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Creative Cooking for Renal Diets - Cleveland Clinic's renal diet and renal diabetic diet cookbooks; 288 kitchen tested recipes in easy to read large print.

Culinary Kidney Cooks - Offers a sample renal recipe, from the dialysis diet cookbook "Cooking for David" and also gives a holiday meal plan with chart.

Cyclical Ketogenic Diet - Metabolism enhancing diet which offers short high carb phases. Includes nutritional information, exercises, and message boards.

D&E Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Selling a variety of diet, health and sports supplements.

D'lites Emporium - Offers diet breads, muffins, condiments and nutritional supplements.

DIRECT-MS - Provides information on the relationship between multiple sclerosis and diet.

Damhert - A wholesale firm in natural and diet food products.

Dances with Ferrets - Home of the West Wales Ferret Welfare, a privately owned shelter and information service. Stories of rescue work, adoption contract, pictures of the ferrets, information on the BARF diet, and links.

Danone Institute - Information and scientific knowledge on diet, human nutrition, child development, and feeding behaviors to benefit public health.

David Silva Fitness Training Center - Diet, weight management, and workout. Body definition, toning, building and sculpting. Miami.

Dealing with Diabetes - Offering information regarding weight loss and diet.

Dejager, Johanna - Natural Champion Bodybuilder - 2001 CBBF Overall. Includes contest history, diet tips and biography.

Dermathol - Information on a topical diet patch and appetite suppressant.

Detox International - Herbal cleansing liquid diet. Includes benefits and recommended usage.

Diabetes Home - Information for diabetics and their families on symptoms, medicines, insulin and other treatments, diet and exercise and the latest research.

Diabetes Self-Management Magazine - Information about diet, exercise, treatment, outlook and future.

Diabetes and Diet - The glycemic index provides information for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic diets. Fast foods and diabetic desserts are discussed.

Diabetes, Inc. - A selection of recipes, all presented in PDF format for easy printing. Includes other diet and menu links.

Diabetic 1 Stop - Diabetic recipes, supplies, diet essentials, lancets, shoes, snacks, meters, and enablers.

Diabetic Diet Recipes - Provides information on diabetic nutrition and diabetic diet principles. Includes a collection of diabetic recipes.

Diabetic Recipes - Find recipes, a diabetes diet guide that includes several national restaurant chains, and links to other related resources.

Diabetic Works - Programs include glucose plotting, diet management, and diary record keeping. - Includes food care, diet, skin care, books, and vitamins.

Diestel Family Turkey Ranch - Whole turkeys and turkey products, from range-grown turkeys fed a vegetarian diet.

Diet 4U Online - Offers several different online weight loss programs.

Diet Bites - Articles relating to diet, nutrition, exercise and health.

Diet Blog - Dieting and weight loss news and links.

Diet Buddy Club - Provides all the support you need while dieting.

Diet Club - A data base of healthy recipes, most of them low in fat. Also offers a diabetes center, a library, a member sign up, and a store.

Diet Coke - Official site.

Diet Cruncher - Diet Analysis Nutrition Software for Windows and Macintosh for use with USDA (United States Food Composition Database) and FOODfiles (New Zealand Food Composition Database).

Diet Depot - On-line catalog of food products and supplements supporting the Atkins diet, sugar-free and low carb diets.

Diet Diaries - Start your own public or private weight loss journal or just browse the ones online.

Diet Directives - Book outlining a new weight loss program, a common sense program for weight loss and to help overcoming overeating by living a healthy lifestyle.

Diet Discussions - A community forum specializing in discussing weight loss programs of all types. Includes articles.

Diet Food Facts - Comprehensive nutritional food statistics directory for dieting. Articles cover various diet plans, calories, carbohydrates and food fats. Tools include body fat and BMI, waist circumference chart, and calories burned by activity.

Diet Free Weight Loss - Offers innovative weight loss technology without dieting, drugs, or cravings.

Diet Guide - Informationen zu Ernährungsweisen, Diäten und den Bestandteilen unserer Nahrung.

Diet Hi-Hat - Infos zur Band, zur Musik, zu Konzerten ein Gästebuch, Mail-Formular und Links.

Diet Information - Explains which diet is best, how to lose weight, how to slim thighs, exercise for idiots, a free plan, free weight loss ezine.

Diet Monitor - Tool to monitor diet for nutrition, fitness and weight loss or gain. Free demo for download and ordering instructions.

Diet No More - This course teaches how to reduce emotional eating, improve body image and lose weight without dieting.

Diet Purse - Designed to carry foods and medications outside the home. Useful for individuals on diets.

Diet Right Patch - Offers sales of the diet patch, and a weight loss discussion forum.

Diet Riot - A humorous non diet weight loss and nutrition site. Offering a fun and humorous approach to permanent weight loss.

Diet Services - Offers a flexible weight loss program based on healthy foods.

Diet Shack - Membership site offering diet and nutrition tools.

Diet Stories - Read and comment on inspiring weight-loss stories submitted by other users. Site encourages users to submit their own diet success story.

Diet Supplements Revealed - Independent review of the best and worst. Learn which burn fat fast and which are hype. Available in E-book.

Diet Supporters - Provides bulletin board, chat and healthy eating tips.

Diet Surf - Offers a discussion forum, articles, tips, and a comparison of popular diets.

Diet Tips - Has articles, links, and reviews about dieting, nutrition, exercise, and other heath related issues. Contribute an article to be considered for posting.

Diet Tips and Tricks - Diet tips that explains what negative calorie and fat burning foods are, benefits of exercise, and tips for keeping a diet.

Diet and Weight Loss Info - Fill in an application and a personalized book is emailed to the address given.

Diet, Fitness, Health, and Medical Cartoons - Over 200 available for viewing. Professional cartoon service by Randy Glasbergen.

Diet-Can - Artículos y consejos sobre la alimentación de los perros. Tienda en línea en Villalbilla, Madrid. - Information about nutrition, diet, and eating disorders. Part of the ALtruis Biomedical Network. - Provides a directory of diet and weight loss links, updated news and hot sites.

Diet-Step: 20 Grams/20 Minutes - A plan to lose weight and get fit without starving.

Diet-To-Go - Weekly meal plans including vegetarian choices, for safe weight loss and healthy eating. Ships in the continental USA.

DietCoach - Electronic diet and health nutritional calculator tracks fat, calories, and cholesterol.

DietDivas - Individually designed diets and protein snacks. - Exposes diet fraud, rip-offs and scams and allows consumers to file complaints and even join class action lawsuits against companies that market fraudulent products and devices.

DietTalk - Links to diet-related sites and chat resources.

DietWatch Community - Professional guidance, free interactive tools to manage healthy nutrition, diet and exercise schedule.

Dieting Magic - Weightloss programme, like no other. Eat your favourate foods plus healthy recipy ideas, exercise not neccessary. Good nutrition is the key, feel good, look great. Free weightloss profile.

Dietitians of Canada - Diet plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle. The national association of Canadian registered dietitians offers resources for consumers and other health professionals.

Diets Don't Work - Located in Laguna Niguel, California. Details about their program, why diets do not work and hypnosis. Information about the team of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists and Nutritional Counselors.

Diets Guide - Offers advice on choosing from the many popular diets. Also offers guides to additional resources for dieting support and weight loss information. - Online diet program that provides custom daily meal plans using Asian foods.

Dine In - In-home personal chef service providing customized meals. Service includes menu planning, grocery shopping, and in-home cooking. Special diet considerations and cooking classes also offered for the south central Wisconsin area. Includes chef biography, sample menus, and pricing.

Ditch The Diet - Learn how to stock a kitchen with healthy, tasty, and satisfying foods. Create new recipes for old favorites that taste great and are good for you. Services offered and contact details are included.

Do It or Diet - Reviews, success stories and ordering information.

Doctor Diet - Sells HMR shakes and entrees. Also provides dieting tips and resources.

Dodson - Dan and Michelle from Trenton, New Jersey, United States. Movie and restaurant reviews, diet recipes, and information about parties and trips.

Dog Nutrition - Articles on BARF, vegetarian diet, supplements, commercial diets and mad cow disease.

Doggie Diets - Website by Monica Segal, on home prepared diets formulated for each dog's individual needs, to alleviate symptoms of disease.

Double Cola - Sales of regular and diet Double Cola and Ski in USA. Product and company information about the makers of Double Cola, Jumbo and Ski sodas.

Down Time Massage - Information on the integration of a healthy diet with bodywork and massage to fine tune the body, mind and soul.

Downing, Garrett - Official site of the IFBB Pro. Includes photos, biography, diet and nutrition information.

Dr Tom Lonsdale's Raw Meaty Bones - A BARF diet is the cornerstone of good health.

Dr. Braly's Allergy Relief: The Natural Way - James Braly, MD offers online information on diet, nutrition and allergy. Site provides resources, news and product sales.

Dr. Cohen's 1st Personal Diet - Individually prescribed personal weight loss program based on blood test results.

Dr. Garma - Basic principals and structure of Tibetan Medicine including conduct, diet, treatment, disease, and conception.

Dr. Healy's Diet Program - Medically supervised weight loss program based on medical history and comprehensive blood chemistry.

Dr. Jeffrey Levy, DVM PCH - Homeopathic treatment for dogs, cats, and horses. Describes the practice and treatment philosophy. Also includes a profile of the doctor, a seminar list, and online ordering of diet programs.

Dr. Kushner's Personality Type Diet - Take a test and get a free profile of your weight-gaining eating patterns, which is the basis of Dr. Kushner's personalized treatment approach and book. Order the book online.

Dr. Mark Dyrholm - Includes details of services provided, calendar of events, FAQs, information about diet and lifestyle, hours and location.

Dr. Mitchell Simon, Chiropractor - Creates individualized treatment plans for each patient. Beneficial results are achieved using a multidisciplinary approach combining gentle chiropractic adjustments, healthy diet, exercise and yoga. Special interest in fibromyalgia.

Dr. Reginald D. Wills, MD - Family physician specializing in diet, weight loss, family medicine and therapy and holistic health.

Draft Horse Resource - Providing a chat room for the draft horse owner, plus tips on diet, and photos.

Duke Diet and Fitness Center - One of the country's oldest weight management centers. Features programs, reservations, quick assessments, and FAQs.

Dukes Chowder House - Located at Alki, Greenlake and Lake Union; contains menu, reservations, and "Duke's Version" Dr. Atkins Diet.

Dungeon Gym - A site based on hardcore old-time weightlifting with diet, lifting routines, photo gallery and a store.

Dysphagia, Speech and Language - Diet guidelines for people with swallowing disorders.

Dysphagia-Diet - A site for dietitians and speech language pathologist to share and get new information about the dysphagia diet.

E'ola International - Offers distributorships selling diet supplements.

Eagle Pack - Producing a meat-based diet with added supplements including fatty acids, kelp and probiotics. Located in Mishawaka, Indiana.

EarthSave International - Founded by "Diet for a New America" author John Robbins. Promotes healthy food choices and educates, inspires, and empowers people to shift toward a plant-based diet and to take compassionate action for all life on Earth.

EarthSave San Diego - Local chapter of international organization working to persuade people to shift toward a plant-based diet and to take compassionate action for all life on Earth. Events, resources, and membership information.

EarthSave Seattle - They promote food choices that are healthy by educating people to shift toward a plant-based diet.

Eastgarden Ringnecks - Offers general information including behavior, diet, and housing, along with breeding information and pictures.

Eat Well Live Well - Food, nutrition and health resources, dietary checks, diet, health and exercise information, regular updates, resources for health professionals, interactive forum, databases, and surveys.

Eat Well Tasmania - Advocates the reduction of diet-related health problems and improving the nutritional wellbeing of all Tasmanians.

Edenlife - Offers an online weight management program. Includes free diet and exercise plans, tips, calorie calculators, chat and forum.

Ediets - Online personalised dieting information, fitness and support service. Membership and personal diet profile available.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome - Are Genes the Only Cause? - Discusses whether diet and food sensitivities play a role in EDS and fibromyalgia.

Ekaya Institute's Center for Living Food Education - Sells CD, cassette, and e-book versions of "The Garden Diet-Why to Eat Raw, How to Eat Raw, and What to Eat Raw." Articles and background by the author, who also hosts raw food sailing retreats and raw food chef certifications.

El-Baron - Offers an authoratative guide to digital living. Includes movies, interviews and a diet guide.

Esoteric Ferret - Exploring methods and alternative medicines. Links to topics dealing with aromatherapy, herbology, vitamins, homeopathy, holistic medicine, allergies, migraines, asthma, diet and nutrition.

Essential Help for HepC - Personal story of Hep C and the support, diet, supplements, and recipes used. - Online sales of pharmaceuticals for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and diet.

Evolution Diet - Offers vegetarian food for dogs, cats and ferrets.

Exercise Against Depression - Using exercise, diet, pysychology, and therapy to alleviate depression.

Exercise and Fitness - Information on bodybuilding, fitness, exercise and health for both men and women including supplement, nutrition, and diet.

Exercise and Foot Care in Diabetes - News, website reviews, and specific information relating to the management of diabetic complications with foot care and exercise (along with diet +/- medications).

Exercise that applies the physiological phenomenon - Resolve the diet with no failure, blood circulation that is the core of health, constipation that is the source of all diseases and others.

Exotic Pet Food Manufacturer - Specializing in exotic pets such as Sugar gliders, Prairie dogs, and Hedgehogs. Diets and supplements along with supplies.

FRESH Network (UK) - An international network to exchange information, ideas and personal experiences so that individuals can change their diet and life-style with help and support from others, to suit their own personal set of ever changing needs and circumstances.

Fairleigh Pet Center Preston - Louisville, KY. Information about staff and services, clinic hours, grooming, online store and encyclopedia. Ask us about home delivery of prescription diets and medications.

Fatso.Com - Diet and nutrition advise for women watching their weight, sliming advise and healthy eating menu for health foods.

Feathered Kids 'n Stuff - Products include toys, swings, perches, diet supplements, food, treats, and cage accessories.

Fed up with Food Additives - Provides information about the effects of food on behaviour, health and learning in both children and adults and offers support for families using the low chemical elimination diet - free of additives, low in salicylates, amines and flavour enhancers (FAILSAFE). Includes newsletters, articles, fact sheets, recipes and support groups.

Feingold Association - Some information on the relationship of diet to behavior.

Femhealth - Offers health information and herbal formulas for women regarding menstruation, menopause, libido boosters, anti-aging, sports nutrition, weight loss and nutritional diets and dieting.

Finally Found It - Shopping portal for health products, long distance, supplements, travel, sexual health, diet, and finance. - Information and instructions on matters such as diet advice, health forums, exercise charts and diet programs.

Fit America of Central New Jersey - Find products covering a wide range of diet and health needs.

Fit Body Store - Offers a complete diet management, workout tracking and recipe building software application.

Fit Too Travel - Personal, executive and corporate fitness programs, weight loss, diet and nutrition information.

Fit and Well - Body, Mind, Family, and Soul - Health, fitness, diet, and well being information. - Free online diet and fitness journal. Input foods, activities, and goals to create individual progress reports.

FitSite - Online personal training, custom workout plans, diet plans, weight loss programs, and sports supplements.

Fitness 3 - Personalized support and information relating to diet, fitness, training, and nutrition.

Fitness Plus LLC - Fitness Plus LLC is a personal training and fitness company. Fitness training in a personal setting. We personalize exercise programs and diets specific to your lifestyle, schedule and individual needs. Located in West Des Moines, IA.

Fitness Resource Associates - Training and continuing education for Personal Trainer, Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Diet.

Fitness and Freebies - Nutrition, health, diet and fitness tips, information, support, advice for all ages. Recipes, freebies, E-books, articles.

Fitness in Harmony - Personal Health and fitness trainer to achieve your goals of being your best by prescribing your diet, exercise and whole health program. Located in Atlanta, Georgia. - Diet, training, and motivation advice from top female fitness models.

Fitness2Live - Personalised, online fitness and diet services. Find expert information and other tools.

Fitscape - Information and services related to health and fitness, diet, exercise and nutrition. - Supplies an all-purpose product called FitStrap. Site contains health & diet info, exercises, and workouts. - Diet pills, muscle builders, vitamins, herbs and more nutritional supplements.

Flower Valley Veterinary Clinic - Vet clinic for dogs and cats. Laser surgery, spaying, neutering, microchip services and Science Diet pet food also available.

Focus on ADD - Provides comprehensive information on ADD including diagnosis, medications, diet, supplements and psychological treatment. Extensive resource of practical patient and parent education materials.

Food - Discussion for sharing recipes, canning ideas, diet tips, and information on nutrition, cooking shows, the Word of Wisdom, useful web-links, and related Relief Society mini-lessons.

Food For Life - Delivers metabolic typing diet three meals and two snacks right to the door daily. Serving the five boroughs of New York and Long Island.

Food Glorious Food - Provides a way to assess diet, understand the food pyramid, and learn about healthy eating. Includes recipes, a true/false quiz, and games. From the Irish Food Board.

Food Sensitivity - Software to assist in identifying food sensitivities and migraine triggers. Personally used by its author to identify problem foods, change diet and eliminate migraines. May be used to ID other food sensitivities.

Food and Diet - An information portal for diets, recipes, fitness, and support to help lose weight and get in shape.

Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services - Ensures access to nutritious, healthful diets for all Americans. Through food assistance and nutrition education for consumers, FNCS encourages consumers to make healthful food choices. - Selling a variety of health food products. Includes product list, online ordering, articles, and the Hallelujah Diet.

Forever Fit - Experienced personal fitness trainer Anne Whalen Wigley in Dallas, Texas. Includes information on diet and exercise.

Frank's Pro Gold - Veterinary formulated complete premium diets for dogs and cats.

Frankenmuth Cheese House - Cheese spreads and cheddar curds, plus imported, diet, and even chocolate cheese.

Frederick Fell Publishing - Self help, low cholestorol diet and personal improvement books direct from the publisher. Information on authors and available titles.

Free Acne Book - Presenting a theory on how acne can be reduced through modification of diet.

Free Diet Links - Free weight loss articles and fad diet reviews. Also provides exercise recommendations.

Free Diet Tips: Weight Loss Advice for Successful Dieting - Helpful resource for weight loss information, diet tips, Atkins diet plan, body slimming exercises and low fat recipes.

Free Weight Training Workout Routines. - Detailed information on diet, supplements and nutrition for muscle gain. Features workouts from beginner to advanced level. - Customized exercise routines and diet plans, message board, fitness calculators.

Fresco Enterprises, LLC - Cleansing and detoxifying program combining liquid diet, herbal supplements, and fasting. Offers complete detox kits or instructional book.

Fruitarian diet - Ahimsa Fruitarianism - Site proposes reforming world food system to enable the universal fruitarian diet with ahimsa code. Considers simulation of fruitarian ecosystem or ahimsa agroforestry infastruchure to begin with.

GRACE Factory Farming - The Grassroots Campaign helps rural communities around the country oppose the spread of new factory farms and helps close down existing ones which threaten health and well-being. The Spira/GRACE Project at the Center for a Livable Future at Johns Hopkins University's School of Public Health addresses the health impacts of industrial animal production on diet, the environment, and human and animal health. US.

Gail Burton's Candida Self-Help Books - Candida, the Silent Epidemic, contains vital information to detect, combat, and prevent yeast infections. The Candida Control Cookbook helps sufferers stay on the Candida Control Diet to manage yeast infections.

Genetic Disorders: The Links to Diet - Explores the role of diet in birth defects and genetic disorders. Includes nutritional links to disorders such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, homocystinuria, and cystic fibrosis.

Germany - Bundestag - The Federal Diet, composed of at least 598 Members, of whom 299 are elected in the constituencies and a further 299 via a list-based additional member system with a 5% cutoff.

Global Health and Fitness - Offers "Get Fit and Stay Fit" and a companion book "Work Book and Day Journal." Diet and exercise information.

Global Wholesalers - Specializes in popular home, health, and diet. Also offers services for inventors.

Gluten Evolution - Provides workshops and private cooking instruction for those following a wheat and gluten free diet.

Gluten Free Casein Free Diet - Explanation of the diet, menus, sources of foods, message board.

Gluten Free In WNY - Support for people with Celiac Disease and others on a this diet in the greater Buffalo and Niagara Falls New York area. Includes news, supplements, food links, local restaurants and books and newsletters.

Gluten and Casein Free Recipes - Gluten and casein free recipes and resources for those following the GFCF diet.

Gluten-Free Mall - Gluten-free, wheat-free and milk-free foods for diets restricted due to celiac disease, autism or other reasons.

Gluten-Free Market - Gluten-free retail and web-based store with a vast selection of gluten and casein-free foods. Features newsletter and resources for Celiac disease and a gluten-free diet.

Go Heavy Or Go Home - A source for advice, hints and tips for the natural bodybuilder and weight trainer from beginner to hardcore. Features training routines, gym etiquette and slang and diet and general workout advice.

Goggin, Sherry - Official site with pictures, fitness and diet tips, appearances, and biography.

Gourmed - Features information about the Greek diet, including wines, herbs, cheeses, and olive oils.

Grains Nutrition Information Center - National nonprofit organization formed to help increase awareness of dietary grains as an essential component to a healthy diet.

Gramslam Diet - Offers a printable diet plan.


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