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Epicurious: African Recipe File - Offers 35 African recipes previously published in Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines.

Epicurious: Caribbean Recipes - Large archive of Caribbean recipes.

Epicurious: Chickpea Recipes - Over 25 recipes, including Chickpea Rolls.

Epicurious: Chinese New Year - Authentic recipes for Chinese New Year cakes.

Epicurious: Cinco De Mayo - Large collection of food recipes from Bon Appetit, beverage recipes, and meal plans.

Epicurious: Drinking Index - Recipes for cocktails, wine, spirits. Search the drinking or wine dictionaries.

Epicurious: Fava Bean Recipes - Over 10 recipes, including Gorgonzola, Fava Bean, and Purple Potato Canapes.

Epicurious: Lentil Recipes - Over 70 recipes, including Lentil and Red Pepper Frittata.

Epicurious: Lima Beans - Over 40 recipes, including Lima Bean Paella.

Epie, Gilles - Contains a biography, requested recipes, and tips for selecting wines and cheeses. - Filipino and other Asian recipes.

Equal - Equal offers recipes using Equal products.

Equal - Seasonal Recipes - Recipes suitable for the current time of year, each using an artificial sweetener. A recipe search, kitchen tips, and a jams and jellies list.

Equestrian Trail Rider - Trail riding and camping information, horse treats, pictures, humor, and homemade fly spray recipes.

Erik's Recipes: Sausage Recipes - Erik Hoover's directory of sausage making recipes.

Eritrea - Cuisine - Description of the cuisine with ten recipes such as Tsebhi derho (spicy chicken) and Injera (flat bread).

Eritrean Foods and Recipes - Introduction to Eritrean food culture with eight recipes such as Alicha and Eritrean Lentils.

Erwtensoep (Dutch Pea Soup) - Recipe for a soup from the Netherlands containing split peas, spare ribs and pork brisket, at International Recipes OnLine.

Especially Homemakers - Homemaking discussion for saints and others who are interested. Topics include recipes, crafts, and help with the children.

Essential Help for HepC - Personal story of Hep C and the support, diet, supplements, and recipes used.

Essentials by Catalina - Plastic bottles, bath accessories, lotion base and unscented shower gel base. Toiletry recipes and FAQ. California, USA.

Essetti, Inc. - Offers coffee, pasta and ice cream makers as well as recipes.

Essiac Information Site - All aspects of essiac information covered, including controversial issues, scams, marketer ethics, product prices and recipes.

Estiator Magazine - Monthly national magazine for the Greek-American restaurant owners and the general food industry; offers recipes, business opportunities, and subscription information.

Estiator's Recipes - Recipes from Aglaia's Kremezi book "The Foods of Greece."

Estonian Cuisine - Short overview of Estonian cuisine, with recipes.

Eternal Green Field - Series overview, wallpapers, quiz, drinking game, lyrics, reviews, bloopers, and recipes.

Eternal Moon SS - Character profiles, recipes, club, fan fiction, and musings.

Ethiopia - Spicy Food from the Cradle of Civilization - Recipes and articles on Ethiopian cuisine, from GlobalGourmet.

Ethiopian Jewish Foods and Recipes - Introduction with four simple but nutritious recipes. Also offers background information about the Jewish community and traditions in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Recipes from - About twenty recipes from Aleecha (a vegetable stew) to Wot (meat stews).

Ethiopian Recipes from - About forty recipes from Abish to Yetakelt W'et (Spicy Mixed Vegetable Stew).

Ethiopian Vegetarian Recipes - Handful of recipes for stews, bread, and seasonings.

Ethnic Cuisine: Africa - Information on African cuisine and ingredients, with five recipes.

Ethnic Cuisine: Germany - Introduction and a few recipes such as Klaus's Heringsalat, and Erdbeer Bowle.

Ethnic Cuisine: Turkey - Information on the diet with glossary, and five recipes, such as Eggplant Salad, and Lamb Casserole.

Ethnic Food Shop - Gourmet Indian foods such as curries, lentils, beans, breads, and sauces available for purchase. Product catalog and list of recipes included.

Ethnic Recipes on the Internet - Collection of recipes from eleven world cuisines. - Gourmet ethnic foods, groceries, spices, and gifts. Products from around the world complete with menus, traditional recipes, and simple cooking instructions. - Grocery offering international recipes - search by course or country.

Etznab's Latino Recipes - Assorted recipes from the Spanish speaking world with discussion and basic information.

Euphoria Chocolate Company - Chocolate tempering instructions and recipes for cookies, cupcakes, blondies, bars, pie fillings, and brownies.

European Christmas Traditions - Features recipes for many European Christmas dishes.

European Cuisines - Recipe collections and links to recipes from the cuisines of Europe.

European Recipes - Small collection of recipes from various countries.

Eva's Hungarian Recipes - Small collection of family recipes.

Evatt Family - Origins, oddities, reunions, family recipes and famous faces. Includes database and photographs.

Evelyn Smith - Photographs, poetry, recipes, and games.

Evelyn's Recipes - Recipes for cakes, cookies, chocolates, and icing.

Even More Banana Recipes - Wide variety of recipes from desserts to main dishes to breakfast recipes.

Events in Luthers Land - A "culture magazine" for Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. It contains history, descriptions of people and places, and a few 16th century recipes.

Every Cowboy's Dream - Dedicated to the donkey and the mule. Mule events, mule recipes, cowboy art, sale barn, trail rides, wild horses, Right-To-Carry (firearm) facts, mule training, and manners.

Everyday Cook - Recipes and general cooking information.

Everyday Kitchen - Listen to a live national food radio show on your computer. Personalities like Jacques Pepin, and Ming Tsai share their cooking secrets and favorite recipes.

Everything About Food - A food network site with nutritional information, health and dieting tips, recipes, industry links, and food science for kids.

Everything Atkins - Information pertaining to the Dr. Atkins Diet including chat, low carb recipes, and message boards.

Everything Muskrat - Recipes - Links to recipes, news articles, restaurant reviews, and cookbooks.

Evesindia - Portal with various recipes from appetizers to desserts.

Excalibur Seasoning - Manufacturers of steak marinades, seasonings, stuffings and spices for meat and seafood. Company profile, product information, recipes, and contact links.

Exchange Recipes - A small recipe swaping list.

Exotic Meat Recipes - An assortment of game recipes for: alligator, antelope, buffalo, boar, caribou, duck elk, fowl, frog, gator, goose, kangaroo, lamb, ostrich, pheasant, poussin, quail, ranbit, snake, squab, turkey, turtle, and venison.

Expert Foods Recipes - Dozens of recipes including Apple-Walnut-Pecan Loaf and Tofu French toast. FAQs plus other food articles and tips.

Exploring Amish and Mennonite Cuisines - Provides five pages of recipes for various dishes.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Recipes - A number of recipes using extra virgin olive oil.

Extracts and Such from Hugs's Homeheart - Recipes for candied citrus peel or slices, pancake syrup, lemon extract, maraschino cherries, and old-fashioned almond paste.'s Mixology Section - A searchable collection of cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. These Mixed drink recipes can be added to your site. - Drink recipes, bar equipment, hangover cures, and drinking games.

Extremechefs - Information provided by chefs and restaurants from around the globe. Access recipes, job listings, and menus.

Eyelevel Convertible Cookbook holder - Features this multipurpose cookbook holder that allows recipes to be viewed at eye level.

F. Martha Stewart - Features animation of Stewart turning into a green demon and Nan's recipes

FAO Cookbook - Collection of almost 800 recipes for the preparation - in traditional fashion - of a range of local products from around the world.

FRC Recipes - Various seafood recipes offered by Chef William Mcllroy of Hotel Newfoundland.

FWP Matthews Ltd - Offers flour milling from blends of locally grown English wheats. Includes company and product details, and recipes. Chipping Norton, Oxon, England.

FYI's Coffee Recipes - A page of non-alcoholic coffee recipes.

FYI's Coffee Recipes 2 - Spiked - Listing of coffee recipes spiked with alcohol

Fabiano's Homemade Candies - Chocolates from old family recipes. Order by mail.

Fabrizio Oddone's Italian Recipes - Some of the recipes that ensure Fabrizio's survival in the United States of America.

Fabulous Frostings - Over 60 assorted icing recipes to choose from including Sour Cream Chocolate Frosting, Orange Buttercream, and Never Fail Caramel Icing. - Recipes in all categories, all with simple to follow step-by-step cooking instructions. Many for holidays and parties.

Fact Sheet, Pickle Recipes - From the United States Dept. of Agriculture's Safe Preservation Series, a group of pickle recipes including sauerkraut, Hungarian banana, chile, and jalapeno recipes.

Fact Sheet: Rock Samphire - Historical references and two recipes for pickled samphire.

Faerie's Finest - Offers an emporium of gourmet seasonings and ingredients offering naturally flavored sugars and salts, unique blends of herbs and spices, distinctive flavor extracts, and numerous free recipes.

Fagor Pressure Cooker Recipes - Offers a selection of recipes plus information on some different ways a pressure cooker can be used.

Faithfully Charleston Cookbook - Offers sample recipes and purchase information.

Faking it! TVP Recipes - Includes recipes for vegetable chili, vegetable curry, and lasagne. From The Vegetarian Society UK.

Family Favorites - A short collection of recipes.

Family Fun - A comprehensive online source for creative crafts, fun activities, recipes, as well as expert tips on parenting and parties.

Family Recipes from Guam - A selection of recipes from a family living in the Saint Louis metropolitan area.

Family Summer Fun - Includes summer safety tips, safety links, summer recipes, and also our Family Summer Fun parent's forum.

Family Whatnot Album - Create a page to share announcements, photos, recipes, history, e-mail addresses, etc. - From Disney, a service for parents offering recipes, a recipe board, recipe swaps and meal plans. Recipes - Wide range of choices of meals suitable for families from casseroles to desserts, including special occasions menus, and recipes from the chefs at Disney's. - Browse free recipes and meals. Get free offers. Make a family calendar.

FamilyWeb Cafe - Free online community for genealogists. Features reviews of genealogy software and online resources, traditional ethnic recipes, family tree and family-oriented lifestyle links, online chat area.

FamilyWeb Cafè - Online community to share ethnic and traditional family recipes.

Familyrapp - A Parents' Magazine - A one-stop reference point for parents: informative parenting articles and directories of days out, family holidays, book reviews, drug information, education, recipes, health and shopping with many links.

Famous Brandname Recipes - Links to over 200 brand name websites, listed by category.

Famous Chili - Small collection of simple mexican and southwestern recipes, from Chili Cheese Dip to Quick Tamale Casserole.

Famous Dishes in Shanghai - Over 150 recipes from one of China's finest regional cuisines. - List of famous vegetarians/vegans with quotes, links, recipes and a list of vegetarian restaurants.

Fanny Bay Oyster Recipes - Oyster Recipes with a West Coast flavor.

Fantastic Recipes - Searchable, browsable recipe collection. Includes an email newsletter. Members can add recipes. - Easy Irish recipes for stews, breads, potato dishes, sweets, and Irish coffee.

Farm Fresh To You - A large selection of fruit and vegetable recipes.

Farm garden dip mixes - specialty food items - Seasonings, a variety of mixes (for sauces, dips, rice, tacos and cheese balls) and seasoning gift boxes. All with no salt, sugar, MSG or preservatives. Also provide custom blends and labelling service. Recipes and newsletter.

Farmer's Market - Offers fruit, vegetable, nut and herb recipes.

Farmland Foods - Farmer-owned producer of pork, beef and catfish. Provides recipes and cooking tips.

Farsarotul: Vlach Cuisine - Four recipes from the Arumani.

Faseolo Home Roast Supply - Offers roasters; beans. Presents an explanation of the importance of fresh beans, with recipes.

Fast & Fresh: A choice of chicken recipes - [CNN]

Fast Eddys Garage - Personal page. Full of fun stuff, recipes and events happing in the surrounding area of wherever Eddy may be.

Fast Microwave - Supplies some quick and easy recipes for meat, dairy, and dessert dishes.

Fast-Fixin' Kids Recipes from - Breakfast, lunch, pizza, smoothie and snack recipes to make for and with children.

Fat 2 Thin - Personal weight loss site including execises, recipes and progress graph.

Fat Boy Recipes - A collection of personal recipes including quick and easy dinners.

Fat Free Quick Breads - 40+ fat free vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Fat-Free Mexican Recipes by - Large number of fat-free alternatives for dishes as burritos, tacos, and enchiladas. - Provides fat-free and lowfat recipes which include ingredients believed to improve body's immune system. - Over 50 low fat vegetarian casserole recipes, including Apple Carrot Casserole and Pumpkin Casserole. Adzuki Recipes - A small selection of recipes, including Azuki Bean Paste. Bean Recipes - Over 175 low fat vegetarian bean recipes. Fava Bean Recipes - A small selection of low fat vegetarian recipes, including Fava Puree. Hummus Recipes - Over 20 low fat vegetarian hummus recipes. Hummus is a chickpea spread. Lentil Recipes - Over 150 low fat vegetarian recipes for lentils, including Lentil Lasagna. Lima Bean Recipes - Over 25 low fat vegetarian recipes, including Sweet and Sour Lima Beans.

Father Time's Net - New Year songs, recipes and traditions from around the world.

Father's Day Celebrations - Includes a history of the holiday, poems, jokes, recipes and craft ideas.

Father's Day Food and Cooking - Father's Day breakfast recipes.

Father's Day Grilling Recipes - Father's Day recipes and menu.

Father's Day Recipes - Small selection of recipes.

Father's Day Supper Suggestions - Burger, steak, and onion side dish recipes from Recipezaar. Over 20 recipes and tips on using onions included.

Fathers Day Favorites - Recipes for barbecued beef short ribs, banana pudding, cheese cake, strawberry nut salad, pineapple upside down cake, baked beans, McDonald's Big Mack, meatballs.

Faust's Compendium - Offers maps, skill list, trainer locations, potion recipes, and spell descriptions.

Fauzia's Pakistani Recipes - Introduction to the techniques and equipment used in Pakistani and Indian cooking, with a few tips and basic recipes.

Fava Bean Recipes - A small selection of recipes, including Braised Fava Beans.

Favorite Brand Name Recipes - Over 1000 delicious recipes, many from America's favorite food companies.

Favorite Christmas Cookies - Grandma Clara's recipes include Ribbon Cookies, Raspberry Gems, and Spritz Cookies.

Favorite Family Recipes - Thanksgiving recipes, also has links to family and classroom Thanksgiving projects.

Favorite Greek Recipes from the Island of Andros - Handful of recipes (in Greek and English) from this Cyclades island.

Favorite Homestead Farm Blackberry Recipes - Dessert, sauce, and syrup recipes.

Favorite Recipes for All Occasions - An extensive collection of tested recipes for all occasions, even includes ideas for non-dairy meals.

Favorite Recipes from Uncle Bill's Kitchen - Cookbook presentation with sample recipes reflecting Bill Anatooskin's Doukhobor heritage.

Favorite Recipes of the Nebraska Czechs - Cookbook presentation with sample recipes such as Jaternice, and Kuba.

Favorite Recipes to Share - Original, collected, and submitted recipes classified mainly by course. Users can submit recipes by email.

Favourite Canadian Recipes - Weekly features and recipe archive provided by Quaker Oats.

Favourite Children's Recipes - A small collection of recipes to please children, young and old.

Favourite Dinner Co-op Recipes - Presents recipes beloved of the Pittsburgh food-lovers' group called the Dinner Co-op. They also have a cookbook which can be downloaded free here in several formats.

Favourite Gluten-free Recipes - A nice selection of recipes to choose from.

Feeding Kids On The Road - Recipes, but also tips for traveling with hungry kids.

Fenton Enterprises - Offers booklet for purchase containing perfume recipes, no animal byproducts used.

Fesenko International - A variety of products and services related to Ukraine, including gifts from Ukraine, translation services, services in Ukraine, and Ukrainian recipes.

Festival for Departed Souls Begins with Food - Explanation of the part food plays in Dia de Los Muertos's observations, and two recipes for traditional dishes.

Festivals Recipes - Offers Onam and Vishu festival recipes.

Festive Christmas Recipes - Over 200 indexed recipes for the holidays.

Festive Food - Guide to some of the most mouth watering recipes on Halloweens day, Easters, Christmas, St. Patriks Day, and Thanksgiving.

Festive Freebies - Explore the directory and enter the festive gallery of your choice. Within each, you'll find lots of greeting cards, clipart, craft ideas, recipes, contests, screensavers, and games.

Festive Holiday Cooking for Vegans - Recipes and a helpful shopping list. From Dr. John McDougall.

Festive Mushroom Soup - From Frair & Grimes Cyber Recipes, serves eight.

Fias Co Farm Dairy Goats - LaMancha herd located near Mooresburg, TN., USA. Includes extended pedigrees, pictures, plus lots of goat husbandry information, as well as cheesemaking instructions and recipes.

Fiddlehead Recipes from Earthy Delights - Several recipes using fiddlehead ferns.

FidoTel Cooking Forum - Searchable database of recipes.

Field & Stream: Game Recipes - Offers an archive of game recipes.

Fierce Family - Community of feminist, leftist, activist, pro-family, queer, environmentalist, vegetarians who want to encourage activism, provide resources, and trade recipes.

Fifi's Delicacies - Gourmet dessert recipes and descriptions. Recipes include Hazelnut Anise Shortcake, Fifi's Nouveaux-Classic Buttercreams, and Meringue Mushrooms.

Fig Recipe Index - From an orchard, fresh fig recipes for main dishes, side dish, desserts, bread, and an appetizer.

Fig Recipes - A mix of dried and fresh fig recipes including some for stuffed figs, jam, cake, pudding, fillings, canned figs, preserves; from Texas A&M horticulture department.

Filipino Dishes at - About thirty Filipino recipes, more available for members.

Filipino Famous Recipes - Collection of well known and favorite Filipino recipes.

Filipino Food - Directory of Filipino food sites, recipes, and articles.

Filipino Recipes Link Dot Com - Provides links to Filipino recipe websites, restaurants and stores.

Filipino Recipes at - Filipino recipes, mainly contributed by viewers, and cooking discussion.

Filipino Recipes at - More than fifty recipes from Adobong Isda to Stuffed Frogs.

Filipino Vegetarian Recipes - Collection of modern Filipino recipes as well as educational information about vegetarian diets.

Filipino Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes - Recipes and ingredient information provided by Lyn Francisco.

FilipinoAmericans.Net - A culture and history portal, with discussion forum, profiles of prominent Filipino-Americans, recipes, and link directory.

Filled bars and Squares Recipes - A dozen recipes including cinnamon apple, apricot, caramel pecan, or date squares, cream cheese marble brownies, and chewy maple granola bars.

Filling Recipes from Recipezaar - Filling recipes from the Recipezaar collection (each with complete nutritional analysis) and links to recipes which call for every flavor of filling.

Fillings and Frositing Recipes - A collection of Cake Fillings and Frostings from the folks at

Financial Numerical Recipes - Discussion of algorithms and C++ code for advanced financial calculations by Bernt Arne Ă˜degaard.

Finatinas (Local Recipes) - Recipes ranging from Alaguan to Uhang in Coconut Milk.

Find Veg Recipe - Provides indian vegetarian recipes. Includes a list of glossary, downloads and recipe features.

Fine And Fancy Frosting Recipes - Frosting and Icing Recipes from our Family Cookbook.

Fine Cooking - The magazine for people who love to cook. Techniques, recipes, basics, food science.

Fine Cooking Magazine - Presents tips, techniques, recipes, and articles from the magazine.

Finnan Haddie Recipes - A small collection of recipe for cooking finnan haddie, from

Finnish Recipes - Three Karelian Country Buffet recipes from the "Scandinavian Feasts" cookbook.

Finnish Recipes - Finland's Favourite Dishes - Collected by nutritionist Pirjo Kytövuori.

Finnish Recipes at - Thirteen recipes.

Fiona's Recipes - Featuring some recipes from Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine, and other personal favorites.

Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue - Kansas City mail order BBQ featuring baby back ribs, beef burnt ends, sauce, beans, corn bake and rubs. Includes recipes, cooking tips and barbecue clubs.

Fire Hot Sauces - Offers spicy sauces, BBQ and marinades. Also recipes for appetizers, salads and dinner entries.

Fireman's Choice - A bbq sauce developed by a firefigher. Site includes firehouse recipes.

Fireside Soaps - Herbal and goat milk products in an assortment of fragrances, as well as soap recipes.

Firiel's Realm - Has a guestbook, Lembas recipes, music and poetry.

First Nations Recipes - Recipes of several Native American peoples from Acorn Bread to Zuni Sunflower Gravy.

First Productions - Features search, news, stocks, weather, recipes, comics, and horoscopes. Offers free e-mail.

Fischer, Adam - General Music Director of the Austro-Hungarian Haydn Orchestra. Includes biography, discography, concert schedule and recipes.

Fish & Seafood Dictionary - Dictionary of types and cuts of fish and seafood, methods of cooking and recipes.

Fish Brochettes - Halibut, onion, green pepper, and tomatoes placed on skewers and microwaved. Includes recipes for Anchovy Butter and Fine Herb Butter.

Fish Entree Recipes - Recipes from the African Cookbook.

Fish Recipes - Search and browse for baked, grilled, and smoked fish recipes.

Fish Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens - A collection of all-time favorite fish recipes Poached Fish with Orange Sauce and Jalapeno Fish Fillets with Couscous.

Fish Soups & Chowders from Fishing Works - A large collection of recipes alphabetically indexed by species.

Fish Sticks - Directions for thawing and microwaving fish sticks. Includes recipes for six sauces.

Fish and Seafood Recipes - A searchable collection of indexed recipes organized by cooking method, from Fishing Works.

Fish and Seafood Recipes from Ashton Fishmongers - Selection of recipes including Fish St Clements, Fish and Pea Curry, and Plaice with Salsa.

Fish and Seafood Soups at Recipezarr - Over 100 seafood soup recipes with complete nutritional information provided.

Fish and Shellfish Recipes - A nice assortment of recipes.

Fishermens Market - Copper River salmon. Includes information about an auction and recipes.

Fishing For Deals - A message board with forums for bargains, special offers, contests, recipes, freebies, and reward programs.

Fishing For a Healthy Recipe? - Selection of assorted recipes.

Fishy Recipes Cook Book - Recipes for cooing bass, pike, bluegill, crappie, perch, salmon, catfish, and trout.

Fit Forever - Offers a weekly fitness article, recipes, and links to fitess resources.

Fit Pregnancy - Your guide to having a healthy pregnancy, with expert information for moms-to-be on prenatal nutrition and fitness, baby care tips, safe exercise programs and healthy recipes.

Fitness and Freebies - Nutrition, health, diet and fitness tips, information, support, advice for all ages. Recipes, freebies, E-books, articles.

Five Cherimoya Recipes - Includes a sauce, bread and salad dressing.

Five Ingredient Crockpot Recipes - Five ingredient crockpot recipes include appetizers, side dishes, and entrees.

Five Star Indian Recipes - Collection of over a 1000 recipes ranging from breakfast dishes to powders and pastes.

Flaming Chili - Chili head information for cookoffs, chili recipes, chili pepper items such as chili bowls, chili pepper lights, chili candles, southwestern home decor.

Flanigan Farms Natural Foods: Nut Recipes - Presents an assortment of recipes.

Flavor It Greek: a Celebration of Food, Faith and Family - Portland, OR. Philoptochos Society of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. Cookbook with 300 recipes from real everyday cooks, including grandmothers (yiayias) and grandfathers (papous), mothers and fathers, as well as some of Portland's Greek restaurant chefs. Retail and wholesale orders of ingredients online. Recipe of the month online. Links.

Flavors of the South - Small personal collection of recipes.

Flavors of the South: Mexican Recipes - Selection Mexican recipes categorized by course.

Flaxseed Recipes from Ameriflax - Includes recipes, cooking tips, and ways to substitute flaxseed for fat or eggs.

Fleischmann's Yeast Breadworld - Both the experienced and novice baker will find abundant recipes and baking information here.

Fleischmann's Yeast Recipes - Fill your kitchen with the aroma of homemade bread with a recipe from Fleischmann's Yeast.

Flood, Donna - Recipes, family history, poetry, art lessons, short stories and her book on frugal living.

Flora's Recipe Hideout - Over 2200 recipes collected from the Internet.

Flora's Recipe Hideout - Low-Fat Recipes - Featuring a comprehensive list, desserts and main dishes in particular. Links to many food categories, and beverage recipes.

Florida Citrus Land Recipes For Kids - Recipes for children to make healthy treats or snacks for school lunches using pineapple, tangerines, oranges and broccoli.

Florida Grape Growers Association Recipes - Puree, pies, syrups, sorbet.

Florida Great Outdoors - Includes membership information, event schedule, gallery, campers checklist, and recipes.

Florida Strawberry Growers Association - Includes history, recipes, events and contact information.

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