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Supplements to kill or inhibit the growth of yeast are an important part of candida treatment. However, you may have to try several different antifungals before you find one that is suitable for you. Different antifungals kill different strains of yeast. Some doctors will test you to find out which antifungal will kill the type of yeast in your body, and other doctors will just try several different antifungals and see which one helps. It is often hard to tell if an adverse reaction is due to the medication itself or due to the toxins released when the yeast die. You must be careful not to indiscriminately use antifungals. Your main problem may be bacteria, not yeast.

Candidiasis or Candida Albicans overgrowth causes poor intestinal flora which can contribute to anxiety & depression. There is a strong relationship between what grows in the intestines and Arthritis. There is even a “Candida Arthritis", where they find fungus in the joints. Candida Arthritis is treated by administering systemic antifungals and by injecting antifungals into the fungus infected joints.

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