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Furlotti and C. Srl - Produces pancetta and coppa from whole pieces and smaller portions in a protective atmosphere. Company profile, product details, recipes, and contact details.

Fusion Cooking - A selection of recipes made by taking locally available ingredients, adjusted to the cook's ethnic taste, such as pumpkin stew, eggplant timbales, roasted rosemary potatoes, and white bean chili.

Fusion Recipes: East Meets West - Small selection of recipes including Thai Burritos, Hummus Guacamole, and Pasta Masala.

Fuyu Persimmon Recipes - Suggestions for using persimmons quickly as well as several baking recipes. Links also to California Fuyu Growers Association homepage with has nutritional information.

G. Willakers Country Store, Inc. - Features folk and primitives, homespun fabrics, Toland flags, Boyds and other collectibles, recipes, and online coupons.

G.Apostolou S.A - Greek processor and distributor of fresh and frozen seafood. Company profile, product information, recipes, and contact details.

GMA Holiday Recipes from WCHS-TV8 - Holiday entertaining recipes from Good Morning America.

GMA Soup Recipes from WCHS-TV8 - Soup recipes as broadcast on ABC's Good Morning America.

GNC High Fiber - A large index of recipes to choose from, and also offers information on health and health products and a list of store locations.

Ga-Ga for Ya-Yas - official site: Includes biography, information about the books, message board, Ya-Ya groups, reader's guides, audio, recipes.

Gabor, Al - The site is a collection of recipes, photos, drawings, poems, recommeneded links, and humor pieces.

Gail's Galley - Recipes from Gail's food column. - Recipes from Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Burma.

Galaxy Desserts - Individual mousse cakes, tarts, cheesecakes and pastries, online ordering, with company and retailer information, recipes and links to food shopping websites.

Galaxy's Ponyland! - Pony songs in Real Audio, e-cards, fan art, recipes and polls.

Galbani - Brand name recipes with Italian flavors.

Galco's Soda Pop Stop - A large selection of hard to find soda pops, plus nostalgic candies and soft drink recipes.

Galliano Elementary School 4-H Club - Information on club leaders, awards, activities page, fair winners, guestbook, and recipes. [Lafourche Parish]

Gallup New Mexico - Four authentic Native American recipes from New Mexico, provided by the Gallup Visitor Guide.

Gambia - Three recipes with beans, from the FAO cookbook.

Gambian Recipes - Favourite recipes such as Benachin, Chakery, Chicken Yassa, and Domoda.

Game and Other Meat Recipes from Hugs's Homehearth - Several recipes for rabbit, squirrel, sheep's brain, calf's heart, and racoon.

Game recipes - A collection of wild game recipes from famous restaurants.

Game-Revolution Wrestler Creations - Provides recipes for user-created wrestlers. - A website with hunting tips, a tip of the week, hunter safety and ethics, hunting and fishing forums, wild game recipes and ballistics. Review: Restaurant Empire - [7.7/10] By Jason Murphy. "It is a highly addictive business simulation that keeps players on their feet as they try to satisfy customers' complaints, discover new recipes, and build a successful business empire."

Garbanzo Soup - Tsosie - Full recipe from Traditional Navajo Recipes.

Garden Burger Recipe - Meat substitute recipes includes bulgur wheat, mushrooms, onion, oats, brown rice, cheese, and seasonings.

Garden and Hearth Cooking with Kids - Articles, tips and step by step lessons for children to join an adult in the kitchen. Many kid-friendly recipes.

Garden of Health - Includes articles, recipes, and resources.

Gardening For All Seasons - Cooking with herbs information and recipes.

Gardens DFW - Current information on plants and seeds. Includes a seed exchange, discussion, newsletter, calendar, hints, and recipes.

Gardetto - Arnie and Terry of Gardnerville, Nevada. Photos, recipes, information, and links.

Garlic Central - Site includes recipes, information and facts, cooking tips, medicinal uses, as well as lore and quotes.

Garlic Forever - An article by Terra Brockman that discusses the history, storage, and curative powers of whole and crushed bulbs. Also features several recipes.

Garlic Recipe of the Month from The Garlic Store - Collection of over 50 recipes.

Garlic Recipes - Storing garlic in oil, garlic flavored oil, vinegar or salt, garlic butter, baked whole heads, roasted garlic vinaigrette, and some tips on chopping or pressing.

Garlic Recipes at Recipezaar - Recipes featuring garlic.

Garlic Recipes from Christopher Ranch - Garlic producer in Gilroy, California offers selected recipes from their collection.

Garlic Recipes from Kate's Cookery Site - Vegan recipes featuring garlic, including eggplant, chickpea, naan bread, pickled garlic, tarka dhal.

Garlic Recipes from Keremeos Produce - This collection includes garlicky recipes for soup, potatoes, mayonnaise, and jelly.

Garlic Recipes with YiaYia's Sauce - Small selection with links to garlic information.

Garlic Soup Recipes - Four very different recipes in this collection, including "Creole Garlic Soup" and "Roasted Onion and Garlic Soup," each with complete nutritional information.

Garlic and Spice Italian Recipes - A list of recipes for various condiments, among them some for garlic mashed potatoes, garlic green beans, and caramelized garlic vegetables.

Garlic by GourmetSleuth - In-depth article includes forms and uses, nutrition, health benefits, recipes, and steps on how to grow.

Garry's Cantina - Includes a detailed tamale recipe and a collection of Mexican recipes from Patricia Wriedt.

Garry's Chili Pot - Includes several recipes, chili making instructions, and links.

Gary's Recipes - Great recipes for good eating.

Gaslight Gourmet - Recipes by restaurant chefs, from the Canadian TV show. Includes appetizers, entrees, side dishes, and desserts.

Gaspar's Favorite Recipes - Seven recipes using the Portuguese sausage linguiça.

Gasper, Steve - Includes photographs, personal information, recipes, and vacation information.

Gastric Bypass Information, Recipes, and Support Page - Offers surgery types, recipes for gastric bypass patients, and before and after pictures.

Gastronomy News & Views - Information on the cookery of Brazil and Antonio Nina's recipes of the month.

Gastronomy: Beyond the French Riviera - Mediterranean-style recipes from the south of France.

GastronomyLand - Recipes for appetizers through desserts.

Gates Bar-B-Q - Offers BBQ ribs and other meats. Site includes recipes, online sales of BBQ sauces and spices, and a history of the chain. Locations in Kansas and Missouri, United States.

Gator's Barb-B-Q - Bar-B-Q tips, techniques, recipes and all you wanted to know about down home Southern cooking.

Gatorland Theme Park - Orlando. Pictures, hours of operation, contact information, recipes, and links to a gator cam, kids pages,and an online gift shop.

Gavvin's Keep - Collection of songs, period recipes, falconry sites, armour and fighting information, various period articles and links to other LARPs.

GawthPallor - Don't resemble the moon or cold marble, but want to? A compilation of paling recipes, freckle and tan removal mixtures, and hints on keeping it that way.

Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Ltd. - Ontario's leading dairy co-operative. Features information about its variety of consumer and food service dairy products, recipes, news and contests.

Gay Riley, MS, RD - Provides goals and services, articles, online tools, Q and A board, and recipes. Food and Wine Channel - International recipes for romantic, international, and vegetarian meals. Includes articles and message boards.

Gazard - Trevor, Pauline, Nicholas, Stephen and Christopher. Contains fun forwards, photographs from around the world, British recipes, and information about Christian faith.

Gazpacho - Recipes using tomatoes, cucumbers, and green peppers.

Gecko Gary's Gourmet Grub - Recipes are categorized by meal course. Provides cooking tips, contact information, a heat scale guide, and a recipe to make your own hot sauce.

Geerlings and Wade - Offers a large selection of varieties plus wine education, recipes with recommended accompaniments, and resources to select the perfect bottle for any special occasion.

Gel-N-Shots For Fun and Profit - Recipe book with over jello shot recipes; a step-by-step plan to maximize bar profits.

Generations of Kosher Recipes - Two sample recipes from two cookbooks of kosher recipes handed down from one generation to another.

Genesee Valley Organic CSA. - Farmer-shareholder co-op in the greater Rochester area providing certified organically grown vegetables, fruit and other local farm products. Includes membership information, events, recipes, and links.

Gennapharm - Offers a complete line of bodybuilder's products, plus training tips, diets, recipes, articles, and news.

Genuine Italian Cooking from Mangiare Bene - Recipes galore from basic rules to sophisticated simplicity of Great Chefs from Italy's best restaurants, plus tips, etiquette, aphrodisiac delights, dishes from great movies and books, heritage and regional specialities.

GeoParents - Offer recipes for children such as quick snacks for busy kids, tips on making food with children, foods based on a circus theme and other ideas which may appeal to children.

Geoff and Deb's Vegetarian Pages - Why they are vegetarians, links to many vegetarian sites, favorite recipes, and books on vegetarianism.

George It - Personal collection of recipes for chicken, seafood and steak using the George Foreman grill.

George Washington Carver's Favorite Peanut Recipes - Planting tips and an extensive collection of recipes.

Georgeanne Brennan - Recipes from cookbook author and raconteur Georgeanne Brennan who divides her time between Northern California and her home in Provence.

Georgia Beekeepers Association Inc. USA - Newsletter,events,joining details,and honey recipes. Links to local associations.

Georgia's Recipe Heaven - About ten recipes, including Nut Rolls, Easter bread, and several cabbage dishes.

Georgian Cuisine - Menu with recipes such as Chakhokhbili, Khachapuri, Satsivi.

Georgian Dishes from - Nineteen recipes for dishes such as Khinkali and Red Lobio.

Georgian Recipes - Handful of popular dishes, including a Danish variant of Hachapoory.

Georgian Recipes at - Handful of recipes for dishes such as Kachapuri, and Potato Soup.

Georgian Recipes from - A dozen recipes ranging from Basturma to Tevzi.

Georgian Recipes from Cookery Art - Twenty recipes ranging from Basturma, a meat dish, to Tkemali, a plum sauce.

German American Corner - A large German-American site which features magazines, yellow pages, chat and recipes.

German Chocolate Cake: German Culture - Six different recipes for the cake.

German Christmas Dishes - Recipes include Baumkuchen, Christmas Goose (Duck), and Gluehwein for Kids.

German Corner On Line Cookbook - Large number of submitted recipes.

German Food Recipes from Al & Abigail's Country Place - Variety of traditional German recipes.

German Grandma's Soft Pretzels - Traditional and bread machine recipes. With photo gallery.

German Recioes by Irmgard - German mom shares her recipes she has been serving her family for over fifty years.

Germany - Discussion of the regional cuisine, including traditional foods, common pantry ingredients, glossary, and recipes.

Gerry's In The Kitchen - Short collection of recipes and links.

Get Suckered - Source for chocolate and candy making supplies. Featuring kids baking products, over 120 flavored oils, thousands of sucker and lollipop molds, instructions and recipes. - A comprehensive list of recipes, a recipe submission link, tips on using your cooker, and other cooker information.

Ghana - Recipes for Rhamadan Vegetable Delight and Rough Buns, from the FAO cookbook.

Ghastly Goodies - Halloween food and recipes include desserts, brownies, cookies, candies.

Ghoulardi Shock Theatre - Fan site for the 1963 TV series starring Ernie Anderson. Includes history, pictures, scrapbook, recipes, links, and other information.

Giann's Loft - Food reviews, pictures, monthly interviews and recipes.

Gib's Bottled Hell - Offers recipes using the hot sauce. Recipes include list of ingredients and basic preparation instructions.

Gift Food Mixes for Any Occasion - Offers a variety of recipes for gift mixes.

Gift Ideas and Recipes from - Recipes for jar gifts, edible and inedible. Also has some ideas for gift baskets.

Gifts in Good Takes - Sugar free mixes packaged in decorative glass jars or sealed in colorful bags. Mixes are available in gift baskets or separately. Recipes included.

Gifts in a Jar - A collection of recipes for jar gifts, including layered recipes, and bake in the jar recipes.

Gifts in a Jar from Frugal Homemaker - Recipes for cookies, creamers, hot cocoa, and soup.

GiftsInAJar at Yahoo!Groups - A mailing list to exchange recipes for gifts in a jar and ideas for wrapping or presenting edible gifts.

Giglia - Offers family tree, recipes, and photo album.

Gil's Portuguese Recipes - Recipes for meat and seafood dishes, salads, soups, and desserts.

Gildameister Organic Garlic Recipes - Recipes for seafood, sauces and soups, pork, pasta and rice, breads, vegetables, poultry, beef and lamb.

Gimbaled Gourmet - Kathy Farron offers monthly recipes and tips for provisioning and cooking aboard boats and yachts.

Gingerbread Grandma's Cauldron - Includes pagan friendly children stories, Sabbat lore, recipes, and crafts.

Gingerbread House - Pattern, recipes and instructions.

Gingerbread Lane - Recipes, instructions, photos and a basic pattern for making gingerbread houses.

Gingerbread Recipes - Gingerbread recipes for cookies, cupcakes and scones.

Gingerich Cranberry Recipes - Six recipes featuring cranberries.

Ginny's Recipes - A collection of recipes from family and friends. Features unique recipes such as the $250 Cookie recipe, and Nanny Upstairs pound cake.

Giorgio's Summer Delicacies - Quick recipes such as watermelon cocktail, orange ice-cream, banana milk-shake. [Requires Flash]

Girl Scout Recipes - Popular Girl Scout cookies are featured as ingredients in these dessert recipes, including Mint Delight (uses "Thin Mints") and Strawberry Angel Surprise (uses "Trefoil" cookies). - Regularly updated magazine with articles on dating, movies, recipes, shopping, music, travel and lifestyle.

Girls At The Grill - Grilling and barbecue tips "for girls." Grilling 101, stocking your pantry, tricks and advice. Elizabeth Karmel provides recipes, suggestions on accessories, fashion and fun.

Girolami Farms Chestnuts - Seasonal sales of pesticide-free, fresh chestnuts. Recipes, proper storage and handling advice also provided.

Girolami Farms Recipes - Recipes for Chestnut Stuffing and Soup. Includes nutritional information.

GladCow - Provides a resource for people who are choosing a cruelty-free and health conscious lifestyle including discussion forums, recipes and news.

Glassware 4 Gellin - Extensive selection of glassware for candles and toiletries. Newsletter, candle photos, and recipes. Louisiana, USA.

Glazes Recipes - Cone 6, cone 10 and raku glaze recipes, with some photographs of results.

Glen Farms Herbs and Preserves - Jams and preserves made from old family recipes, oils and vinegars and herbal beauty and bath products.

Gleniffer 33rd - Scout Group - United Kingdom Scouting group offers section information on scouts, cubs, and beavers, and also has history, pictures of B-P, events, a quiz, camp recipes, animated knots, resources, newsletter and links.

Glenns: A Christmas Wish To All - Holiday recipes and stories. Links to various sites.

Glitfoods Recipes - Using dried apricots, three recipes: apricot Macadamia snowballs, apricot chicken, and a breakfast spread.

Global Food Ideas - Collection of international, vegetarian and various other recipes.

Global Gourmet - Features cookbook profiles, recipes, cooking tips, and message board.

Global Gourmet: Food, Family and Fun - Sample recipes from a brochure created by the USDA to commemorate 50 years of the federal school lunch program. Appealing to children, and the rest of the family. Brochure can be purchased.

Global Gourmet: Global Destinations - Profiles of the cuisines of countries and regions with recipes.

Globalchef Magazine - Written by chefs for chefs with recipes, views and culinary career advice.

Glorious Cakes - Features include cake-of-the-month with instructions, party ideas with recipes, weekly devotions, stories about cake heroes and travel suggestions.

Glorious Food - A large index of recipes.

Glorious Garlic - Growing tips, varieties, history and folklore, medicinal uses, recipes, book recommendations, links to other garlic-oriented sites.

Glowport's #1 Amazing Drink Archive - Archive of thousands of recipes, newsletter, dictionary, and drinking games.

Gluten Free Brewing - Brewing beer that contains no gluten, specifically for those who suffer from Celiac disease. Description of appropriate grains, where to get them and how to malt them. Ongoing brewing project with recipes and up-to-date news.

Gluten Free Cookery - Cooking tips for gluten free cooking as well as several recipes for people on a wheat free diet.

Gluten Free Desserts - Dave Norris offers a collection of 40 recipes for those who have celiac disease or are simply glucose intolerant.

Gluten Free Kitchen - Offers information, support and recipes for individuals who have celiac sprue and/or dermatitis herpetiformis.

Gluten Free Pantry - Gluten free and wheat free gourmet foods, breads, free recipes, cookbooks, cooking and baking ingredients for celiac gluten free and wheat free diets.

Gluten Free Recipes - Recipes for breads, cakes, and pastries. Includes tips and advice.

Gluten and Casein Free Recipes - Gluten and casein free recipes and resources for those following the GFCF diet.

Gluten-Free Breads & Me - Recipes for bread products for those who are gluten intolerant: potato bread, bread sticks, and pretzel rolls.

Gluten-Free Pantry - Gluten free and wheat-free foods, cooking equipment, cookbooks for celiac disease, autism and wheat allergy diets. Includes recipes for download.

Gluten-Free Recipes - Gluten-Free recipes for pancakes, muffins, patries, and pasta. Recipes call for using Authentic Foods' products.

Gluten-Free Recipes & Cooking Tips - This large recipe index provided by is divided into four sections each containing lots of recipes to choose from.

Gluten-Free Recipes and Cooking Tips - Recipe index for breads, soups, and main entrees. Cooking tips for gluten substitutes.

Gluten-Free Recipes from - List of gluten free recipes for breads, cookies, and cakes. Includes recipe rating scale for consumers. - Offers gluten free foods as well as resources and recipes.

Go Vegetarian! - Community message board for vegetarians and vegans, or anyone who is just interested in the meat-free lifestyle. Contains mainly recipes, and questions and answers on vegetarian/vegan food.

Go Veggie with Viva - Vegetarians International Voice for Animals provides shopping and meal-planning tips, recipes, and nutrition information.

Go4Cookery - Seasonal recipes, ingredients, cooking tips, searchable database, fun features, and culinary history.

Goan Recipes - Articles, and more than a hundred recipes.

Goan Recipes from Longuinhos - Recipes offered by Longuinhos bar and restaurant.

Goat Cheese Recipes - From Redwood Hill Farms, recipes using goat cheese and goat milk yogurt.

Goat Meat Recipes from - A collection of recipes.

Goat Recipes - Includes shepherd's pies, goat chili, and goat roast a la turkey bag.

God's Side Of The Rainbow - Learn, share and play. Get and contribute such things as recipes, book reviews, and your testimony. Send animated electronic greeting cards on the Web.

GodeCookery.Com - A selection of recipes and cookery books and related information, mainly from the late Middle Ages.

Godiva Chocolate Cake Recipes - A good selection of gourmet chocolate cake recipes for every chocoholic.

Godiva Recipes - Offers chocolate recipes including beverages, breads, candies and cakes.

Goeldner, E and S: Biblical Artefacts And Studies - Personal site with opinions on Bible studies, artefacts (sic), creation versus evolution, and false doctrines. Also offered on this site are vegetarian recipes, poems and free books.

Going Vegetarian For Linda - Contains tributes to Linda McCartney, as well as recipes, instructions on how to get started, and numerous educational articles.

Golabki Recipes - Collection of sixteen recipes for stuffed cabbage.

Gold Kist Incorporated - Producers of chicken and Cornish game hen products. Company profile, product details, recipes, and contact information.

Gold Seal Seafoods - Offers a variety of canned fish, smoked oysters, smoked mussels, and lightly-smoked tuna slices. Company profile, product information, recipes, and an impressive history of the canning industry in British Columbia.

Gold of Zante - Greek olive oil information, history and recipes.

Golden Anniversary Punch - Two recipes, one serving 100. Both non-alcoholic and fruit juiced based.

Golden Blossom Honey - Producer of Golden Blossom® America's oldest brand of honey since 1921. Loaded with recipes, promotions and honey information.

Golden Eggs - Recipes with eggs as a main ingredient. Provides links on nutrition, children's activities, and a farm to family picture story.

Golden State Squares - Includes schedule, contact information, gallery, links and cookie recipes. Located in Costa Mesa, California.

Golden Surf - Resources for seniors on gardening tips, cooking recipes, computer how to, health issues, free trip contest.

Golden Temple Natural Products - Dutch suppliers of Indian teas. Products, recipes, tips and contact details.

Golden Trophy Steaks - Aged steaks, certified Angus beef, lamb and pork chops. Entrees for personal fine dining or send as gifts. Celebrity chef recipes and free email reminders.

Goldenbarr Chocolate Vodka - Drink recipes, information, and event listings.

Goldkist: Chicken Recipes - A collection of chicken recipes for different occassions.

Good Cooking - Presents a wide range of recipes and information on general or gourmet cooking, world cuisines, and wine. Offers cooking definitions, facts, a forum, and professional recipes.

Good Cooking: On the Menu - Consists of the recipe list of Good Cooking, site emphasizing gourmet cooking. The recipes are classified by course and ingredient.

Good Earth CSA - Newsletter, recipes, directions. Westboro.

Good Family Recipes: Plums - Recipe in list in discussion forum format.

Good Housekeeping's Annual Gingerbread House - Gingerbread and ornamental frosting recipes, assembly instructions and decorating tips. Update for 2000's house includes a special candy castle.

Good Morning America - Quick recipes as broadcast on ABC's Good Morning America.

Good Morning America Low-Fat Recipes - Offerings from world famous chefs as broadcast on the program. Has a separate link for the most recent recipes, plus the complete archives.

Good Morning America's Pasta Recipes - Recipes broadcasted on ABC's Good Morning America from chefs like Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, and Sara Moulton.

Good News in Cholesterol - Offers information on how to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. With cholesterol calculation tools and healthy recipes, users learn how lead a healthy lifestyle vital in the prevention of heart disease and stroke.

Good Ole' Bahamain Recipes - Features recipes from appetizers to desserts.

Good Stuff Online: Recipes - Good-sized selection of vegetarian and vegan recipes arranged by category. Breads, entrees, soups, and desserts. Cookies and Bars - A handful of recipes and you can submit your own. Recipes - Illustrated recipes presented by category, and cooking tips for the novice, and the expert chef.

GoodHousekeeping: Make It Snappy! - Selection of recipes which are quick to make and suitable for hot weather. Salads - A small collection of salad recipes.

Gordon Food Service - A full-line foodservice distributor, serving the U.S. and Canada. Features recipes, culinary and nutrition tips and GFS marketplace stores. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Gorton's of Gloucester - Produces frozen fish and seafood products. Product information, recipes, coupons and email specials.

GotMead - Extensive information on making mead, including recipes, techniques, and problem solving. Many links for meaderies, meadmaking suppliers and honey sources. This is the home of the Bees Lees II, a large collection of mead recipes.

Goth By Nature - Gothic-themed discussions in various topics, to name a view: religion, politics, the "Hall Of Shame", paranormal, recipes, pets, music, relationships, fashion, movies.

Goth By Nature Forums - Gothic Discussion & Debate - Gothic-themed discussions. All 18 & over are welcome to join, there are many topics to choose from, like religion, politics, the "Hall Of Shame", personals, paranormal, recipes, pets, music, relationships, fashion and movies.

Gothic Catering - How to decorate your home for a Gothic evening of entertaining. Also includes several recipes.

Gothic Girl: All things Gothic - Chat, free email, message board, images, links, pagan rituals, astrology, candle magick, and recipes.

Gotta Eat 'em All - Polls, quiz, recipes, recovery, message board and personal opinion.

Goudas Foods - Manufacturer of food products including canned, dry, dairy, sauces and ready to eat. Company profile, history, products, articles, stores, recipes, videos, audio and photos. Toronto, Canada. [Requires Flash]

Gough - Featuring the ancestral history and general interests of the Gough family. Includes Cape recipes, free lesson on playing jazz guitar and horseracing page with free tips.

Goulash, A Rose By Any Other Name... - Article by Prof. Steve Holzinger on the technique of making goulash, with recipes.

Gourlette Gourmet Cooking - Gourmet cooking classes, catering a-la french gourmet, recipes.

Gourmac Inc - Offers cooking utensils, bakeware, cookie cutters, melamine dinnerware, gadgets and recipes.

Gourmet Chili and Herb Company - Offers gourmet hot sauces, salsa, fiery peanuts, jerky, recipes and related gifts.

Gourmet Coffee Direct - Wholesale and retail distributor of branded and private label coffee from South America. Includes coffee recipes.

Gourmet Connection Magazine - Magazine dedicated to gourmet food, health, and the finer things in life. Recipes, food and health articles, current news and forums.

Gourmet Dinner Menus - Provides downloadable menus with recipes in pdf format. Includes program overview and signup form.

Gourmet Dungeness Crab Recipes - A selection of recipes.

Gourmet Garlic Gardens - Preserving - Two recipes for pickling garlic as well as various tips on other preservation methods such as freezing, drying, and storing in oil.

Gourmet Lobster & Seafood Recipes - Gourmet lobster and specialty seafood recipes from one of New England's finest seafood restaurants.

Gourmet Mushrooms Recipes - Assortment of recipes that use fresh or dried mushrooms or mushroom oils.

Gourmet Queen Recipes - Recipes and party ideas.

Gourmet Recipes - Small selection of recipes including Phyllo Pastry Pizza and Butternut Squash and Bourbon Bisque, from Chef Jean-Pierre.

Gourmet Seafood - An assortment of seafood recipes from

Gourmet Seafood Recipes - Seafood recipes with emphasis on the Great Northwest, USA.

Gourmet Sleuth - Offers categorized recipes, cooking tips, and lessons.

Gourmet Soups, Stews, Bouillabaises, and Tangines - International collection of soups, stews, tagines, bouillabaise and cioppino. Recipes set to music of the region of origin.

Gourmet-Clam's favorite clam recipes - Collection of clam recipes for making soups, sauces, and various other clam dishes. - Provides Cajun, grilling, and Southern recipes.

GourmetSleuth - Dog Biscuit Recipes - Recipes for making dog biscuits at home. Includes links to dog biscuit bakeries, books, and over 200 recipes.

GourmetSleuth: Valentines Day , A Guide For Lovers - This gourmet guide for lovers includes romantic meal and drink suggestions, to house keeping tips. Links to gifts and recipes. - Directory of links to recipes, food reference resources, and food news and articles.

Gout Haters Cookbook - Recipes that are lower in purines and fat, designed specifically for those suffering from gout.

Graceland Fruit, Inc. - Offers a line of natural and infused dried fruits. Company profile, detailed product information, recipes, and contact links.

Gracious Gator Cooks - Books includes recipes, local architecture and history. Provides a sample recipe. Printable order form. Junior League of Gainesville, Florida.

Grain Recipes - Over 50 low fat vegetarian grain recipes using a variety of grains, including kamut, quinoa, millet, barley, and other grains.

Grain Salad Recipes - Over 40 low fat vegetarian recipes for grain-based salads.

Gramma Cookie's Kitchen - Presents an assortment of dinner recipes.

Gramma Cookie's Kitchen: Banana Bread Recipes - Small selection of recipes.

Gramma Lowe's Home - Recipes, holiday crafts and fun ideas, also a food days of the year calendar.

Gramma's Recipe Box - Forum for the exchange and discussion of recipes.

Gramma's Recipes - A collection of my mother's best recipes. Also, memories of her wonderful cooking by members of my family.

Grandad's Old Fashion Cookbook - Includes recipes for outdoor grill and barbecue. Basic recipes, many are easily converted to low fat. Complete instructions in large print.

Grandma Graces Recipes - Shared Recipes and Tribute to all Grandma's. Recipe Newsletter. Personal Web Recipe Search.

Grandma Prickles Own and Plagiarized Recipes - A selection of favorite recipes from Grandma Prickles and her friends.

Grandma's Appetizer Recipes - Selection of easy recipes.

Grandma's Banana Desserts - Small selection of recipes.

Grandma's Breakfast Recipes - Site offers assorted dishes.

Grandma's Calf Liver Recipes - Calf liver recipes from the early 1900's

Grandma's Cereal Recipes - Selection of easy recipes.

Grandma's Chicken Soup - Offers a small collection of easy recipes.

Grandma's Cold Soup - Selection of recipes, at Freerecipe.

Grandma's Creamed Soup Recipes - Assortment of very basic and easy recipes.

Grandma's French Toast - Provides several basic recipes.

Grandma's Homemade Legume Soups - Site offers extensive list of simple recipes.

Grandma's Ice Cream Recipes - A selection of easy and simple recipes.

Grandma's Old Fashioned Jam Recipes - Some of the recipes included are Apple Jam, Blackberry Jam, and Pears and Raspberry Jam.

Grandma's Omelet Recipes - Site offers an assortment of recipes.

Grandma's Ox Tail Recipes - Simple and easy recipes, at Freerecipe.

Grandma's Pancake Recipes - Presents a selection of recipes including rye pancakes, Ham and Wheat Griddle Cakes, and Johnnycake.

Grandma's Recipes - Collection of twenty five family recipes.

Grandma's Recipes for Fried Eggs - Short selection of easy assorted recipes.

Grandma's Recipes: For Jams, Jellies, and Preserves - Assorted selection of basic recipes offered.

Grandma's Rice Recipes - Over 20 rice recipes, including Rice and Nut Patties.

Grandma's Soup - Offers an indexed collection of recipes, at Freerecipe.

Grandma's Stew Recipes - Assorted collection presented.

Grandma's Stock Recipes - Presents assortment of simple recipes, at Freerecipe.

Grandma's Tomato Soup Recipes - Presents a selectionof assorted recipes.

Grandma's Traditional Main Dish Recipes - Entree recipes from the early twentieth century.

Grandma's Turkey Recipes - Selection of assorted recipes including turkey hash and turkey dumplings.

Grandma's Turtle Recipes - Several simple and easy recipes, at Freerecipe.

Grandma's Vinatge Gifts - Gumdrop candles, jarred recipes, and crafts.

Grandma's Waffle Recipes - Assortment of recipes presented.

Grandmas Award Winning Recipes - Recipes perfected over 80 years, with the family and country in mind.

Grandmother's German Cookbook - An old-Fashioned German cookbook in English, with 270 easy to prepare German recipes, originating with the editor's Grandmother.

Grandpa's Shelf - Family style recipes and exchange. Attitude adjustments plus life's bits and pieces.

Granma's Hard Boiled Eggs - Presents a number of recipes.

Granny's Coupons - Savings for Kansas City area residents. Includes recipes.

Granny's Kitchen - A nice collection of recipes featuring apples.

Granny's Pie & Pastry Recipes - Granny's contest winning recipes for Pie and Pastry. Everything from Key Lime Pie to Giant Chocolate Eclair.

Granola Recipes - Recipes for granola and granola bars from

Grant Goodmorrow's Recipes - Free recipes and cooking tips. Grant Goodmorrow is also willing to design personalized menus, based on the ingredients available.

Grate Grills and More - Source of grills, cookers, smokers, sauces, rubs, grilling tips and recipes. Green Bay Wisconsin.

Gravy Master - Recipes featuring Gravy Master concentrate.

Grays Harbor Seventh-day Adventist Church - Online books, stop smoking, vegetarian recipes and resource links. Grays Harbor Adventist Christian School, school and home school resources plus links to internet resources. Hoquiam, WA.

Great American Spice Company - Over 27,000 recipes in this index.

Great Australian Recipes - Tried and true recipes submitted by Australian expats living all over the world.

Great Bay Food Cooperative - Durham, New Hampshire. Student-run natural food store. Includes membership information, recipes, meeting minutes, news, and links.

Great Cajun Cooking - Offers cooking tips including how to make a roux as well as recipes and links.

Great Chef's Recipes ~ Tiramisu - Chef Garrego tops his version of Tiramisu with a layer of chocolate ganache and a dollop of whipped cream.

Great Chefs - Official site of the television and magazine series containing monthly profiles, recipes, online shop and newsletter.

Great Cookware - Sales of well known brands of cookware, cutlery, appliances and cooking tools. Includes recipes.

Great Danish Recipes - Sandwiches, main dishes, and many desserts from Grandma Hattie's kitchen.

Great Jerky Recipes - A collection of jerky recipes, including pemmican, and Hawaiian jerky.

Great Lake Effects: Buffalo Beyond Winter and Wings - A collection of favorites with watercolors by local artist Margaret Martin. Includes sample recipes. Junior League of Buffalo, New York.

Great Magliocco & Friends Recipes - Secret traditional Italian recipes obtained from friends and family over the years.

Great Northern Products - Sells Alaskan Ulu knives, cookbooks, salad bowls, mixers and recipes.

Great Ohio Apple Recipes - Apple recipes including cider and muffins.

Great Party Recipes. - Presents appetizer, dip, fondue, pizza, and punch recipes.

Great Recipes Co. - Homemade instant bread specialties including corn breads, focaccias, brownies, and cakes. List of foods prepared with recipes for cooking.

Great Recipes Online - Over two hundred recipes for appetizers, beverage, desserts, holidays, kids, main dishes, salads, sandwiches, side dishes, and soups. Features a browser cookie based MyRecipes tab for saving personal favorites.

Great Recipes Online - Recipes for Kids - Breakfast and snack ideas.

Great Recipes Online Desserts - Small personal collection for cakes, candies, cookies, pastries, pies, cobblers, popcorn, and frostings.

Great Recipes Online: Beverage - Small collection of assorted drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, hot, for holidays, and punches.

Great Recipes Online: Salads - A collection of recipes with a user rating feature.

Great Recipes for Rosh Hashana - From the Tallahassee Democrat, recipes for Bialystok Tsimmes (short ribs), kosher honey cake.

Great Salads for Cool Eating - Various recipes for salads and dressings.

Great Swad - The Great Swad's collection of Indian and southeast Asian recipes.

Great Tastes of Manitoba Recipes - Monthly recipes for dishes using Manitoba grown ingredients.

Great Vegetarian Recipes - A collection of Chinese, American, dessert, and spinach recipes.

Great White Sturgeon Angling - Bud Conner book about Sturgeon angling on the Columbia and other N.W. rivers. Packed with photos, recipes, and tips. - A selection of recipes for using bottled salad dressing in salads, sandwiches, and main dishes.

Grecian Plate Cookbook - Durham, NC. The Hellenic Ladies Society, St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church. Recipes with illustrations, ranging from appetizers to desserts.

Greek Appetizers - Collection of Greek appetizer recipes for all occasions.

Greek - Recipes organized into categories from appetizers to desserts.

Greek Cooking - Carnegie Library, Pittsburgh, PA. Links to web resources about Greek food and cooking, including recipes.

Greek Cuisine .com - Portal for ingedients and cookbook shopping in the USA. List of restaurants in USA. Recipes online.

Greek Dessert Recipes - presents recipes including Apidea, Baklavas, and Crepes with orange pudding and fruit.

Greek Festivals .com - A number of recipes online, compiled from Greek festivals in America.

Greek Food Festival - Little Rock, AR. Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church. Annual events. Announcements, descriptions, recipes, cookbook online.

Greek Food and Recipes at - Recipes, as well as articles on modern and historical food culture.

Greek Food from Al & Abigail's Country Place - A variety of Greek recipes.

Greek Gastronomy - Handful of representative recipes.

Greek Orthodox Easter in Crete and Greece - Shows local traditions, Easter customs and recipes.

Greek Recipe Archives - Large number of Greek Usenet recipes.

Greek Recipes - Introduction and recipes.

Greek Recipes From Olive Oil - A good selection of Greek recipes using olive oil.

Greek Recipes at - About twenty favourite recipes, such as Tzaziki, Souvlaki, and Baklava.

Greek Recipes at - More than 400 hundred recipes.

Greek Recipes at - A handful of recipes submitted by users.

Greek Recipes from Hookery Cookery - Collection of recipes with step-by-step instructions.

Greek Recipes from Recipezaar - More than fifty recipes.

Greek Recipes, Cooking Greek food with May Lerios. - Austin, TX. 16 recipes, recalled by a Stanford University member from his mother's kitchen. Instructions and illustrations.

Greek Veggie Recipes - Nine vegetable dishes.

Greek appetizer recipes. - A collection of greek appetizer recipes with photos and reviews.

Greek seafood recipes - Greek seafood recipes including Christmas Octopus and Cod with Saffron and White Wine, at

Greek soup recipes - Greek soup recipes including Soup with yogurt and mint, Tarator Soup, and Egg and lemon soup made with turkey. - Large collection of recipes from appetizers to sweets, along with articles about Greek cooking. - Broccoli Recipes - A collection of broccoli recipes, illustrating the use of broccoli in Greek cuisine.

Green Bean Recipes - Vegan recipes by Kate L Pugh.

Green Chile Stews - Recipes for Carne con Chile Verde and Green Chile Pork Stew.

Green Choi - Dinner recipes organized by course and main ingredient, and served up by web log. User contributions accepted.

Green Cuisine - Greenhouse grower of living microgreens, culinary herbs and specialty greens. Offers custom growing services to chefs. Company profile, product information, order form, and recipes.

Green Giant - Produces frozen and canned vegetable products as well as side dishes. Company profile, product details, recipes, and contact information.

Green Giant Ho Ho Home Page - Recipes and cooking tips from Green Giant.

Green Tomato Recipes - Recipes for making chow-chow, green tomato sweet pickles, and end of the garden pickles.

Green Valley Chestnut Ranch - Colossal variety, organically grown. Includes chestnut history and several recipes. Order by mail.

Green Valley Herbal Enterprises - A Colorado certified organic establishment offering a wide range of herbal products, gifts, herbal teas and monthly recipes.

Green, Ellen - Home and Garden - Recipes, gardening, knitting, family, how-to and maritime.

GreenSense- Zenda's Homemade Soap and Beauty Recipes - Tips and recipes for homemade soap and beauty products.

Greenbelt Co-op - Greenbelt, Maryland. Full service community owned supermarket and pharmacy open to non-members. Department information, recipes, and contact link.

Greens All Over - Handful of recipes mostly for spinach.

Greens Popping Up All Over - Article on benefits of juices and two cleansing recipes.

Greens Recipes - Large collection of recipes for various kinds of greens, particularly those used in Southern cuisine.

Greenwood Recipes - Three recipes from a producer of commercial beet products.

Grenadian Recipes - Two small recipe collections from Grenada.

Grey Owl Foods Wild Rice Recipe Library - A small selection of wild rice recipes, including Wild Rice Seafood Salad.

Grey Poupon Mustard Recipes - An assortment of recipes using Grey Poupon mustard.

Grilldog's - Grilling, BBQ recipes, side dishes and sauce recipes.

Grilled Beef Guide - Guidelines and recipes for grilling beef from the test kitchens at The National Cattlemen's Beef Association.

Grilled Beef Recipes - A collection of grilled beef recipes from

Grilled Dessert Recipes - Selected recipes include Candied Coffee Nut Sundaes, Grilled Blueberry-Rhubarb Crumble, and Caramel Apple Slices.

Grillfish - Seafood chain with locations in Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts and D.C. Includes menus, recipes and frequent diner information.

Grilling Fish and Seafood Recipes - Recipes for grilled fish and seafood including Anticucho Style Grilled Fish, Grilled Mussels With Hot Bean Sauce, and Foiled Fish on the Grill.

Grilling Magazine - Monthly publication that focuses on the art and entertainment of outdoor cooking. Recipes and articles for grilling, smoke, dutch oven, and camp fire.

Grilling Recipes - Grill recipes for beef, pork, chicken and seafood.

Grits Recipes - Several dozen grits recipes for any meal of the day. Grits are small broken grains of corn, originally produced by Native Americans.

Grocery Outlet - Independently operated bargain grocery store outlets. Store photographs, locations, maps, store hours, recipes, games, and general information.

Grotto of the Swamp Witch - Swamp Witch spirit, wisdom, magick, spells and recipes. Granny Witch the Swamp Hag, just for fun.

Ground Beef Recipes from Nancy's Kitchen - Collection of recipes using ground beef including Barbequed Meatballs, Microwave Meatloaf, and Crockpot Spanish Rice.

Ground Meat Recipes from Hugs's Homehearth - Over 30 recipes from apple burgers to zucchini pizza, including meat loaf, meatballs, and venison dishes.

Growing Alberta - Numerous recipes using Alberta grown and raised ingredients.

Growing Up Fit: July 2000 - Recipes for Pyramid Yogurt Sundae and Stuffed Apple, as well as games to play to learn the Food Pyramid, and fun exercices to keep children fit. Article from the University of Illinois Extension.

Gruenwold Cottage - An enchanting cottage filled with spells, rituals and recipes - a bit of Magick in every room.

Guacamole Recipes from RecipeSource - Over 50 various ways of making this popular dip, with or without avocados.

Guatemala - Recipes - Guatemalan recipes collected from across the net.

Guatemala Recipes - Small collection of recipes from the "Maryknoll International Cookbook."

Guatemalan Recipes - Small collection of submitted Guatemalan recipes.

Guava Recipes - A small collection of recipes using the fruit. Features Guava Dumplings and Guava Milkshake.

Guavaberry - Offering a liqueur of Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles. Also features recipes, gourmet hot sauces, rums, apparel, perfumes, and gift ideas.

Guide to Home Cooking - Information, food features cover history, usage, and many recipes for individual foods, cooking methods, and appliances, at

Guiltless Gourmet - The original baked, not fried, tortilla chip company presents healthy snacking choices, nutrition information, low fat recipes, and retail and trade distributors.

Guinea Recipes - Recipes from the Friends of Guinea from Bissap Juice to Maffi Hakko.

Gumbo Gator's - Recipes include Crab Au Gratin, Shrimp Creole and Acadian Syrup Cake.

Gumbo Town - Techniques for preparing this New Orleans classic. Includes tips for making the roux and recipes.

Gumdrops and Saturdays - Lyrics, links, quotes, recipes, hotbar skins, and pictures.

Gutsy Gourmet - International gourmet recipes and cooking tips. Includes Armenian, Greek, Italian, Middle Eastern and Asian recipes.

Gutsy's International Poultry Recipes - A personal selection of different recipes.

GutsyGourmet: Spanish and Portuguese Recipes - Popular recipes from Spain and Portugal.

Guy Fawkes Night - A simple but interesting explanation of the events, with recipes and history of the Houses of Parliment, good for the younger ones.

Guyana OnLine: Recipes - More than 400 recipes with search index, reflecting the diverse origins of British Guyana's people.

Guyana Online - Offering free web-based email, message boards, chat, online directory of Guyanese, classifieds, events calendar, recipes, proverbs, resources and tourism information.

Guyana Outpost: Recipes from Guyana and the Caribbean - Large number of recipes from soups to meats, seafood and vegetables, as well as desserts and drinks.

Guzdziol, Joe - Personal site with many recipes, movie reviews, testimony, and links to many Christian resources.

Guéganne Acadian Recipes - Large emphasis on seafood dises.

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