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Cooking with Kids from - Recipes for parents to make for or with their children.

Cooking with Marie Simmons - Recipes and information on the books of Marie Simmons, teacher and writer.

Cooking with Patty - Italian recipes and menus direct from Verona, Italy.

Cooking with Pawpaws - Kentucky State University's compilation of recipes for pies, cakes, cookies, breads and frozen desserts made using the American pawpaw.

Cooking with Recipelu - Recipe exchange list to share recipes and advice.

Cooking with SusieQ: Rabbit Recipes - A compilation of recipes submitted by different readers.

Cooking with Tea and Teatime Treats - Tips on brewing tea and recipes that use tea as an ingredient such as Berry Good Chai Pie, Moroccan Iced Mint Tea, and Tea Thyme Soup.

Cooking with Yogurt - Recipes for smoothies, salads, soups, main dishes, breads and desserts. Includes cooking tips.

Cooking with the Wolfman - Chef David Wolfman and Loma offer recipes from their cooking show.

Cooking without Gluten-Milk-or Soy - Discusses favorite stores, products, cookbooks, and offers a selection of recipes. - Find kitchen appliances, cookware, cutlery, cook's tools, bakeware and tableware. Also offers a library of recipes and cook's tips. - Directory of cooking resources with recipes and cooking links. - Cooking source for recipes, food news and features, and culinary products.

CookingWithPete - Offers cooking classes and consulting services in the Chicagoland area. Includes a calendar of events, recipes, and cookbook reviews.

Cookings - Features a few Aussie recipes such as date tart and zucchini slice, and other dishes such as Norwegian bread, couscous, curry, and North African lamb. Recipes - Recipes organized by main ingredient or type of baking (for baked goods), as well as general instructions for various foods. Holiday Cookie Collection - Cookie recipes plus cookie making tips. Poultry Recipes - A searchable collection of poultry recipes. Salads - A searchable collection of recipes. Vegetable Recipes - A searchable collection of vegetable recipes.

CooksRecipes's Soup and Stew Recipes Index - Collection of soup and stew recipes. Subdivided in Bisques and Cream Soups, Broths, Stocks and Soup Mixes, Chilled Soups, Chowders, Gumbos and Stews, and Hot and Hearty Soups. - A cooking site offering online culinary help, a searchable index of recipes, daily tips and trivia. - Cake Recipes - A collection of cake recipes listed by category.'s Beverage Recipes Index - A collection of beverage and drink recipes listed by category.'s Diabetic Bread Recipes - A collection of diabetic bread and cake recipes, including their nutritional and food exchange information.'s Pasta Recipes - A collection of assorted pasta recipes.'s Sandwich Recipes Index - A collection of sandwich recipes listed by category including hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches, pitas and burritos.'s Steaks & More Recipes - A collection of beef steak, ribs and kebab recipes.'s Sweet Quick Bread Recipes - A sponsored collection of sweet quick bread recipes. International Cuisine Recipes Index - Recipes listed by country from Australia to Vietnam. Mixed Drinks and Liqueurs - A collection of various recipes. Pork Recipes - Collection of pork recipes listed by category including chops, roasts and stir-fried.

CooksRecipes: Meatloaf and Burger Recipes - A collection of meatloaf and burger recipes.

Cool Christmas Sites Directory - Graphics resources, free coloring pages, holiday traditions, recipes, and homemade Christmas gifts.

Cool Summer Drinks from GourmetSleuth - Recipes include alcohol and non-alcoholic versions and ingredient definitions.

Cool Vegan - An online gathering place for like-minded people to connect, share recipes and ideas, and shop.

Cooters Country - All wild, scenic nature desktop themes, poetry, country recipes.

Copper Paws - People and pet recipes by Michael and Jonna Anne. - Offers a daily copy cat recipe of a famous food. Check for favorite restaurant recipes or packaged foods too.

Corbin Brothers Eastern Shore Seasoning - Offer an all-purpose seasoning from Maryland. Site includes recipes.

Corfiot Recipes - Recipes from the island of Corfu.

Corfu for All - Greek Taverna Recipes - Handful of recipes.

Corn Chowders - Thirty three recipes for corn chowders, among which are Cheesy Potato and Corn Chowder, Corn Chowder with Sausage and Mexican Chicken Corn Chowder, at All Recipes.

Corn Growers' Guidebook Corn Recipes - A collection of basic recipes along with some offbeat ones, such as one for corn smut, and links to other corn recipe sites.

Corn Recipes - Includes corn off the cob with chili butter, corn saute with herbs and peppers, corn and black bean salad, corn chowder, corn bread.

Corn Recipes from Hugs's Homehearth - Small collection of recipes for fritters, pudding, cream style, corncob molasses, baked corn, and cobbler.

Cornbread - A collection of cornbread recipes at

Cornbread Recipe Seminar - Recipes for making seven kinds of cornbread, including buttermilk cornbread and Mexican cornbread.

Cornbread, The Bread Of The South - All about Southern cornbread.. History, Recipes and advice.

Cornelia's Kitchen - Recipes organized by category, many geared toward "picky eaters".

Cornish Food - Four favourite recipes of the Cornish Association of NSW.

Cornish Recipes - About twenty traditional recipes, including Cornish Pig's Head Pudding, and Pilchard and Leek Pie.

Cosmic Aromatherapy - Aromatherapy blending formulas, smudge blends, recipes, healing with Aromatherapy and more

Cosmic Cafe - Exchange recipes, share tips, ideas, and get advice.

Costa Rica - Recipes and articles on Costa Rican cuisine, from GlobalGourmet.

Costa Rica - Recipes - Small collection of recipes, gathered from across the net.

Costa Rica! Recipes! - Three typical dishes: Gallo Pinto, Rice and Beans, and Vigoron.

Cote d'Ivoire - Four recipes such as Foutou and Yam with Tomatoes, at iAgora.

Cottage Cheese Recipes - A large collection of recipes featuring cottage cheese.

Cottee's Australia - Cottee's Foods, makers of products such as cordial, jams, jellies, and toppings, presents ways to use them in cooking. Recipes include trifle and fruits in gelatin.

Cottontail's Hideaway Resort - Features a history of the holiday, recipes, and links. Includes religious themes.

Cougar Cheese Recipes - Recipes, from gourmet to quick and easy, featuring Washington State University's cheeses.

Country Berry Farm Recipes - Drinks and desserts using blackberries.

Country Cooking - Collection of family recipes highlighting Illinois agriculture products.

Country Corner 1 - A collection of simple and easy to follow crock pot recipes ranging from granola to casseroles.

Country Life's Recipe Bin - Recipes for bread, cakes, cookies, pies, muffins, also sourdough starters, yeast, and other baked items.

Country Lovin' Cookin' Webring - Collection of recipe sites that offer free recipes and have a country theme.

Country Place Vegetarian Recipes - Variety of vegetarian recipes including soups, stews, chili, pizza and entrees. Holiday recipes.

Country Recipe Webring - Consists of a ring for those that love cooking and recipes. Accepts family-friendly sites only.

Country Recipes - Collection with a recipe from 50 different countries.

Country Singles Online - A membership based site designed for singles with country and western interests. Shares recipes, promotes western events and discusses wedding ideas. - Contains recipes, links to nutrition, recipe and shopping sites, and chef profiles. - Regional specialties of Provence: aperetifs, spices, pates, including non-food items. Site also has recipes and tips.

Countryplace Recipes - Canning tips and a few recipes.

Countryside Women - Offers community support for women in their daily lives. Forums provide topics on house and home, family life, inspirational thoughts, recipes and beauty.

Couscous Corner - A collection of assorted recipes.

Coxons Culinary Recruitment Services - Established by BBC TV chef Alan Coxon. Includes company background, profile and latest recipes, current vacancies throughout the UK, and CV registration.

Coyote Moon Recipe Archive - Searchable archive of recipes which have appeared on the site for the hot sauce product.

Cozy Cottage Child Care - Includes child care policies, recipes, art activities, items for sale and book suggestions.

Cozy's Corner - Articles, information, and activities for toddlers and their parents, recipes, stories, games, and songs.

Crab Bisques and Chowders - Crab soup recipes with complete nutritional information provided.

Crab Cake Recipes - Recipes for appetizer, main and side dish crab cakes.

Crab Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens - A collection of crab recipes including Charleston Crab Pot Pie and Crab Mornay.

Crab and Seafood Recipes - Recipes for appetizers, salads, main dishes, and soups, from Chesapeake Bay Gourmet.

Cracker Bread - Part 2 from Recipe Source - One of two recipes from a Southern Living article. This recipe uses quick cooking oats.

Cracker Recipes - Assortment including Cheddar-cornmeal, Parmesan, and cream of rice crackers.

Cracker Recipes at iChef - An assortment of cracker recipes.

Cracker Recipes from Hugs's Homeheart - Recipes for cheese cookies and straws, corn crisps, trifles, and protein cracker bread.

Craft Recipes - A large collection of recipes for making various crafts ranging from simple dough recipes to fundough to bubble mixtures to face paints.

Craft Recipes for Kids - A large index of craft recipes including dryer lint clay, eggshell chalk, salt, soap or sawdust doughs, and invisible ink.

Crafts Recipes and Family Fun - Interactive group for at-home moms. "Ideas of the Day" include recipes, crafts and coloring pages; "Idea of the Week" topics include party, cleaning and organizational tips.

Craig Farm Organics: Wild Rabbit Recipes - Two recipes for devilled and jugged rabbit.

Craig's Cooking Links - Some of Craig Lanigan's favorite recipes, including some unpublished Vietnamese recipes. Also other recipes for sweet and savory dishes.

Craig, Philip R. - Official site from the author of the J.W. Jackson series. Book descriptions, schedule of appearances, biography, and recipes are provided.

Cranberry Recipes - From Ocean Spray. Includes recipes for glazes, chutney, desserts, punch, stuffing, sauces.

Cranberry Recipes from Al & Abigail's Country Place - A variety of different cranberry recipes including chutney, cakes and pie.

Cranberry Recipes from Recipezaar - Large list of cranberry recipes, each with complete nutritional information.

Crank - Australian punk rock band. Includes sound files, tour dates, news, and curry recipes.

Crawfish Recipes from RecipeSource - Collection includes Stuffed Soft-Shell Crawfish, Mini Crawfish Pies, and Crawfish Potato Boats.

Crawfish √‰touff√©e - Four recipes, using a roux or not, and using tomato or not. All served over rice. From The Gumbo Pages.

Crawford - Roger and JD of Greenfield, Iowa. Photos, guestbook, recipes, and game.

Crayfish Recipes - Collection of crayfish recipes including Malay Crayfish Curry, Garlic Buttered Crayfish, and Thai Crayfish and Noodles.

Crayfish, Crawfish, Crawdads - Provides description of the varieties, general nutrition information, cooking tips, and recipes.

Crazy Cajun Enterprises, Inc. - Authentic Cajun & Creole sauces, recipes from the 1800's.

Cream Cheese Fillings for Finger Sandwiches - Presents recipes for Creamy Date Nut, Creamy Ginger and Rum, and Olive and Nut fillings which may be used in tea sandwiches made several days ahead and frozen.

Creamed Acorn Squash Soup - Instructions on how to make Creamed Acorn Squash Soup and a link to an indexed listing of other veggie recipes, at Just Veggie Recipes.

Creamed Soup Recipes - Recipezaar - Creamed soup recipes for meat and vegetables, with complete nutritional analysis provided.

Creamright - Provides high quality whipped cream chargers, dispensers, pure vanilla extract, and whip cream recipes.

Creating Home Style - Offers ideas for creating a personal style for living. Features tailgating tips, recipes, decorating ideas, crafts projects and a discussion forum.

Creative Chocolates - Make s'mores using marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. Offers a database for Hershey's cookbook, plus chocolate recipes.

Creative Cooking for Renal Diets - Cleveland Clinic's renal diet and renal diabetic diet cookbooks; 288 kitchen tested recipes in easy to read large print.

Creative Cooks Articles at - Presents articles, holiday recipes, hints, and tips for those who want to experiment in the kitchen.

Creative Healthy Cooking: Mineral-rich Cuisine - Simple recipes using kombu, hijiki, arame, wakame, and nori.

Creative Homemaking - Articles, links, recipes and advice for at-home parents. Features topics such as gardening, crafts, home, organizing and frugal living.

Creative Nepali Cooking with Tulsi Regmi - Introduction to Nepali cuisine and large number of recipes from starters to desserts.

Creative Parties - Murder mystery dinner party games available to download or by post. Includes party ideas, recipes, games, and accessories.

Creekside Mushrooms Ltd. Recipes - Handful of main dish mushroom recipes from a mushroom producer.

Creole Man - Recipes for Crawfish Pie and Crawfish Jambalaya.

Creole Recipes Update - A list of people interested in sharing Creole recipes, asking questions to Creole Chef Michael Reese II, and promoting Creole foods. - Offers cooking tips, information on traditional cooking methods and recipes.

Creoleman Oyster Recipes - Recipes for Oysters on the Half Shell, Bacon Wrapped Oysters, and Fried Oyster Po-Boys.

Crespi, Camilla - Creator of the Simona Griffo series. Includes book and author information, and Italian recipes.

Cretan Cooking - Sample recipes from Maria and Nikos Psilakis book "Cretan Cooking."

Crisco - Offers lots of recipes, including instructions for whole dinners complete with suggestions for letting the kids help.

Croatian Cuisine - Introduction to the local cuisine with handful of recipes such as Dalmatian Brodetto.

Croatian National Tourist Board - Croatian Cuisine - Description of the cuisine by region with links to Croatian recipes on the net.

Croatian Recipes - Small number of Croatian recipes from Balkanweb.

Croatian Recipes - Five recipes: Ajvar, Cuspajs, Okrugli Vrsak, Poppy Seed Kolache and Sarma.

Crock Pot Chili Recipes - A selection from

Crock Pot Recipes - Collection of crock pot recipes including Crockpot Boston Brown Bread, Slow Poke Jambalaya, and Thelma s Cranberry Pudding.

Crock Pot Recipes Stew Index - Selection of assorted recipes, at About.

Crock-pot Recipes - Recipes for the slow cooker including lasagna and casseroles.

Crockery Kitchen - Includes recipes by category and tips.

Crockpot - Intended to help people with ideas and recipes for the crock pot or similar table top appliances.

Crockpot Recipe Collection - Recipes listed alphabetically.

Crockpot Recipes - Main dishes, soups, stews recipes for the crockpot. Listed alphabetically.

Crockpot Recipes - Culinary Center of Monterey - Three recipes - lamb stew Navaran, chicken pot pie with puff pastry, and beef burgonion with wild mushrooms and new potatoes.

Crockpot Recipes and Resources - Large collection of recipes for the slow cooker, tips, and a forum.

Crockpot Recipes for Dinner or Lunch - Collection of slow cooker recipes listed alphabetically.

Crockpot Recipes from Flavors of the South - A collection of crockpot recipes featuring Mexican, Tex-Mex and spicy recipes.

Crockpot Recipes from Nancy's Kitchen - Alphabetical list of recipes including soups, main dishes, dips, and desserts.

Crockpot Recipes:Southern Recipes - Alphabetical list of recipes for slow cookers.

Crockpot Vegetable Recipes - Large collection of recipes listed alphabetically.

Crowley Foods - A manufacturer and distributor of a full line of quality dairy products for foodservice and retail. Site offers company history, employment opportunities, news and events, product information, contests, recipes, and contact information.

Crown Prince, Inc. - California processor and distributor of canned sardines and other seafood. Company profile, product information, recipes, and contact details.

Crumbled Cookies - Featuring a variety of cookie recipes, including Scotch Cookies, Persimmon Cookies, Snowcaps, and Toffee Squares.

Crunchy Almond-Caramel Brittle - Part of a collection of recipes for kids at

Crunchy Topped Potatoes - A recipe from the Idaho Potato Web Site. Links for other potato recipes, a fan club, a potato harvest video, and potato clip art are also offered.

Crystal Forest Pagan Parenting - Tips on Pagan Parenting, crafting, articles, essays, poetry,book of shadows, spells, recipes, sabbats, esbats,and pagan homeschooling. Also includes blessings for baby prayers, songs, chants and stories.

Cuban Recipes - Small collection of recipes including Huevos Habaneros, Empanadillas with Picadillo, Fricase de Pollo, and Baked Sweet Plantains.

Cucina Italia - Regional Italian recipes in both English and Italian.

Cucina Toscana - Traditional and creative recipes. - Unusual, simple and tasty recipes from Apulia, offered by Italian gourmet shop.

Cucumber Recipes from Hugs's Homehearth - Two recipes for cucumber and yogurt.

Cucumber Lemonade - From B's Cucumber Recipes.

Cucumber Soup Recipes - Small collection, each with complete nutritional information, at Recipezaar.

Cucumber and Pickle Recipes - A collection of cucumber and pickle recipes from What's Cooking America

Cucumber-Avocado Soup - Uses also buttermilk, at B's Cucumber Recipes

Cuisine - New Zealand based magazine offering recipes with accompanying photographs, a "how to" section, a wine resource channel with tastings and recommendations. Includes sections on travel and drinks.

Cuisine Juive - Mediteranean kosher food recipes.

Cuisine Magazine online - Offers step-by-step, fully illustrated recipes, dozens of cooking tips, honest product reviews, a forum for cooking enthusiasts, and is free of advertising.

Cuisine du Monde - Recipes classified by country, with glossary, units converter, and mailing list for updates.

Cuisine for Fun - Easy to prepare recipes with photos.

Cuisine from Swahili Online - Description of the cuisine with recipes for Biriani ya kuku, Samaki wa kupaka, Mbaazi za nazi, and Maandazi.

Cuisine of Angola - Seven recipes such as Palm Oil Beans, Corn Funge, and Mufete de Cacuso (Tilapia).

Cuisine of Senegal - Information on the cooking of Senegal with recipes for Ngalax, Tiébou Dienn and Yassa.

Cuisine of the Zadar Region - Introduction to the Croatian cuisine and three local recipes.

Cuisine, Table Etiquette - Description of the Tatar cuisine with handful of recipes.

Cuisines of the Sun - Gift baskets include the video, recipe cards, and natural herbs, spices and dried chili peppers used in the recipes.

Culinareview - Recipes, pictures, dictionary, and links to other resources.

Culinary Adventures - Recipes for the south Indian breakfast items Idli, Dosa and Upma.

Culinary Adventures With The Radical Chef - Filipino mom's journal of traditional recipes prepared the modern way using radical combinations of ingredients.

Culinary Cafe - An extensive index of soup recipes.

Culinary Café - Recipes including Cheesy Zucchini-Corn Casserole, Sweet Potato Casserole With Praline Topping, and Mashed Potato Casserole.

Culinary Café - Salads - A collection of salad recipes including dressings.

Culinary Center of Monterey - Recipes from cooking classes including pan-seared scallops with four-pepper cream sauce, Spanish croquets, and Thai banana fritters.

Culinary Forum and Message Board - A forum to view and interact with members worldwide on cooking, recipes, favourite chefs and reviews on restaurants, culinary websites and magazines.

Culinary Historians of Chicago - An educational organization committed to the study of the history of food and drink in human cultures with officers, newsletters, recipes, calendar of events and membership.

Culinary History of Peru - Accompanied by four recipes.

Culinary Journeys - Afghanisthan - Handful of recipes to entertain your guests.

Culinary Lessons From Joan - Baking primers, recipes, advice and food links for perfect baking.

Culinary Q&A from - Answers to your questions about entertaining, cooking, recipes, and food.

Culinary Slovenia - Large number of recipes, with Slovenian restaurant guide.

Culinary Thymes Houston - Features recipes from recent issues, current issue highlights, a listing of cooking classes, wine tastings and other food-related events in Houston, TX. - Recipes, cooking tips, food forums, articles, columns, contests, and product offers. - Recipes for Kids - Creative desserts, snacks and meals for kids to make with their parents. - A cooking and recipes site for hobbyists, cooks, and culinary chefs. Submit a recipe, search the large database, and get tips for special occasions and table decorations.

Cummins - Mike and Wendy of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Information, recipes, genealogy, guestbook, yachting, personal page, personalization, and links.

Cup Of Heaven Coffee Recipes - A large selection of over 100 coffee recipes, indexed alphabetically.

Cupid's Corner - A short history of the holiday, some clipart, crafts, a few recipes, and links to flower and chocolates websites.

Curley's Sausage Kitchen - Supplies sausage making equipment, seasonings, marinades, free recipes and advice to the home processor, hunter and backyard chef.

Curly Tail Smokers BBQ Cooking Team - Recipes, discussion of smoking woods and team photos.

Currantly Speaking, Ribes Gets a Bum Rap - Includes currant history, recipes, and uses.

Curry Box - Offering four free recipes.

Curry Frenzy - Recipes for traditional and novel Indian curries.

Curry Recipes - Two recipes for Indian-Italian curry, from DolceVita Cuisine.

Curryholics - Recipes and chili ratings, with instructions to build your own tandoor.

Custard Apple Recipes - Australian collection of recipes fo atemoya or custard apple.

Custom Catering Halloween Recipes - Several gory recipes for a Halloween meal.

Custom Cookbooks by Lalia - Tailor-made cookbooks from individual recipes and personal photos. Includes design samples.

Custom Food Products, Inc. - Producers of food bases, soup bases, and gravy mixes. Product guide, recipes, and contact information.

Customcatering - Variety of soups, gumbos, and salad recipes. - Curry recipes, along with tips on ingredients and methods, and spice library.

Cyber Kitchen - Greeting cards with Mimi's recipes. Features Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Halloween and holiday food.

Cyber Kuali - Cyber Wok - Recipe site hosted by Malaysian newspaper The Star, featuring mostly Malaysian recipes.

CyberMacro - Features articles, recipes, forums, chat, and sells macrobiotic foods.

CyberSoup - An international database which contains recipes, cooking hints, herb information, substitutions, and an index of cooking terms.

Cyberchef - Recipes, cookbook reviews, chef interviews, food literature, links to other cooking sites.

Cyberkuali - Exchange, discuss and share your Chinese recipes with others.

Cybermacedonia: Macedonian Cuisine - Eight recipes.

Cybersherrie's Christmas Holiday Page - Holiday midis, animations, photos, and recipes.

Cypriot-Turkish Cuisine - Traditional recipes with Mediterranean, Southern European and Middle Eastern influences.

Cyprus - Small selection of recipes with food glossary.

Cyprus Recipes - Nine recipes, such as Loukmades and Kleftiko.

Cyr - Phil and Debbie a Navy family. Photos, personal pages, recipes, guestbook and links.

Czech Breads Recipes - Recipezaar - Several kolache plus a few other Czech pastry recipes.

Czech Recipes - Choice of ten recipes to email your friends.

Czech Recipes from - About a dozen recipes from Chepacy to Kuba.

Czech Recipes of All varieties - Stick-to-the-ribs dishes with large number of soup recipes.

Czech Republic - Recipes - Fifteen traditional recipes such as Pork with Horseradish, and Celestial Crusts.

Czerws' Polish Food Products - Polish kielbasa in a variety of flavors, sausage and pierogis. Also provides recipes.

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