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Metabolic Diet - A book that teaches dieters how to first assess their own metabolism and then to choose a diet that fits their own body type. Includes a chat room, information about the author, and many interesting weight loss articles. - Offers products including liporopics, fat blockers and diet supplements to increase metabolism.

Michael Zen's Fitness Goals - Michael Zens fitness goals in Orange County, California offers weight loss programs, personal training, diets and group training.

Micro Diet - Weight control programs that include bars, shakes and dinner entrees as well as supplements.

Mighty Bones - Comic books which promote the prevention of osteoporosis through diet and exercise.

Mind Body and Soul - Offers astrology charts, books, tapes and diet programs.

Minnesota Powerlifting Association - Official website of the MPA, a powerlifting organization in Minnesota. Includes state records, membership information, news, event schedule, meet results, upcoming meet information and roster, and training and diet articles.

Mint Condition Personal Fitness - Personal trainers with experience in tailor-made diet and fitness programmes. Details of gym and fitness studio covering Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

Minute Diet - A diet that consists of changing eating patterns.

Miracletab - As seen on TV diet product.

Mizpe Hayamim - In beautiful Galilee offers health, diet and beauty treatments, and vegetarian and fish dishes, in a relaxing environment.

Monica Alongi - Competitor and model. Photos, agenda, training and diet, Q&A, links.

Monkey Zone - A resource for pet primate owners and those that want to learn about monkeys. Advice on training, diet, enrichments, legalality and available primate vets.

Moore's Fitness Centers - Full service health improvement facility with programs that incorporate an intricate balance of exercise, diet, behavior modification and education.

Muscle Rock Health and Fitness Club - Offers diets & training programs. Includes specials, location, faculties and events information. Professional training by Mr. Canada (Jason Mitchell) available upon request. Community Center - Offers tips and programs for training, diet programs and recipe collection.

My Diet Buddy - A database of people who wish to lose weight and join an online support group.

My Diet Pills Story - A women's experiences using diet pills.

My Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis, by Roger MacDougall - This is the story of his fight against Multiple Sclerosis, and the self induced remission based on a change in diet to gluten free, dairy free foods.

My Food Diary - An advanced diet journal with calorie counter, exercise log, and weight loss forum.

N.H. Nutrition - Provides expert advice on health, fitness, diet, nutrition and supplements.

Nancy's Cookbooks - Diet cookbook with low carbohydrate, high protein recipes.

National Heart Savers Association - Provides cholesterol, exercise, low fat eating, diet and heart health information.

Natural Acne Remedy - Provides remedies on acne treatment at home, with free tips, articles, and advice on diet plans and exercises.

Natural Dog Food - Information on feeding your dogs a natural diet of grains, vegetables, and cooked meat and eggs.

Natural Health Product, Inc - Growth hormone releasing oral spray.

Natural High - Brand name sports supplements from AST, and EAS. Books on weight lifting, diet, and nutrition available.

Natural Immune System Diet - Selection of dietary advice based on the immune system.

Natural Light Raw Foods - Information about a raw food diet including recipes, testimonials, supplies and news.

Natural Pet Food - Discussion of on the definition of "natural," and information on meat based diets for dogs and cats.

Natural Remedies for HIV AIDS - Gives recommended herbs, vitamins as well as the colonic irrigation and diets that will get you on the road to recovery, according to this alternative practitioner.

Nature's Plus - Natural nutritional and dietary products; vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, therapeutic nutrients, diet aids, sports drinks and beauty aids.

Nature's Recipe - Specialized diets to address the age, breed and health needs of dogs and cats.

Nature's Response - Herbal supplements and dietary products for sufferers of Hepatitis C, also offers free nutritional counseling, recommended diet and cookbook, and other related items.

Neobodies - A resource dealing with plastic surgery, diet, nutrition, exercise, alternative medicine. Includes interaction with patients before, during and after surgery.

Netfit - Extensive site offering exercise descriptions, training programs and diet information.

Neurosync Subliminal Messages Software - Subliminal messages and self hypnosis software motivates you to diet, stop smoking, or make any behavior modification while you work on your computer in other programs.

New Diet - Produtos naturais, bem estar, boa forma e saude.

New Dimensions Center - Program includes a low carb diet, counseling, support and newsletter.

New Image Weight Loss Center - Offers personalized diet and fitness plans with support, online calculators, articles and other resources.

New Millennium Nutrition - Nutrition and supplementation research by a Registered Nurse, covering diet, food groups, supplements and hormonal precursors.

Nidra Cavalier King Charles Spaniels - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder from New Zealand, specializing in tricolour Cavaliers. Information on the BARF diet.

Nikki Haskell's Starcaps Diet System - Features products to take off pounds naturally. Includes weight loss capsules, diet book, and diet chocolate candy bar.

No Diet Weight Loss - Offers a weight loss plan based on changing eating habits and eliminating certain foods.

No Salt, Lowest Sodium Cookbook - For heart patients and those with liver, kidney, and other chronic diseases requiring a no salt diet.

North Kingstown Animal Hospital - Full Service small animal clinic. Site features helpful links, staff and services, hours of operation, photo gallery, encyclopedia, and online store. Ask us about home delivery of prescription diets and medication.

Nothing Tastes As Good As Being In Control Feels - Daily trials and tribulations of one woman's journey from fat to thin.

Nova Veterinary Service - Companion animal clinic in Medina, OH. Hours, services, staff, directions, adoptions. Home delivery of prescription diets and medications available at

Ntra Diet - Provides an online diet weightloss program. Incorporates a psychological as well as a physical approach.

Nutra/Balance Products - Nutritional Supplements - Manufacturer of nutritional food products including supplements for a variety of medical needs and diets - thickeners, fortified juices and cookies.

Nutri-Bodies - Nutrition supplements and fitness equipment. Protein, creatine, diet, mass gainers, vitamins / minerals, herbals, and specialty items.

Nutri-click - A very precise diet analyzer, allows you to calculate the calories and nutriments that you eat every day comparing them to your needs.

NutriPlus - Eggs from poultry fed a special diet that increases the levels of organic selenium and Omega-3. Includes information on health benefits of selenium, egg knowledge and recipes, and company profile.

NutriStrategy - Offers diet and exercise software to help users meet their nutrition and fitness goals.

Nutrition Analyser - A diet tracking software in which you log your daily meals and then analyse their nutrient values against your set goals.

Nutrition Express - Offers sports nutrition and body building products, vitamins, herbs, diet products, whey protein, soy protein, bars, and creatine.

Nutrition Focus - Kimberly A. Tessmer, RD LD provides nutritional and diet consulting.

Nutrition Gallery - Specializes in sports and fitness, plus nutrition, weight loss, diet, meal replacement, and herbs.

Nutrition Research Lab - University of Guelph - This laboratory studies the nutrition of salmonid fish. This includes studies on dietary nutrient and energy requirements and diet ingredient digestability in trout and salmon.

Nutrition Support Services - Bill Coote an Australian dietitian offers the Becoming Healthy weight loss products as well as diet plans and personal nutrition advice. Includes dietary supplements, mealshakes, and snacks.

Nutrition Wizard - Creates personalized diets and nutritional programs to support weight training or exercise routine. Includes a nutritional data base of over 6000 foods.

Nutrition and Diet Services - Consultant dietitians who provide nutritional analysis for individual diets, recipes, and menus for cookbooks and restaurants. List of nutrition resources and price sheet for various services.

Nutrition and Dietetic Services - Naomi Tucker SRD MSc, offering nutrition and dietetic services in Jersey, Channel Islands. Confidential consultations regarding all aspects of diet and nutrition.

Nutrition and Learning Resource List - United States Department of Agriculture listing of publications pertaining to diet and education information.

Nutrition for a Living Planet - Guide to food, nutrition, diet and health. Includes naturopathic remedies, as well as a vegetarian and vegan FAQ.

Nutrition: Medicine of the Future - Examines and promotes use of diet and supplemental nutrients to prevent and treat disease.

Nutritional Therapy - Information on the treatment of ailments, illnesses, and medical disorders using diet and supplements to encourage the body's own natural defense mechanisms.

Nutritionist in London - Natalie Savona provides a tailor-made diet to meet personal nutrition needs.

Nutritious Food From Malaysia - Their are many diet foods, but how many are their with an international flavor? Here are some Malaysian foods such as chicken that are nutritious.

Obligate Carnivore - Discusses information relating to feeding dogs and cats a vegan diet. Contains reviews, excerpts and ordering details.

Oldways - Non-profit organization that promotes healthy eating based upon regional diet pyramids. Has list of food pyramids based on cultural eating patterns and programs for nutrition education.

Oma's Pride - Raw food diets for companion animals.

One Simple Truth - Water is the basic building block of life, and the key ingredient to optimum health. Manual with diet, nutrition, and health information.

Online Fitness Trainer - Offers online diet and fitness programs.

Only Natural, Online - Natural-multi-vitamins-minera ls, health and fitness,weight loss, diet and body building, anti-oxidants.

Optifast - A medical weight loss program using a liquid formula diet for obesity treatment.

Optimizing Health and Longevity - Harry Bekkar. Learn how to optimize health and reduce aging effects. Diet, exercise, DNA, and meditation are all factors in controlling stress to increase life longevity.

Oregon Veterinary Referral Associates PC - Internal medicine, soft tissue, orthopedic and neurosurgery for cats and dogs in Springfield, OR. Staff, services, facilities, contact information. Home delivery of prescription diets and medications available.

Over 40 and Loving It - Offers beauty, health, and diet tips for women over forty.

Oxford Vegetarians - Local voluntary group based in Oxford, England. Promoting the vegetarian/vegan diet by means of social events, publicity stalls at local fairs, and publication of the Oxford Vegetarian Guide. Past newsletter articles available online. - Helping women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Current news, research studies, diet buddy groups, low-carb resources and recipes, support groups.

PDK Labs, Inc. - Manufactures and distributes non-prescription pharmaceutical products,including caffeine products, pain relievers, decongestants, diet aids, vitamins, nutritional supplements and cosmetics. (Nasdaq: PDKL). - Software designed to benefit those managing the PKU (Phenylketonuria) diet.

PPI, Inc - Stacker 2, Diet Aids and Bodybuilding Supplements for a healthy lifestyle.

Paleolithic Diet Page - A page of annotated links to sites for the Paleolithic diet, also called a hunter/gatherer diet.

Paleolithic Eating Support Recipe Archives - Frequently asked questions-like archives of the PaleoFood mailing list. Lots of recipes. The Paleolithic Diet is appropriate for celiacs because it is grain-free.

Parrotcare - Articles on care, purchasing, cages, and diet. Also has information on breeding, incubation, and handfeeding.

Pasta Press - Sells low-fat pasta cookbooks, magazines and olive oils. Website has a few recipes, wine and diet information, and offers a free email pasta newsletter.

Paulson's Rabbit World - Information on environment, diet, health, miscellaneous, email, rabbit books and some photos.

Pawticularly Fine - Veterinarian formulated treats for the sensitive pet with specific diet and health issues. Boutique products include ID tags, collars, clothing, perfumes and gifts.

Pellagra - A discussion on niacin and how its absorbed, deficiencies, diet recommendations, food sources and toxicity.

Performance Diet - Offering weight loss and fitness programs as well as dieting software.

Personal Chef - Catering service specializing in specialty diets and gourmet foods. Weight loss, vegetarian, cardiac and diabetes menus available.

Personal Chef & Catering Services - Special diets with recipes for any occasion. Serving the Central Coast from Santa Barbara to Paso Robles.

Personal Diet Plus - Customized weight loss plans sent via email.

Personal Diets - Offers a custom diet by a registered dietitian.

Personal Trainers New York City - New York City network of independent Certified personal trainers. One-on-one customized programs: diet, nutrition, fat loss, aerobic conditioning, toning, bodybuilding, stretching and injury rehab. In home or gym.

Perth Diet Clinic - Consultant dietitians and counsellors plus a wealth of information on diet and nutrition including recipes and tips to assist you with healthy eating. - Consumer guide offers information for the different types of the prescription diet pill.

Phenylpropanolamine Legal Network - Referrals to attorneys handling diet drug injury cases.

Phil Kaplan - Offering fitness, diet and nutrition information, books, videos, and cassettes.

Philbo's Diet Blog - Includes daily food log, articles about diet and exercise.

Physician's Weight Management, LLC - Offers an overview of the diet program, FAQs, a profile of the doctory, and resource links.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - PCRM, an organization of 5,000 physicians headed by Neal Barnard, M.D., advocates the nutritional reasons for shifting toward a plant-based diet.

Pounds to Freedom - A weight loss center that offers effective diet solutions. Offers a variety of protein products. Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Prairie Harvest - Offers organic foods, bulk products, spices, diet foods, soy products, and gifts. Includes hours, directions and contact information.

Precision Muscle - Bodybuilding training, diet & nutrition, supplements, anabolics, injury and rehabilitation.

Preventive Nutrition - Lisa Stollman, Registered Dietitian provides online consultation, plus online diet analysis and links to other nutrition-related sites.

Primatestore - Store and information about monkeys diet, housing and fun stuff.

Progressive Dispensationalism and a Proper Biblical Diet - Progressive Dispensationalism considers modern Israel to be the work of man, and not of God.

Proper Diet - Nutrition counseling and consulting on wellness, sports nutrition, weight management and health issues. Office, phone or online services.

Psoriasis Can Be Cured - Dr. Robert Connolly details a treament plan for this skin disorder, based on diet and herbal supplements.

Purcell's Lifestyle Change - Information about diet and lifestyle change.

Questionnaire on Lactose Intolerance - Research questionnaire investigating the eating habits, difficulties, symptoms and diet of lactose-intolerant people ages 18 and over. Available in several languages. Also general information and internet links on the condition.

R. W. Noble, M.D. - Anti-aging treatment, including hormone analysis, bone mineral density, food allergy panel, diet instruction, and exercise instruction. Located in Texas.

Raw Basics - Basic ingredient of a natural raw meat and bone diet using all human-grade and organic ingredients.

Raw Feeding - Information on feeding raw diets to pets, for the layperson, veterinarians, breeders and universities.

Raw Food Books - Offering a variety of diet books. The internet's guide to a raw-food diet.

Raw Food Diet - Normalize weight and feel energized with a raw food diet.

Raw Food Vacations in Bali and India - Two week vacations in Bali, India and Live-in programs featuring 100% raw food diet and lifestyle, classes, yoga, culture, and relaxation time.

Rawesome - Information about a raw food diet. Includes a newsletter and a message board. - Browse or search SOAR; an archive of over 70,000 recipes collected from a variety of Usenet newsgroups and mailing lists. Includes a wide variety of ethnic foods, and many recipes for those on restricted diets such as diabetic or fat-free.

Recipes for Natural Health - Information for people on special diets due to allergies, intolerances or lifestyle choice.

Redrock Engineering Ltd. - Manufactures agricultural equipment including diet mixers, blockcutters, buckrakes, vacuum tankers, open top tankers, slurry pumps and trailers.

Reference Guide For Vitamins- Vitamin D - Guide with description of the vitamin including suggested dosage, necessity in diet, food sources, and substance interactions.

Remarkable Women, Inc. - Find diet products, programs, calculators and recipes.

Renal Recipes - A variety of pork, beef, chicken, lamb, fish, salad, and bread recipes for people on a renal diet.

Renegade Canaan Dogs - Profiles, photographs, FAQ, and articles on diet, nutrition, health, and the breed's pros and cons. Rhode Island.

Rhonda Gates - Speaking on topics including weight management, exercise, diet, medicines and food for a healthy lifestyle.

Rochester Area Vegetarian Society - Promoting the life-affirming aspects of a vegan diet, site features articles, recipes, a bookstore, and links.

Rocky Mountain Health and Nutrition Center - Video and book designed to assist in controlling diabetes with diet, as well as a weight loss control program.

Rosemarin & Roston, LLP - The Gastroenterology Associates of Westchester and The Diet and Nutrition Center of Westchester with specialization in Gastroenterology and Nutrition which includes: Colon Cancer Polyps Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other digestive diseases.

Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Clubs - Information about this chain of UK clubs offering support and help for you to lose weight and get fit.

Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Clubs - Provides details of clubs, class times and contact details for Essex region.

Roxanne's - Offers a living foods diet, ingredients are all natural and organic. Includes menus and food gallery.

SCD Web Library - Diet that eliminates specific carbohydrates which are trouble makers in people suffering from Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

San Antonio Dietetic Association - Organization of registered dietitians and diet technicians serving the area.

San Francisco Vegetarian Society - Non-profit, volunteer-run organization promotes a vegetarian diet in the Bay Area.

Sarah Ley - Diet, nutrition and lifestyle advice for individuals, groups, and organizations. Auckland, New Zealand.

Save On Supplements - Includes meal replacements, protein and power bars, energy and diet products.

Sciona Ltd. - Provide testing services in the area of diet and lifestyle using each individual's unique genetic profile to make recommendations.

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