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Aussie Bodies - Suppliers of a range of foods and diet supplements based around protein sources. Programs, articles, news, heath tools, product list, FAQs, and company profile included.

Austin Foodways - Studies the cultural, popular, and historical foundations of food and diet. Information on upcoming events, recipes, and membership.

Australian Iron Status - Provides extensive information concerning irons role in diet, food sources, body functions, and necessity.

Australian Weight Watchers - Information on weightloss, exercise, diet, recipes.

Autism NDI - Autism Network for Dietary Intervention - Dedicated to helping parents understand and implement a gluten and dairy free diet for their autistic children.

Autism Web - A Parents' Resource Guide - A guide to the diagnosis, treatment and education of children with autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder. Information on diet, teaching methods, links, a message board, and book guide.

Baby Center Nutrition - Suggestions for eating right before conception to after delivery. Some areas addressed are; weight calculations, important nutrients, caffeine, and a breastfeeding diet.

Back-To-School-Diet - An interactive website that offers diet plans with charts and reports.

Balanced Life Chiropractic and Diet Center - Mission statement, what is chiropractic?, services offered, and doctor profile.

Balavi Natural Health Center - Natural health center in Thailand with Holistic program, staffed by medical doctors. Programs for detoxification, diet counseling, colon cleansing, Thai massage, body and mind training, yoga, and qigong.

Barbara Rigg- Diet Therapy Clinic - Provides nutrition consultation by seven full time dietitians. Lists of services, food news, and history on site.

Barbara's Obesity Meds and Research News - Plain-language information on obesity medications, weight loss and diet studies written for professionals and patients.

Barilla - Manufacturer's corporate web site. Pasta, sauces, Italian food and wines, original recipes, Italian cooking information, gastronomy and mediterranean diet.

Basket Works - Offering custom baskets for all occasions. Includes kosher, special diet and theme baskets. Offering local delivery to Chicago as well as nationwide.

Beautiful on Raw - Books and resources on how to become healthy and beautiful on a raw food diet.

Best Diet Tips - This site share tips, compares diets, and motivational stories.

Best Nutrition Inc. - Sells vitamins, minerals, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal supplements and diet products.

Bethany Howlett - Read about the training and diet regimen of this fitness model and sign up for one of her newsletters.

Betty's House - Shares information about living a long, healthy life while coping with MS using alternative lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, and stress reduction.

Beyond the 120 Year Diet - Dr. Walford - Book review discusses Calorie Restriction (CRAN / CRON) - how it works and how to safely implement it. (Eds note: not much evidence exists in humans for this strategy, but it does work if you are a rodent.) - Tips on training, diet, and planning, plus road and trail wisdom, survival, recipes for camp, guided tours, and best treks.

Big No More. - A personal story of how Weight Watchers has changed this woman's life through proper diet and exercise.

BigBunny and Friends - Pictures and biographies of Min Min, Xiao Hei, and Miki. Includes information on feeding, housing, diet, and entertainment. Links to rabbit Veterinarians in Singapore.

Birthing Naturally - Nutrition - Discusses the importance of nutrition to a healthy pregnancy. Explains the Brewer diet. Includes tutorial, quizes and recipes.

Blakkatz Cattery - Naturally Reared American Shorthair Cats - Blakkatz Cattery is home to naturally raised American Shorthairs. Information on natural raw diet and using homeopathy to keep cats healthy.

Blue Diamond Dance - Comprehensive website for adult ballet students: how to increase turnout and flexibility, diet for dancers, international listing of teachers of adult students, and a message board.

Bob's Nutrition Plus - Source for ephedrine free, nutrition, diet, weight loss, and hormones.

Bobby Douglas Wrestling Camp - Coach Douglas' system will provide you with a unique learning experience. The camp stresses hard wrestling, technique, running, weight training, diet, film observation, psychological training, and competition.

Bodeus - Includes photo galleries, pedigree, BARF diet, links, and information about this GSD's activities including obedience training, agility, and Schutzhund.

Body Reconstruction - Certified personal fitness trainer promoting a healthy lifestyle through fitness, diet and exercise; includes articles and tips on fitness, weight loss, and nutrition.

Body Tonic - Extensive information on personal health & fitness service including personal training, holistic massage, diet, and nutrition.

BodySmart - Offers a mobile personal fitness and diet service.

Bodybuilding 101 - Includes a diet, weightlifting exercise descriptions and a Navy Seal workout.

Bodybuilding Competition Guide - Guide for preparing for bodybuilding competitions. Everything from diet and cardio to tanning and posing oil.

Bodybuilding Forums - Features training, advice, diet, nutrition, supplement and anabolic steroid boards and member photos.

Bodybuilding Routines - Bodybuilding routines and diet information. Includes IFBB contest news and links.

Bodybuilding Tips - Features supplements, nutrition, diet, routines, workouts, online journals and tips...

Bodybuilding for You - Offers articles on supplements, reviews, fitness, routines, workout tips and diet.

Bodyworks - Offers bodybuilding, weight loss and diet supplements for shipping in Canada.

Bone Apetit - Distributing frozen raw meat products for cats and dogs in Burlington, Oakville, Waterdown, Milton and other Ontario communities. Includes information on the Raw Food Diet. Canada.

Bootcamp Buddies - Weight Watchers diet site features recipes, health articles, and online message boards.

Breastfeeding and Dieting - Support for nursing mothers attempting to lose weight through diet and exercise.

British Diabetic Association - Self help charity for diabetics. Information. Diet advice. Teenzone.

British Natural Bodybuilding Federation - Dedicated to British drug free bodybuilding, both amateur and professional. Covers training, diet and competitions.

Broccolin Life - All natural broccoli extract diet supplement and immune system booster. Featuring product composition and research.

Brown Bag Wellness - Offers food and diet information, advice from dietitian on vitamins and minerals. Includes contact information.

Budgerigars Galore - Information on exhibition type budgies. Articles in various topics such as genetics, breeding, colors and varieties, diseases and diet. Identification gallery with photos on various colors and varieties.

Build Your Perfect Body - Personal training with Shawn Phillips in Los Angeles, California. Services include strength training, cardio, flexibility, diet and telephone support.

Building a Healthy Body - Provides personal training, diet and nutrition counceling. Specializing in youth and senior fitness, Prenatal, Chronic Disease and Disability and Sport Specific guidance. Personal trainer Karen J. Iverson in Overland Park, Kansas.

Burn Rate Diet - Companion site for the Burn Rate Diet book. Calculate caloric needs, create meal plans, and join in discussions.

Cabbage Soup Diet Information - Offers the cabbage soup diet recipe, 7-day eating plan, tips for success and an open discussion area.

Cabbage Soup Diet.TV - Discusses and gives recipe for the diet along with other fad diets to help with weight loss.

California Academy of Health - Provides nutrition, proprietary noni juice, bodybuilding, diet, weight loss, and detox products.

California Weight Clinic - Medical weight control clinic, using medications, suggested diets and exercise. Find a FAQs, the locations, and hours of service.

Calorie Counter - Lose weight through healthy eating and exercise. Support, diet tips and chat room.

Calorie Counters International - Nutrition diet calculators and food calorie counters to track nutrients for weight loss diets, diabetics diets, low carb diets and calorie counters. - A diet portal featuring free diet plans and programmes with a powerful online diet diary.

Calories Per - Calculates calories for hundreds of activities and foods, BMI and BMR. Includes fat loss tips and information on diet, weight loss and calories.

Cambridge Health Plan Limited - Corporate site. Offers products and programs, such as the Cambridge Diet, for weight loss.

Camp Shane - Features a reducing program for children from 7-17 combining fun, fitness, nutrition, and diet. Located in Ferndale, NY.

Canine Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome - Known as Spike's Disease, previously thought to be epilepsy and occurring in Border Terriers. Information about diagnosis, symptom control and the role of diet, as well as photographs and videos.

Canine Kidney Stones and Allergic Dermatitis - About Amie, who had experimental lithotripsy for canine kidney stones and is allergic to dog foods. Describes finding a health-giving diet, dealing with kidney ailments, training a sick dog, working and with vets. Input from others is encouraged.

Canine Nutrition - A collection of articles by a nutritional consultant. Includes dietary analyses and the relationship between diet and disease.

Canyon Animal Clinic, Inc. - Canyon Lake, TX. Meet the staff, clinic hours & contact information, hospital tour. Home delivery of prescription diets and medication at

Carbohydrate Addicts' Network - Official site of Drs. Rachael and Richard Heller, creators of the Carbohydrate Addict's Diet. Information on carbohydrate addiction, chat room, mailing list.

Carrboro Plaza Veterinary Clinic - Small animal clinic in Carrboro, NC. Site features details about staff and services, online store, encyclopedia, and prescription pickup. Ask us about home delivery of prescription diets and medications.

Cathedral Prep Wrestling - Contains video clips, photograps, profiles, youth links, history, schedule, and articles on diets and nutrition. Erie, Pennsylvania.

Celiac Sprue Association/United States of America - For celiacs, their families and professionals interested in celiac disease [CD] [nontropical sprue], dermatitis herpetiformis [DH], and the gluten-free diet.

Cellular Nutrition - Includes scientific data related to intracelluar chemistry such as nutrition disorders, diets and MLM, and mineral ratios.

Centaur Health Resort and Spa - Located on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean, offers fitness, treatments, education and diet treatments. Contains description of amenities, rates and activites.

Center for a Livable Future - Focuses on the interconnections among diet, health, food production, the environment, population and equity. Based at Johns Hopkins University.

Central Texas Veterinary Internal Medicine - Referral only veterinary services in Austin, TX. Information about our facility and equipment, online encyclopedia, store and home delivery of prescription diets and medications.

Change Your Diet and Change Your Life - Information on food intolerance and food allergy.

Charlie Foundation - The Foundation was established in 1994 in order to raise awareness about the ketogenic diet as a treatment for childhood epilepsy. The Foundation's role is to facilitate investigation, educate professionals, and inform families about the current status of the ketogenic diet.

Cheetah Spot - A site containing information about this endangered cat including, appearance, speed, diet, and even listen to sounds they make.

Chemist Works - Group of pharmacies offering information on vitamins, diet, health and beauty care. Member addresses, condition information, and links to first aid, drug, and medical reference sites.

Cholette, Deborah - The Daydream Diet. Adult romantic comedy novel about woman who daydreams about movie star and loses twenty pounds. Non-fiction appendix on how to redirect food compulsions.

Christian Vegetarian Association - The CVA believes that vegetarianism expresses the compassion and peace of Christ because the diet spares animals from suffering, alleviates world hunger, protects the environment and preserves human health.

ChubBuddies - Offers a weight loss and diet support group. Includes a forum and a chat room.

Clifford's Pet Supplies and Seed - Freshly mixed and packaged as well as custom-mixed and brand name seed diets along with cages, toys and other accessories. Also, reptile and small animal feed.

Coastal Medical Weight Loss Centers - Offers unique diet formulas by Dr. Baker not available in stores.

Coconut Connections, Ltd - Researched information about the health benefits of coconut oil in the diet. Information on hypothyroidism, weight loss, and improved skin care. Learn about the antiviral and antibacterial properties of lauric acid, a major component of coconut oil. UK importer. Distributing in the UK and rest of Europe.

Cole, Vikki - About the bodybuilder and fitness model. Features titles, photos and custom diet plans.

Community Veterinary Services - Gainesville, FL. Large and small animal practice specializing in dogs, cats and goats. Online encyclopedia, FAQs, retail store. Home delivery of prescription diets and medications.

Complete Nutritional Program, Inc. - Offers vitamins, minerals, herbs, formulation for cancer prevention, aging, diet and weight loss, sexual health, heart health, and immune health. Also an alternative for hormone therapy.

Computrition, Inc. - Complete foodservice and nutrition care software for healthcare, hospitality, foodservice operations management, nutrition care management, diet office, nutritional analysis and long-term care facilities.

Cookie Outlet - Wholesale priced cookies for all occasions. French, Italian, diet, sugar free and holiday gifts.

Cooperative Canine - Offers training classes, tips, success stories, photos, and diet information.


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