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A Healing Place [USA]
Intuitive energetic spiritual healing techniques for in-person and distant healing clients; Chaldean Astrology chart readings and much more.

A Time to Heal [USA]
Diane Radha Sivani is a Master Alchemical Spiritual Healer - Reiki Distance Healing, Teacher, Relaxation CD.

A Touch of Reiki [USA]
Ida Shultz offers healing sessions and classes in Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy. Agawam, Massachusetts.

Absent Energy Healing [USA]
In absent and distant healing, pure universal healing energy (prana) is telepathically transmitted by the spiritual healer or channel to the person requiring healing, so they need not be in the room or even in the same country as the healer.

Access Life [USA]
A synergistic blend of spiritual counseling, several different techniques of energy work, medical-intuitive interventions, Access energy transformation, channeled forms of therapeutic interventions, cranio-sacral therapy, and hypnotherapy.

Advanced Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT) [USA]
The Advanced Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT) consistently provides up to 100% relief from symptoms related to chronic degenerative disorders.

Alan Early [USA]
Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a system for clearing blockages in the subconscious mind by using advanced dowsing techniques utilizing a pendulum

Alchemy [USA]
Gentle and relaxing healing with Alchemy

Allergy Antidotes. [USA]
Allergy Antidotes is Sandi Radomski's therapeutic system of identifying and treating allergic reactions due to substance sensitivities. Sandi is a psychotherapist and naturopath doctor who practices therapy in suburban Philadelphia.

Alternate Therapies [Australia]
Annie O'Grady, self-transformation practitioner and teacher specializing in soul-oriented healing. Milang, South Australia.

Alternative Medicine Ancient and Modern [Egypt]
Homoeopathy and other systems were well known in ancient Egypt. Dawoud Khalil Messiha practices in Egypt.

American Association of Healers [USA]
The American Association of Healers will help you quickly get in touch with Healers, Reiki, , Metaphysical & Holistic suppliers throughout the USA.

Anahata Spiritual Retreat Centre [USA]
A centre of excellence for Personal Growth and Vibrational Energy Training - offering training and private consultations

Angel Paths Huggy Healing [USA]
Forum offers online healing and support. Maintained by Jan Shepherd and Liam Wickham.

Angel Road Healing Centre [USA]
Angel Road Healing Centre, Holistic Counselling, Reiki Healings & Attunements, Tarot Readings, Angel Intuitive Readings, Past Life Healing, Meditation & Psychic Development Classes. [UK]
An absent healing service provided by a group of healers in Northern Scotland who have experience in working with angels to facilitate healing.

Angels Gateway [USA]
Angels Gateway psychic readings, angelic readings esoteric counseling, psychic healing sprit chakra tarot workshop.

Angie Arkin [USA]
Intuitive healer, psychic reader offers private readings, phone consultations, workshops. Key West, Florida.

Another Miracle Today [USA]
Peggy R. Gaylord offers alternative healing strategies and holistic counseling for body, mind, and spirit. Binghamton, New York.

Anu View [USA]
Are you in emotional or psychological pain? Anu-View can help. We offer astrological readings and spiritual healing for all spiritual, emotional and physical ailments. Visit our website to learn more.

Archangel Michael Healings [USA]
Offering spiritual counselling by phone from Sedona, Arizona.

Arms Wide Open Energy Healing [USA]
April offers touch, deep relaxation, and vibrational energy healing. Raleigh, North Carolina.

Arsenijevic Institute of Consciousness Development [USA]
An innovative system for creating a synergistic alliance between an individual's consciousness development and their happiness, freedom,health and well-being.

Association of Spiritual Healers of Alberta [Canada]
Spiritual healing and laying on of hands.

Astro Medical Remedies [India]
Ranjan Mitra offers gem therapy based on astrological charts. Category: Energy healing

Aumara Light and Healing Circle [USA]
Embark on a spiritual journey with distant healing for increased health, well-being and spiritual awareness. Join us in Global Healing and Global Meditation, visit our Inspiration Gallery and much more.

Aurora Center for the Healing Arts [USA]
Aurora Center for The Healing Arts: A center for physical, emotional and spiritual healing, and personal empowerment. Come and experience peace of mind. Break old habits, build intimate relationships, release pain & tension, feel spirit moving in your life.

Awakening-Healing and Counseling [USA]
Divine tune-up by phone from Keth Luke, Jan Carter and DrLight. New Port Richey, Florida, and Maui, Hawaii.

Barbara Spargo [USA]
Long-distance transformational healing for the body, mind, and spirit. Discover the cause of and heal chronic and acute diseases, past trauma and pain.

Beija-Flor Tours of Brazil [USA]
Beija-Flor Tours of Brasil - Please visit us for an informative experience of a sacred tradition. Small group tours to the north Brazillian rainforests. Very affordable & very expansive.

Beth Doyle [USA]
Upper Circle Inc a counseling office specializing in sexual abuse therapy, stress management, energy therapy, readjustment counselig for veterans, and wellness practices by Beth Doyle.

Beyond Beliefs [USA]
Beyond Beliefs - Experience a New Reality for Transformation

Bio-Energy System Services [USA]
Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, Ph.D., energy healers, medical intuitives and authors. Distant healing and balancing for people and pets. Specialize in relieving asthma condition, heart, prostate gland, women's reproductive organs and bladder problems.

Bioenergy Balancing Center East Bay [USA]
Bioenergy Balancing - Integrated Healing for the Body, Mind & Spirit

Blooming Energies [USA]
Maria Mitchell offers energy balancing and other therapies in Sydney.

Body and Soul Harmony [Canada]
Marie-Paule Brumm operates a retreat centre and healing practice in Katrine (Muskoka), ON, Canada.

Body Axis [USA]
Deirdre Layne, clairvoyant practitioner of energy healing. West Los Angeles, California.

Body, Mind and SoulHealer [USA]
An alternative health approach, by combining medical intuition, clairvoyant readings, mind/body medicine, nutritional supplements and vibrational healing.

Bodydreams [USA]
Lana Maree teaches Body Awareness, Khundalini Yoga classes, Healing Through Movement, Personal Life Skills Coaching, Life Skills Workshops, Addictions Counselling as well as Motivational Presentations

Brent Atwater [USA]
Medical intuitive, healer. Atlanta, Georgia.

Brighinda [Belgium]
Offers healing sessions with light, plantessence, reflexology, and sound. Multilingual site based in Bruges, Belgium.

Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing [USA]
Free information on the chakras and healing, The Body Mirror System of Healing (BodyMind Interface through the Chakras) and A Vision Workshop (Using your mind to clear your eyesight).

Brooke Becker [USA]
brooke becker, multi-dimensional therapy, massage, cranial-sacral, medical qigong healer, medical intuitive, empath, journey to the heart, pattern release

Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends [Germany]
The Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends. One of the largest associations for spiritual healing in the world. Spiritual healing through the teachings of Bruno Gröning - medically verifiable.

Bryan Farnum [Canada]
Spiritual healer and medical intuitive based in Richmond Hill, ON, Canada.

Caring Center International [USA]
No-cost, complementary care centers run and staffed by volunteers throughout the U.S.

Celebrating Life [USA]
Ron Roth, Ph.d; Spiritual Teacher, Mystic, Author and Uniquely Gifted Healer who uses Prayer for Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit

Center for Bioenergetic Wellness [USA]
Free distant healing using NAET. Covers a broad range of conditions not usually associated with allergies.

Center for Energy Medicine [USA]
Carrie Bodane, LMBT, NCTMB, Raleigh, NC. Offering Reiki, BodyTalk, CranioSacral, Body/Mind, medical intuition, guided imagery. Courses in Reiki, intuition, distance healing and intuitive counseling.

Center for Healing and Training [USA]
hypnosis, offering hypnotherapy training, stop smoking hypnosis and weight loss hypnosis online and in office.

Center for Higher Healing [USA]
The Center for Higher Healing offers Integrated Energy Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Massage and Life Coaching. Workshops, IET Certification and Private Treatments are all available. Coming soon: Raymon Grace as special presenter.

Center for Inner Knowing [USA]
Alternative health facility offers counseling, sound and vibrational therapy, Native American chant. Atlanta, Georgia.

Center for Spiritual Wellness [USA]
Antonia V. Brasted offers Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) sessions and classes in Henderson, Nevada.

Center for Spritual Healing and Awareness [USA]
Lisa M. Gawlas offers energy (psychic) readings, hypnotherapy, reiki, remote (distance) healings in Vermont.

Centro de Terapias Integral (C.T.I.) [Spain]
Energy healing and courses in Reiki, magnetic-mental-spiritual, cosmic energy, spiritual healing, flower essences.

Chakra Healing [USA]
Bryan Bertsch is a spiritual healer and meditation instructor who focuses on the chakra energetic system based in Minnesota.

Chakra Release Therapy and Melchizedek Method [USA]
Marilynn Block practices spiritual healing in Portland [USA]
Jaculin and Patrick Dorman offer a chakra therapy system and energy workshops.

Chinese Energetic Medicine with Larry Kiser [USA]
Distant healing through principles of quantum healing. Based in Penn Valley, California.

Choice Health Services [USA]
Alternative, educational information, products and services on holistic health, energy work and metaphysical tools.

Christa Resources [USA]
Adriene Wentworth, spiritual healer, teacher and creator of the Christa Healing method

Christopher Stewart, Medical Intuitive [USA]
Clairvoyant insight from a metta perspective. Relationship and emotional healing.

Chronic Reversed Polarity [USA]
Chronic reversed polarity - description and treatment. Find out if you have it.

Circle of Life [Canada]
Sharon Lennox practices healing touch in Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada.

Circle of Life [USA]
Mind/body healing, health and wellness process for support groups and individual coaching offered by the Health Action Group, Santa Barbara, California.

Coherent Healing [USA]
Medical Intuitive and psychic healer with over 15 years of worldwide experience in distance healing and pain reduction over the phone. pain, healing, guaritore.

Collective Light [USA]
Collective Light is an alternative healing practice using several modalities in Boulder, Colorado

Connecticut Center for Universal Reflexology [USA]
Christine Jensen offers training and treatment in reflexology. Wolcott, Connecticut.

Cosme Castanieto [USA]
Cosara Cosme is Cosme Castanieto - sierra foothills renowned alternative healer, spiritual leader and mediator of God's love, bringing higher light and vibration to help people change their lives.

CosmoVita [Canada]
We treat, consult and teach in Penticton, Canada, and internationally in many different fields of natural and spiritual healing. Our president Margret von Westphalen is a european registered and licensed Spirtitual Healer and Medium

Counselling-Therapy and Psychological Care [USA]
Holistic therapeutical combination at the Costa Blanca, SP. For Soul -Spirit: Counselling, Psychotherapy, Spiritual Care. For Body: Sun, Ocean, Mountains, Clean Air. Here you can talk about your crisis, depressions, decisions.

Creative Healing [USA]
Creative Healing Services, Ebook Reseller, Entrepreneurial Resources. Learn from people like Keith Varnum in Open the 7 Seals of Prosperity workshop.

Creator of Integrated Etheric Healer -her work [USA]
Julé, developer of Integrated Etheric Healing, offers sessions, workshops. Melville, New York.

Crystal Research [Australia]
Mark Kenny practices Amplified Field Therapy crystal healing in Sydney, NSW.

Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga [USA]
Ashram for Self realization and God realization through the scientific method of Kriya Yoga and the power of Divine Love - follow and apply the teachings of love by Jesus Christ, develop Divine Love, learn online about Kriya Yoga and God Yoga

Dallas Society for Bioenergetic Analysis [USA]
Training psychotherapists in a mind/body approach to psychotherapy: examining personality in terms of the body and its energetic processes.

Dana Catalano [USA]
Intuitive energy healer and reiki master based in New York City.

Dancing Moon Beam [USA]
Rhonda offers spiritual intutive readings, reiki classes. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Deena Douglas [USA]
Energy Coaching helps you recognize and remove blockages from the energy system (chakras, meridians, etc.) so you can experience joy, empowerment, and are able to create the life you desire.

Deep Emotional Release Bodywork [USA]
James Hyman's Deep Emotional Release Bodywork clears negative emotional patterns and blocked energy from the subconscious mind and the body. Effective body/mind treatment for stress, anger, and depression, and creates breakthrough to new levels of spirituality.

Dennis Adams Seminars [USA]
world-renowned healer, spiritual teacher, and western Master offers guidance for personal growth, self mastery, and alternative healing

Dennis Knicely [USA]
Nutrition and healing specialist, based in Malibu.

Donna Seymour [Canada]
Energy healing using aura balancing, chakra alignment, visualization, meditation and relaxation. Information on healing and psychic arts.

Dr. Bell Body and Brain [USA]
Pamela J. Bell practices Bioenergetic Analysis, a type of body psychotherapy.

Dr. Sipan [Croatia]
Natural therapy healer using healing touch.

DS Alternative Choices [USA]
Health Kinesiology information. Muscle checking and energy balancing for better health and well being. Information on a healthy lifestyle.

Earth Release [USA]
We clear energetic blockages for real estate properties and businesses. We are partners with our clients and are happy to assist you in reaching your goals.

Earth Spirit Healing Centre [Australia]
Carmel Ann Standen offers reiki, Australian bush flower essences, angel card readings.

Earth's Energy Healing Us [USA]
Healing though the natural energy of the earth.

Edward Norman Harris [New Zealand]
Offers Harmonic Translation System, vibrational medicine, energy medicine, homeopathic medicine, emotional freedom techniques (EFT).

ElfinMajik [USA]
Inner child healing, spiritual warrior support.

EMF Energy Balancing [USA]
Energy balancing sessions and classes available in Gobean, Arizona.

Emma Bragdon [USA]
Emma Bragdon, Avatar Master and Guide to Casa de Dom Inacio

Energetic Arts [USA]
Reiki, Karuna Reiki, the EMF Balancing Technique, tachyon energy and other energy systems discussed in depth. What are they? What are their benefits? How do you learn them? Who can use them?

Energy and Power Therapy [USA]
Gloria Arenson offers power therapies, EMDR and meridian therapy. Professional training available in Meridian Therapy, Metaphorical Healing.

Energy Healing [USA]
Energy Healing can reduce your stress, restore your vitality, and renew your good health and spiritual happiness.

Energy Healing - Energy Psychology [USA]
Phyllis Winslow offers body-centered therapy, training program in hands-on healing and energy therapies.

Energy Health Centre [USA]
Sue Roebuck offers healing services

Energy Medicine [USA]
Wayne Dyer, Chopra, manifesting, intention, power of intention, self realization, Dr. Eric Pearl, The Reconnection, DNA activation, healing, psychic healing, Gangaji, Tolle, intuitive healing.

Energy Now [Australia]
Rosalie Savage offers energetic healing in Mona Vale, NSW, Australia.

Energy Transformations [USA]
Aleta St. James, healer, offers the Energy Transformation System on audiotape, seminars. New York, NY.

Erika Waak [USA]
Polarity therapist performs a system of gentle hands-on energy balancing to facilitate health and relaxation. Washington, DC.

Essential Conscious Living [USA]
Katrina Pitman is an Intuitive Counselor, helping her clients to live their full potential. Sign up for an healing session with Katrina, learn about tools for healing, join our monthly newsletter...

Essential Pathways [USA]
Guided imagery and clearings by Dr. Rick Moss in Carmel Valley, California.

Etheric Healing [USA]
Consultations, multi-dimentional integration healing, lightbody healing.

Etheric Pulse Therapy (EPT) [USA]
New energy modality for support, expansion and balance of physical/auric rhythms necessary for optimal health

Evergreen Healing Arts Center [USA]
Energy-Based Healing For Holistic Health and Wellness, including RoHun, Reiki, Healing Touch, Reflective Healing and Others [USA]
Introducing energy-based holistic treatment approaches to psychological health, with a self-help guide.

Flowing Stillness [USA]
Welcome to Flowing Stillness - Transformational Energy Work... creating space where change can occur.

Free Healing [USA]
Free spiritual (absent) healing.

FreeFlow Energy Healing [USA]
Susan Hansen offers holistic healing and counseling, EFT, Reiki, Intentional Kinesiology, remote reading.

Frequencies of Brilliance [Netherlands]
Mary Johnson offers multi-dimensional energetic body work. Soul opening, aligning and integrating.

Friends of the Casa de Dom Inácio [Brazil]
The Casa de Dom Inacio is a spiritual healing centre in Abadiania central Brazil. Here for over 20 years, Joao Teixeira de Faria, a gifted and powerful medium known as Joao de Deus has helped countless people achieve apparently miraculous healings.

Futurehealth [USA]
Spiritual healing is an ancient powerful form of healing technique. Although healing has been used for thousands of years...

Gemini Awakening [USA]
Adventure travel and sacred journeys on Big Island, Hawaii. Tandem Bodywork and massage, life path consultations and workshops for personal transformation, relaxation and renewal.

Gene Egidio - International Healer [USA]
Gene Egidio will transfer the Healing Energy to you individually. While you are in a relaxed state, the Energy will work on whatever level you need. Gene does Hands On healings, Photo healings, Phone healings and Pet Healings.

Goddess Creations [USA]
Mimi Lam promotes healing through color therapy and meditation. Workshops available. Based in River Edge, New Jersey.

Goddess Design [USA]
Founder of Goddess Design, Jocelyne Lebowitz is a healer, educator and lecturer in the North East U.S. She is a licensed Nurse Practitioner with a private healing practice. She works with clients in person and by distance.

Healers Forum [USA]
Group of healing professionals offer Hellinger Family Constellations, mind-body education, chiropractic, bodywork, hands on healing, and trauma recovery.

Healing Aura Polarity and Massage Therapy [USA]
Teresa Dupré offers energetic balancing, polarity and massage therapy in Denville, New Jersey.

Healing Connections Energy Medicine [USA]
Healing Connection Enery Medicine offers holistic bodywork that clears, charges and repairs the human energy system to create conditions within the body that support optimum health and wellness. This work supports personal growth, physical and emotional health.

Healing Connections Holistic Wellness Solutions [USA]
William Stone offers a variety of therapeutic strategies.

Healing Energy [Australia]
Energy Healing & Balancing. Energetic healing is a natural alternative healing option to western medicine for those who prefer to take a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Healing for the Soul [USA]
Healing for the Soul is a site for those who want true healing in their lives.

Healing Holograms [USA]
Energy Healing Sessions and Spiritual Initiations offered by Reiki Master Bill Austin

Healing Passage [USA]
Healing Passage is an alternative medicine and spirituality site describing services offered by Tracy Latz, M.D. in Mooresville, North Carolina incorporating channeling, color and sound healing, past life regressions, Inner Sanctuary training.

Healing Power Therapies [USA]
sports fitness and psychological health through spiritual healing and power therapies, holistic,crystal, and alternative medicine with light therapy, hypnotherapy and bio resonance.

Healing Rays [South Africa]
Long distance and personal energy healing offered in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Healing Through the Action of Seimei [Japan]
Healing modality developed by Hiraki in Japan called Seimei no Sayo.

Healing Touch Alaska [USA]
Healing Touch is an energy based approach to health and healing which complements conventional health care and is used in collaboration with other approaches to health and healing.

Healing Touch Hawaii [USA]
Healing Touch Hawaii is an organization of practitioners that provide hands-on, energy-based healing techniques for the body, mind & spirit.

Healing with Divine Energy [USA]
Hands-on and distance healing offered by Robert Martin of Tucson, Arizona.

Healing with Touch [USA]
Caroline Eggert offers spiritual healing with touch, psychodynamic body and energy work, craniosacral therapy.

Healing Your Heart [USA]
Healing Your Heart

HealthTap [USA]
Alternative health products and services to help resolve both physical and emotional problems. These unique tools often work when nothing else will.

Heart Living: Leading from the Heart [USA]
Heart Living is Cynthia Bischoff's Leading from the Heart Center for personal and professional growth, offering both indivudual and group work opportunities

Heart of Healing [USA]
Mary Maddux, energy healer and teacher based in Sonoma.

HeartLight [USA]
Counselling and Healing Services.

Heartsource Healing [USA]
Nancy Elizabeth Brady offers emotional and physical healing through transforming beliefs and resolving repressed emotions. Workshops available. San Clemente, California.

Heaven on Earth [USA]
brooke becker, multi-dimensional therapy, massage, cranial-sacral, medical qigong healer, medical intuitive, empath, journey to the heart.

Heidi DuPree [USA]
Holistic nurse-healer offers craniosacral therapy, energy healing, acupressure, and reflexology.

Holding Space for Healing [USA]
Pastel and Makani offer healing sessions and services, ascension articles.

Holistic Health Sanctuary [USA]
Holistic health clinic specialising in alternative health through spiritual healing, bowen therapy, kinesiology, metaphysical counselling, and meditation. Fill in our request form for absent or distant spiritual healing.

Holistic Intuition [USA]
Holistic intuitive readings with Maia Kincaid. Communication with pets.

Hygeia Center [USA]
Since 1994, Sue Kipperman has worked in the holistic field as an intuitive healer, empowerment coach, spiritual counselor and hypnotherapist. Sue left corporate America in 1993 to found The Hygeia Center located in Connecticut, Florida.

ICV International Center for Veratherapy [USA]
Georgina Johnson, Israel, holistic healing, grief therapy, grief counselling, charkras, energy, hypnotherapy, meditation, therapy, energy medicine, psychology, transpersonal hypnotherapy hypnosis and NLP. Spiritual healing, etheric body chakra opening.

Ijaz Clinic [USA]
Ijaz Haider, Shamaila,Free therapy, muslim, clinical psychology,psychiatry, Pakistan, Lahore, ijaz psychiatric institute, short courses in psychology,DPM,clinical psychology,free seminars, services provided are reiki, NLP, hypnosis, stress and suicide

Infinite Energy [Australia]
Judy Walford, auric healer practicing vibrational healing/energy medicine.

Inner Adventure Programs [New Zealand]
Global Society of Focussed Awareness Practitioners, headed by Colin and Marina Sisson. Books and Seminars available around the World on Conscious Relationships, Breath Integration and Achievement.

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