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10 Lives
Country: USA
10 Lives is unlike anything on the market today. A natural herbal multi-purpose solution rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients formulated to help purify the blood and to kill infection-causing bacteria in cats.

1001 Herbs
Country: USA
Eleuthero (formerly Siberian Ginseng) has been used by herbalists for thousands of years. Eleuthero (formerly Siberian Ginseng) (Glandular) is a member of the ginseng family, though it is of a different genus than other popular ginsengs such as the Panax variety. Herbalists call it an adaptogen. Its name comes from the Chinese jen shen, which means "man root," so-named because some roots have limblike branches resembling arms and legs. Because the root has a humanlike shape, it is considered by Orientals to be an overall body tonic.

1001 Herbs
Country: USA
offers all natural solutions for your health and nutritional needs. A natural solutions to your health questions and problems -- that's what 1001herbs.com gives you. We offer hundreds of natural remedies to satisfy all of your herbal needs. As a matter of fact, you can search 1001herbs.com by symptom, in the event you aren't sure which herb is right for you, or if you already know what you need, you may search our product database.

2C0, Inc.
Country: USA
Shilajit - Anti aging Rejuvenator fulvic acid in natural form. SHILAJIT generally speaking is a concentrated historic plant life essentially from Himalayan region Himalayan region encompassing India , China, Tibet and parts of central Asia was a home to rich plant life right from prehistoric times . The plants absorbed various nutrients and minerals from soil to form rich and green vegetation . The life of trees and plants there extended to many hundred and even thousands of years. After their time the plants returned back to earth along with the minerals . This process continued over a period of many centuries .This remains of plant life in the specific climatic condition and altitude of Himalayas formed the Mineral Pitch known as SHILAJIT. SHILAJIT contains more than 85 minerals in Ionic form and fulvic acid.

3 Treasures Teas: Chinese Herbal Medicine Extracts
Country: USA
powerful new line of herbal teas formulated by Dr. James Zhou

5th Element Products
Country: USA
5th Element Products LLC is located in the village of Oxford in mid Michigan. Our product developer and founder has been studying the use of herbals most of her life in an effort to help her family with common health issues. A terrific chef and natural artist, she turned her hand to soap making in 1999 and is currently pursuing a degree in Naturopathy. The herbs and oils are chosen carefully for their scent combinations as well as the properties each herb holds. Our soaps are made with vegetable oils, pure essential oils and herbs for scent and color. Some blends use beeswax for texture and pigment for color. We do not use synthetic scents in any of our products. Besides the products manufactured by 5th Element Products, we also carry pure essential oils, dried herbs, extraordinary loose teas, tea supplies, pain management pillows, aromatherapy diffusers, art and jewelry from local artisans and much more.

800 Herbal
Country: USA
Our Herbal Remedies come in a form of a decoction. Each is prepared according to the old recipes collected from Germany, Canada, Russia, and Far East. Did you know that decoctions are most powerful during the first two weeks after their preparation?

A and A Wisconsin Ginseng, Inc.
Country: USA
A&A Wisconsin Ginseng provide the best quality of genuine Wisconsin ginseng to Anyone (and) Anywhere: export, wholesale, and retail ginseng roots, ginseng powder, ginseng capsule, ginseng tea, ginseng root gift box, ginseng slice gift box, as well as fish.

A Healthy Alternative, LLC
Country: USA
Men & Womens Health, Alternative Medicine, Herbal Sexual Enhancement, A Healthy Alternative! We offer all the information you need to know about mens and womens health issues. Visit our site to find the latest natural medicine news.

A Healthy New You
Country: USA
The eVitamins health supplements and vitamins store at A Healthy New You.

A Modern Herbal
Country: USA
Providing botanical, folk-lore and herbal information, plus organic herbs, and herbal products. BOTANY and medicine came down the ages hand in hand until the seventeenth century; then both arts became scientific, their ways parted, and no new herbals were compiled. The botanical books ignored the medicinal properties of plants and the medical books contained no plant lore.

The essence of a herbal was the combination of traditional plant lore, the medicinal properties of the herbs, and their botanical classification. From the time of Dioscorides down to Parkinson in 1629 this herbal tradition was unbroken. Culpeper's popular herbal was discredited with scientific people because it was astrological.

The death of the herbal was one of the reasons why, with a few exceptions, the only plants which have retained their place in the Allopaths' pharmacopoeias are poisonous ones like Aconite, Belladonna, Henbane and the Opium Poppy.

Dandelion, Gentian and Valerian for some reason have survived and the Homeopaths use many more, but such useful plants as Agrimony, Slippery Elm, Horehound, Bistort, Poplar, Bur Marigold, Wood Betony, Wood Sanicle, Wild Carrot, Raspberry leaves, and the Sarsaparillas are now only used by Herbalists.

A Pinch Of
Country: USA
Sandra Bowens is a dedicated foodie with twenty years experience in the food service business. She now works as a freelance cook and food writer in Washington, USA. "I've worked in a variety of situations that have allowed me the freedom to experiment with different flavors and ideas," she says. "I've also had the opportunity to work with incredible chefs who have taken the time to show me a few of their secrets." Her favorite job has been with the Colorado Spice Company where she sold herbs and spices to restaurants. At the warehouse she learned about the product and in kitchens all over the Denver area, she learned how they were used. "The best part of that job was when we opened a barrel of herbs. You can't imagine the delight of leaning into 50 pounds of dried dill, fresh from the producer, to inhale the aroma."

A World of Chinese Medicine
Country: USA
A World of Chinese Medicine, with information and resources on this traditional practice, diagnosis, treatment of specific conditions, & herbal remedies.

Aarogya Herbals Ltd.
Country: USA
Manufacturers of Ayurvedic products Aarogya has a contemporary facility of international standards, Freeze Drying equipment which increases the shelf life and reliability of herbal products.

Aayam Herbal and Research Industries
Country: USA
Yunadent helps you in all the problems like dental pain, dental pain relief,dental pain toothache, bleeding gum cure, bleeding gum tooth,root canal problems, root canal treatment, dental root canal, bleeding gums treatement, root canal problems.

Abatra Natural Medicine Laboratory
Country: USA
We are Abatra Technology ltd, founded in 2000, with experienced and skillful scientists including pharmacists, chemists, herbalists, and together with experienced managers. A young company active, initialtive, creative, flexible, and ambitious. Supplier of raw materials or intermediates, serving pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic industries and finished products for end use.

Active Ingredients Group, Inc.
Country: China
Active Ingredients Group, Inc.,was established in 1990, is Leading manufacturer and exporter of botanical extracts in China, we do all for dedicated to the identification, development and production of active ingredients from Chinese herb, for use in the pharmaceutical, health-food and cosmetics industries. Today Active Ingredients Group, Inc. is also concentrating its efforts on the industrial production of high-quality standardised active ingredients from herb, which are important ingredients in health food products.

In fact, the company produces standardised extracts from edible plants that are traditionally recognised as having therapeutic properties, as well as from plants that have proven pharmacological value. Active Ingredients Group, Inc.'s research and production activities are particularly attentive to plant-based principles that have anti-oxidant properties and are effective in preventing damage caused by free radicals.

Our major standardized product, such as Ginseng Root Extract 80% Ginsenosides, Grape Seed Extract 95% OPC, Green Tea Extract 60% EGCG, Luo Han Guo Extract 80% Mogrosides, and Effective Component Monomer prouct such as 5-HTP, Resveratrol 99%, Huperzine A 99%, Paclitaxel 99%, Synephrine 99%, and so on.

Country: USA
Activehealth.com, your source for the world's most advanced and scientifically documented nutritional supplements that support or treat sexual health, weight loss, prostate conditions, arthritis and more.

ActiveHerb Technology, Inc.
Country: USA
ActiveHerb: only standardized herbal extracts and herbal formulas with scientifically proven benefits

Admark Herbals Limited
Country: India
Ayurvedic science controls, prevents, and cures any kind of viral infection. Guaranteed centuries-old herbal formula, non-chemical antidote takes on viruses and bio-chemical menace. In the present millennium, Admark Herbals Ltd. is the proven repository of the ancient tradition, having presented a handful of valuable, effective medicines based on the unchanged principles of Ayurveda.

Adoniss Extraction
Country: France
Botanical extract manufacturer for pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries, from seeds selection to final dry extract.

Adopt Ayurveda
Country: India
Ayurveda is the healing gift to us from the ancient enlightened Vedic culture. According to historical records in ancient Vedic texts, the Vedic system, including Ayurved, was in practice even before 4000 BC. Hence, we know that Ayurved was very mature and predominant in India thousands of years ago.

Ayurveda is a holistic health system based on harmony with nature. It is the major traditional Indian system of medicines practiced in India.The vista of Ayurveda is widening and attracting the global community. Ayurveda is a complete way of life .It is not only treating sickness it is based on preventing disease and enhancing health, longevity and vitality also.

Ayurveda helps us to understand ourselves and or needs -and provides us guidelines on diet, daily routines, lifestyle, and actions and activates to be followed. Ayurveda also teaches how to live in society without disturbing the natural balance.

African Red Tea Imports
Country: USA
Studies have showed Red Tea to contain Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) - an outstanding antioxidant and prime fighter of free radical damage. It has been prescribed for mild depression, nervous tension, digestive problems, and insomnia. Minerals in Red Tea include iron, potassium, calcium, copper, zinc, magnesium, fluoride, manganese, sodium, and is also rich in the flavonol Quercetin, known to increase capillary strength.

Agaricus Net
Country: USA
Brazilian scientists won a substance, which promises progress with the fight of different kinds of cancer from tropical plants. This positive result has been also confirmed by South African doctors.The successful results were made at several stage IV cancer patients in South Africa. In the meantime many patients world wide stepped into this new program.

Agaricus Power Company
Country: USA
Our reputable products boost Immune System, are natural and alternative medicine, also used as a supportive treatment during cancer chemotherapy. It's been a big hit in past few years that so-called "Agaricus" being recognized as an alternative treatment support for many diseases including Cancer. And also "Agaricus" is known as a health supplement boosting the immune system to avoid getting sick. Agaricus finally got huge attention and became famous in 1990's, even though it was discovered in 1960's, in Brazil, and has been used locally as a health supplement for long time.

Agnus Castus to Yucca schidigera
Country: USA
Medicinal herbs are some of our oldest medicines and their increasing use in recent years is evidence of a public interest in having alternatives to conventional medicine

AHCC Nutrients USA
Country: USA
AHCC is a nutritional food supplement developed from the mycelia of several species of mushrooms including the shiitake. In Japan, many consider these mushrooms to be herbal medicines. Intensive research has been conducted and continues in Japan, Korea and the USA to test its effectiveness of the nutrition supplement in enhancing the human immune system. The research shows positive results in tests on animals and in clinical studies of cancer patients undergoing chemo-therapy.

Ain Seiyaku Company
Country: Japan
Reishi mushroom (Ling Zhi) is a very rare and precious Chinese medicine (herb). Since immemorial time, only royalty had the privilege of consuming it. Reishi mushroom with its medical efficacy was attested to the ancient Chinese medical texts, known in Japan as "Shinnoh Honzohkyo" and the "Chinese Outline of Herbs" written by Li Sze Tsun of the Ming Dynasty. There are 365 kinds of medicine that are classified and explained in both texts. Reishi mushroom has been ranked the ' Number One Herb ' among the 365 recognized herbs. In "Shinnoh Honzohkyo", six kinds of reishi mushrooms (blue, red, yellow, white, black and purple) are fully explained and the red reishi has been ranked first among them.

Akahdahmah Herbs
Country: USA
Akahdahmah Herbs, herbal products for thebody, mind and spirit; the holistic approach to healing naturally. Enhance the natural energy within. When using these herbal formulas it is important to know that consistency is most important. The herbs that you take are used to nourish the body. Supplying vitamins and minerals and enzymes essential for the functioning of this human vessel. Therefore diligence, open mind and love for life are the foundation of a successful herbal program. We must remember that through out the history of herbs in ancient times they were used as food.

With this approach to consuming herbs the body was always receiving what it needed to adapt to its environment, maintaining that space of peace, balance and awareness. awareness. Today we have many healing challenges because of environmental stresses, which cause disease. "Preventative medicine" can no longer be limited to following general nutritional guidelines and appropriate exercise, but must include protective measures based on awareness of potential health hazards and the options we have available to us to prevent their occurrence.

Al-Kemi Spagyrics
Country: USA
Al-Qemi offers over 100 single herbs and formulas in our Spagyric Essence level, created for health and balance at the physical level of being. Al-Qemi has created Spiritualized Essences of many of the most popular tonic herbs and combinations, extracted Spagyrically in Biodynamic wine alcohol.

Alfa Vitamins Laboratories, Inc.
Country: USA
Alfa Vitamins(r) Online Store. We offer more than 100 minerals, vitamins, nutritional supplements, diet formulas, and more. Alfa Vitamins(r) offers you products carefully manufactured in our own laboratory, where we can guarantee the control and use of raw materials corresponding to the quality demanded in the pharmaceutical market. Our extensive line of products includes vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, antioxidants, all of them presented at remarkably competitive prices.

Alfredo Leibrecht and Sons
Country: Germany
We harvest and dry wild growing medicinal herbs, who are growing in the wide and large steppe of the Argentine Patagonia, Provinces of Rio Negro and Chubut, on the parallel 42 and in the Andes mountains, in a region who is absolutely free of contamination, in the soil, water or the air, without nearly field cultivation, so we can assure the delivery of BIOHERBS.

Alkaloids Corporation
Country: India
Alkaloids corporation are manufacturers of phytochemicals, herbal extracts, nutraceuticals and suppliers for active pharmaceutical ingredients / intermediates, the manufacturing facilities are located at kolkata, hyderabad, pune in india.

All Herbal
Country: USA
AHerbal is the state of the art e-commerce site providing safe and effective natural health products for men and women featuring the alternative medicine. Supplier of Tongkat Ali (Also known as : Pasak Bumi, Eurycoma, Longifolia and testosterone enhancer) is an extraordinary blend of pro-sexual natural herb with the added advantage of health matters inclusive of Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension, etc. This magical combination increases targeted blood flow, unleashes stored testosterone and heightens key pleasure zones with maximum stimulation. The Tongkat Ali's custom blend of all-natural ingredients are specifically formulated to maximize your sexual desire and performance.

All-Vita NorthWest
Country: USA
Pharamaceutical grade vitamin and herbal formulas prescribed by doctors: CoQ10, Graviola, Agaricus, Saw Palmetto, Grape Seed, Erection Problems, Nail Fungus.

Allens Club
Country: USA
We, at A Creator's Blessing, along with The Clouds Trust, the researchers of Essiac, and the friends of Rene Caisse, authors of "Essiac Essentials," are dedicated to Rene Caisse's legacy, continuing to make Essiac tea affordable to everyone at generic prices. Many Essiac sellers are charging pharmaceutical prices. "Essiac Essentials" coauthors, Mali Klein and Sheila Snow, had unprecedented access to Rene Caisse's histories allowing you to be sure you're getting the original Essiac formula used by Rene Caisse.

We believe the integrity of Rene Caisse's original formula should be maintained. Surprisingly enough, your inquiry into various suppliers of Caisse's herbal formula (including some of the biggest names and dominant sellers of Essiac tea) will reveal that many of those suppliers are using the less expensive, questionable, imported (sterilized) herbs or the cheaper inorganic.

Allexperts Herbs
Country: USA
Allexperts Herbs Q&A, Questions that I will answer are how to dry herbs, press them, use different herbs in potpourri, essential oils and fixatives for a nice blend of potpourri. I will answer on how to use all parts of the plant and where it grows. Answers will be sent within 2 days if not one.

Alliance Products
Country: UK
Alliance Products was established at the start of 2000 by Stuart Yates who employs a team of people with extensive knowledge and expertise in the natural healthcare industry. Alliance Products retails a comprehensive range of top quality Aloe Vera products for health and beauty. Alliance Products' strategy is to increase people's awareness of the importance of prevention rather than cure.

AllNatural.net's Guide to Chinese and Other Herbs
Country: USA
Your encyclopedia of Chinese herbs (guide with common & botanical names), vitamins, minerals & supplements with history of herbal uses. Also visit our free angel postcard section.

Country: USA
Allsalvia are salvia divinorum retailers and wholesalers who import direct from Oaxaca, Mexico and sell online to anywhere in the world

Country: USA
Learn about Allspice. Allspice -(Pimento) is a the "dried unripe berry" of the Pimenta dioica which belongs to the family Myrtaceae. It is also know as Jamaica pepper, common name applied to the berry of a small West Indian tree of the myrtle family. The tree grows to a height of about 9 m (about 30 ft) and has aromatic, glossy green leaves and white flowers. The fruit, when dried, is widely used as a spice. The name pimento is sometimes applied to the pimiento, a variety of sweet pepper, also used as a spice.

Aloe Master
Country: USA
Retail/Wholesale producer of products from the miracle Aloe plant. Products including concentrated (guaranteed 10,000 mps) juice, capsules, OPC, colon cleanse and topicals.

Aloe Vera Studies Organization
Country: USA
FREE Aloe Samples. Aloe Vera plants. Information about the nutrition value and uses of Aloe Vera. The truth vs. the hype about so-called Whole Leaf Aloe. Aloe Vera plants.

Country: USA
World's largest vertically integrated raw material provider of aloe vera. All of our Aloe Vera gels, Aloe Vera whole leaf, concentrates and powders are tested and guaranteed to be biologically active.

Country: USA
Aloe vera plant, aloe vera juice, aloe vera gel and other aloe vera skin care products by Aloelife.com. Low prices on natural aloe vera health products and aloe vera skin care products that are made from the leaf of the aloe vera plant.

Aloes International
Country: USA
Most people are quite familiar with Aloe?s reputation as a healer for the skin. But, what?s not commonly known is that Aloe Vera can be ingested. Its all natural elements help your body regenerate internal tissues and organs in the same way it helps regenerate skin tissue to heal burns, wounds, abrasions and bruises. Aloe Vera, according to researchers, is a detoxicant that helps rid the body of poisons that many of us consume each day. Medical researchers say that Aloe Vera produces at least 6 antiseptic agents and contains at least 3 anti-inflammatory fatty acids, all of which work together - in concert - to provide Aloe Vera?s unique range of benefits.

Country: USA
If you have HPV (human papilloma virus), cervical dysplasia (abnormal Pap smear), genital warts, or plantar warts, you've come to the right place. HPV is the only proven cause of cervical cancer, and is implicated in chronic urinary tract infections, vaginosis and vaginitis (with vaginal discharge). It is also commonly associated with, but not the cause of, genital herpes.

Through intensive research, Dr. Joe Glickman, Jr., M.D. has created an all-natural, Aloe vera-based supplement called Beta-mannan(tm). Since its development in 1996, Beta-mannan(tm) has safely eliminated HPV-related illnesses in only 90 days in the vast majority of cases for thousands of men and women who have followed the treatment recommendations with Beta-mannan.

Country: Spain
During his long voyages, Christopher Columbus made an astute observation with respect to the health of his sailors. "There are four foods that seem to be indispensable to the good health of man; wheat, the grape, the olive and aloe vera. The beneficial properties of the first three have been well documented and are widely accepted. But the last of the four has had a much more uncertain history. In the days of Columbus, the cultivation of aloe vera in Spain was a vital aspect of popular medicine. But, with the beginnings of modern medicine, the 'pita sabila' (its historic name) together with many other medicinal plants was all but forgotten.

In the west, it was only at the beginning of the twentieth century that the plant received its first recognition and respect in the medical community. But as undeniable proof of its effects, it wasn't until the end of the Second World War that we truly discovered its therapeutic power. Following the devastating effects of the atomic explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, those who suffered burns were cured much more effectively and quickly with aloe vera and in many cases without even leaving scars. One should also add that its use in certain parts of the western world declined when populations settled in northern zones where the plant was unable to survive extreme temperatures.
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