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Green Mountain at Fox Run - Helping women find and maintain a healthy weight through education, consultation, fitness programs, diet, delicious healthy cuisine, structure and professional support. Located in Ludlow, Vermont.

Guaranteed Fat Loss - Creating custom diets for weight loss including information on prescription drugs and supplements.

GymBods - personal fitness trainers offering an online diet, fitness and nutrition service; including personalised diet plans, exercise plans and health, fitness and nutrition advice and information.

HRT Resource Centre - Information on the menopause, treatments, diet and lifestyle advice. Provided by a pharmaceutical company.

Hackard, Holt and Heller - Information relating to litigation over injuries caused by the diet drug, Fen-Phen.

Hall, Gina Marie - 1998 Team Universe Overall Champion. Includes diet tips, contest photos, recipes and portfolio.

Hallelujah Diet - Information about the Hallelujah Diet.

Hallelujah Diet and Barleygreen - Information about Barleygreen (Barley green), Herbal Fiberblend and the Hallelujah Diet. Online ordering.

Halo Foods - Manufacturer and designer of snack bars with a functional purpose such as diet, sports, or any form of nutritional enhancements.

Hammer Institute - Anti-aging practive of Eli Hammer, M.D. Hormone replacement and diet programs. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Health Globe Corp. - A pharmacy specializing in diet drugs, viagra and propecia.

Health Management Resources - Sells diet liquid supplements and entrees, food scales and other weight monitoring aids, and behavior modification-based weight loss programs.

Health Pro Plus - Offers nutritional consults, recipe analysis, diet analysis and nutrition newsletter.

Health Products Corporation - Manufacturer of vitamins, over the counter drugs, herbal formulations, stop smoking gum, diet and weight control, oral hygiene, skin and hair care.

Health and Beyond Online - Collection of natural health articles devoted to detoxification through diet and/or fasting.

Health and Diet News - Weight loss aids, dietary supplements and diabetic diets with the seal of approval for diabetes.

Health and Weight Loss Diet Zone - Weight Maintenance, BMI and exercise calculators. Articles on weight loss, diet, and health. Healthy recipes, products and a 7 day online diet.

Health of Men - All about men's health. Information on smoking, diet, exercise, sexual health, relationships, mental health and who to talk to and when.

Health through Nutrition - Offers diet analyses for over 100 nutrients with specific, personalized recommendations for making changes to achieve optimum health.

Health-Image - Diet programs and supplements.

HealthCrazed - Diet, nutrition, beauty and fitness products and health information.

HealthNET - Information on heart problems with a strong emphasis on prevention. Advice on diet and healthy living. Produced by the Coronary Prevention Group.

HealtheTech - Offers software to manage diet, nutrition and fitness on Palm OS device or Windows PC.

HealthierWays - KETO low carb diet products and other supplements - Offers recipes, health, diet, and nutritional information, and ebooks.

Healthrite: Medifast - Manufacturing, distribution and sales of Medifast, a medically supervised very-low-calorie diet, and Medifast Take Shape, an over-the-counter weight loss product.

Healthy Formulas - Sells healthy natural herbal supplements and Chinese herbs. Information available on a balanced high fiber diet and the digestive system. Online shopping available.

Healthy Life Bread - Low carb bread especially for individuals on a low carbohydrate diet. Available in 4 varieties.

Healthy Paws - Making complete raw food diets for dogs and cats, with feeding guidelines, nutrition articles and retail locations. Based in Ontario, Canada.

Healthy Solutions - Sales of the diet product Colvera that claims to help you lose weight while you sleep.

Healthy by Choice - An interactive personal education program to help the user achieve and maintain a balanced diet.

Heartsavers - In-depth discussion of topics such as diet, including supplements, exercise, smoking and stress to aid the prevention of coronary heart disease.

Heath Row's Media Diet - Weblog with reviews of zines, comics, and movies.

Heaven's Gate - Database for the causes of GSD deaths. Includes information on diet, vaccinations, and previous health problems.

Heritage Natural Foods - Offers natural alternatives, diet and nutrition food and information for sports and healthy life-styles. Includes newsletter, product list, cafe menu, discounts, and coupons.

High N Mighty Mastiffs - British Columbia, Canada. Pictures, philosophy, diet, temperament, contracts and pedigrees.

High Protein Diets - Are You Losing More Than Weight? - This article clears up many misconceptions about how much protein is really needed in a diet, and the best way to obtain it.

Hillside Software Publishing Limited - Software quality management consultants using the LOW-PAPER DIET(tm) approach to ISO9001.

Hissey, Kientz and Herron, PLLC - Information on diet drug injuries and related litigation from a Houston law firm.

Holistic Health Information for Dogs and Cats - Adele C. Monroe, DVM, MSPH, provides information on holistic veterinary medicine, animal chiropractic, raw diets for dogs and cats, flower essences, natural rearing, dog breeding and dog training, with emphasis in whippets. Located in North Carolina.

Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet - Offers weight-loss drink and supplements.

Home Made Dog Food for Food Allergies - Owner of West Highland White and Cairn terriers offers information on homemade diets for dogs with food allergies.

Home Made Special Diets For Your Pet - Article gives recipes for special pet diets for heart, kidney, liver, and urinary tract disease, as well as weight reduction.

Home Remedy for Gout - A home remedy that prevents gout attacks without the need of herbs, medications or change in diet.

How I Beat Relapsing Polychondritis - Changing your diet can make a difference. Don't live with your autoimmune disease, live without it.

How Stuff Works: Dieting - Reviews various dieting methods and weight loss myths.

How to Flatten Your Stomach - Stomach flattening exercises, to supplement diet, weight loss, fat loss, or other exercise programs.

Human Fuel Gauge - Diet and Nutrition-Tracking Software designed to be easy-to-use, reliable and affordable. Works with any diet or nutrition program.

Hydrogenated Oils: The Silent Killers - Discusses the effects of hydrogenated oils in the human diet, with numerous references to scientific studies.

Beat Diabetes With a Diet - By Eugene Bonds. Personal success story of living with Diabetes.

IBDUK - A website dedicated to people with crohns disease and ulcerative colitis. This site also contains information on other IBD related issues such as IBD and diet, fertility and IBD,IBD world friends.

Immune System Cure - Techniques for supercharging your immune system through diet, stress reduction and nutritional supplements.

In The Zone Delivery Inc. - Food preparation and delivery service inspired by the best selling Zone diet. Services the Toronto area.

Independant Herbalife Distributor Cassandra Miller - Distributor of Herbalife weight loss and management diet and health products in Wasilla Alaska.

Information About Diabetes - Information on diabetes, diabetic medication and diet

Institute of Food Research - British center's work in food safety, diet and health, and food materials and ingredients. Notes on the organization, information for press and community, conferences and job opportunities.

Intense Training - Provides anabolic, diet, nutrition, supplement and general discussion boards.

Intestinal Health, Inc. - Offers almond flour, yogurt maker, Quin B Strong vitamins, cookbook and "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" book for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

Iron Magazine - Offering monthly articles on training, diet, nutrition and supplements. Also offers a expert FAQ section and a message board.

Iron Overload Diseases Association - Information on hemochromatosis. Covered are the accepted protocols for diagnosis, treatment, maintenance and diet.

Iron and Anemia - Ask the Dietitian - Answers questions commonly asked about iron and role it has in consumer diet.

IronMagazine BodyBuilding Forums - Participate in moderated discussions on physical training techniques, diet alterations, and supplements. Casual chat covers sexual health and sports.

Ironbodies - Provides bodybuilder clothing, diet, and training routines. Offers catalog, nutrition information, and testimonials.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, and Ulcerative Colitis Message Boards - Help for IBS and IBD diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, bloating, and nausea. Moderated boards address diet, recipes, stress, hypnotherapy, yoga, drugs, and surgery.

Istanbul Kitchen, Inc. - Offers retail and wholesale Mediterranean diet foods, with catering service.

Japan - House of Councillors - The Sangiin, the upper house of the National Diet.

Japan - House of Representatives - The Shugiin, the Lower house of the National Diet.

Jay Robb Enterprises - 224 page diet book emphasizing the need to eat fewer carbohydrates (video and audio tape version available). Also offers many other health products, supplements, and a cookbook.

Jet City Diet - A unique weight loss program utilizing portion control cards to track food consumption.

Jim Lewis Agri-Nutrition Inc. - Formulates and distributes a proven line of "Equine Supplements and Fortifiers" for horses requiring maximum diet and nutrition. - Hit jingles from diet coke to Dr Pepper by award winning songwriters. Scores for documentaries and movies.

Joe's RNY Weight Loss Surgery Experience - Personal experience of RNY weight loss surgery. Included are a journal, weight loss chart, diet, nutrition, history, and photos.

Johanna's Diet and Fitness Clubs - Clubs in Ruislip, Uxbridge and Hillingdon give help with slimming, nutrition and exercise. Includes details of venues.

Jojomo Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Taiwan manufacturer of Konnyaku root products, a high dietary fiber, non fat, and low calorie diet food; also fruit gums and candies. World wide sales.

Julie's Story - Details personal experiences with the disease so that sufferers can compare symptoms. Includes medical updates, diet and j-pouch information.

Just Add Milk - Milk Maritime - Promotes the benefits of milk to everyone with information regarding nutrition, diet, recipes, osteoporosis, calcium, and healthy lifestyles. Gives resources, corporate information, advertising and contact details.

Juvo - Raw food meal replacement that helps in weight loss programs and immune system enhancement. Includes articles on raw food diet issues.

K-9 Kraving - A complete diet made from natural uncooked meat and vegetable products.

Katahdin Australian Shepherds - Small breeding program located in Windham, Maine. Family members raised on a home made diet. Bred for soundness in mind, body and soul.

Kay-Koola: Cream Soda, Root Beer, Fountain Soda and more - Old-fashioned fountain sodas from the Joseph Wold Beverage Company. Flavors include: Cream Soda, Root Beer, Orange Soda, Kay-Koola and Diet Soda.

Keeping Chinchillas - A Guide - General advice on chinchillas as suitable pets, how and where to choose one, diet and health issues, equipment needed, pictures and useful links.

Kellogg's Al Arabi - Articles on health, fitness, diet, and nutrition. Also has games, quizzes, and forums for kids with tools and lesson plans for teachers.

Kellogg's Greece - Greek and English articles on health, fitness, diet and nutrition.

Kessler Chins - Supplier of the Kline diet. Articles on health and care, pictures, and sales. Located in New York.

Ketogenics - Ketogenics produces only low carb/zero sugar products that conform to any low carbohydrate diet.

Kidney Patient Guide - Information for patients and those who care for them. Covers topics such as treatments, diet and financial implications. - Help and advice for diabetic children and parents of kids with diabetes,useful tips on recipes, advice from parents, blood sugar level monitoring, insulin and diet advice.

Kirby Gate Animal Hospital - Memphis, TN - Full service small animal hospital since 1991. Site features encyclopedia, online store, contact information and home delivery of prescription diets and medication.

LHS Laboratory - Pharmaceutical and cosmetics contract manufacturer under GMP specialized in: freeze grinding herbal powder capsules and herbal liquid extracts (encapsulating in hard gelatin or vegetable capsules), diet and sport meal replacements, health food supplements.

LTS Consulting - Lorraine Stanford, M.Sc. Nutritionist and computer specialist performs diet analysis, determines nutrient values for Canadian food labels and menus, guides selection and implementation of foodservice computer systems.

La Tortilla Factory - Specializing in low-fat, low-carbohydrate tortillas for the Atkins Diet.

LaVitola, Nick - Official site of Pro- Powerlifter and Bodybuilder - Nick LaVitola. Information for Power and Strength sports. Includes charts, bodybuilding, stongman and powerlifting contests; articles, pictures, links, virtual customized diet and work-out plans available.

Laze's Diet Plan - Never has there been such a fast way to lose weight...

Leslie Beck, RD on Health and Nutrition - Provides diet and nutrition information. Leslie discusses managing menopause using herbs and vitamins.

Life Service Supplements Robert Crayhon interview - The Paleolithic Diet and Its Modern Implications - An interview with Loren Cordain, PhD by Robert Crayhon, MS, nutritionist. Slightly technical, and argues against legumes and cereals in the PaleoDiet. - Anti-aging information and products, including growth hormone products, diet supplements, and nutrition supplements.

Lincoln Park Zoo: Spectacled Bear - Site describes the habitat, special adaptations, range status, diet, mating and a picture of this bear species. - Sells anti-aging, weight loss, diet, pets, personal care, hygeine, beauty and sexual enhancement products.

LipoBan - Offers information about this diet pill which contains no drugs or chemicals. Answer some brief questions to get to the order page.

Liquid Diet Discussion Board - A discussion and support forum for people on liquid diets such as Optifast and Medifast.

List of Carbohydrate Foods - Contains a searchable database for the effective carbohydrate, fat and calorie content of a large number of food items. It is designed for those following the Atkins diet.

Lithuanian diabetes association - LDA provides practical help and advice producing publications on all aspects of living with diabetes (proper diet, nutrition for diabetics, foot care, and insulin). A member of International Diabetes Federation.

Living Principal - Victoria Principal. Learn about attitude adjustment, diet, exercise, hair care, and skin care, among other components of overall mind-body health.

Living and Raw Foods - Online community and source of information for the living and raw food vegetarian based diet. Features discussion forum, chat, bookstore, articles and recipes.

Living with it Aventis - Designed to support women with breast cancer by offering information on breast cancer issues, lifestyle, diet and exercise, medical options. - Individualized diets to lower weight, cholesterol, triglyceride, blood pressure, and blood sugar. Tips, books, online nutrient anlaysis of your diet, plus nutrition counseling with a dietitian.

Local Flavours - Personal chef services and in-home catering in Victoria, British Columbia including the Cowichan Valley. Includes sample menus, pricing, FAQs, testimonials and contact info. Low carb, special diets accomodated.

Lookout Portuguese Water Dogs - Beaverton, Oregon. Information on PWDs, water work, and home-prepared diet, as well as photos of their dogs.

Loretta Cowles - Nutritionist practicising in Berkshire explains how diet may affect health and how to book a consultation.

Lorraine Love, Registered Dietitian - Non-diet approach to helping people with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Telephone or in-person consultations in Concord, MA.

Los Angeles Personal Trainer - Personal trainer David Anthonie offer personal training for exercise, meal planning, body building, diet, workout, weight gain and weight loss in Los Angeles, California.

Lose Weight Gain Health - From Roche Pharmaceutical, provides practical advice on healthy eating, diet, obesity and losing weight.

Lose Weight Now - Basic nutrient guide, ideas for losing weight, diet myths, recipes, and online membership available.

Low Carb Tiramisu - A variation suitable for those interested in a low carb diet with only 10 grams of carb per serving.

Low Carb 101 - Offers low carb diet information, support, recipes and guidance for weight loss.

Low Carb Diet - Contains an overview of high protein recipes, diet tips, research articles, and discussion forum.

Low Carb Diet Recipe - Collection of low carb diet recipes, information about the diets and discussion forum for low carbohydrate dieters.

Low Carb Mall - Delicious, taste tested, products for Dr. Atkins' diet and sugar free foods.

Low Carb Recipes - A collection of categorized recipes suitable for diabetics and followers of the Atkins Diet. Contains a mixture of low carb, low fat and diet recipes.

Low Carb Recipes, Gourmet Style - By author Karen Barnaby. Recipes tailored for Atkins diet but suitable to most low carb diets. Links to other low carb information.

Low Carb and Exercise Pages - Include reports of a personal experience on BodyOpus. Technical paper about cyclical ketogenic diets and how to measure body fat.

Low Carbohydrate Diet - Provides information and recommendation on following a low carbohydrate, high nutrient diet plan.

Low Carbohydrate Diets - Has diet reviews, articles, message boards, recipes, and cookbooks with low carbohydrate foods and meals.

Low Fat Diet and Recipes - Information on healthy low fat diet, types of fats, easy ways to cut down fats, ideal body weight, fat content of food and low-fat recipes.

Low Fat Veggie Food - Recipes, weight loss tips, diet advice for vegetarians and others. Includes weight loss success stories, diet plan, and cookbook reviews.

Low Sodium Cooking - Recipes, tips and resources for those interested in reducing the amount of sodium in their diet.

Low Sugar Cooking at Home - A resource center for those who require low sugar content in their diet.

Low-Carb Bakery - Offers low carb diet bakery goods, chocolate candy and desserts suitable for Dr. Atkins diet.

Low-Carb Diet Support Group - Free support and information. Diet challenges, forums, and online cookbook.

Low-Fat Living - Sales of book: "Low-Fat Living". Also offers an interactive diet quiz. - Ross Chocolates for low carbohydrate, diabetic, Atkins diet, sugarfree dieters. - Dr. Atkins diet retailer, offering a varied selection of low carb products.

Lowering Cholesterol Naturally - Independent information about safely lowering cholesterol levels through diet and supplements, including causes and symptoms of high cholesterol, and cholesterol medications and their side effects on your health.

Lucille Roberts Health Clubs - Information about this chain of women's health clubs, with diet and exercise information.

Lunabar - Features the whole nutrition bar for women, and provides health and wellness information including breast health, maternity, diet, and fitness.

Lyme Regis Fine Foods - UK-based manufacturer of healthy snacks suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and others with special diet requirements.

MAOI Diet - A review of the dietary restrictions that should be observed when a patient is receiving monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) therapy.

MS Active Source - Multiple Sclerosis Resources - Biogen sponsored, provides information and research on the treatment of MS and its symptoms by prescription drugs and diet, for patients, families and physicians.

Macrobiotic Diet - A listing of vegetarian recipes. Includes a link to purchase video.

Macrobiotic Diet Lectures by Steven Acuff - Provides some recipes, plus audio lectures.

Macrobiotics Canada - Information on the center, counseling on diet, health, relationships, spirituality, support services, courses and classes. Includes accommodations and retreat information. Located in Almonte, Ontario.

Maple River Valley, LLC. - Organic pure maple syrup including grade B for Master Cleanser lemonade diet, maple sugar granules, maple and cream.

Marbled Salamander - Features information about the habitat, range, life cycle, and diet.

Marfan Syndrome: Does Diet Play a Role - Explores the idea that the disease is affected not by the fibrillin gene, but by one's diet. Also examines this role in other disorders.

Marie's Italian Kitchen - Menu, location, restaurant history and catering information. Also details on the Mediterranean Diet.

Marlain Chocolatier - Range of Chocolates, candies, diet products, coffees, sauces, can be ordered on-line with payment confirmed by phone. Shipping within Canada and USA.

Marlene's Mixes - Packaged mixes for special diets such as wheat- and gluten-free. Company and ordering information. - Information about stretching, diet, competing, kickboxing, self-defence and mixed Martial Arts.

Matrix Nutrition - Offers bodybuilding supplements such as creatine, androstene, ionic whey protein, vitamins, diet, and nutritional products.

McCleary, Valerie - About her life experience in vegetarianism, Ayurveda, meditation, India, travel, diet, her new CD and ask her questions.

McDonald Animal Hospital - Santa Barbara, CA. Our hospital is the closet you will find to a human hospital for your pet. Online store, home delivery of prescription diets and medications, encyclopedia.

Meals Made For You - LAP Food and Consulting Services - Provides home-cooked nutritional meals prepared by a certified chef and registered dietitian, and offers in-home consultation for therapeutic diet modifications. Also specializes in catering services for special events.

MeatFreeZone - Not-for-profit organization promoting meatless diets and lifestyles with the goal of creating a cruelty-free society. Site includes testimonials and products.

MediPlan Diet Services - Offers articles, health information, and a description of this Memphis based weight loss clinic.

Medibar Diet - Offering diet programs, food products and vitamins.

Mediterranean Diet - Provides information about mediterranean food products, olive oil and health.

Medline Plus- Magnesium in Diet - Description of mineral including major functions, food sources, and deficiency signs.

Medlineplus- Iron in Diet - Provides recommended intake, deficiency symptoms, food sources, and functions.

Meilleur du Chef - Regular and diet recipes. Illustrated and filmed, with hints and tips and a food glossary.

Meltdown - Information on how tissue minerals affect the body and the emotions. Cookbook and ezine. Diet and nutrition information.

Menopause Diet - by L.Gillespie

Meridia Side Effects - Basic information on the safety of this diet drug, and attorney referrals.

Meridia Side Effects Lawsuits - National attorney referral service for people injured by this diet medication.

Merrill's Eggs - Offers egg delivery to the Treasure Valley area. Chickens are fed a vegetarian diet.

MetaBooster Diet - Offers a fat burning low carb diet.

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