with unusual ingredients or combinations of ingredients, such as fried bugs, elephant stew, lamb's head, blood pudding, beer cake.

ICARDA: Legume Cookbook - Recipes from many cultures using lentils, faba (fava) beans, and chickpeas. Includes both meat and vegetarian entrees and soups. Indexed both by type of dish and by the legume used.

IChef Pasta Archive - A huge recipe archive categorized in alphabetical order for various types of pasta recipes. Sourdough Recipes! - Many sourdough recipes. Plus, a large Recipe & Request Board where you can ask for help finding specific recipes.

IGN Preview - By Dan Adams. "Every now and again, during the course of the adventure portion of the game, you'll also be able to enter cooking contests to raise your skill level, gain new recipes, and win awards that will add to your coffers."

IMEX S.A. - Manufacturer of goat cheeses. Company profile, product information and recipes.

INPhO recipes from Tanzania - Recipes from Tanzania on FAO's Information Network on Post-harvest Operations.

INSTOY - International Soybean Program - Seeks to improve human nutrition through increased use of whole soybeans. Features recipes, publications, training, and an overview of processing methods.

IOOC - Olive recipes - Contains recipes with olives.

IVU: Indian Beans/Pulses/Legumes/Dals Index - Over 50 Indian bean recipes, including Black Beans in Spicy Tamarind Sauce. - Vietnamese portal with news, forums, recipes, entertainment, and music.

Ian G Thomson - Presents recipes and cooking advice by Ian G Thomson, chef from Montreal now working in Calgary.

Ice Cream Recipes - Recipes for the home ice cream maker plus ice cream history, links and pictures gallery.

Ice Cream Recipes at iChef - Large collection of ice cream recipes, alphabetically indexed.

Ice Cream Secrets - Article on ice cream featuring recipes for peach, lemon custard and ice cream cakes and still freezing ice cream.

Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts - Over 300 recipes for ice cream, sorbets, sherbets, Italian gelato, frozen yogurts, and frozen drinks.

Ice Cream, Sorbet, Granita, and Gelato - A collection of sorbet, granita, and gelato recipes from What's Cooking America.

Iced Teas - A handful of different recipes from

Icelandic Recipes - Four recipes from the official site of the Icelandic Foreign Service.

Icelandic USA - Importer of frozen groundfish for the U.S. foodservice industry. Product information, news, recipes, and online store.

Ichord, Loretta - (Official site) Includes author's biography, book reviews, school visits, and easy recipes.

Icicle Seafoods, Inc. - Seattle based processor of seafood products. Company profile and history, product details, recipes, and contact information.

Ida Mae Ireland - Ask Ida Mae - Offers a few leftovers recipes that save you time in the kitchen. Also sells recipes.

Ida's Jewish Recipes - Homemade Jewish recipes straight from Grandmother Ida's kitchen, many originating from Eastern Europe.

Idaho Potato Official Web Site - Informational pages include recipes, photos, tips, and offers of genuine Idaho potatoes. Updated regularly with seasonal information.

Idaho Potatoes - Browsable collection of recipes, or searchable by type of meal or keyword, using both conventional and microwave cooking methods.

IdeaBox: Recipes - For children from 12 months to over 5 years. Fun snacks and quick school lunches. You can add recipes to a cart and print them in one go.

Ideal Fare for Labor Day - presents recipes for barbecued salmon and coleslaw with olives.

Igorot Food Exotica - Eight authentic recipes from the Igorots of the Cordilleras.

Illinois Prairie Farm Cookbook - Old Illinois recipes, including old pictures and comments about life on the farm.

Illinois Valley Animal Rescue - Wish list, pet recipes, pet names and details of upcoming events. Located in Peru.

Illinois Valley's Virtual Cookbook - A collection of recipes.

Illustrated Cajun Recipes - Featured dishes including Alligator Sauce Piquante, Corn Maque Choux and Catfish Courtbouillon.

Ilynna's Garden - Health and beauty through a holistic approach. Includes an on-line macrobiotic cookbook, recipes for natural cosmetic preparations and many more ways to a healthier, better and more sustainable living.

Imagine Foods - Makers of Rice Dream non-dairy beverages. Product information, recipes, store locator. - Offers habanero, and sweet berry sauces, and recipes. Also newsletters.

Imperial Fez Recipes - Moroccan recipes from the Imperial city of Fez.

Imperial Meat products - Belgium meat group specializing in producing high-quality processed meats, based on traditional recipes and manufactured using advanced production methods.

Implementing a Gluten-Free and Casein-Free Diet - Information on implementing a gfcf diet, particularly with children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD). Includes general information, links, and recipes. A cookbook is available for purchase. - Online sales of specialty food, cookware, pastes and sauces, and fresh Oriental produce. Site includes Thai recipes with links to purchase hard-to-find ingredients.

In My Garden - Information about organic gardening - veggies and herbs, recipes and tips on growing and making your own natural remedies. Personal page.

In Other Words, Mystery! - Includes reviews, articles, message boards, and recipes.

In The Kitchen Cookbook: Sandwiches - An assortment of recipes.

In Your Home Cooking - Personal chef service serving the following counties in Kansas: Johnson, Leavenworth, Wyandotte and Douglas. Includes samle menus, pricing, recipes, FAQs and contact info.

In a Vegetarian Kitchen - An on-line cookbook, featuring dozens of easy low-fat recipes, kitchen wisdom, and tips for new and aspiring vegetarians.

In a Vegetarian Kitchen: Bean Recipes - A small selection of recipes, including Savory Bean Patties.

In the Chips - Recipes using chocolate chips such as cookies, cakes, candy, muffins, quick-breads, and recipes in a jar.

In-Fisherman Magazine Recipes - Walleye recipes, many written by award winning chefs. - A large selection of recipes and video recipes for all courses found in an Italian meal. Also find regional recipes, as well as information on pasta and wine.

InMamasKitchen - Home cooking and heirloom recipes, has feature articles and forum for members to send memories of family history, mothers and the food they made with recipes.

Inca Organics - Bulk supplier of organic South American grain including Quinoa and Amaranth, and Andean Lupin beans. Company, product and buying details, and recipes. Chicago, Illinois, USA and Quito, Ecuador.

Incredibly Delicious - The Vegan Paradigm Cookbook - Front and back cover of "Incredibly Delicious: The Vegan Paradigm Cookbook": over 500 recipes and all the whys and hows of vegan living. Much more than a cookbook!

Index Crockpot Recipes - A collection of recipes listed by category alphabetically. Includes crock-pot conversion information.

Index of Healthy Recipes - A collection of recipes from Advocate Health Care, arranged by meal type. Also offered is a list of articles on healthy eating.

Index of Yiddish Recipes - Various recipes in plain text format.

Index of the Web: Recipes - Extensive list of the popular sites for recipes and other food resources.

India - Small collection of recipes organized by state or region.

India Color Pages - Bawarchi - Recipes form all over the world with discussion board.

India Cuisine - Small collection of recipes from main dishes to miscellaneous.

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