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Inner Cosmos [USA]
Kriya Shakti is an ancient Indian energy healing technique with a series of manifestation processes.To add power to your projects learn Kriya Shakti

Integrated Awareness with Mark Fourman [USA]
Healing for the body, mind and soul using touch and guided movement.

Inward Resource Center of A.I.W.P. [USA]
IRC is an organization of Spiritual Development, Growth and Education. Offering personal counseling, workshops and training in Native American ceremonies, Vision Quest, Energy Work, Labyrinth, Medicine Wheel, Feng Shui, Soul Retrieval, Breathwork, Animals

Irwin Fine [USA]
Dr. Irwin Fine is a medical intuitive, natural born healer, and a dedicated health practitioner, who performs healings for the highest good. His healings take place either in person or through distance healing.

Ivan Gellner [USA]
Spiritual healer serving Dayton, Ohio.

Jackie Ruller [USA]
Our individual spiritual paths present us with many personal challenges. Spiritual response therapy removes blocks and releases negative programming at the soul level.

Jan Meryl [USA]
Medical Intuitive, Jan Meryl's site offers channeled telephone readings and gives detailed information about Meryl's Medical Intuition process and energy healing.

Jennifer Katz [USA]
Brennan Healing Science practitioner offers distant healing by phone.

Jennifer Kaye [USA]
Learn the reasons we create a dis-eased feeling in our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual self.

Joan Lartin-Drake [USA]
Information about my approach to psychotherapy, methods - Bowen Family Systems Theory and Lightwork

John Frank [USA]
Offers psychic healing over the telephone from London, England.

John of God, Joao de Deus [USA]
Mark Thomas explains how to travel to Abadiania in Central Brazil to be treated by John of God.

Journey Into Light [USA]
Kim Longworth, shamanic healing practitioner, reiki master/teacher and author.

Judy [USA]
Psychic Energy and Spiritual Healing Enlightened spiritual teacher shares spiritual counseling from the heart ,Spiritual and Intuitive Counselor and Shamanic Healer for teaching Empowerment and Self Awareness

Judy Mehr [USA]
Hands on and long distance energy healing using light and sound.

Juergen Karl Hildebrand [USA]
Health problems from phobias, depressions, headaches, migraine to even cancer or aids. A practicing spiritual healer channels spiritual healing energy to support your health.

Katsong - Creative Tools For Living [USA]
Intuitive Counselor Katherine Rone offers aura and psychic readings, guidance and healing assistance through telephone sessions.

Ki-Works [USA]
Kaiso Dave Bendigkeit offers Shintaikido, a martial art which focuses on the energy aspects of people in conflict. Seminars and therapy. Category: Energy healing

Kinesionics Therapies [USA]
Kinesionics Therapies is the science of gauging the body's energy response and a holistic alternative to traditional medicine

King's Oracle [USA]
Energy Healing is an alternative medicine that can reduce your stress, restore your vitality, and renew your good health and spiritual happiness.

Kunowater [USA]
Ancient art kunowater using only water without medicine to removing almost all pains instantly good for anybody, no restrictions to age, religion etc

Lead the Field [USA]
Complementary health - bio energetic / vibrational therapy. Medicine of the Future for a Healthy Mind and Body at Lead the Field.

Lehua Center for Well-Being [USA]
Kellyna Kaleolani Campbell offers spiritual energy healing and consultations based on Hawaiian traditions. Workshops and retreats.

Lenair Technique Center [USA]
The Lenair Technique with medical intuitive Rhonda Lenair - An alternative, effective treatment for alcoholism and other addictions.

Life Energy Healing [USA]
Life Energy Healing and Training integrate Chinese and Traditional Tibetan-Mongolian Medicine with Western Medicine to promote personal growth, energy healing, intuition, peacefulness, and balance for optimal health.

Light Travels [USA]
Energy work with trained practitioner, Carolyn Winter using the holographic repatterning method in person, by telephone or by the proxy method. Drawing on ancient maps from the Chinese system of energy, the East Indian Yogic Chakra traditions.

Lightened Pathways [USA]
Clairvoyant, Spiritualist, Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer, Past, Present and Future Pathways, as well as Personal Pathways [USA]
We here at The Self Empowerment Center believe we are facing a challenge and an opportunity as we begin a new century. We need to tap into the emotional intelligence and wisdom of inner being. It is a compass in changing times.

Liisa Steicke [Australia]
Combines chakra balance, reiki, therapeutic massage.

Little Buddha's Energy Therapy [USA]
Imagine visiting a Therapist and coming away completely relieved of the Stress,Fears,Panic Attacks,Depression,Anxiety,and so on. Imagine if you could accomplish this within one or very few sessions.

Living in Balance [USA]
Offers alternative and distance healing services incorporating a variety of body and energy work therapies. Animal healthcare services with an equine focus.

London Attunement Centre [Canada]
Wayne O'Keefe, practitioner in London, Ontario. [USA]
Theology, Metaphysics, Mysticism, Jewish, Christian, Tao, Hindu, Buddhist, Love of God

Lovejoy's Enchanted Cottage [USA]
Deb Lovejoy offers holistic pedicures and manicures, reflexology, Reiki, polarity therapy, intuitive readings, and chakra balancing.

Loving Life [USA]
Reduce pain and stress without having to use drugs. Learn exciting new techniques that can change your life.

Mandurah Counselling Services [USA]
Counselling offered for all forms of psychological problems, also alcohol and drug addictions, gambling, smoking etc

Marion A. Gambardella [USA]
Marion A. Gambadella, spiritual healer, ordained minister, and founder of the Oneness System (r), is based in New York City

Marlana, Spiritual Healing Facilitator [USA]
Works over the phone, clearing blocks, vows, and dysfunctional beliefs.

Mary Ann Michaels [USA]
Mary Ann Michaels best choice in energy work, energy healing, spiritual healing and counseling, hands on healing, long distance healing, barbara brennan school of healing, hands of light, new jersey healing, healing threrapy, new age solutions.

Mary Louise Hayes [USA]
Holistic healing can occur because energy transformation causes shifts at the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels: Through holistic healing Mary Louise Hayes can assist you in opening to your own healing energy.

Mass Bay Holistic Health Center [USA]
Mass Bay Holistic Health Center, Janice McNamara RN B.S.N. Reiki Master Reiki Practitioner Polarity Practitioner

Matrix Energetics [USA]
Dr. Richard Bartlett teaches healing energy work and quantum healing frequencies. Seminars available.

Medical Intuitive [USA]
With 30 years experience, Sarah offers a free 20minute phone consultation. Learn the direction to take to heal yourself or whoyou can turn to for help. Get real answers,not mumbo-jumbo

Meridian Healing [USA]
Sinéad Flanagan channels healing directly from the spiritual realm. Serving Los Angeles and Boston.

Metaphysical Healing - Divine Healing [USA]
Explore alternative health through spirituality and metaphysical healing prayer. Learn how physical or mental harmony and health is restored through the healing power of prayer and God's love.

Mickey Magic [USA]
Mickey Magic Healing Energy - with the energy in our own bodies combined with the healing energy of Mickey Magic, Mickey is able to increase and direct healing on a very basic level. By brining physical and emotional issues to the surface, these problems

Miracles, Joy, and Healing [USA]
Information for a more spiritual life.

Monica Levin [USA]
Angels, angel therapy, and Reconnective Healing wirh Monica Levin in Michigan

Mr. Raeel Akhatov, Hereditary Healer [USA]
A hereditary Healer Raeel Akhatov, mastering the bioenergy, having over 10 years healing experience and the Diploma of the International Alternative Healing School (Russia, St. Petersburg) will make successful headway to your Health.

Natural Energy Healing [South Africa]
Edith C. Tolnai offers spiritual healing, reiki, reflexology, Indian head and shoulder massage. Johannesburg, South Africa.

Natures Touch [USA]
Paul Esch offers bio-energetic balancing sessions, classes, song and music, healing instruments.

Nelly Dimitrova [Bulgaria]
Neli - medicine woman who possesses divine power to cure people. Category: Energy healing

Neuro Stress Release [USA]
Neuro Stress Release cures arthritis, sweaty palms and feet, chronic fatigue, stress and more.

New Life Directions [USA]
Edwige Gilbert offers her program of Energy Management to achieve focus, clarity and intuition to be victorious in your new life direction. Manhattan consultations available.

New World Wellness [USA]
Tom and Charla offer wellness services for humans and companion animals.

Nga Nui Healing [Australia]
Leslie teaches Reconnective Healing, vibrational energy therapy in Brisbane.

Numina [USA]
Supporting spiritual growth and emergence, spiritual healing, self-discovery, online counseling, life coaching, hands-on energy healing and energy reading, awakening spiritual retreats and pilgrimages to Chartres Cathedral.

Omnispirit [USA] offers spiritual empowerment, attunements, Ra-Sheeba courses, energy healing, active spiritual discussion forums, metaphysical articles, artwork, crystals and more. Home of Amara Spiritual Empowerment

Ondevit Therapy [USA]
An online resources for Ondevit therapy. Find therapists in your area, read case studies on Ondevit practices with obesity and autism, and get answers to common questions about Ondevit assessments and supplements

Opening Doorways to Heal [USA]
Opening doorways to spiritual healing with Spiritual Response Therapy, The Reconnection, Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, Raindrop Technique, Aromatherapy Massage, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Star Flower Essences for spiritual growth and vibrant health.

Orhai Method of Total Healing [USA]
psychic readings, clairvoyant psychic readings, meditation, soul growth, spiritual evolution, spirit guides, soul mates, healing, new age articles , predictions, earth changes.

Ottawa Alternative Health Care [USA]
body mind and spirit, migraines, fatigue fibromyalgia, parasites, ADD ,autism. Craniosacral, Emotion , Nutritional, Energy Balancing.

Patricia Macca Peters [USA]
With these hemi sync workshops, using the patented Monroe Hemi-Sync sound process, you will be able to deepen meditative states, learn tools for self healing, express your creative potential and perceive energies beyond the physical.

Patrick Maier [USA]
Reconnective Healing practitioner.

Peace Inside [USA]
Remote healing by Don in Perth, Australia. Includes a newsletter, forums, and dream interpretation.

Peter Schramek [USA]
Long Distance Energy Healings by Peter Schramek. Promoting the health of your energy field.

Pooled Resources [USA]
Judith Poole provides alternative treatments such as Reiki, sound healing, qigong, energy psychology.

Possibilities DNA --Monterey Bay [USA]
Dart and Jean Voice Dart offer vibrational healing and DNA genetic reprogramming workshops.

Psychic Healing [USA]
Artur Peter Bartosik, medical doctor, NLP practitioner and spiritual healer, offers distant healing through his mailing list.

Psychic Healing [USA]
Elly Konan, psychic healer, reader and medical intuitive provides solutions for every problem, physical, mental or spiritual. Iam a professional healer and psychic reader, healings and readings are available by phone, and in person.

International holistic and metaphysical network of certified healers, lightworkers, body workers, intuitives.

Qilight [USA]
A website providing information on healing, qi-healing, self-healing, tai chi, qigong and massage.

Rainbow Aura Healing Arts [USA]
Rainbow Aura Healing Arts, Healing touch and Reiki master, personal counseling, Healing icons/paintings

Rainbow Gardens Center for Energetic Healing [USA]
Rainbow Gardens Center for Energetic Healing offers Reiki, Karuna Reiki(r), Earth Energy and Amanohuna healings and classes.

Reconnect Yourself [USA]
Pat Donworth offers Reconnection and Reconnective Healing in Miami, Florida, Connecticut and New York.

Reconnective Healing [USA]
Reconnective Healing re-establishes the link to the extradimensional source of health, evolution and psycho-spiritual growth.

Reiki and Seichim Masters of Australia [Australia]
Reiki and Seichim Healers of Australia. Reiki Attunements. Seichim Attunements. Distant healing. Free listing for Reiki and Seichim Healers in Brisbane and throughout Australia

Reiki Los Angeles [USA]
Reiki Los Angeles - Information about different kinds of treatments and tools of the Alternative Medicine and Holistic Therapy, which include: Reiki, Massage Therapy, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Numerology, Acupressure, Flower Therapy, Chromotherapy, Aromatherapy.

Remote Healer [USA]
Healing occurs on many levels. Your body mind and spirit all need healing and to do so they must all be nurished. I can assist in your finding your own healing deeper than you can alone. the combination of energies is the key.

Rev. Jane [USA]
Jane is a Certified Medium, Certified Teacher, Certified Healer, Reiki III Practitioner and a Certified Hypnotist. She will work with you on Past Life Regression, Stress Management, Weight Loss and/or Smoking Cessation.

Ritam Personal Grrowth Services [USA]
Ritam Personal Growth Services - a company dedicated to guiding and supporting you in your personal quest for a direct and intimate connection with your soul.

RN Health Help [USA]
Fe A. Murray describes therapies available and how they work. Class schedules. Huntington Beach and Beverly Hills, California.

Robert Augustus Masters [Canada]
Offers psychospiritual healing and awakening, personal growth services. Surrey, BC, Canada.

Robert Boyd Music [USA]
Robert Boyd Music - home of Self Expression Recordings, Applied Therapeutic Music, Relaxation Music and Biological Harmonics

Robert Moonsong - Spiritual Psychic Energy Healing Medium [USA]
Robert Moonsong Intuitive Spiritual Advisor, Energy Healing Medium & Metaphysician @ 1-877-NOW-HEAL EFT Emotional Healing, Intuitive Readings, DNA Activation & Clairvoyant Guidance Healing By Phone!

Roland Yakoubov [USA]
Yoga classes offered. Glendale, California.

Rolf Drevermann [Spain]
European healer based in Ibiza, Balear Islands.

Ron Tropman, Spiritual Healer [UK]
Welcome to my world of Healing & Hypnotheapy,Do you suffer from Stress, Do you have Panic attacks, Do you lack Confidence,Do you have a Phobia,Are you afraid of Spiders,Are you nervous about Exams,Passing your Driving Test, Would you like to give up Smoking.

Runa Rosvind [USA]
Runa Rosvind - healing, reikki, rebirthing, body language and more

Ryan N. Harrison [USA]
Offers reiki and EFT therapy.

Sacred Inner Journey [USA]
Sacred Inner Journey is a step in your life path towards nurturing your soul and living to your fullest.

Sanctuary for Spiritual Empowerment [USA]
Kathleen Mikusko offers channeled ascended masters healing, Kwan Yin channeling, chakra balancing, crystal healing, Pleiadian lightwork technologies.

SHEN Physio-Emotional Release Therapy [USA]
Ayleyaell Kinder practices this transformational hands-on healing modality which gently lifts old physical and emotional pain to the surface and releases it.

SHEN Therapy [USA]
Judy Booker offers physio-emotional release therapy hands on healing.

Shinin Hearts [USA]
Jennifer Spears practices Shinin Hearts and Kundalini Reiki distance healing.

Simply Love [USA]
Rae Chapple,Reiki Master, Crystal Workshops, Energy Work, Channel for Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael, The Great One, Entities from the Great Central Sun.

Sinclair Perspective [USA]
The Sinclair Perspective, Mind-Body Healing and Mind-Body Golf represents the joint practice of Don and Bobbie Sinclair.

Soul Awareness [USA]
I'm Darlene Davidson. I'd like to introduce you to the world of Soul Memory Discovery, the transformational tool that can change your life in phenomenal ways.

Soul Connection International [USA]
SOUL CONNECTION offers spiritually transforming events, producing powerful experiences to create a path-illuminating umbrella of light for discovering the soul's truth and destiny

Soul Purpose [USA]
Soul Purpose is dedicated to helping you identify and manifest your Life Purpose in partnership with your soul.

Soul Wisdom Energy Transformation [USA]
Fabulous testimonials intrigued me to see the video clips on this site. Then, Carol worked on my depression, here in Vermont and it's been powerful. Remote work! Now Carol is teaching me online how to work on myself. Category: Energy healing

Soul's Journey [USA]
Brenda Marie Asterino, energy practitioner.

SoulStar Healing Arts [USA]
SoulStar Healing Arts with Deborah Shields offers ancient tools and modern science to help those who seek a more energy and serenity in life.

SoulWork - Multidimensional Soul Transformation [USA]
We offer a new advanced healing approach, greater understandings and different perspectives on the soul, spirituality, transformation, guidance, entity attachments, resolving life challenges.

Sound Energy Healing [USA]
Experience the frequencies of Sound healing restores vibratory harmony throughout the body

Southwood Healing Institute [USA]
Your source for physical healing, emotional healing, spiritual healing - healing of body, mind, and spirit - increasing your awareness - through the use of healing energy and unconditional love.

Spirit Alive [USA]
Spiritual counseling and energy management training by Victoria Post in San Francisco, California.

SpiritCoach [USA]
SpiritCoach provides 3 support methods: Breakthrough Bodywork, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and coaching, an ongoing support system.

SpiritHeal Institute [USA]
Sarah Weiss offers intuitive counseling and instruction in Newbury (Cleveland) Ohio.

SpiritScan [USA]
SpiritScanoffers intuitive consultations and spiritual healings, as well asspirit releasement services. Services can be performed locally, remotely, or by telephone.

Spiritual Awakening Network [USA]
Home of the Spiritual Awakening Network. Many Workshops

Spiritual Energy Healing [USA]
Offering spiritual healing, energy and guidance to support positive transformation in all areas of your life

Spiritual Life Coach and Healer [USA]
Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Work, Healing, Center,Mediation

Star Work [USA]
Energy circle provides light energy support. Workshops available. Catherine Karas, organizer.

Steve's Healing Touch [USA]
holistic healing touch clinics and training levels 1 to 3 licensed nursing practice by Retired Navy Commander Certified in Holistic Practice

Sufi Healing Traditions [USA]
We are a collective of 'Natural Healers' of the Prophetic Sufi Traditions providing free spiritual counseling, free energy healing and free consultation on Natural Healing Remedies for nutrition, diet, mental health and well-being.

Sunan Society of Dallas [USA]
Unconditional loveis the key to healing resolution, with help from our Creator, our angels or spiritguides and the Sunan method. Welcome to the home page of the Sunan Society.

Susan Grey [USA]
A naturally gifted healer, Susan Grey is an intuitive and empath, channeling spiritual distance healing to people, animals, and places. General healing, past life healing, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual. Flower essence energetic bouquets.

Swan Center for Healing [USA]
offers Healing Touch classes, healing services, massage, reflexology, meditation.

Sweet Mother Loves Healing Arts [USA]
SWEET MOTHER LOVES Healing Arts is focused around the nurturing and creative energy of the Divine Mother, one of the seven divine aspects that make up the consciousness and energy of the Vortex.

Sweet Serenity [USA]
Kristin Leigh is a theta healer/DNA/core belief reprogrammer, instructor, spiritual counselor, distant healer, angelic channeler, and medical intuitive.

Synergetic Healing [USA]
Stina Pope teaches tools for creating emotional safety, healing of memory, pain cessation and dealing with religious and other trauma.

Tao Energywork [USA]
Powerful Energy Initiation Seminars for improved Health, Well-being, Growth and Rejuvenation. These energies will help you to create more harmony, calmness and unity in your system and in your daily life.

Telephone Healing by Hannah [USA]
Professional Nurse Midwife / Medical Intuitive / Energetic Healer / Angel and Spirit Guide Communicator / Soul Retriever / Soul Reweaver / Counselor on any issue

The Clear Spaces Group [USA]
Marjy Ersbak offers energy balancing and space clearing services. Category: Energy healing

The Emissary [USA]
Cheryl Glover offers channeled healing and classes in Red Bank, New Jersey.

The Essence of Self-Healing [USA]
The Essence of Self-Healing: How to bring health and happiness into your life is unique in its simplicity and clarity. Written with warmth, charm and profound insights, it delivers an invigorating and empowering understanding of the links between you.

The Healer's Path [USA]
Helen Lee, spiritual healer, is based in New York City.

The Healing Clinic [USA]
The Healing Clinic is Live on-line healing with spiritual healer Christian John.

The Healing Voyage [USA]
The Healing Voyage: A website about healing and complementary healing alternatives to Western Traditional Medicine

The Healing Zone [UAE]
Anne offers Aura-Soma, nutrition, Bach flowers, ear candling and energy healing services in Dubai, UAE.

The Horstmann Technique [Australia]
Energy-release body work technique developed by Trish Trowbridge. Office in Gaythorne, QLD.

The Light Expansion Center [USA]
Channelings for the New Millennium

The Man with the Golden Healing Hands [USA]
With Kurt's golden hands and God's Divine Blessing, pain disappears within a mater of minutes, and bodies become healthy again.

The New Knowledge [USA]
alternative medicine method heals difficult health problems including meniere's disease, herniated discs and retinopathy

The Ostis Method of Intuitive Healing [USA]
Intuitive Healing with Anne Alyse Ostis is a powerful way to release pain and discover joy.

The Pilgrimage [USA]
Not-for-profit healing ministry.

The Spirit Doctor [Australia]
Daniel Houtman provides distance healing to people around the world. Cullen Bay, Darwin, NT, Australia.

Tibetan Bowl Vibrational Sound Healing [USA]
Diane Mandle practices sound healing with Tibetan bowls in Encinitas, California.

Tim Collins, Medical Intuitive [USA]
Intuition and Insights into Health and Wellness that Transcend the Conventional

Timeless Transformations [USA]
Elan Jagger, medical intuitive and kinesiologist, offers alternative methods of healing physical and emotional traumas.

Transformational Prayer [USA]
Ammaji heals discordant energies and brings you in contact with your inner knowing and divine purpose.

Transformative Healing Services [USA]
Healing Sessions utilizing a wide variety of alternative and intuitive techniques including Reflexology, Pattern Retracing for fibromyalgia and chronic pain from old injuries, Inner Child Recovery, Cellular Release, Transformative Sound, Sacred Ceremony,

Travel to Joao de Deus at the Casa de Dom Inacio [USA]
Joao de Deus, John of God, Traveling to the Casa de Dom Inacio Without a Guide

Two Horse Ranch [USA]
Mary and Mike offer workshops in energy and healing for humans and horses.

Ultimate U [USA]
My goal is to facilitate each individual's self-empowerment and journey towards wholeness. We do this through education, love and encouraging the unfolding of balance and healing of the Body, Mind, Emotions, Spirit, and Soul for the Highest Good

Unio Mystica Healing Center [USA]
Often physical disease forces us onto a spiritual path to enlightenment. We use metaphysical healing, advanced spiritual technologies, Akashic Record clearing and restructuring, Ascended Masters and other enlightened beings to accelerate your physical health.

Universal Healing [USA]
This site has been set up to assist people seeking distant healing by a Certified HPAI Registered Spiritual Healer.

Universal Healing Systems [USA]
Founder Karen L. Scheel. Educational workshops in cross-cultural Shamanism, Energy Medicine, Meditation and Stress Management. Location - 20 minutes west of Philadelphia, PA.

Vibrational Healing [USA]
Everything about vibrational medicine, Joy Gardner workshops in Hawaii and Ohio; ph 1-800-619-6199. Learn about energy healing, chakras, crystals, sound healing, toning, aromatherapy, past life regressions and underlying cause of diseases.

Victoria Pendragon [USA]
Victoria Pendragon is an Interfaith Minister Specializing in Healing, Spiritual Transformation and Instruction in the Intuitive Arts and Sciences.

Wanda Pratnicka [USA]
Wanda Pratnicka is a world-famous lay exorcist and psychotherapist. She has helped many thousands of patients.

White Light Radionics [USA]
This web site is about White Light Radionics

White Lotus [USA]
Energy - Information Research into the problem situations in your life and help with their decision.

White Raven Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Counseling [USA]
Personal healing and empowerment through intuitive readings, spiritual counseling, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, and subtle vibrational therapy performed by White Raven.

Whole Body Wellness [USA]
Practising kinesiology, reiki, intuitive healing, and clearing emotional blockages.

Whole Person Healing [USA]
Ellen Davis practices energy transmission/awareness in Culver City, California.

Within Wellness [USA]
Classes, Services, and Products focused on personal and spirital development. Wellness Starts Within... Readings, Energy Work, Meditation, Intuitive Development.

Wizard of Eyez [USA]
Dr. Glen Swartwout's healing-tour for your Body, Mind & Soul through Remission Foundation's Biofield Analysis process, Naka-Ima workshops and natural solutions for personal and environmental health from Starfire International

Wolf Creek Arts [USA]
Energy Healing Modalities, Pleiadian, energy work, Meditation, Reiki, Ki Fingers, Past Life Regression, and Native American Medicine Wheel. Note Cards, Graphic Arts, Fine Arts, and Photography too.

World Wide Telephone Treatment Technology [USA]
Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is quickly becoming the treatment of choice for almost all psychological problems including anxiety, anger, addiction, trauma, depression, and phobias.

Your Healing Hands [USA]
Renowned energy healer does distant healing for pain relief and illness, balances auras and chakras with the Laying on of Hands

Your Healing Insights [USA]
Your Healing Insights provides a medical intuitive approach to your health. Services include Medical Intuition, Reiki, Healing Touch

Zakya Maqta Foundation Empire [USA]
IMPERIUM ZAKYA MAQTA FOUNDATION, Pusat Penellitian, Pengembangan dan Pemanfaatan Energi Hiper Metafisik (center for researches, development and utilization of Hyper Metaphysical Energy)

Zell ( Llewellyn) Hawkins [USA]
Massage therapist and massage instructor.

Zenith Experience [USA]
ZENITH has been poetically described as the "Language of Light".A healing experience

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