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Adriatic Anti-aging Center [USA]
Anti-Aging Center Europe presents studies on the benefits of fasting and calorie restriction for life-extension and disease treatment

Alternative Health Retreats [USA]
Retreat center specializing in weight loss, diabetes diets, and chronic fatigue syndrome, striving to detoxify the body and reach a more optimum health.

Amen Health [USA]
Fasting programs, colema boards, and detox kits.

Arise & Shine [USA]
Natural Herbal Products for Detoxification and Cleansing.

Au Naturelle [USA]
Healthy, natural lifestyle forum offering safe, non-toxic lifestyle alternatives: safe household products, natural cosmetics, heart healthy vitamins, and diet supplements for resistance to toxic, cancer-causing substances

Awaken Nutrition [USA]
Oral chelation therapy utilizing PCA-RX Chelation for mercury toxicity from Awaken Nutrition.

B Toxic Free [USA]
Presents lifestyle changes that can help reduce disease and illness by healthy eating habits and lowering the exposure to toxins.

Baking Soda Book [USA]
Baking Soda Book - Resourceful and Ingenious uses of Baking Soda

Better Basics for Non-Toxic Living [USA]
Hundreds of healthy ideas for nontoxic, green living from Care2's Ask Annie!

Better Solutions for Weight Loss [USA]
The Ultimate Weight Loss Program that consist of proven techniques that help rid the body of excess weight while drastically improving your health.

Bio-probe FAQ [USA]
Questions answered on mercury and amalgam, detoxification, mercury replacements and how to find a mercury free dentist.

Body Earth Self [USA]
Body Earth Self information about simpler living living free of chemicals with natural substitutions and effective viable suggestions and ideas to help you maintain your bodymindspirit and increase your environmental awareness.

Body Electric Products [USA]
looking at nutrition from an electrical perspective. Products formulated to match the frequencies of the human structure through whole-body health and can help one take the absorption rate to the very highest level.

Body Health, Inc. [USA]
METAL-FREE(r) is an oral chelation agent for heavy metals that works like nothing else.

Bowel Cleanse [USA]
Do it yourself methodologies against parasites and infection, support group.

Butt Candle [USA]
Using the same approach as ear candling, products for colonic and rectal cleansing. Includes usage instructions.

Center for Conservative Therapy [USA]
TrueNorth Health is the official website for the Center for Conservative Therapy, the Health Promotion Clinic, the Health Promoting Cookbook, and the TrueNorth Health archive of health articles. The Official Fasting Website

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Low Level Mercury Poisoning? [USA]
Jeff Clark's story on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and his cure.

Cleansing or Surgery [USA]
Recipe book for liquid cleansers to eliminate gallstones, kidney stones, ulcers, high blood pressure, and elimination problems. Also offers natural salt, psyllium husks, and herbal mouthwash.

Coffee Enema [USA]
Coffee enemas are used to detoxify the body and evacuate the bowels. This article describes how to prepare and use a coffee enema.

Colema Boards Of California [USA]
The Colema Boards Home Colonic and Enema Hydrotherapy System

Colloidal Silver References [USA]
References for information about colloidal silver, a powerful natural antibiotic, which reportedly acts as a catalyst to disable the enzyme needed by one-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi for their oxygen metabolism.

Colon Care Center [USA]
Based in Napa, Ca USA, this business offers services to alleviate constipation, digestion problems using Colon Hydrotherapy.

Colon Care Center [USA]
Colon Hydrotherapy is a natural method of cleasnsing the colon using a soothing flow of warm, sterilized, and purified water instilled gently into the colon. This procedure cleans out toxins as well as hydrates the lower colon.

Colon Cleansing [USA]
A toxic colon is a major factor leading to chronic ill health. If the main organ responsible for ridding the body of toxic waste is under-functioning, the effects are irritation and inflammation of the colon, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, headaches etc.

Colon Hydrotherapists [USA]
Colon Hydrotherapy Worldwide directory of therapists. IACT certification for colon hydrotherapists. Manufacturer of LIBBE colon hydrotherapy FDA approved device.

Colonblow [USA]
Colonblow, a no non-sense, all natural, aggressive colon cleanse.

Colonic Clinic [USA]
The Colonic Clinic - A very private cottage clinic in the country with your very own colonic clinic. The colonic clinic caters to your medical fetishes including colonic hydrotherapy, colon cleansing, colonic irrigation and enemas.

DayStar Botanicals [USA]
DayStar Botanicals has developed a truly amazing line of premium herbal and nutritional products which are produced with careful attention to the integrity which we feel you deserve.

Detox International [USA]
Detox: an all-natural blend of herbs for people who understand the weight loss and other benefits of Internal Cleansing

Dr Clark Store [USA]
Parasite-cleanses, kidney-cleanse, liver-cleanse, bowel-cleanse in conformity with Dr. Clark public protocols.

Dr. Cinque's Health Retreat [USA]
Learn more about fasting and detoxification for rapid weight loss,addictions and health problems Ralph Cinque worked with Herbert Shelton and knows natural hygiene therapies Author of QuitforGood.

Dr. Hulda Clark University [USA]
Info on Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark's Therapy, Books, Kidney cleanse, Liver Cleanses, Syncrometer, Zapper to treat cancer, aids, cure for all diseases

Earth Dr [USA]
An environmental web site devoted to educating the public about protecting their home environment from entry of surface and subsurface contaminants. Transport and remediation of contaminants in the ground water and the soil atmosphere is detailed.

Enema Bag [USA]
Enema offers enema bags and nozzles, all about enemas video, coffee enemas, colonic cleansing CD, enema supplies and information from certified colon therapist, Kristina Amelong

Enemas and Colonic Irrigations [USA]
magazine, Colon Therapy Journal & book, Love Thine Enemas & Heal Thyself

Environmental Alternatives [USA]
Description of various environmentally sensitive options including chemical-free products, composting toilets, rainwater catchment, gray water treatment, fire combustors, and food supplements.

Erbal Energy Cleansing [USA]
Herbal cleansing program to flush kidneys, liver, colon, gall bladder, and digestive tract. Also offers products individually.

Fastforward Juicing for Health [USA]
Cognors, Surrey, UK detox retreat for a three day juicing fast, aromatherapy, reflexology, and other therapies

Fresco Enterprises, LLC [USA]
Cleansing and detoxifying program combining liquid diet, herbal supplements, and fasting. Offers complete detox kits or instructional book.

Gentle Colon Care of Fairfax and Northern Virginia [USA]
Colon hydrotherapy, is a safe, effective method of removing waste from the large intestine, without the use of drugs or laxatives and cleansing the human body. Your I-ACT certified colon hydrotherapist uses the latest Toxygen equipment from Dotolo Research.

Geopathic Stress [USA]
Geopathic Stress information web site by Rolf Gordon. Geopathic Stress can affect your health, find out how to avoid it.

Health Challenge [USA]
How to identify and avoid dangerous, toxic ingredients in everyday bathroom and personal care products.

Health Ecology [USA]
Health Ecology - independent noncommercial organization.

Healthy Communications [USA]
Devoted to finding safe, non-toxic resources for the health products industry.

High Tech Health [USA]
Rejuvenation using the Thermal Life(TM) far infrared sauna, built entirely of hypoallergenic poplar, is the best method for detoxification of all environmental chemicals and heavy metals that cause such problems as chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

Home Colonics Kit [USA]
Complete home colonics kits for a safe gentle irrigation and cleansing of the colon. Other related subjects include colema, colonic, colon irrigation, colon hydrotherapy, and high enema. Since 1997.

Hosanna Colon Hygiene Care, Inc. [USA]
Colonic Irrigation Center in Brooklyn, NY

Learn how heavy metals and other environmental toxins can affect yourhealth and well-being. We offer a unique dietary supplement for increasing cellular glutathione production and thus increasing heavy metal detoxification.

Inner Pure [USA]
InnerPure from Herb Smart is a natural herbal supplement used as an effective body detoxification and colon cleansing aid

InnerCleanse [USA]
Herbal cleansing products for the colon, liver, lungs, kidneys, arteries and parasites. See information on various health topics, conditions and diseases.

Internal Cleansing Dynamics [USA]
enema, colonic, colonic irrigation, digestive, digestion, medical supply company, home medical supply, medical supply, enema bags, neem products, organic coffee, ostomy supplies, diabetic testing, incontinence supply

Internal Cleansing Systems [USA]
Enema douche solutions and supply equipment for body and colonic detox including colon cleansing. Enema bag supplies for colon hydrotherapy and detox cleanser

Intestinal Health Information [USA]
The site offers information, newsletters, and late breaking news in the field of colon hydrotherapy and intestinal health. The goal is education and prevention.

Intestinal Health Institute [USA]
The site offers information, newsletters, and late breaking news in the field of colon hydrotherapy and intestinal health. The goal is education and prevention.

Karuna Retreats [USA]
Our 7-day Detox Retreats include twice daily Colonics, Yoga, Meditation, and daily nutritional talks to help regain & maintain higher health.

Klies Enterprises [USA]
Klies Enterprises addresses Colon Health, General Health Maintenance, and Personal Skin Care with nutritional supplements. We offer a wide variety of health care products designed for Colon Health, General Health Maintenance, and Personal Skin Care

Life Dynamix [USA]
Ignite Your Mind Body and Spirit - Life Transformation, Vegetarian, Life Enhancement Products, Systems & Streams For Optimal Health, Health Tips, Self Help, Nutrition, Fitness, Mental Health, Healthy Thoughts, Healthy Relationships and Toxic Free Tips

Life Tree [USA]
The Life Tree - Herbal Health Products

Live New Life [USA]
Describes ways of restoring your body by eliminating toxins.

Living A Healthy Lifestyle [USA]
Provides information on diets and safe alternatives.

Living Foods Institute [USA]
Living Foods training center in Atlanta, Georgia -- internal body cleansing, living foods, holistic health education -- based on the teaching of Dr. Ann Wigmore.

Maison de Santé du Lac Brome [Canada]
A health center in Quebec specialized in fasting, living foods and vegetarianism.

Maverick Ranch [USA]
Tips for non toxic living, avoiding pesticide poisoning and artificial hormones, estrogen and steriods in food.

Mayr Therapy Dietary Modification [USA]
Mayr Therapy is based upon the oldest cleansing method known to mankind. Enjoy a physician supervised health retreat within a relaxing, spa environment. Detox and cleansing

Millan's Colonic Cleanse [USA]
Millan Chessman offers the original, safe home colon cleansing system. Restores digestive health and cleanses naturally.

Moinhos Velhos [USA]
A holistic fasting retreat for detoxification and purification of body. Algarve, Portugal.

Morosko's [USA]
Provides services in colonic irrigation, massage therapy and sells Vit-Ra-Tox products. Includes details about the practice and its services. Located in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Naturaldoc Fasting Retreats [USA]
Supervised water, juice, cleanse and natural hygiene fasting retreats offered by a licensed Naturopathic Physician at a beautiful mountain lodge in British Columbia.

Non Toxic Life [USA]
Information on toxin-free products for the home and body. Includes links to articles about toxins in common household and body care products.

Nutri-Cleanse [USA]
Nutri-Cleanse was developed to help re-establish a healthy colon andprovide dietary fiber. Nutri-cleanse works gently and naturally to cleanse, heal, and nourish our lowerdigestive track.

Nutrition by Design [USA]
Nutrition by Design is a site for getting counseling on designingyour individualized diet with appropriate targeted supplementation of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients based upon your needs to meet your health and weight goals.

Organic Style [USA]
Ezine with resources for living a balanced lifestyle with organic health, beauty, food, and garden features.

Pams Mercury Helpline [USA]
A personal story, the symptoms, the help relating to mercury amalgam fillings. Other related topics.

Para Systems and Devices [USA]
Zapper Parasite Zapper, or Dr. Hulda Clark zapper electronically kills parasites living in your body. Hulda Clark parasite zappers.

Peditox Foot Spa [USA]
Detox International USA - For PediTox Detox Systems Sit back, relax and detox with ease. PediTox Detox Foot Spa units and replacement iGen II. PediTox Therapy System, Peditox Detox Foot Bath, Pedidetox Foot Spa Units.

Poop Doc [USA]
Oxygenated colon cleansing fiber supplements.

Protect Your Home [USA]
Shares alternatives to using usual household chemicals currently being promoted. Provides a cost comparison of popular prescription drugs and the mark-up.

Raw Passion [USA]
A raw food retreat weekend and fruitarian extravaganza with Doug Graham, Rozalind Gruben, Dave Klein

Solana Systems, Inc. [USA]
Colon cleanse the natural and safe way with MetaCleanse, a bentonite clay and flax seed colon cleansing system promoting regularity and good health without chemical stimulants.

Tanglewood Wellness Center [USA]
Information about seminars, workshops and fasting. Located in Bethesda, Maryland.

The Colonet [USA]
Manufacturer of professional and portable home colon hydrptherapy equipment gravity flow systems. Other related subjects include colon hydrotherapy, detoxification, irrigation

The Enema Video [USA]
RN presents enema instruction. Free enema kit with video purchase.

The Geomancer [USA]
Feng Shui - Enhance your health, wealth & happiness. Reduce Geopathic Stress. Find out your Chinese Numerology.

The Lifeforce Plan [USA]
A complete diet program for eliminating candida, detoxifying the body, re-establishing healthy tissue flora, and reversing the harmful effects of antibiotic overuse, misuse and abuse.

The Naturally Clean Home [USA]
Excerpts from a book which explores the safe, nontoxic, effective and inexpensive cleaning formulas that can be easily made from baking soda, vinegar, beeswax, herbs, essential oils, and other natural ingredients.

The Neera Detox Diet [USA]
Detox and lose weight, effectively, naturally, safely, joyfully and affordably with the Neera Detox Diet. Order online this improved European version of the famous Stanley Burroughs Master Cleanser diet.

The Organic Lab [USA]
Organic formulas and instructions to make your own hair and body treatments.

The Pinkboard [USA]
Pinkboard colonic irrigation system helps you to maintain wellbeing from within. Enemas reduce toxic build-up in the body, and can be beneficial for weight loss, detox beauty routines, and countering fatigue, dyspepsia, pain and allergies.

The Wolfe Clinic [USA]
The Wolfe Clinic has a proven 25-year success record in dealing with chronic illness - with cutting-edge products, programs that work, and unlimited support. Sign up here for your FREE health tips newsletter..

Toxic Free Living [USA]
Offers tips on living healthy and toxic-free, including details on building a healthy house, solving chronic fatigue problems, and using supplements to live longer and feel better.

Ubud Sari Health Resort [USA]
Program is a seven day residential retreat, featuring colon cleansing, fasting, weight-loss, spiritual re-awakening.

Valerie's Colon Health [USA]
Case studies and informational articles about enemas, colonic irrigation, cleansing, and relief of constipation, pre-menstrual discomfort, and ADD/ADHD treatment using colon cleansing.

Ventura Center for Healing [USA]
A natural way to clean the large intestine of all undigested food, mucus & gas that adversely effects us in everyday life. Health begins with a clean colon.

Vital Harmony [France]
The center is located in a small castle in France and provides holistic treatments including fasting, colonics, hydrotherapy tub, and relaxation techniques.

Wellspring Products, LLC [USA]
To ion clean means to help detox your body. But the term ion clean means more, a way to improve and maintain a healthier you in ionic foot bath.

West Coast Consolidated [USA]
Seven day cleansing kits and colema boards.

Wholistic Health Solutions [USA]
Resources and information on colon cleansing at home

Wholistic Health Solutions [USA]
Resources and information on colon cleansing at home

Wise Choice Health, Inc. [USA]
Detox while you sleep. BodyPure, a cleansing foot 'pad' designed to absorb toxins from your body. Developed from years of medical research in japan, this natural health care product is effective in cleansing from the inside out.

Y2K Health and Detox Center [USA]
Information on alternative approaches to mercury detox, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and other conditions.

Yin-Yang Colonics [USA]
Colonics,High Enemas,Colon Irrigation,Colon Therapy are all names for Colon Hydrotherapy, The Pathway to Vibrant Health: A unique approach to internal detoxification through massage, reflexology, muscle and emotional balancing, colon hydrotherapy.

YP Products [UK]
An UK based site specialising in supplying high quality enema & douche products.


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